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Controversial Issues at Florida State

September 14, 2015 in Alive Campus, Campus Life

A number of controversial issues can be found at every university. At Florida State, there are so many students attending that it’s nearly impossible to not have topics up for debate. There are a few issues in particular that have been stirring for the past few years. The biggest and most recent one is the question of whether or not guns should be allowed on the campus. There are so many sides to this argument that it needs to be examined in full detail.

Almost a year ago, there was a shooting at FSU’s main library, in which we were lucky enough to have escaped with no fatalities excluding the gunman. However, three students were seriously wounded because they were unable to protect themselves. After this situation, the question arose of whether or not students should be allowed to carry concealed weapons on campus as a form of protection. While no laws have been passed approving this notion, there is still debate as to whether it not it will improve campus safety, or if it will only increase threats. The argument lies in the idea that innocent, unarmed students have no way of saving themselves if more situations occur like the one in the library.

As of right now, students with valid permits are only allowed to leave guns locked in their cars during football games, which is something that has only recently been approved. It is still not acceptable for students to carry concealed weapons across campus. In my personal opinion, the idea that several students could be walking the campus carrying a concealed weapon is more dangerous than not, and therefore should not be permitted, Although students should certainly have the right to protect themselves, the more that possess guns, the higher chance of more tragic situations occurring. For example, if a student is drunk on campus, stressed over finals, fighting, or whatever the case, a weapon may become their go-to. These weapons are not things that should be taken lightly. If the campus wants students to have more protection, then security should be increased instead. Police officers and security guards should be the only armed individuals on campus, being that they are trained and know to use them in only dire situations.

The Prevention of Hazing

The Prevention of Hazing

Another controversial issue that occurs at FSU deals with Greek life. While I will not name any organizations in particular, it’s a known fact that some of the sororities and fraternities oftentimes participate in hazing during rush and initiation week. This is something that I do not agree with. These organizations are meant to accept you as a person and make you feel as if you have become a member of a small family. Therefore, placing these students in uncomfortable and sometimes very dangerous situations is not how to make them feel “at home.” I think greater prevention measures need to be taken in order for hazing to be completely avoided at all costs. There is currently a site dedicated to this issue, which FSU pledges that hazing should never be utilized. This is certainly a step in the right direction. However, more needs to be done to ensure it never occurs. There are so many situations in which students are desperate to be initiated as members of an organization that they never reveal what their initiation tasks consisted of, even if they were life-threatening. Unfortunately, it leaves too many organizations to do things that are often left unsaid.

So with these two issues stirring at FSU, I think it’s important that everyone provides their opinion on the matters and acts upon them. Controversial issues will always take a while to be resolved, but it is ultimately up to us to make a difference.

by Andrea

Obamacare on Campus

October 20, 2013 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Colleges, Events, Infographics


Today’s economy has been struggling with debt crises, high rates of unemployment, and the recent uproar of the Obamacare for U.S. citizens.  Lately around campus the most controversial topic that has been discussed is the impact of the Obama care.  Recently around campus especially in my debate class we have discussed how America has been ready for change for efficient and affordable healthcare.  What America truly needs is a system that is high quality care, low effective costs and delivers accessible to the American people.  However in order to achieve this goal with the recent government policies and shutdown of the major issues surrounding the economy the government has attacked the solid foundation of our current health care system.  Recently the Obama administration has been pushing legislation to set up affordable government health care system for American citizens.

Since the Obama administration and the members of congress has passed the legislation of government run health care system there has been competition skyrocketing with private health insurances that is provided for families and by many employers to their employees.  Since the enrollments of the Obamacare begin on Tuesday people are trying to make sense of this health care act.  A major resistance movement has already sprouted across the United States regarding the uproar of the Obamacare.  Furthermore few issues divide the country on the impact and effectiveness that the Obamacare will bring (Matthews, 2013).  One of the major debates on campus is how will the Obamacare help out the American people in terms of the Affordable Health care act.  An advantage of the Obamacare is to educate people about health insurance and explain the differences between their employer’s insurance and the Obamacare.

Furthermore, one main question has particularly been discussed throughout our campus Do you want the future of health care to be in the hands of house of congress and a few republicans who is constantly trying to delay the Obamacare health care system?  Did you know this year the American people will spend approximately 2.8 trillion dollars on health care, and it is being projected that Americans will spend 4.5 trillion dollars on health care in 2019 (Health Care Facts: Why We Need Health Care Reform, 2013).


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