Videos: College Dining at Ithaca College

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College dining with Erika Rumbold at Ithaca College

Where and What to Eat at Assumption College

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Food Choices at Assumption

Food Choices at Assumption

Assumption College is a fairly small school, so you can imagine that the dining options are limited as well. Some schools may have 10 different dining halls with every type of food you can imagine, but Assumption keeps it simple with two dining choices on campus.

Taylor Dining Hall: This is Assumption’s main dining hall, and it’s where you will definitely eat as a freshman. All freshman are required to have an unlimited meal plan, which means that you can go to the dining hall whenever you want (between 7:30am and 7pm daily & late night 8:30-10pm Sunday through Thursday). The dining hall itself is pretty nice, and there are booths and tables to sit at.

Breakfast: During breakfast there is one main area that serves whatever is being offered that day. It can be anything from pancakes, scrambled eggs, french toast, hashbrowns, and hard boiled eggs. The good days are when they have breakfast sandwiches and BACON, but these days are rare. There is also an area with many cereals (sometimes they have lucky charms) and many different breads with a toaster. There is also a section on ice that has cream cheese, butter, jelly, peanut butter, and sometimes yogurt and granola. The best thing about breakfast is the omelette line. You can ask for anything you want; omelette, easy up, hard, scrambled. And you can get anything in it; bacon, sausage, ham, cheese, peppers, onions, broccoli – you name it. The best part is that the same lady (Rosie) is there everyday, and she is easily the sweetest soul around. You need to get there early though if you want an awesome omelette. They also usually have pretty decent coffee and tea for the mornings.

Lunch: Lunch has the most variety at Taylor, because that is usually the busiest time. Sections are broken down into the Chef’s creation, pasta & pizza, international, main dish, and sandwiches. There is also a pretty decent salad bar and soup in the center of the kitchen area, but you want to get there right when they put out the fresh lettuce and new topping. The Chef’s creation will either be something weird and gross or something so amazing that you get a second plate. You can go up and order whatever it is and they will make it right in front of you and you can be picky about what’s in it. This can be anything from sushi to a mac n cheese bar. The pasta & pizza section offers the same thing daily, and it’s all pretty good. You’ve got your basic cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza, sauces, and wheat and white pasta. The international section is usually a chicken ceasar wrap, greek salad, stir fry, raviolis, or anything they can think of (this line is usually long). The main dish section usually offers a meat with a bunch of different sides. This line is popular when it’s chicken nugget day (yes we are in college). The meat is usually chicken or pork, which isn’t bad. You can also go to the sandwich station and get any type of sandwich you want, toasted or pressed. The meats seem a bit salty, but other than that everything is made fresh and pretty good. Sometimes they also have a sandwich of the day.

Dinner: For some reason dinner is where Taylor dining hall slacks, and some would argue that dinner should be the better meal served. There may or may not be a Chef’s creation still offered at dinner, depending if they ran out of food or not, but there will always be the main dish, the pasta & pizza section, and sandwich section. There’s the typical meat served with sides for the main dish, but if its something you hate, your only other options are pizza, pasta, salad, sandwich, or cereal. Freshman year I often found myself opting for cereal during dinner time because I wasn’t a fan of the meatloaf or fish being served. Once in a while one of the organizations on campus will host a themed dinner night which is great because they have different foods from around the world – which is a nice change.

Disclosure: During Lent, Assumption offers absolutely NO MEAT on Fridays, and even the Dunkin Donuts on campus is not allowed to serve meat. Some may call this excessive, and others may consider it an important part of their religion and lifestyle. So if you’re a big meat eater, you may want to stay away or plan going out to eat on those days.

Charlie’s: Assumption also offer a second dining option which can be accessed through points or meals depending on your meal plan. Charlie’s offers many different things and can be a breathe of fresh air from the typical dining hall.

Lunch: Lunch is the best time to go to Charlie’s because they offer stir fry, pasta, salad, burgers, pizza, calzones, quesadillas, sandwiches, fries and many other things. They also have the same people working each section, so if you go regularly they will probably already know what you want. Everything here is pretty decent, the only thing is that if you get a pizza, calzone or quesadilla – prepare to wait, a while. I would recommend sticking to the salads, stir fry and sandwiches because the other stuff is pretty greasy and can make you feel sick sometimes. There is also a cool drink machine and lots of sides to go with your meals.

Dinner: At dinnertime, the stir fry, pasta, and salad goes away and you are left with the other options after 6:30pm. You may want to stick with Charlie’s for lunch and Taylor for dinner. Charlie’s is a nice place in general to hangout with friends, study, or grab a coffee from Dunk’s when you’re up late. Charlie’s is also a great place to go when you’re studying late for a snack – the prices of some of the things at Charlie’s is reduced after a certain time at night, and it’s open until midnight.

So, as far as the dining goes, Assumption isn’t the greatest, but isn’t the worst. If you’re not feeling the options on campus, there is also the option to go off campus and to check out Shrewsbury street in Worcester, which is home to some of the best restaurants around.

Chowan university dining review: best eats on and off-campus

July 25, 2014 in Campus Life

Most Popular meal at Chowan

Most Popular meal at Chowan


Even though Chowan university is a small university located in a rural town, the dining experience is moderately well. Only consisting of two on campus dining choices, Chowan provides students with appetizing meals that satisfies their hunger. Even though Chowan has great dining options, like most school cafeterias, there are minor flaws several students may find therefore there are even more off campus dining options that are suitable.
Thomas Cafeteria: open seven days a week, Thomas cafeteria provides three main sections for students to choose meals. For students that are looking to both eat and stay healthy, Chowan offers cold subs and salad as a dining option. For students that want a meal similar to a fast food experience there is a line that serves meals like burgers, fries, pizza, and Tacos on Friday afternoons. The main line that many students go for is located across from the entrance of the cafeteria. The first line offers students both healthy and semi-fast food themed meals. Each day vegetables and fruits are available for students as a side dish. If students have a taste for something sweet, the snack bar offers ice cream, cake, and other desserts, on a daily basis.

Chowan allows students to have an option of three adjusted meal plans. The 19 meal plan, the 14 meal plan, and the 10 meal plan which is offered to commuter students. With the 19 meal plan students are able to consume 19 meals a week (breakfast, lunch, dinner). On the other hand, the 14 meal let’s students eat 14 meals a week. The 14 meal plan which is cheaper in comparison to the 19 meal plan, is designed for students that do not dine at the cafe during each meal hour. In other words, some students prefer to eat elsewhere during specific meal hours. Lastly, the 10 meal plan specifically catering to commuter residents gives students the option of consuming 10 meals a week. Students that prefer the 10 meal plan are generally students that have busy schedules therefore they are not actively on campus to dine in comparison with residential students or non-commuters.

Murfs: Murfs is the second on campus dining option that allows students to dine in or take out restaurant style foods. Students that have 19 and 14 meal plans receive 20 free select meals through this service. Students with a 19 meal plan also receive 24 dining dollars, while those with 14 meal plans and 19 meal plans receive over 70 dining dollars. Dining dollars gives students the privilege of ordering conversion and non-conversion foods at their will. Although dining dollars do not roll over to the following semester, students receive a new set of dining dollars each term.

Off Campus Eateries: Even though the town of Murfreesboro North Carolina is home to a small university and and even smaller town, there are a great number of eateries 10 minutes off campus. Students can choose from Napoli’s Italian pizza restaurant to Los Amigos For Mexican food. The local coffee shop Kings Landing is one of the few restaurants in town that offers live entertainment every Friday nights. If you’re looking for fun on a Friday night, King’s Landing is the place to be.

Love Is In The Air at ASU

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College is often the place that people meet their eventual husband/wife. It is a collection of like-minded young people in a relatively compact area; many universities have one cafeteria, a limited number of gyms and residency halls. Now I’m not saying that if you don’t meet the love of your life in college then you are set on the path to a cat-filled future, but it is a great opportunity to meet and date potentially the right person. So, dating and relationships at Alabama State University:

There are lots of couples at Alabama State, it is very noticeable. Many of the athletes are dating other athletes, a lot of the time on the same team. I can say, as I am currently in a relationship with a fellow student-athlete, that there is nothing better than being with someone at the same university and on the same sports team as you. Being able to encourage and console each other with an understanding of the other person’s feelings is extremely healthy in a relationship; being in the same university athletic program gives this opportunity.

Other couples around campus also seem to be involved in similar majors and/or organizations. Business students, music students and science students spend hours together working on projects and exams, so naturally more people meet and get to know each other personally as a result.

Say you find the person of your dreams at Alabama State, where do you go? What do you do? There are a number of restaurants nearby that offer a great atmosphere and cuisine for dating. Firstly is Central, situated in downtown Montgomery this fine-dining establishment gives a warm reception and great food to boot. Steaks, chicken and fine wine will go down a treat with you and your date.

Also a restaurant option in Montgomery is Michael’s Table. This upper-market restaurant serves food of the highest quality, but also at a higher price. If you’re celebrating something special, or really want to impress your date, this is the place to go.

The Montgomery Riverfront can serve as a great ending to any date

The Montgomery Riverfront can serve as a great ending to any date

What better way to finish off a night downtown than a walk along The Riverfront with some frozen yogurt? Montgomery has a number of frozen yogurt options located all across the city, and, based on experience, they all offer a great dessert to end a date with your partner.

Another great date in Montgomery, all be it slightly cliché, is the movie theatre. The best one for me has to be the AMC cinema on Vaughn Road. This huge complex has over 12 screens and shows all current movies regularly. Studies have shown that a date is more likely to be a success if you watch a horror or thriller movie, as to increase the heart rate. And that watching a movie before going to dinner is much better than after. This is because the movie gives you something to talk about if you end up being awkwardly stuck for conversation topics.

So overall Alabama State University is a pretty good place to meet and date your potential future partner; there are a number of places to go and being an average sized school means you are likely to see that person regularly. ASU has given me the opportunity to meet somebody truly amazing and it can do the same for you.

When the Caf Hands You Lemons; ASU’s Dining Experience

May 8, 2014 in Colleges, Health, Reviews

One of the biggest learning curves experienced by many in college is cooking and living for yourself. Your parents won’t be there to rustle you up a nice home cooked meal after your classes, and if you are living on-campus having a meal plan may be the only option. This is the case for most students attending Alabama State University, so, what’s the cafeteria like?

The cafeteria providing a wide-range of food

The cafeteria providing a wide-range of food


To be blunt, it’s not good. You often feel like you’re entering a casino when entering the cafeteria at ASU; one day it could come up good and the next you can be staring at three lemons on the slot machine. If you do happen to get a good day, the endless plates of chicken stir fry and beef lasagna can leave you feeling full and satisfied. Put this alongside a fresh salad bar and sandwich section you’ll be thanking your lucky stars that it was well worth the risk.

However, if you’re faced with a ‘lemon day’ then all is not well. Limited choice and tasteless food is what’s in store with the slight possibility of chocolate chip cookies to make amends. But they know what they say, “When life hands you lemons…go to Subway.” OK so that’s not what they say, but Subway is a great option for students at ASU. You have the option to downgrade your meal plan to 14 meals per week and in return receive approximately $60 credit. This credit can be used in a number of places.

The first of these places, as mentioned, is Subway. This seems to be the most popular choice among students with their $5 foot-longs proving a big hit. Subway is always a good back-up for a bad day at the cafeteria, and being open till 11 p.m. it can also be a great place for those late-night snacks. Another good back-up is the grill alongside Subway. Serving everything from burgers to chicken wings and salads the grill is an inexpensive way of eating well on-campus.

Another option at ASU is the pizza takeaway. Although not used as much as expected, the pizzeria is extremely well priced in comparison to nearby takeaways. For a little over $5 you can take home a large pepperoni or cheese pizza, and just $1.50 more will see you well catered for with a fountain drink. The reason the pizza takeaway is not used as much as it potentially could be is due to the preparation time. You can often be waiting for 30 minutes just for your one pizza, which is slightly frustrating.

So there you have it, the ASU dining options. By no means is it the most comprehensive list but it gets us by. There is a new iCafe under construction in the library, and the cafeteria is always working on its food services. Alongside this they have the credit choice where students can swap meals for fast-food credit. Although you may not be getting a home-cooked meal from mom every night, you can still eat well, healthily and tastefully if you know where to go.