Dating 101: URI Edition

July 24, 2015 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Colleges, Love

For students at the University of Rhode Island, dating, hooking up, and relationships are pretty common. With 15,000 undergrads on one campus it’s no wonder one-night-stands, long-term relationships, and hook ups are happening. What makes our college campus different from others is how approachable students are. More often than not people are friendly making it easier to meet new people.

What is dating like at URI? I couldn’t really give you a general yet accurate explanation of how it works. From what I’ve seen, we’ve got an even split between relationships and hooks-up. More often than not, single Rhody Rams will take advantage of just about any situation to meet those of the opposite sex. From casual encounters in your classrooms to overly intoxicated nights at the bars, there’s always an end goal: to find someone of the opposite sex to share a medium McDonald’s fries with by the end of the night. No really….I don’t think there’s a way to sum up dating at URI because it all depends on who you ask.

Study Buddy

Study Buddy

I’m single and I like to ‘study’ I have been a witness to a few relationships and hooks up that have sparked from the sharing of interests between two students. It could be their involvement in a club or sport, a course their taking, or a favorite place to just relax. A lot of students at URI will meet during the course of a semester in their classes according to their major. Once you’ve seen someone in one of your classes, the odds are they’ll probably be in another one later on in your college career. Might as well make friends with them, right? After the initial encounter has been overcome, it’s a lot easier for students to transition out of that stage. Ever heard of study buddies and project partners? Well, you’ve just found yourself one that could last a little longer than the actual course does (wink).

Where should I go on my first date? Luckily for you, the University of Rhode Island is located fifteen minutes away from the beach and local restaurants. A walk on the Narragansett Seawall might be a nice start for your date and could transition to dinner at George’s of Galilee. You can never go wrong with seafood, especially the fresh seafood you’ll find in Rhode Island. There’s other possibilities like take a trip to Providence (WARNING: the ride is about 30-minutes so if you’re on a date with someone who isn’t talkative, be prepared for a long and awkward car ride). In Providence you’ll find more to do like arcade games and dinner at Dave and Busters or a walk around the Providence Place Mall. There’s always a lot to do in the heart Rhode Island so you’ll never get bored if you go out on a date there.

Next time you find yourself at the library or in the crowded room of a frat party, look around and introduce yourself to someone. You never know who you may meet; it could be your future Rhody Ram bride or groom or even one-night-stand.

Redlands: Observing Dating, the Dated, and the Couples

July 14, 2014 in Alive Campus, Love

As someone who has happily found their significant other at the University of Redlands, there’s a lot of potential matchmaking. Although you can argue that dating has turned into hooking up at college, I tend to see that this only applies to the certain few. Dating at theUniversityofRedlandsis exactly what you’d expect a college campus to be like. There are the ones who date around, the ones who become couples, and those who hook up all the time. You can tell the difference in character between all of these kinds of people.

People hook up sometimes. It seems like a fact everyone or nobody wants to here, but in a college campus, it is very prevalent. Now it does not happen as often as the news portrays, but it’s enough to grab attention, especially during the first the year of college. Both girls and guys have the freedom to roam away from the clutches of parental guardians. They’ve been stuck with the same girls/guys that they’ve seen for either all of their life or just through high school and now there’s multiple people from out of the city, out of state, and out of the country that are up for “hanging out”.Redlands is no different, especially as a private school, where you’ll get some of the most intelligent/crazy people you’ll ever meet.

Those who hook up are always on the prowl. They talk about how they’re going to get wasted that night and whoever happens to be there, will be hit on. Sounds stereotypical, but you can’t imagine how many conversations I’ve overheard that sound exactly like that. Some are a little more casual than bluntly put, but it’s exactly the kind of behavior that happens. I personally can’t do it, it just doesn’t feel as special as dating or going into a relationship, but that’s beside the point. It happens on a college campus and Redlands is no different.

There are those who date still. It’s old fashioned, it’s cute, and some really enjoy it. There are also those who like to try and think forward instead of living in the moment. The biggest problem with relationships is miscommunication and dating seems outdated now that we have the internet and can meet people from anywhere we please. There’s no thrill from asking someone on a date, we just ask to “hang out”. Maybe it’s the fact that this generation is exposed to how relationships “should be” in television, but we seem to stress out about keeping love instead of embracing intimacy with open arms. People like to complicate instead of simplify for some reason.

Then, there are the couples. These are the ones that you think are extremely adorable and look like they’re the happiest campers of all time. Needless to say, it’s a nice 50/50 split on who is actually happy and who is not. There are a lot of things that one would see behind the scenes of a relationship. Some have little problems that the couple will figure out easily and you as a friend will just help them through, but there are also those who are a train wreck and you don’t have the guts to tell them because they seem to be happy even in the madness.

It all leads back to miscommunication. Communication is important as at least people can try to understand people’s thoughts better when they’re verbally spoken. Actions do speak louder than words when there are no words to base them off of. As with dating anywhere in the entire world, it’s only as odd and uncomfortable as you make it to be. If you’re not ready for dating, then don’t be. It’s okay to just not do it. But if you are, just be careful. There’s a lot of great/nasty people waiting for you and you’ll have to sift through the bunch to find the one who means the most to you!

The Lowdown on Dating & Relationships at Boston University

March 13, 2014 in Colleges, Love

Perhaps the best part of leaving high school for college is the prospect of meeting new people. Many students—myself included—venture through middle school and/or high school with the exact same group of people. While that can make for some cherished, close-knit friendships and bonding experiences, college hits the restart button—and it’s incredibly refreshing.

college dating

With this new, diverse array of peers comes the ever-daunting prospect of dating. Every new college freshman arrives on campus with their own expectations of what college will offer their love life. Some presume they will find their soulmate or future spouse—others expect four wild years of countless casual hookups.

The bottom line: no matter what you’re looking for, college can make it happen.

At Boston University, there is not one love-lifestyle that is more common than another. This is extremely beneficial to BU students—since we have such a large student body, there are undoubtedly going to be thousands of students searching for the same type of relationship as you. As an added bonus, BU is right in the heart of college-ridden Boston, surrounded by countless other universities—so your chances of finding the right match are multiplied tenfold.

Meeting a potential match couldn’t be easier. Students here tend to meet new people frequently in their daily lives—in a class, through a student club or organization, at a job (on- or off-campus), at parties (frat or otherwise), or simply through mutual friends. I’ve found that extracurricular clubs and activities have been my go-to method for introducing myself to new people. It provides a level of common ground, a mutual interest that you share with other members—so you’ll always have something to talk about! Personally, I’m extremely involved in theatre; acting in a play has given me and other cast members some serious bonding time.

From what I’ve observed during my time here at BU, casual flings or hookups are just as common as long-term or committed relationships: it all truly comes down to individual preference. Neither is viewed as more or less acceptable by other BU students. It seems as though for every cutesy couple you see strolling hand-in-hand down Commonwealth Ave, you’ll see just as many spontaneous one-night-stands or friends-with-benefits hanging out at a house party.

So where do young lovers go for a nice night out? Conveniently, BU is practically integrated into the beautiful, bustling city of Boston, so it’s not hard to find a great date spot! No matter where you are, there’s sure to be fantastic restaurants nearby. Some of my favorite restaurants near BU are Fin’s, a classy place with Japanese cuisine in Kenmore Square, and Petit Robert Bistro, an adorable French eatery also located in Kenmore Square. If you’re not looking to eat out, there are plenty of other date-night hot spots. The Fenway Regal movie theater is within walking distance, as is Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts (and the MFA is free for all college students!).

In all, Boston University has a great dating scene because of the diversity and open-mindedness of its student body. Every possible type of dating interest is represented here, and opportunities to meet new people are plentiful. The rest is up to you!