5 Things Every Cornellian Should Do before Graduation

February 13, 2015 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Top 10 Lists

5 Things Every Cornellian Should Do before Graduation

5 Things Every Cornellian Should Do before Graduation

Sled down Libe Slope during a snowstorm: Cornell is known for it’s amount of snow (we’re no Buffalo, but we’re also no Florida!) Ithaca’s weather is locally mocked with the phrase, “Shithaca.” There’s a reason for this term–it’s the level of unwanted and uncalled for snow. Libe Slope, the huge hill that connects West Campus housing and Central Campus, is the optimal spot for sledding during the days when staff has yet to shovel the pathways. Steal a lunch tray, use an old binder (or a current one for that class you just absolutely despise), grab your macbook, basically grab anything remotely related to a snow sled, and risk your life sledding down that nearly 50 degree slow in the nearly 0 degree weather. Scream, cry, laugh.

Do something dirty in the stacks: On the sixth floor of Olin Library’s stacks lies a wall that divides the study tables from the other half of the book shelves. Let’s face it, no one besides the librarians actually rummage through these bookshelves, making this the prime location for all things kinky—be it a blowjob, a handjob, a make out session full of French kissing and lip biting, vaginal sex, anal sex, or anything else that your dirty mind can imagine. Or, if you’re not feeling brave enough, there’s always that one bathroom stall on every floor of Olin’s stacks! *wink*

Do the Walk of Shame: Although I like to parade around flaunting my afternoon glow, most students (women, especially—a big thank you to social constructions of “good femininity” and “proper womanhood”) would rather rush back to their respective dorm rooms without having anyone see them in their attire from last night’s Fraternity date night. You see these students looking down at the ground as they try their best to fast walk without looking like they’re fast walking. You see these students trying so hard to cover up those two hickey marks—one clearly visible on the side of their neck, the other more subtle hiding underneath the top button of that J. Crew pastel button down. Regardless of your gender, sexual orientation, or necessity to be visible, do yourself a favor and reward yourself with a not so favorable walk of shame after a night of probably the sloppiest pick up lines, throat burning tequila shots, and hardcore sex. College is all about experiments and experiences, so why not?

Sake bomb at Plum Tree or Miyake: It’s date night! Fraternities and sororities seem to always host their date nights at one of the two Japanese restaurants on Dryden Road/Eddy Street. These two places rarely ever check ID cards, and if they do, they really don’t even care about your age–just that you have an ID. I still don’t understand that concept, but it seems to work in everyone’s favor! Order up some sake bombs, and slam those tables!

Instagram the cherry blossoms in the spring: Be an Instagram whore. Use a nice filter to highlight the pink in those budding cherry blossom trees. You deserve a nice picture full of color after 6 months of nothing but frosty white instas.