Cultural Involvement at Florida State

August 7, 2015 in Alive Campus, Colleges

It can certainly be argued that Florida State makes an effort for its students to be culturally involved, whether its through its academics or the several different programs and events offered throughout the semester. No matter your personality, there are multiple ways to explore a variety of cultures at FSU, even if it’s simply by taking a language class for a semester or two. For those who are more interested in becoming extremely involved, here are some suggestions:

First Year Abroad: Florida State strongly encourages students to study abroad, especially out-of-state students. If an incoming out of state freshman studies abroad for their entire first year, they will receive in-state tuition for the remainder of college, which is a huge plus for those paying full price out-of-state tuition. It also is an amazing experience that students should take advantage of if they are passionate about traveling. The few students I spoke to that studied abroad their first year have claimed it was the best of their college experience yet since they were able to completely immerse themselves in another culture.

Academic Classes: Several international classes are offered as general electives to students, which are always good to take senior year when trying to fill your schedule. Additionally, there are many unique language classes offered, such as Chinese, Japanese, French, and so on, which are surprisingly popular here at FSU. This coming semester, I am registered to take an International Food and Culture course as a general elective.

The School of Theatre is huge at Florida State and one of the most popular majors at the university, as it certainly works to highlight diversity. The arts program holds multiple dance and theatre performances throughout the year, in which talented students of different backgrounds perform over 500 times. The College of Fine Arts every year hosts the Paint Around Gala Auction, which is an event held in order to support Art and Dance Education at FSU. Jazz music is played throughout the event and students paint at their canvases while students mingle. The event raises thousands of dollars that goes towards scholarships in art and dance for the FSU community.

Greek Life: There are tons of sororities and fraternities to choose from at Florida State. Students are given the opportunity to become involved with a diverse group and learn about one another through common interests. It certainly is one of the best ways to become culturally involved at FSU, especially with all of the community work that these organizations do.

The Center for Global Engagement is offered at FSU in order to allow the students to become more globally engaged and communicate across different cultures. Held in the Globe building on campus, different events are offered throughout the year in order to increase global awareness.

It’s exceptionally important that large and diverse universities, such as Florida State, are culturally involved since there are so many students attending at once. With all of these events and programs to consider, there is something for every student at FSU to take advantage of.

Florida State offers several international programs to students.

Florida State offers several international programs to students.

Culturally Active VMI

January 6, 2015 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Colleges

Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders

At the Virginia Military Institute it is important that every student be culturally aware. As cadets at a military school, they want us to have knowledge of other cultures, especially if you are going into the military. Now we don’t necessarily have cultural activities that you can attend, but there are other ways in which VMI makes sure we are culturally knowledgeable.

For instance, it is a requirement for all students no matter their major to take two civilizations and cultures courses. This allows us to learn the ways of other people and respect the ways others live. It gives insight into the way other people live around the world and helps us respect them. Some of the classes include Politics in China, Comparative Political Econ, Comparative Religion, Ethics, Soviet Art, etc. These types of classes allow us to learn about the different types of religions, politics, economics, and art of other countries and cultures. The more you learn about a specific culture, even if it is art, the better you know the people and how they live and think which comes in handy if you are going into the military. The more you know, the better off you will be.

Additionally, along with having to take two civilizations and cultures courses you also get a little cultural emersion in your ROTC classes. I am in the Army ROTC program so I can only vouch for them, but I’m sure the other branches do it as well. In the Army, we learn to be aware of hot topics that are happening right now in other countries. For instance, we had an assignment where we were put in groups and handed a global problem and we had to come up with a solution. My group was assigned the problem with sexual assault and rape in India, which had increased in the past few years. We had to learn everything about the issue and then present a solution to the problem. It was very difficult, but it opened our eyes to a huge problem in another part of the world.

Along with classes, there are opportunities to study abroad and participate in Engineers Without Borders. These programs allow you to immerse yourself in another culture, especially if you want to help those countries that are less fortunate, which is what Engineers Without Borders does. There is nothing more rewarding than learning the ways of other people and helping them as you learn how they live. It really opens up your eyes and your mind to appreciate what they have but also what you have as well.

In the end, learning about culture and being involved in cultural activities is important because it not only allows you to learn about other places and people, but it also helps you realize that our world is big and you should appreciate what you have and not be blinded by your daily life. There is so much out there in the world and you are only doing yourself a favor by learning about it and helping if you can.

Culture & Arts at Longwood University

December 26, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life

So, is Longwood University very culturally involved?  The straight and honest answer to that is no.  But, the university does try.  Longwood often focuses its time and efforts on anything but diversity and the arts, but lately they have been putting more effort into it.  With the ever-longing pressure from students on campus to improve the cultural awareness and bring more campaigns, speakers, and art events, the university may one day hear the answer to that question be a firm yes.  Until then, here are some of the efforts you will see the university DOES DO in order to bring culture and art to the their campus.

International Student Day: International Student Day is a day where international students get to display their culture to the university.  It is really cool for students to be able to see the other cultures of the students that they walk buy everyday.  This day gets international students involved on Longwood’s campus, and gives them an opportunity to bring their culture to the United States.

Speaker Series: Speaker series are put on by the university often.  Whether it is a Lancer Productions event or another speaker brought by other clubs and organizations, these speakers offer inspirational and different outlooks for students.  They often tackle topics such as culture and diversity, something much needed at Longwood.

Open mic night:  Open mic nights happen on Main Street every Thursday night at Uptown Cafe.  This cool coffee and sandwich shop is packed for open mic night, as people all around Farmville, Virginia come to enjoy free diverse genres of live performed music.  Not only does it bring the arts to the town and the university, but it is also a great time!

Student Plays/Musicals: Student plays through the Theater Department bring the art of the theater to Longwood.  They host several plays and musicals a year, that are mostly ran by students.  They are consistently impressive and are typically sold out again and again.  These plays/musicals tackle cultural problems, express emotion, and give the university a traditional, yet unique way to view the arts.

NPHC Fraternities and Sororities: This group of people brings diversity and cultural awareness to the university and its student population constantly.  They host cultural-focused events such as speakers and gatherings.  They also are some of the university’s biggest advocates for diversity.

Campaigns: Recently different clubs and organizations have been releasing campaigns that target the diversity and culture problem that Longwood has needed to address for a long time.  One that stood out to the campus, was the “Is your costume offensive?” campaign.  This was launched by the Diversity Committee of the Student Government Association, and brought awareness to students about how to make their Halloween costumes non-offensive.

The RotundaThe Rotunda is the newspaper on Longwood’s campus.  It has an Arts & Entertainment section for students, faculty, staff, and locals to read and be informed about local, national, and international arts and entertainment news.  Along with the newspaper, other clubs and organtiization do different things to bring students awareness of cultural events and issues.

Culture is important

Culture is important

UMaine culture events

November 21, 2014 in Campus Life, Events

At the University of Maine there are many cultural events that are planned on campus at the Collins Center for the Arts. It is the main auditorium for the University and holds concerts, comedians, plays and hosts an art gallery.

One of the great things about the University is that it brings in many artists from around the area of Orono as well as around the world. It is a great way for people to experience different cultures. For students to attend most of these events it is free to enter by showing their student ID card. For events that are not free, students are allowed two free tickets per semester to use towards any event.

During this year the University is hosting many holiday events to bring in people from the community, this year they are having the Mannheim Steamroller Christmas on December 9 at 7:00 p.m. This is a holiday concert event is produced by Chris Davis, a Grammy award winner, is a mixture of holiday music and multimedia effects. Later on December 20 and 21 the university will be hosting a special presentation of the Nutcracker. It can’t be considered the holiday season without having a presentation of the Nutcracker.

Another event that is taking place this holiday season if you have a young family is an Art factory family fun day. It is free for families to attend and all art supplies are supplied as well. What better way to kick off the holiday season as a family than attending an art factory fun day.

UMaine does a great job at hosting multiple events that will appeal to all audiences not only just adults. It is a great way for the entire community to feel involved. Many other cultural art venues forget to add family events to their schedule. It is one way to build a strong relationship that will last.

UMaine really does a great job a promoting these events to people who are in the community and from far away. The marketing department sends out reminders and promotions for their events to ensure that they receive proper turnout. Social media has also become really helpful to reach out to even more people that aren’t in their e-mail list.

Not only do they focus on the arts, but on other cultures as well. UMaine hosts an annual multi-cultural event once a year. With many international students attending UMaine it is a great idea for them to express their own culture to their new surroundings and friends. Not only does it give students a chance to express their own culture, but it gives other students a chance to learn about other cultures.

Being in the state of Maine, it is very hard for many to experience different things. UMaine does a great job to help students experience different events and cultures that they wouldn’t exactly have the opportunity to do. Because of the size of the school it is able to attract artists, musicians and events because of the size of the school.

Get to Know a New Culture at Boston University

August 1, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Colleges

As soon as you step foot on the Boston University campus, you know you’re in the midst of a cultural melting pot as diverse as America itself. BU attracts students of all backgrounds and nationalities. International students make up a large percentage of the total student population, which represents nearly every continent. With roughly 16,000 students, BU is able to pull students from every walk of life. The diversity on campus is a large part of what makes BU so much fun to attend. There is always something new to learn from the various cultural events held on campus. Plus, everyone you meet comes from a unique culture–as a BU student, you are privileged to meet peers and professors from every background imaginable.

Thus, it should come as no surprise that BU is extremely culturally involved. Of the hundreds upon hundreds of student clubs and organizations, many are cultural clubs that celebrate or raise awareness of a certain nationality, religion, country, or culture. These clubs all have a similar goal–to promote, share, and educate others about their culture. But these groups are also active on campus and give back both to the school and the community. Fundraisers in the form of shows, concerts, and dances are common among these groups. They are an important part of BU, and they keep our school vibrant and diverse.

Some popular cultural groups on campus include:

Chinese Students Association


The CSA is a the largest cultural group on campus. Their main goals are to create networks and friendships within the Chinese community at BU, and to recreate the culture of China on their Bostonian campus. The CSA hosts a lot of events throughout the school year and is extremely active on campus.

Association Francophone de Boston University


AFBU is a well known club for French language and culture. The club offers French tutoring sessions, language practice meet-ups for students to hang out and chat in French, among other events and activities. Members are devoted to welcoming French speaking students, and engaging in speaking the language and developing French speaking skills.

African Students Organization


“Discussion, music, food, and dance” are what the ASO declares bring their group members together. Their mission is to promote African culture on the BU campus and to share their struggles and successes as a community with those who may not be familiar. The AFO is a huge group that welcomes members of all cultures and backgrounds.

Asian Student Union


A big portion of BU’s international students hail from Asia, so the Asian Student Union is an incredibly large and popular group. The ASU is devoted to promoting Asian culture, as well as to giving back to the community by partnering with local non-profits. The group hosts performances, events, and even a popular winter formal dance.


The aforementioned clubs are just a taste of what BU has to offer culturally. For a complete list of all the cultural groups on campus, check out this page: