Roommate Nightmares from a Rhody Ram!

August 21, 2015 in Campus Life, Colleges

Roommate Nightmares

Roommate Nightmares

Whether or not you’ve decide to choose your roommates or go into your housing situation at school blindly, roommate stories are inevitable. Putting multiple guys, let alone ladies into a small room is a recipe for disaster, which is why I’ve put together the most common roommate nightmares for a college student at the University of Rhode Island.

My roommate is stealing my things: First off, if you know for a fact that your roommate is stealing your things tell your RA (Residential Assistant). They’re there to help mediate any situation, especially one that involves theft. If you are unsure that your roommate is stealing your food, clothes, and other belongings, simply ask them. There’s no point in trying to be Inspector Gadget and set up traps for them to fall into. Be honest and ask them upfront. They may have come home one night and have wanted some food to munch on and your pizza bagels were looking pretty good. Your roommate could have even forgotten that they took your food or favorite shirt. Don’t assume, just ask!

My roommate is always bringing guys/girls home: Don’t get on your roommates the case the first couple of times that this happens. It’s college and maybe they’re just trying to have a good time. My advice is that once this becomes a usual weekend scenario for you, bring it up to their attention. Maybe they haven’t realized that it makes you feel uncomfortable to hear them having sexual intercourse at 3AM or maybe they just don’t care. Whatever the case may be, if you feel unwelcome in your own room because your roommate is using your bedroom as the smush room, say something!

My roommate comes home drunk every night: If at this point your roommate is not concerned for his/her own well-being, it’s time to bring in the professionals. Getting drunk every so often while you’re at college is completely acceptable, but once partying gets in the way of school and your life, someone need’s to intervene. My advice would be to express your concern for them first, don’t attack them even if they threw up on your carpet! Once you have brought it to their attention, but they continue to do it, bring in your RA or even a few of your mutual friends. Your roommate may not thank you at that moment, but a few months down the road, they’ll thank you for setting them straight.

My roommate is messy: There is absolutely no excuses for a dirty, messy, unorganized human being other than the fact that they were probably not taught any better. Don’t let these bad habits slide because sooner or later you’ll be trying to avoid your room as much as possible and nobody wants that. A few tips to avoid the messy roommate situation may be to schedule a day and time to clean the room together or even assign chores like taking out the garbage or vacuuming the rug. Unless you’re the messy roommate in this situation, do your best to avoid this nightmare from the beginning. No one likes a sloppy incoherent roommate coming home in the middle of the night.

Some students never go through roommate nightmares, but for many these nightmares are all too realistic. Go about any situation with a clear state of mind, but with a goal in mind as well. The room you are sharing is also your property, therefore it should be shared and taken care of like a home. People aren’t always going to agree with your ideal way of living, but it is important to feel welcomed and at home in your dorm room!

Tales from the Dorm Room

September 19, 2014 in Campus Life




Living in a dorm room your first year of college can be an exciting experience. Getting the ultimate feel of the media enhanced college image and getting to meet your future roommate can be both exciting and nerve racking time of the school year. There are definitely things first year students should know about the room experience. These are a few tips, tricks, and stories of what to avoid, what to know, and how to live the ultimate dorm life. Freshmen students should stay tuned for what is to come of their first year living in a dorm room in college.

What to avoid!

Freshmen students should definitely avoid the roommate terror scare. My first year of college was rough living life a roommate I did not get along with. Rude and disrespectful is never the way to go. At most universities RA’s provide the students residing in their halls with a roommate agreement. A roommate Agreement is like a contract of rules each roommate abides to live by. By agreeing to sign a roommate contract, each individual is promising to follow certain rules and live by certain standards. This allows both students to agree on factors like when guests should be over, when music should be on, and what the living condition should be like at all times.

What you will encounter?

What first year college students often forget about dorm life is that there are always going to be things that your roommate does that does not one hundred percent live up to your expectations. Since there are two people sharing a room, each person will have their own way of living and caring themselves. One individual may prefer to sleep early while the other individual may prefer to sleep during later hours. Roommates must accommodate to each other’s living in such a way that is manageable. Students should expect to encounter various differences but they in most cases will be bearable.


Dorm life can be a fun first year experience. Think about it, meeting a brand new person from another state, the same state, or another country, and potentially becoming lifelong friends. Many people become bff with their first year roommate and even decide to room together the following year of college. Your roommate is like your first friend in college. Most people do not know anyone at their college until their initial encounter with their roommate after move-in day.

Dorm Life in General

Living in a dorm can be both a good and positive factor to college life. Having the privilege of meeting someone new especially during a big chapter of your life can be a warm experience. Living in a dorm room does prepare students for other living experiences. Several students agree that living in a dorm room their first year has prepared them for living with multiple people while residing in suite/apartment rooming. Although living with another person can be a nerve racking experience, it is a typical aspect of college life that all students can expect.

College Trauma

August 1, 2014 in Campus Life

I guess you could say that my first rude awakening at college came from trying to get to know my freshman floor. That was when I truly learned about how rude some people are, having a complete lack of respect for others around them. I understand that most people coming into college have never had to share a living spare with another person. Freshman year was the first time I would need to split a room with someone. I was excited and nervous to meet my roommate because I had no idea what she would be like. We barely communicated before the beginning of the school year and that should have been my first hint that things were going to go downhill.

 In our Welcome Week, we were meant to do several activities with our roommates. Guess who was missing during much of our first few days? Apparently my roommate had friends elsewhere, on other floors, so she left me without another word. This didn’t immediately mean that we were no longer attempting to at least get along. Over the first month at school, we talked a little with each other but never really did anything together. And that’s fine. Except when you fast-forward to the last three months of school, when we never spoke to each other at all.

I don’t think that I ever imagined it would come to a point where I would say hello to her and get nothing in return. Something that simple should be common courtesy, even if we’re never going to be best friends. That was another hard thing to learn in college: No matter how nice you are to someone, they can decide to simply ignore you and make both of your lives harder and more miserable than they need to be.

Yet everyone can at least assume they’ll have one bad roommate experience in their lifetime. What they never warn you about are terrible floormates. My next door neighbors were the worst. Now, I’m not about to complain about noise on weekend nights, but these guys would be blasting music (mind you, the speakers were pressed up against my wall, making my wall vibrate) until four in the morning every night. By the end of the school year I thought that I was going to go insane. I spent every weekend at home just go I could get some sleep.

Yes, I tried talking to the guys to lower the music and keep it to reasonable hours. There were only so many times I could ask before I knew they’d never actually listen to me. The CA’s on my floor both didn’t care about the situation. Ear plugs did nothing. I was stuck. That was another shocking truth about college: Sometimes, the right people just don’t help you in the ways they should and it ends up really hurting you.

Thankfully college has gotten much better but I hope that I never need to relive that terrible year! It’s forever traumatized me about living in new places.

Sharing a small space with a stranger sometimes is a disaster.

Sharing a small space with a stranger sometimes is a disaster.

Dorm Life for a Bostonian

April 3, 2014 in Campus Life

Living in a large dormitory-style residence hall tends to feel like a perpetual sleepover. You share an extremely small room with (usually) 1 to 3 people your age. Space is limited, so hang outs tend to be sprawled out on the floor or packed on everyone’s beds. Your mother isn’t there to do your grocery shopping, so mini fridges and storage boxes are often packed with junk food and alcohol—a fairly common diet for the average college student. And these norms apply to every other dorm room on your floor; thus, cue shenanigans.

Everyone’s got their favorite crazy dorm stories. Mine—which isn’t a typical “dorm story”, as it only partially takes part in my dorm—goes back to October 2013, when the Boston Red Sox won the World Series.

I go to Boston University, so Fenway Park is essentially situated in my backyard. On game days, you can hear fans cheering and music blaring from the stadium. Boston baseball fans mean business, and take their team extremely seriously—so needless to say, the entire city ecstatically hoped that the Sox would take home the title.

On Wednesday, October 30th, the Red Sox were up 3-2 against the Cardinals—a win that night would give them a fourth win, and thus the title of World Series Champions. The entire city of Boston seemed to be gathered around Kenmore Square, a main hub just outside of the Fenway Park area, including BU students. Luckily for me, my dorm is located just a minute or two from Kenmore Square, so I was right within the action the entire time.

Never have I seen the campus so packed. Near the end of the game, Kenmore Square was roped off, banning access to anyone who wasn’t already there. My street, Bay State Road, was littered with college kids. A giant crowd gathered at the police barricade that was blocking off Kenmore Square, when suddenly a roar from the stadium erupted, and fireworks shot into the sky above Fenway Park. The crowd—including myself and my roommate—went wild. Some guys from the frat house across the street ran outside wearing nothing but giant red Solo cup costumes, and they started chants and cheers. People on Bay State Road, anxious to get closer to the action, began running around, searching for a way past the barricades. My roommate and I cut over to Commonwealth Avenue—the very busy main road on which BU is situated—and found that it had also been roped off. College kids walked in the middle of the street, some with cigars, some with alcohol, but all carefree and excited.

My roommate and I wandered the area for a while, joining in cheers and watching the madness unfold in the streets of Boston. Finally, we headed back to the dorm, where the shenanigans had only just begun. The rest of the night was marked by kids from every floor running up and down the 9 floors of stairs, cheering and yelling. An attempt was made to get the entire building to write “GO SOX” in the windows (by getting the appropriate rooms to turn on or off their bedroom lights), though the effort was a mild failure.

Regardless, the night was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. It was an unforgettable rush of excitement and fun that everyone got to take part in. Here’s to hoping for another Red Sox World Series next year!

Dating at Emerson College

March 28, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Love

"I'm all yours"

“I’m all yours”

Dating is always interesting, especially in the college atmospheres.  There are students from all walks of life and experiences.  It is hard to know what people are looking for, and sometimes what you are looking for.  Nevertheless, I say go out of you comfort level and date away!  Dating at Emerson College is slightly different than the typical dating experience; keep reading for more information.

Couples at Emerson

There certainly are couples at Emerson, but I would argue not as many as other college campuses.  There are a variety of reasons for this.  One is that Emerson is about 60/40 with 60% being female.  Many of the male population at Emerson is gay, so there aren’t as much opportunities for straight girls as there might be at other schools.  That isn’t to say that there aren’t straight guys at Emerson, because there are.

Dorm Policy

The Emerson dorm policy is that if you don’t live on campus, them you must sign in and out whenever entering or leaving.  It is a good rule for safety, but mad awkward when signing a random hookup in.  Another deterrent is the beds.  Emerson dorms, like most college dorms are made to fit one and can be uncomfortable sharing with another person.  Especially if that person is a new friend.  Or snores.

Online Dating

Many Emerson students have online profiles. OkCupid and Tinder are extremely popular.  Those looking for friends, hookups and relationship can use these websites.  Also, those looking for attention from the opposite gender without getting into anything too serious can certainly find that online.  Of course, anyone online dating must be careful about what they put on the Internet.  There are more than enough horror stories to warn anyone about the dangers of online dating, but it’s not all bad.

I have friends who have found relationships and hookups online.  Most people I know make a profile out of bordem and then meet someone they really like.  It’s one of those things that you think ‘it won’t happen to me’ but then it does.  I have a friend who was on a random dating app because of a dare and she met a guy and they have been dating for 8 months!  It just goes to show that keeping an open mind has its benefits.

Fun Dates in Boston

Boston has no limitations to good date places.  Right across from most of Emerson’s campus is the beautiful Boston Common and Garden.  Take a stroll on a nice spring day, or have a summer sunbathing soiree.  Picnics are great.  Sometimes there will be surprise Acapella concerts or various events.  My favorite event is one where hundreds of dogs show up and I get to watch them!  Emerson is right across from three T lines, and most areas of Boston are accessible.

Be creative or don’t, but date your hearts out!