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College Life: YouTube Style

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Every college student likes to waste time they don’t have and watch YouTube videos. We all like to put off that homework or studying we need to do and play around on the computer to see the next cat video or BuzzFeed story. We’ve all been there. But which YouTube videos are really worth your time? Here are a few that are worth a few minutes of your time and might actually describe your life.

1. If College Freshman Were Honest on Move-In Day

This video is a must see after your freshman year, maybe even before but it might worry the incoming freshman. This video is funny and somewhat realistic in my opinion because most people would never like to admit that they would like to say these things in real life but of course they don’t. It is a one minute video of college freshman saying what they would really like to say about their roommates, classes, getting girls, and other random college drama. Definitely worth a minute of your time, especially after your freshman year.

2. College Life: Expectations VS Reality

This video is fairly realistic. It shows a skit of your expectation of the action and then does a skit for the reality of what college students actually do. It starts off with your basic everyday routine like getting up in the morning, going to bed, dressing for class, studying with friends, and the typical “gettin’ a girl.” It then randomly goes to talking about butts. I really did not understand why they needed to put that in the video. Additionally, they put a random college moment in the video, which I thought was unnecessary because the video was about expectations versus reality. Overall, I still think it is humorous and worth a few minutes of your time.

3. College: Freshman Year Vs. Senior Year

This is another funny video that is worth a minute of your time. And I literally mean a minute because that is how long it is. This video sums up the basic events like dating, before class, diet, Friday night, bars, and then perspective. Being a senior myself, I understand exactly where they are coming from with every single one. Your perspective changes from when you were a freshman to when you become a senior. However, the last one on the perspective of college is a bit debatable, but I will let you decide.

4. The Six Girls You Will Date in College

This one is very entertaining. Since I am not a guy I cannot vouch on if it is realistic or not but I feel like maybe one or two of them might be. However, this is worth a watch, especially for guys. It is just like what the title says it is and it goes through the six girls you will date in college and from what I have heard from guys at my school I feel like they are somewhat accurate. The best part about it is in the end the guy still doesn’t have a girl even after he graduated college.


Managing Youtube Benders

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I’m going to go ahead and assume without any research that every college student with a laptop has gone on a youtube bender. It just happens so easily and suddenly that I can’t imagine a laptop owner denying it. I’m also going to make another bold but true statement; Youtube benders make time go by about seven times as fast as any other activity. Somewhere between making yourself dumber while watching Dom Mazzetti at 9:00PM and glancing at the clock after Christian the Lion while shedding suppressed tears that you didn’t know existed, you got lost in the absolute time warp that is Youtube, and wasted 5 hours of your life.

However, when enjoyed responsibly, Youtube can provide great humor, quick breaks between work, and interesting information, and one of it’s biggest markets is college students. Some people have started youtube channels that specifically relate to the lives of college students. Some of these are on the more clever side, and some of them are just bro humor.

So, here’s a few of my go-to Youtube channels that are good for a laugh, and interesting idea, or multiple, uninterrupted hours of aggressive procrastination-

1- Barstool Sports’ Youtube Channel

Barstool Sports is a blog that is geared towards guys that was founded in Boston, MA, by Dave Portnoy. Although it started off as a newspaper, it is now one of the largest college blogs in the northeast. Their Youtube channel focuses on an extremely broad range of subjects. They do anything from local pizza reviews to having real NHL players shoot on Portnoy in net. Then there’s always random stuff involving beautiful women, like this.

Their youtube videos are extremely random and are sort of just by-products of the blog, so in order to truly appreciate surfing Barstool’s Youtube channel you need to be a frequent reader of their website.

2- College Humor

If you’re looking for a more approachable sight that can appeal to just about any college student, guy or girl, in one way or another, then you should check out College Humor.

The focus on their channel is to find out funny, quirky facts about college life, dramatize them, and put them into videos. They use titles like “The Six Girls You’ll Date in College” and “Honest College Ad” to both relate to you and to say the same things that you probably say about your own university, but in a funny, more professionally put together way.

3- TED

If you find yourself unable to pull yourself away from the internet, it never hurts to change gears from something like this, to a TED video. “TED Talks” are very interesting and extremely informative short intellectual videos in which an expert on any subject does a presentation. It could be about anything; technology, psychology, sociology, etc, but the material’s lack of consistency is made up for with the thought-provoking nature of the videos.

In the end, Youtube is all about balance. Limit your viewing of the extremes of the service (although very amusing), and mix in a TED talk or two.

College Humor: A Method to Explore College Life

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There are a lot of great and funny videos on YouTube about college life and college humor, here are 4 videos I consider not only funny, but also contains an important message about college life.

  1. College Life in 6 secs (Funniest Vines) – VineHeaven


This video is a great way to explain the eating habits of some college students in 6 seconds: eating ramen noodles for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and sometimes as a snack in between. I know I am one of those students who is lazy and would rather eat ramen noodles than to walk all the way to the cafeteria and get a nice and healthy meal. True, I do not live on campus right now, but I had lived at a college campus before and this was my lifestyle. I had a pack of ramen noodle in my room and ate it when I was hungry. It is fast and easy to make and it tastes great. Not all college students eat ramen noodles because cafeterias are becoming more healthy with a variety of delicious and great meals.

  1. Honest College Ad- CollegeHumor


CollegeHumor has a lot of funny videos about college life that are worth checking out. I pick this specific video because it shows how through college advertisements all college students are tricked into applying different colleges. In this video, you get to see and hear some of the real meanings behind a college advertisement that every college students realizes after they finish their first year of college.

Check out the Videos made by CollegeHumor

Check out the Videos made by CollegeHumor!

For example, many colleges use actors claiming that they are real students attending their school, to trick high school seniors into believing that at their college, students are having fun. Talking to some of my friends, we have come up with the conclusion that colleges are just about making money and not providing a great education and experience each students deserves, but this statement can be debatable.

  1. Rant: The Type of Girls I Cant STAND in College- Kendall Rea


I chose this video because it shows a real college student talking about her class experience. During college you are going to encounter people who you cannot stand and like. For example, this college student, had an online class and one of her classmates in this class was drunk during their class section and made a fool out of herself. Her comments were illogical and ridiculous. This video gives you a real life experience of college life and how to deal with situations you encounter during college.

  1. “College” – Comedy Short Film- AdamKoralik


This short film tells a story of a professor who has only one student enrolled in his class and that student is not a great one. The message I got from this video was that colleges with a really big class size have a disadvantage because students can hide or skip class and the professor will not know. Compared to a small class size, where there is a closer interaction between student and professor and there is a less change for a student to skip class or walk out because they do not want to be in class. 

Videos for your College Experience

April 11, 2014 in Campus Life, Videos

You can find videos for just about anything on the internet these days. When you’re searching for things on college, sometimes it’s impossible to decide between looking up something more serious, like tips for your freshman year, or trying to find  a funny video that everyone will be watching by the time you move into your dorm.  Honestly while you’re at school you’ll spend a lot of time browsing youtube for things that might help you learn and things that’ll take the stress out of your day. Let’s face it. No one can constantly be studious, even if you’re on campus to learn.

Want to know how annoying your new roommate could possibly be? I know this video was going around a lot when I was a freshman last year. Of course, there’s always the chance you and your roommate will simply, silently agree to ignore each other or maybe you’ll become best friends. But it seems like the best idea would be to prepare for the worst and maybe react a little less aggressively if your roommate decides to never, ever shut up.

If you’re already in college and looking to procrastinate for a little while, checking out the CollegeHumor youtube page will usually give you something to do for a short while though their sense of humor isn’t for everyone. Their videos range from ones featuring celebrities and having absolutely nothing to do with college itself to parodies of things like test taking and choosing your school. Check out this fake college advertisement that plays on all of the things schools use to draw in students-whether or not they’re twisting words around a little to make the university seem like a greater place:

Or if you’d prefer to get an accurate idea of what guys do in college when they’re not studying or otherwise working on schoolwork (which, let’s be honest, everyone at school needs to spend a good amount of time procrastinating to keep down the stress) you can check out this video of these guys with their surprisingly well-timed dance moves:

If you’re looking for useful videos instead of ones that’ll make you laugh, youtube still has you covered. Just searching for advice leads you to dozens of videos made by different people who’ve already been through their freshman year of college and survived. I’m sure you’d be able to find survival tips for every other year of college as well! It’s great that there are so many people out there willing to help others have a smoother and more fun year than they might have, going it alone without extra advice, though it can be hard to sort through the options to decide who to listen to. You can also check out videos to see what you definitely will and won’t need in college, which will be helpful if you don’t want to arrive at school only to realize you forgot something important!

Accurate YouTube Videos About College

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YouTube is a great resource!

YouTube is a great resource!

YouTube videos are without-a-doubt taking the Internet by storm – whether they’re good or bad, they’re out there. From hysterical videos about cats to a tutorial on how to curl your hair, YouTube has it all! If you’re sick of reading article after article about college life, then check out YouTube for some interactive and fun videos! While a lot of the content is silly and not necessarily accurate, it’s sometimes pretty relatable and can even be informative. In no particular order, below is a list of some of my favorite YouTube videos that all incoming and current college students should watch about college life and college humor. Enjoy and happy watching!

Things Girls Lie About – video by JennaMarbles

Most college students have heard of Jenna Marbles. And if you haven’t, you should check out her YouTube page immediately. She is a ridiculous YouTube sensation – and even though her videos may not be completely accurate, they are pretty hilarious! The above link is a video on “things girls lie about”. While this video isn’t necessarily about college life, it’s definitely directed towards college humor and I think most college-aged girls can relate. If you’re looking to laugh-til-you-cry (maybe), check out Jenna Marble’s page on YouTube!

The Six: Girls You Date in College – video by CollegeHumor

CollegeHumor did a funny series called “The Six”. The above link is about the six girls you will date in college. Another funny one is “The Six: Monsters You’ll Have As Roommates”. Even though they are kind of silly and over-the-top, they’re pretty accurate. If you’re looking for a good laugh and some pretty accurate lists, check out CollegeHumor’s page on YouTube!

8 things I wish I knew before college – video by keycollege

The above link is a great video podcast with current college students talking about stuff that they wish they knew before entering college. The video is set-up like a relaxed interview. Watching a video and hearing real students talk is definitely a fun alternative to just reading an article on the Internet! The information is relatable and definitely helpful for any incoming college students!

4 Things You DON’T Need for College! – video by TYT University

TYT University’s YouTube site is great! They have a ton of tips for incoming and current college students. For example, the above link is about things that you really don’t need in college. The video is set-up like an on-air news show, which I thought was pretty cool! They’ve done a ton of pretty informative videos that are definitely worth watching – for example, “7 Reasons High School ISN’T College” and “Is College Worth It? Or a Waste of Money?”

The 10 People You Meet In College – video by vacheur

This guy is pretty funny! The above link is to his video about the ten people you’ll meet in college – and to be honest, it’s pretty accurate for almost any college. If you’re looking for a video to learn about the 10 people you’ll meet in college and other college tips in an interactive video form, check out vacheur’s page!