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Dinning Hall Dilemma at URI

June 19, 2015 in Campus Life, Colleges, Health, Reviews

The University of Rhode Island offers more than just traditional dining halls. Although you’ll find yourself going to Hope Commons and Butterfield for most of your meals, it’s still important to change things up. Don’t fear the Freshmen 15 and enjoy some good eats on-campus!

At the top of campus, you’ll find the Emporium…you’ll grow to love it because of the diversity of foods, but you’ll also hate it because it’s not a far walk from your dorm. Which means, you’ll probably find yourself there at least once or twice a week.

Albie's Steak and Cheese Sandwich

Albie’s Steak and Cheese Sandwich

Albie’s Place offers some great greasy sandwiches a long with your traditional burgers, french fries and breakfast foods. My personal favorites have got to be the Phat Sandwiches. These are Albie’s signature sandwiches that you won’t find anywhere else. Like the Phat Albie, which includes chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, steak fries, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and honey mustard on a sub or wrap. My freshmen year was changed the day I order a Phat Grenade. At 11PM on a Friday night I devoured a sub filled with chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, and marinara sauce. Not to mention the steak fries that are absolutely to die for.

Peking Tokyo General Tso's

Peking Tokyo General Tso’s

Are you in the mood for some Chinese or Japanese food? Peking Tokyo is the place for you! From traditional sushi to fried chicken and rice, this restaurant definitely switches things up for the students at URI. Sometimes you’re just in the mood for some sesame chicken, especially during finals week when nothing seems to satisfy your craving unless its greasy, unhealthy, and extremely filling. You won’t leave this place unhappy. Your greatest fortune has got to be trying some of this Chinese and Japanese food while attending URI.

Who doesn’t love burritos and some chips? At the University of Rhode Island Emporium ,you can find well known eatery, Caliente Mexican Grill. From traditional burritos to burritos that have steak, fried beans, and rice with some barbecue sauce on the side, your taste buds will be singing once you step foot inside. Don’t be shy, their friendly staff is always open to suggestions and will add just about anything to your burrito, including chips, guac and some tasteful salsa. Freshmen fifteen here we come!

Falafel Salad from I-Pocket

Falafel Salad from I-Pocket

Last, but certainly not least International Pocket brings a little bit of Greek culture to URI. Offering salads, gyro sandwiches and falafels, I-Pocket is exploding with taste! Their taziki is freshly made, which adds even more taste to the sandwiches and salads. If you’re ever looking for a little bit more taste than your average meal, this is the place for you.

Make your time at the University of Rhode Island a memorable one and try out some of these places! Although the dining hall food is digestible, sometimes you’re in a bit of a dinning hall dilemma and must make some decisions. Forget the freshmen fifteen and enjoy yourself…this is the time to do it!

Food Insights From an Emersonian

September 26, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Reviews

From the days on the playground to completing college applications, students endured the typical cafeteria food consisting of greasy pizza, brown lettuce, moist burritos, and the occasional “Jamba Juice” or sugary smoothie. When college neared, I set my expectations high for the dining hall, assuming that a wide variety of quality meals specific to each students needs would be delivered. Thankfully, my expectations were at least somewhat met.

The Little Building

Although Emerson College lies in the heart of downtown Boston surrounded by coffee shops, Chinese restaurants and pizza joints, the dining hall in The Little Building, the largest residence hall, offers a large selection of meals, leaving some students satisfied and others disappointed.

Like every school cafeteria, there are mixed reviews on the food, some complains being that the pizza is too greasy, the desserts are too bland, and the meat options are too salty. Though many people, including myself, are impressed by the food and hardly complain. There are omelet, cereal, waffle, and fruit stations in the morning, deli-style sandwiches, salads, and meat-options for lunch, and alternating entrees and desserts for dinner. The chocolate milk is thick and delicious, perfect to go with your pancakes or dessert.

Being an herbivore, I was thrilled to discover a vegetarian/vegan food station, which I believe to be the most flavorful and spice-enriched station in the dining hall. Stirred fried rice, asian noodles, steamed vegetables, colorful salads, and the right amount of spices are my usual go-to meals, and the vegan chocolate cake and cookies never fail to disappoint. This station does go unrecognized, as some students are indifferent to vegan food and prefer the meat and dairy route, though it’s good to experiment with all food options and test your taste buds.

Students crowd the spacious dining hall in the evening.

Paramount Cafe

The other residence building, The Paramount, provides a small cafe for all students, though it only offers a limited amount of meals and isn’t an “all you can eat” style. The veggie burgers and fries are the most popular orders, as are the quesidilas and occasional bean burritos. The meals are quick, easy, and prepared right in front you, which is good when you’re racing to class or on-the-go. Although the food may not be the best quality and quantity, it’s helpful to test all of the colleges dining options to get a feel for what satisfies you.

Max Cafe in Piano Row

In the suite-style residence building called Piano Row, the Max Cafe, similar to the Paramount Cafe, offers a bit larger selection of meals. For vegans, there aren’t many options besides the veggie burger and salads, but for meat lovers, chicken burritos and burgers are offered.

Originally from San Diego, California, I can easily distinguish the difference between a good and a bad burrito, and sadly, Max’s burritos are close to bad. Save yourself the trouble and eat at the Little Building, as buffet-style options are much preferred over spending money at a limited cafe, or venture off-campus and create your own burritos at Bolocco, located steps away from Emerson on Boylston Street.

Surrounding Eats

Like I said previously, Bolocco is a popular spot that predominately feeds hungry Emersonians, offering a variety of burritos, salads, and bowl options, and even caters to gluten-free and vegetarian/vegan students. The tiki masala and Mexican burritos are must-tries, though creating your own meals makes the food more personal and unique. Students have called Bolocco a lower quality Chipoltle, but faults are to be found at any eatery, regardless.

Pizza places like New York Pizza and Sal’s Pizza are packed with students and locals, especially during the weekend after a long night of partying. The pizza slices are huge, inexpensive, and quickly made. FYI, drunks and partiers are expected some nights, making the experience more entertaining.

This pizza joint is a popular eatery among college students.

Chinatown is literally blocks away from Emerson, featuring Dumpling Cafe (the best late night dumplings and hot tea), My Thai Vegan Cafe (perfect for vegetarians/vegans), bubble tea shops, and other Asian restaurant hot-spots. If tired of dining hall options or just looking for a new food experience, I recommend exploring this part of town… my friends and I do at least once a week and are rarely disappointed!

To wrap it up, Emerson’s dining options are a few steps up from the traditional middle school and high school cafeterias, featuring a variety of foods that are specific to students’ needs. If ever tired of college meals, step outside, wander, and take advantage of your college town or city! I’m certain that wherever you’re attending, there’s something out there with your name and order on it.

A Quick Review of Longwood University’s Dining & Food Spots

July 4, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Health, Reviews

Some college food options.

Some college food options.

1. Dorrill Dining Hall

Dorrill Dining Hall or what we like to call D-Hall, is the one and only main dining hall at Longwood University.  D-Hall is where students can use their meal swipes that go along with their meal plan to experience an all you can eat buffet of food that ranges from pizza to chicken to salad.  But, D-Hall’s large range of food struggles on some days, making it hard for students to find something that they like sometimes.  The main items that students go for here are the pizza, salad bar, smoothie station, and sandwich station, which are open everyday.  The best D-Hall meal time, is brunch on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  At this time, D-Hall serves tater-tots, make your own omelets, and their legendary chicken nuggets.  D-Hall also has vegetarian food, home-style food, and international food stations available for students to choose from.

2. The P.O.D.

The P.O.D. is Longwood’s newest place to eat, and is located in Lancer Park, right off main campus.  The P.O.D. is kind of like a Sheetz or WaWa gas station type place, where students can get hot food made to order and also enjoy the convenience of a mini grocery store.  The P.O.D. is often not used as much as it should be because of its location off campus, but this is probably the best place to eat at Longwood University.  Here students may use their bonus dollars that come with their meal plan to buy food.  The P.O.D is a cool spot to sit down and eat without tons of distractions and long lines.

3. The Landings

The Landings is also another enjoyable place to eat at Longwood University.  The Landings has multiple places to eat like Sweet Frog, Chick-fil-a, Moe’s, Subway, and Starbucks.  While it is a short 5 minute walk from main campus, The Landings food is always good and great alternative when D-Hall is not up to par.  The only two places in The Landings that students can use bonus dollars from their meal plans are Chick-fil-a and Moe’s.

4. Student Union

The Student Union is the most convenient place to eat on campus.  Located in the center of main campus, the “Stu U” has many options inside including a pizza and bread sticks place, Einsteins Bagels, a sushi stop, and convenience store.  Einsteins serves delicious coffee and sandwiches, and is a great place to stop and get a quick bite to eat when going to and from classes.  The sushi stop has sushi that you can have made to order, or just grab fresh from the stand.  The sushi that they make is great, and the employees at the Stu U, are nice and friendly.  Inside the Stu U, students can use their bonus dollars or regular money, to purchase food or anything from the convenience store.  The Stu U is a popular spot for students to eat and hang out daily.

5. Library

The Greenwood Library is Longwood University’s only library on campus, and located inside is Java City.  Java City is a coffee shop that is popular on most college campuses including Longwood’s.  Here, students can take a quick break from studying, and run and get one of their amazing coffees, drinks, sweet treats, or sandwiches.  Java City is also popular with students because of its punch card deals, that give students a free coffee after their tenth purchase.  At Java City students can use their bonus dollars or regular money to purchase food and drinks.

College food ranges from healthy options all the way to fast food.

College food ranges from healthy options all the way to fast food.

The good, the bad, and the ugly of Umaine Food.

May 29, 2014 in Campus Life, Colleges

The Union - UMaine

The Union – UMaine

At the University of Maine, campus food really depends on where you go. Thankfully in your four years at UMaine, you will find the good places to eat and the places to avoid.

Let’s start off with the good:

York – Convenience of this dining hall is right outside one of the dorms on campus, it makes your walks from your warm dorm room to the harsh Maine outdoors easier with only being a few feet away for students. The food is decent and never had a terrible meal at the dining hall. One of the highlights at York was their lobster and steak night which gives students a great meal on campus rather than having to go off campus.

Wells – They used to offer a wide range of food, and then they changed it to all you can eat. Wells always seemed to have the best dining hall food quality. One employee who works at Wells is a huge hit with students, always outgoing and incredibly friendly will make your dining experience even better.

Union – Great place to eat on campus and they have a lot to offer. Located in the center of campus it’s the most popular place to eat for Black Bear students. Fresh sushi, garden bar, gourmet burgers, pasta, stir fry, and a burrito menu are just some of the choices that you have. It always gives you something different to eat then the regular dining hall food which is always nice.

Bear’s Den – A nice restaurant located in the Union that offers Starbucks, deserts and fresh sandwiches it’s a great place to have a meeting for a group project or to go after a stressful class. At 5 p.m. they begin serving alcohol so for upperclassmen it’s a great place to meet if you’re on campus.

The Bad:

The Oakes room – They don’t serve Starbucks coffee like at the Bear’s Den which is unfortunate for them. Located in the library it is very convenient when you are studying for a final and need a quick jolt of energy.

The Ugly:

Dining Hill top

Dining Hill top

Hilltop aka “Hillslop” – The main dining hall for the freshmen, it is located nearby all freshmen dormitories. It has been leaving many freshmen wishing they didn’t buy a meal plan. I found myself trying to go to other dining halls or the Union even though it was further away. They offer an all you can eat format with: pasta, burgers, stir fry and a sandwich bar but at times many of the meals are just not that good and leaving you feeling unsettled. It also may be a tough comparison for many students comparing it to home cooked food. This is the first dining hall that many first year students eat at, it takes some adjustment period for students to get used to eating away from home.














At UMaine there is a large variety of food to choose from. Don’t forget about Buffalo Chicken Wednesdays! The most popular day for on campus food, long lines are the standard so be prepared to wait a little bit longer on Wednesdays.

Hungry? Learn Where to Eat at Colorado College!

March 7, 2014 in Campus Life

Since CC  is fairly small (about 2000 students), the dining options are somewhat few. However, for a small school, CC does a great job at still appealing to all different kinds of people. Although it can get repetitive, when I was on the meal plan, I always found something tasty to eat. I realized how good CC students have it in terms of food options when my friend from a different school visited me and actually took pictures of the food here because it was so much better than the food at her own school!

There are three on-campus food options. The first is Rastall, the all you can eat dining hall. Rastall is frequented by freshmen, who haven’t yet tired of it. Since it is one price at the door, Rastall is dangerous for the Freshmen 15 weight gain. It is hard to say no to that extra cookie, or the pepperoni pizza, but it can be done.

There are many other food choices at Rastall that are a bit better for you, while still being delicious. For example, every day there is a vegan option. From quinoa and kale patties, to tofu and veggie stir-fry, to stuffed peppers, the vegan option is always tasty. PLUS, the line is always significantly shorter than other lines. Also, there is always a “Global” option. From Pad Thai to Schezwan beef, to teriyaki chicken, these options are always some of the better ones. People know this, so the line is pretty long, but it is always worth the wait.

The best time to go to Rastall is for brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. From around 10:30 AM until 1 PM, Rastall is hopping with tons of underclassmen (and seniors who have persuaded their underclassmen friends to swipe them in). Brunch is delicious. From the make your own omelets, to Belgian waffles with fruit on top, to a large assortment of bagels, muffins, and pastries, the options are limitless. Apart from the food, Rastall brunches are a great time to people watch. If you sit for an hour or so, you are bound to see SO MANY different people that you haven’t seen in ages. They all seem to congregate at Rastall brunch, and it is magnificent.

If Rastall food gets repetitive, there are some easy ways to spice it up. For example, if you are bored of the plain soft serve ice cream, put some granola in it for a tasty parfait. I have even seen someone dip their cone in peanut butter and nutella, and then put ice cream in it. If you think your food is bland, there are also a ton of different hot sauces to add to it to kick it up a notch. There are always ways to make Rastall more interesting!



If you are feeling a change, though, you can hit up one of the other two dining options on campus, Benji’s or The Preserve. Benji’s, like Rastall, is in the student center on campus, making it readily accessible to most of the student body. Benji’s is probably the most social of all of the dining options. Since it is the student center, but you don’t have to pay before you go in, students stop in and out after class to chat with friends. Benji’s has a grill station, a Taqueria station, and a sushi station. All offer a lot of choices for hungry students.

The grill has standard options, such as burgers, tuna melts, grilled cheeses, and chicken fingers. However, there are daily specials as well, such as gyros, buffalo chicken sandwiches, and barbecue pulled pork sandwiches. The grill is the perfect place to go if you are craving some greasy food and good company. However, vegetarians, beware! Basically the only thing you can eat at the grill is grilled cheese. Not to say the grilled cheese isn’t delicious, it just could get really repetitive really fast.

The Taqueria at Benji’s features burritos, tacos, nachos, and quesadillas. You can pick your choice of meat, vegetables, and other toppings.  I love the fish tacos at Benji’s. Although I always feel a bit odd eating fish in a landlocked state, the fish tacos don’t disappoint.

At the sushi station, you can get pre-packaged hand rolled sushi, or a made to order teriyaki bowl with your choice of meat. To be honest, I rarely go to this station. The line is always outrageous, and it never looks like it is worth it, although others may feel differently.

The last dining option on campus is The Preserve. The Preserve is probably my favorite place on campus to eat. It has locally grown produce and healthy snacks, and you can build your own sandwich, salad, or pizza, as well as sample the soup of the day or the lunch special. If you have a bit of time, it is never a mistake to build your own pizza. You can choose from a selection of toppings and sauces, and they even have gluten free crust and vegan cheese. The Preserve appeals to those of us with dietary restrictions. The soups are also perfect for a cold day, broccoli and cheddar being my favorite. On a sunny day, The Preserve is perfect because you can sit outside with a great view of the mountains.

The Preserve

The Preserve

There you have it, the dining options at CC. Each dining establishment offers something different. If you are starving, head to Rastall for an all you can eat buffet. If you are feeling social or want some greasy food, sushi, or Mexican food, Benji’s is the place for you. If you want some locally grown goods with a beautiful view of the mountains, head to the Preserve. For a small school, CC still offers something for everyone in terms of food options on campus.