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June 5, 2015 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Tech

With digital devices becoming progressively popular in our generation, it’s simply impossible to not keep up to date on the latest gadgets that are especially significant in the college tech world. Technology in itself has certainly become the dominant means through which we perform every little task, whether that’s recording notes in class as the professor speaks or sending out emails on the go with a few simple clicks of a button. Here are just a few things that I feel every college student should have in their possession. Sometimes, the extra money is worth spending, and luckily, students oftentimes receive discounts on certain devices.

Laptop: This is probably most the popular device for taking quick notes, doing research, keeping up to date on assignments, etc. Most students have Macbooks since they are generally lighter than PCs to carry back and forth from class. My recommendation is the Macbook Air for both the price and weight. It’s much lighter than the Pro, which is a huge plus when commuting to class.

Ipad/ Tablet: These are always good for carrying to class since they’re compact and can perform generally everything the same as a laptop. Open up a PDF on the tablet to follow along to notes in class and you’re good to go. Another beneficial item to have is the portable keyboard that enables you to quickly type up notes while in class.

Dr. Dre Beats: A solid pair of headphones is always a useful item to have, whether it’s for working out at the gym or drowning out your loud roommate while trying to do homework.

Portable Phone Charger: We tend to feel lost when we don’t have access to our phones. A student’s smartphone is undoubtedly their best friend for various reasons. So, naturally, owning a charger that’s easily accessible and small enough to carry around is a plus for those who simply need their phones every step they take. And let’s face it, that’s most of us.

GoPro: These are becoming extremely popular for taking high-quality pictures and videos, especially when traveling. If you’re good at photography, then this is a great investment, especially if you plan to study abroad at some point throughout your college career.

Microsoft Surface Pro: This is a popular device that has recently been a hit for college students. It essentially serves as a replacement for bringing a laptop to class. Like the tablet, it can perform everything that a laptop can but without the extra weight. It also has a keyboard which is useful for note-taking and following along in class.

Home Speakers: Every college student appreciates a good pair of home speakers to either blast music while working out or having a house party.

Selfie Stick: Who would have thought that a selfie stick would make its way onto this list? I have already seen multiple students using these around campus to make sure their selfies are nothing short of perfection before posting to Instagram. It’s obvious that social media has taken over at this point with these popular items.

So, while some of these items may be slightly expensive for the broke college student, they’re certainly worth it with the amount of uses that will come out of them. Try your best to convince your parents that the $1000 Macbook Air will be your key to success in college (as long as you’re not browsing social media all day.) It’s worth a shot.

Technology Takeover

Technology Takeover

The Tech World: What BU Students Are Using Today

November 15, 2013 in Campus Life, Colleges, Tech

Different types of iPhones

Different types of iPhones

It is not a mystery that college students are very up-to-date on the latest gadgets and digital devices that have taken over our technologically advancing world. On Boston University’s campus, and I’m sure on many other college campuses, Apple/Mac products are among some of the most popular digital devices being used. Including the iPhone, the MacBook, the iPad, Apple TV, and more.

Almost every single college student I know or see has some version of the iPhone, and if they don’t have an iPhone they have some type of smartphone. Having a smartphone, in my opinion, is essential in today’s world. There are so many useful apps to use – for example, weather apps, social media apps, transportation apps, restaurant apps, etc.

One app that has become popular in recent months on BU’s campus is Uber. Uber is a new way to get around the city of Boston – it’s basically a better way to taxi. You can “order” an Uber car on your phone to pick you up and take you to any location in the Greater Boston area, your credit/debit card number is already saved in the app so you don’t have to worry about paying when you’re in the Uber car, and you don’t have to worry about tipping. On the app, you can track where the closest Uber cars are to you so that you can conveniently “order” the one closest to you! It’s very convenient and often much cheaper than taking a regular Boston taxi.

MacBooks are also very popular on BU’s campus. Most students have some type of laptop – the MacBook Pro being the most popular. BU’s campus has both Mac and PC computers in the library, computer labs, classrooms, etc. so students can easily adapt to using either one.

Apple TV is also a popular digital device being used around campus. Apple TV gives you access to the best content – movies, TV shows, music, photos, etc. – all right to your TV! You can also watch and play content right from your iOS devices (computers, phones, etc) – it’s pretty awesome. The newest and most popular movies and TV shows from iTunes, the entire Netflix catalog, and live sports are just some of the things you can watch on with Apple TV.

The iPad is also becoming a popular digital device around BU’s campus. Many students use an iPad to take notes in class, read a book, or surf the web. The iPad is great because it’s a lot smaller (and lighter) than a laptop. It’s kind of like a big iPhone – with more features!

Beats by Dre headphones are also seen all over BU’s campus. Walking down Commonwealth Ave on BU’s campus, or sitting in the library, or getting lunch at the George Sherman Student Union, you will without fail see a student with Beats by Dre headphones. They come in a variety of colors, block out any surrounding noise, and look pretty awesome on!

You may not see these on BU’s campus as much, but DSLR cameras are seen much more on BU’s campus today. DSLR cameras have become relatively more used as an “everyday” camera, and not just used for class assignments or for professional photographers. A DSLR camera (either Nikons or Canons are my favorites) is a great (and yes, expensive) investment. Whether you’re a photography guru or not, a DSLR camera kind of makes you look like you know what you’re doing. They take fantastic photos, are relatively easy to use (if taught correctly), and you’ll look pretty cool carrying it around!

Sexting Students

January 14, 2013 in Campus Life, Infographics, Love, Tech

Sexting Students

Sexting Students

For most college students sexting is no big deal. In fact, 4 out of 5 college students do it. However, sexting can lead to more than just embarassment – it can lead to serious legal consequences especially if a minor is involved.

A recent survey of over 200 students showed that 56% received sexually suggestive messages over text messaging. 78% received suggestive messages. 2/3 sent sexually suggestive messages. 73% of sexts were sent to relationship partners. 10% of ppl forwarded on the sext to others without the consent of the original sender. 17% of all people who have received a sext have forwarded it on to others. Sexting usually happens in one of three ways: between two romantically involved partners, between partners that are then shared outside of the relationship, between two people not in a relationship but one hopes to be.

How do you respond to unwanted sexts? If the first one comes from a number or person you don’t know just ignore/delete it. If it happens again respond back and say that they have the wrong number. Contact your cell phone provider to see if they can block this number. If someone you know is sending you sexts communicate clearly to them that you are not interested. If things get bad and you choose to contact the police you will need a record of the events.

Several states have signed bills against sexting to minors in 2011 and 2012.

College students are so tied to texting that they will text while driving, in class or in bed. Cell phone owners in the 18-24 age range send an average of 1,630 texts per month – that’s three per hour. 95% of college students bring their cell phones to class. 91% of college students use their cell phones to text in class. 62% of students say they should be allowed to text as long as they don’t disturb others.

Smartphone usage impacts students in a variety of ways. 47% are awakened by text messages and respond before falling asleep. 40% answered phone calls while they are asleep. Students who do this lost as many as 44 minutes of sleep each week. 93% of students text while driving.

Big Spending in College

December 20, 2012 in Campus Life, Infographics, Style

Today’s college students spend lots of money – not just on ramen noodles – but on a variety of different products and services that make the college experience very pricey. 40% of an average student’s budget is spent on discretionary items (or money set aside for basis necessities and non-essential goods and services, another 26% on room & board, 19% on tuition and 15% on other costs.

46% of discretionary spending goes to food purchases. $20 billion was spend on groceries last year. $12 billion was spend on dining and eating out. Another $8 billion was spent by students on convenience food and snack purchases. University students spend and average of $100/month on coffee and $50 on beer purchases. $5.5 billion is spend each year by undergraduates and graduates on alcohol for parties and events.

Rapid changes to technology have also had an impact on how many digital devices we own. The average student owns 6 digital devices like a computer, phone, camera, etc. Not surprisingly, 98% of all college students own a laptop or personal desktop computer. Cell phone and smart phone ownership changed dramatically last year. 84% of people owned a cell phone last year and now only 55% of people own a cell phone. However, smart phone users went up and 42% of people use smartphones this year compared to 26% using smartphones last year.

Most students also don’t skimp on looking good and dressing well. College undergraduates spend over $4 billion on personal care items and hygiene each year. Students also spend close to $6 billion on different fashionable apparel and clothing each year. Check out the infographic below to learn more:

Big Spending in College

Big Spending in College

Infographic: Students Love Technology

December 17, 2012 in Campus Life, Infographics, Tech

It’s no secret that students are addicted to technology and love using their laptops, tablets and phones. Evidence suggests that although lots of student time on digital devices is spend doing other things than studying, digital devices have helped to improve the information and study materials they can access.

98% of college students own a digital device – the other 2% are probably amish, hippies, abacus enthusiasts or people from the middle ages. 27% of students say their laptop is the most important item in their backpack. 10% of college students say their textbooks are the most important. 38% of students say they can’t go more than 10 minutes without using some form of digital device. In a University of Maryland study, students were asked to go 24 hours without using any digital devices and researchers found that they experience symptoms similar to drug withdrawal. 3 out of 4 students say they would not be able to study without technology. 1 in 4 students watches videos or podcasts as a part of their studies. 46% say they would be more likely to read an assignment if it was in digital format. The average student during the course of the day: texts 181 minutes a day, searches online for 131 minutes, uses facebook for 101 minutes, uses email for 58 minutes, talks on their cell for 54 minutes, and sends instant messages for 14 minutes. 8% of students use social sites to contact their teachers. While 91% of students use email to seek extra help from teachers. 13% of students contact teachers using their cell phones. Students in classes that use twitter have shown to have increased grades due to higher student engagement. 82% use devices to write papers. 81% use them for research. 70% use devices for taking notes. 65% of student use devices to make presentations. After first semester college freshman, college sophomores use Facebook the most. Nearly 3/4 of students who own tablets prefer them to traditional textbooks. Nearly 90% of students think they help them to study more efficiently. Almost half of all college students think tablets will replace textbooks completely within 5 years.

Infographic - Students Love Technology

Infographic – Students Love Technology