Creative Writing

November 30, 2013 in Academics, Alive Campus, Colleges

Are you a writer?


Do you enjoy writing?

Write Type Text

Write Writer Write!

I remember entering college as a Health Science major. I’ve been a reader my entire life. I enjoy stories but I never thought to begin writing until I had my own apartment during the summer. I remember waking up every morning and night, before and after work, to write. I write every day I can now. I am completing stories and searching for editors! I have never been even expecting to be progressing along these lines but discovering another portion of writing, beyond reading, that is enjoyable to me has been amazing. I feel more of a connection in what I do.

You may not believe or know you’re a writer. You might have an interest in a field where you may not think writing is necessary. Writing is necessary in every field. Don’t limit yourself. Writing is expandable and is a place for the author to create to their extent. You don’t want to be inaccurate if you’re writing along factual scientific data but write a science fiction if you’re sick of what you may perceive as standards in science. Writing is an extension of your being or the being you want to create. There are a few grammatical errors and statements that may need adjusting for clarity. Yet- you can write to your heart’s content. You have no limitation in writing. This is important to your growth as a person and writer.

Creative Writing doesn’t place any restrictions on you. You may have a few class assignments that need to be done but you don’t need to force yourself to do anything except write. Writing is a discipline as are other crafts. You can learn by asking a lot of questions, questioning what you read, reading, and continuously writing until you find the voice(s) you need for your story(ies). Don’t join a Creative Writing course because you hear it will be easy. I don’t think any class should be taken simply because it is easy. Find a reason to challenge yourself. Try to write a good poem. Try to write a good blurb. Try to write a good short story. Don’t hold yourself back from being great.

Creative Writing requires an open mind and a willing pen. You may have to read a lot of literature in a Creative Writing course. There is a sense of overwhelming when Creative Writing majors or minors find out there is course material- expect it. You will have your time to write but a teacher may want to cover grounds that can possibly improve your take on writing. Be ready to share with other writers. There will be students in Creative Writing courses that are not a part of the major or minor; the class is an elective choice for them. You want to note their reactions just as much as the writer next to you. It’s good to have different feeds. If you can interest a person in reading and writing through your writing then you need to note what works in your writing. You don’t need school to be a great writer. Use schooling as a medium to meet other interesting folk. The amount of feedback may help your growth tremendously. Appreciate the people around you- care, share and write.

-Kevin Dufresne

Tech Learning

November 3, 2013 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Colleges, Tech

Tablet Windows 8

The classroom must ready students with the necessary options of information toward their personal success. If it is done in a cool way then I’m sure the information will process better.

Technology is progressing by the hour. Microsoft is ensuring the best interconnection between their cellphone, computer and gaming platforms for a more beneficial user experience. Sony is growing their media platforms across the board. Nintendo is constantly developing their handheld to console performance so that users will benefit from using both together. Competition progresses technological standards set by each company for better comparison and use.

The most noticeable and popular technological progressions tend to be cellphones. A new cellphone comes out every week. Once I’m reviewing the new Iphone then I start hearing about the new Galaxy and I’m completely lost when I realize Nokia has a great Windows phone! Yes, I own a Lumia 5200! It’s not the most recent but I am enjoying the Windows phone. I have never been to a class where a student doesn’t have their cellphone on their desk, peeking from their book bags or notebooks.

It’s always in a readily available area to peek at whenever the teacher isn’t looking in their direction. The largest craze in conversation besides a Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, or Scandal conversation is the new Apple Iphone IOS in comparison with the older IOS. It’s ugly. No, I like it. It looks like it is for kids. It’s cute. I like when Apple changes their phones. Let an Android user enter the conversation! Iphones are too stiff. They aren’t functional. The Droid has a better camera. Droid family! Iphone family! It gets a bit wild. I have a Samsung Galaxy SII with a crack in the screen and the phone has given me no trouble for a year and a half until it falls off the roof of my mom’s car on my way home one summer afternoon.

Cellphones are allthe buzz on campus but I don’t think they’re the most useful. Everyone knows of the Nook? Or the Kindle? Fire! They’re more compatible than a regular laptop unless you’re talking of the tablets with the detachable keyboards. Those are pretty cool. I can definitely see a use for them as presentation tools. Imagine watching the stages of a frog’s evolution on a wall of hanging tablets or a PowerPoint presentation showing the lunar cycle. The possibilities are endless. Tablets are the projector screens and walk-in televisions of the future.

Imagine the Minority Report of education. Classrooms will be hand handled to further engage students in learning. The experience of learning will be more than a lecture by a professor swallowing the minutes of his job until his or her next paycheck. Students will be able to respect the physical action that exists in the workplace. Teaching and learning will be less strenuous and provide an avenue for way more active participation for students attempting to engage in learning as useful, fun and necessary instead of as a requirement to graduation.

The use of tablets will bring a spark of student engagement in the classroom. They can focus on working closer with their classmates while not forcefully engaging with or through the teacher. The learning curve will definitely increase for students because they can engage information at their necessary pace toward understanding.

What’s any environment without learning?

It is necessary for students to learn smarter to grow smarter. The classroom must ready students with the necessary options of information toward their personal success. If it is done in a cool way then I’m sure the information will process better.

-Kevin Dufresne

Free on Time?

September 9, 2013 in Alive Campus, Health, Love, Sports

“Free time is productive time or leisure time. There is no reason leisure cannot be productive.”

Free time is productive or leisure time. There is no reason leisure cannot be productive.

Yes, I am concentrating in Creative Writing but you don’t have to be an English major to enjoy Reading. I like having books open in front of me to devour. I have no issue or problem hanging out with a story. It stimulates my mind, allows me the experience of travel and various situations all from a place of my own comfort (or discomfort). I know it will be worthwhile in the long run. I create a list of books that I want to read if I finish reading the stories on the original list and I pick up a few books along my progression of my Reading list. It helps me stay active without physically being strenuously active (though the brain handles tough material at times). It’s relaxing.

Ah, you might have guessed the next one! I enjoy Writing very much. It becomes a deeper practice by the day. It is a form of expression that allows me to wield emotional, mental, spiritual, physical chaos and joys in my life through communication and words. It is the most active passive aggressive practice I experience aside from meditation in its various forms. Writing is a great overall stimulator; mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally- Writing stems to provide growth. It allows for the greatest connection between humanity beyond the immediate presence of an individual. Writing allows individuals to transcend time and I believe it is a natural human endeavor to acquire for those that can handle the challenge of growing further through their inner self.

Write Away!

Well, speaking of inner self, I am a fan and supporter of Yoga. There are various Yoga forms that provide varying channels of meditation for an individual seeking to continue exploring ways to enhance and become closer with their inner self. It is an increasingly strengthening practice and does not fail to allow the individual an avenue of focus to channel their deepest energies to form their greater self. Yoga is an amazing way to appreciate silence, calmness and continuously growing peace without feeling a sense of absence without violence or hate. It is an amazing practice to enhance one’s physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health as well as provide a channel for an individual suffering from anxieties, frustrations leading to anger, and/or any aspect of life any college student might relate to the struggle. It is a great benefit to enhancing one’s overall life.

Yoga allows for deeper -inner- communicating!

I Wrestle. Thank God Wrestling will be in the 2020 Olympics. Training is a part of Wrestling and both of them benefit me. I practice using my body in various ways to perform competitively. All the while I am creating a deeper connection with my body. Every individual is able to relate to soundness in their body. Wrestling and training allows me to become sounder with myself as well as assist others in honing their skills to prove better in competing.  The gym provides an abode for training and Wrestling. Everyone needs a home for their loves.

The IOC approves Wrestling for the 2020 Olympics – woo!

Gaming is classic. I will enjoy gaming for a long time. Members of various ages enjoy video games with individuals all across the world. Everyone can participate in a game of some sort that allows a deeper unification compared to dragging someone unwilling to the gym. Gaming is simple; fair across the board for the consistent players and an overall benefit to humanity along with other art forms. I want to create video games and know that Writing will assist me in the long run to join a bomb team to create a master piece.

I hope you find a bit more to do with your time now!

-Kevin Dufresne

Top 10 Items Every College Student Needs

May 6, 2013 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Colleges, Top 10 Lists

When you get to college, you try to pack as minimally as possible according to your packing list that the school provides. However, when you actually get to college you realize that you need more than what the list says. Because of that, here is a list of the top 10 items every college student needs (that isn’t in the handbook)! 

Mugs are especially useful on cold days.
Source: Kriselle Mendoza

1. Mugs!

I’m not much of a coffee drinker, but I’ve gotten four mugs over the course of this year, all as gifts. When you’re in college, no matter what your preference, you end up drinking tea, hot chocolate, or even coffee. Besides, mugs are an easy way to show your personality and are great gifts to give as well!

2. Storage Bins/Baskets

Some schools may include this, but my school didn’t. Depending on what dorm room you’ll be living in, you may or may not have cabinet space, so in lieu of that, storage bins and baskets help make organizing your belongings a lot easier! If you are lucky enough to have your own bathroom in your dorm (like I was), these are especially useful in organizing cleaning products for your bathroom area. These can also be used to show off your personality and preferences depending on the color, size, and look of the storage container.

3. Planner

My planner is my best friend! I write every single thing in that thing–events, appointments, due dates, homework, anything that involves my schedule and my time, which is most things. Use whatever you’re comfortable with, whether it is the calendar on your phone or a physical planner. I prefer physical planners because writing it down helps me remember it and I like being able to add in post-its or other add-ins if necessary.

4. Ear Plugs

Not every person has this (not even I do), but if you’re not used to loud, late nights and thin walls, then you might need them. Dorms (especially freshman dorms) get very loud and rowdy at night and although it is fun, if you are trying to sleep or study, you might not enjoy it as much. If you are one of those people who isn’t used to or doesn’t like yelling down the hallway, you might need these to stay sane.

5. Lemon Juice 

This sounds very random, but I promise, it’s not! All college students know that a larger than what’s healthy portion of their diet consists of instant noodles and top ramen. Lemon juice simply adds a nice, sour kick to the noodles that adds to the flavor and is great. I introduced it to the girls on my floor and now they can’t have top ramen without it!

6. Shower Caddy

Whether you have communal or your own bathrooms, these are needed. If you have a communal bathroom, portable shower caddies are useful take your toiletries to and from your room and into the shower with you. If you have your own bathroom, these are useful so that your shampoos and conditioners aren’t just sitting on the floor of your shower or about to fall off the edges of your bathtub.

7. Water Heater/Electric Kettle

I didn’t realize how useful these were until this year! I use this for heating up water for tea/hot chocolate or any kind of instant food. I use it for instant noodles, my roommate uses it for oatmeal. Since underclassmen usually do not have kitchens in their dorms, these help with basic food and drink needs.

8. Smartphone

Now this one isn’t absolutely necessary because people can’t have these for whatever reasons, but I think that people should at least know someone with a smartphone. I would say that this is most especially useful for finding new things to do and using GPS to find it or searching up something online for a class on the spot when you don’t have your laptop nearby. Some apps are actually really useful and can help with saving money or doing homework.

The icon for the Mint app.

9. “Mint” App

Unfortunately, this will only be able to apply to people with smartphones, but I think that this is essential for people that can get this app or something like it, even for their computers. The Mint app tracks all of your bank accounts and spending and helps you budget for each month. I love this app because I don’t need to keep all of my receipts anymore. I can just load the app and see how much I am able to spend on certain categories of things each month, like food, clothes, health insurance, or entertainment. It even divides a few of the categories into subcategories for easy budgeting and organizing of money. For college students on a limited budget, this app can save you tons of money just by becoming aware of where your money is going.

Important to the average college student!

10. Nerf Gun

I don’t have one myself (but am planning on getting one soon), but I think college students should all have some kind of nerf gun of some sort. Nerf gun wars with your friends are always great stress relievers, and they are also useful for a game that is growing in popularity among colleges called “Humans Vs. Zombies.”

Bored? TEN WAYS to Kick Boredom In the FACE!

January 21, 2013 in Top 10 Lists

We all hit it. A certain wall of boredom. An obstacle of nothingness that just makes living life so…..boring. So still and so pointless. Even in the strange new world that is college, everyone hits this stage, where what can be explored has been explored; what can be tried has been tried; what can be eaten has been consumed to mass amounts.

So what can you do do to break out of the boredom?! You could bang your head on the wall until it bleeds, just to see some color. But I’m sure saner heads will prevail. You could try ANY of the following TEN ways to kick boredom in the face!

10) Meet someone new. It doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert or an extrovert; something chemically happens inside the body when the body is meet with a new person to interact with. These chemicals help improve your mood! SO WHY NOT? Being yourself will not only break down boredom but you could make a new friend! Yay for friends!

9) Go on a walk. Simple. As. That. Endorphins can be released from fresh air and some brisk exercise. If you want more of a challenge, DON’T BRING MUSIC. Try to listen to the world around you. No, that doesn’t mean eavesdrop; just keep your hearing more aware than usual. Sometimes you notice things you’ve never noticed.

8) Go to the gym. Work out. Build muscle. Build confidence. Yeah, yeah. Everyone talks about going to work out so why not be a little different and actually do it? Just a few productive minutes can increase your happiness levels to “Excited” and then boredom will have left.

7) Trade food! Easily one of the greatest ways to beat boredom and make some new friends! It’s quite simple: pick some food that you value (not your best eating item but something of value. No one wants old stale donuts… Trust me, I know from cruel experience), go to a friends’ room (or if you’re feeling more risky, a room you’ve never met before) and trade for something new. It opens up new conversations and you may get a new snack to eat! Yum! Snacks!

6) Play a game. It might seem simple but it does work. Have a few other bored and willing members to tag along and enjoy a game of ‘tag’ or ‘duck, duck, goose’ or anything exciting. It will seem childish to others but that’s the fun part of it. In college, everyone tries to act mature and serious so a friendly game can easily break tensions and just let people be themselves.

5) Read! If you haven’t had time to finish that good book, finish it! If you haven’t started that good book, start it! If you don’t like to read, try to start! Reading is a great way to relax but still be entertained. Books can transport your mind to lands far far away, where boredom cannot catch you.

4) Take a risk. If you’ve never talked to that one cute girl on the 4th floor of your dorm, do it! That excitement and nervousness will be rewarding regardless of how the interaction goes. If it’s good, that’s good! If it’s bad, that’s experience.

3) Go on an adventure. Surely you’re not the only person bored at any one time. Contact your friends and see who else is bored. Then plan a few hours out. Hit the movie theater or the local mall. Yes, it will cost money to get to such places and perform such activities but doing an adventure every now and then shall by fiscally responsible.

2) Go to a local concert. Most concerts around the campus often have student discounts. Live music and the whole atmosphere can really jump-start a person and leave you feeling in a good mood. Look for things close by so that you don’t have to pay for the music. Most schools often showcase local bands inside their auditoriums so keep can ear open for these! It’ll be free tickets, cheap food and you may get to meet the band!

1) Be creative. These are just a few ideas. It’s impossible to write down everything to break boredom so be ready and willing to make up something new. While this may seem like a lackluster finish to an epic list, the challenge it presents to take it on your own shoulders and assess your situation and resources is more than enough to judo-chop boredom in the face.

Boredom happens to all of us. However, not being bored is as easy as being bored itself. A little imagination and a little drive are all it takes. Take a look at my list of 10 and then make your own 10. Possibilities are endless; boredom is not.