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Cultural Involvement at Florida State

August 7, 2015 in Alive Campus, Colleges

It can certainly be argued that Florida State makes an effort for its students to be culturally involved, whether its through its academics or the several different programs and events offered throughout the semester. No matter your personality, there are multiple ways to explore a variety of cultures at FSU, even if it’s simply by taking a language class for a semester or two. For those who are more interested in becoming extremely involved, here are some suggestions:

First Year Abroad: Florida State strongly encourages students to study abroad, especially out-of-state students. If an incoming out of state freshman studies abroad for their entire first year, they will receive in-state tuition for the remainder of college, which is a huge plus for those paying full price out-of-state tuition. It also is an amazing experience that students should take advantage of if they are passionate about traveling. The few students I spoke to that studied abroad their first year have claimed it was the best of their college experience yet since they were able to completely immerse themselves in another culture.

Academic Classes: Several international classes are offered as general electives to students, which are always good to take senior year when trying to fill your schedule. Additionally, there are many unique language classes offered, such as Chinese, Japanese, French, and so on, which are surprisingly popular here at FSU. This coming semester, I am registered to take an International Food and Culture course as a general elective.

The School of Theatre is huge at Florida State and one of the most popular majors at the university, as it certainly works to highlight diversity. The arts program holds multiple dance and theatre performances throughout the year, in which talented students of different backgrounds perform over 500 times. The College of Fine Arts every year hosts the Paint Around Gala Auction, which is an event held in order to support Art and Dance Education at FSU. Jazz music is played throughout the event and students paint at their canvases while students mingle. The event raises thousands of dollars that goes towards scholarships in art and dance for the FSU community.

Greek Life: There are tons of sororities and fraternities to choose from at Florida State. Students are given the opportunity to become involved with a diverse group and learn about one another through common interests. It certainly is one of the best ways to become culturally involved at FSU, especially with all of the community work that these organizations do.

The Center for Global Engagement is offered at FSU in order to allow the students to become more globally engaged and communicate across different cultures. Held in the Globe building on campus, different events are offered throughout the year in order to increase global awareness.

It’s exceptionally important that large and diverse universities, such as Florida State, are culturally involved since there are so many students attending at once. With all of these events and programs to consider, there is something for every student at FSU to take advantage of.

Florida State offers several international programs to students.

Florida State offers several international programs to students.

Is Wheelock College Culturally Involved?

June 13, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Colleges

It was an easy task to come up with different ways Wheelock College is culturally involved. There is not a week when there isn’t an event that has something to do with culture and the arts. Wheelock college loves to be involved in cultural activities. With many different clubs on campus that provide and organize events for other people to enjoy, share, and learn, it is impossible not to be culturally involved.

WheeSpeakCulture: The purpose of this club is to educate people about different cultures and diversity. In addition, to support African, Latino, Asian, and African American students on campus and to enrich other students about different cultures. This clubs holds many events through the semester like a native American Pow Wow and Caribbean dance jam which can help understand and enjoy an cultural event of another culture. (Source:

La Herencia Latina: This club’s mission is to make aware and educate others about the different culture of Latinos. You do not have to be a latino/a to join La Herencia Latina. In ordered to get their mission spread all over campus, this club organizes events on campus and everyone is invited. From dance marathons to a Latin food gathering, where cultural foods from different Latin countries such as El Salvador, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Dominican Republic are distribute to other students to expose the culture of Latinos/as.

FLOW(Fundamental Lyricists Of Wheelock):
FLOW is a spoken word group that sponsor monthly cause-driven events. They participate in spoken word, slam poetry, and other forms of stage acts” (Source:

Every person is different based on their cultural background and the way they are raised and therefore, everyone has a different way to express poetry. Bringing together different people it helps make a great and diverse performance.

A Performance At Wheelock Family Theater

A Performance At Wheelock Family Theater.

Wheelock Family Theater: The best part about Wheelock is that it has it’s own theater, which organize shows for the public and it’s students. The Wheelock family theater, performs three to four plays per semester and they are wonderful. A play that I remember Wheelock Family Theater has perform in the past is HairSpray and it was a great performance. (Future performances are Pinocchio, Alice, and Shrek the Musical).

Arts: At the end of each semester, the art department holds a gallery to show the paintings, sculptures, pottery made by students throughout the semester. Everyone on campus is invited to this event to see the different and beautiful arts made by students. Even the parents of the students are invited to view their child’s work. This gallery show is a great event because it brings the community together and expose the artistic works of students.

X-clusive: It is a dance and step team at Wheelock. For those students interested in hip-hop dancing this team is a great club to join and be part off. This dance team performs, as a group, in talent shows and sports rallies.

Wheelock college is very culturally involved college and there are a lot of opportunities to attend an event to explore different cultures and explore the arts like dancing.