Top Movies for the College Student

August 24, 2015 in Alive Campus

Watching movies is an ideal way to relax and pass time while in college. Sometimes, leaving the house simply seems like too difficult a task after a long week of classes. It’s also a very cost-effective way to enjoy time with friends instead of spending money going out to the bar every night. Here are just some of the movies I feel every college student should watch:

Animal House

Animal House

Animal House: While it may be an older movie, it’s still a college classic that everyone enjoys. If you don’t watch any other movies on this list, be sure to watch this one. The rebellious Delta fraternity brothers will be sure to provide you with a good laugh.

The Breakfast Club: This is another classic. While it’s essentially based on students in high school, the plot can certainly relate to college students as well. Five teenagers of completely different backgrounds and stereotypes all find a way to unite as friends while serving detention together.

The Social Network: Social media fanatics, which is a label that most college students have earned, should definitely look into seeing this movie about the beloved social media site commonly known as Facebook.

Pitch Perfect: This is a great movie to watch on a Saturday night with girlfriends when you want to stay in, wear sweatpants, and drink wine. The humor and songs in the movie performed by a group of female college students leaves for a great plot.

Adventureland: A college student’s dreams are crushed when his anticipated trip to Europe no longer takes effect due to his parent’s unfortunate financial situation. Instead, he is stuck working at an amusement park for the summer, but his dull mood quickly turns when he falls for a female co-worker.

The Internship: This is a great comedy based on two salesmen who land an internship at Google, but are challenged when they realize all of the technological skills they must develop to officially earn the position. Competing with a younger market, the two men must complete several obstacles that leaves room for several laughs.



Accepted: When a student is officially rejected from all the colleges he applied to, he decides to start up his own university so he doesn’t have to tell his friends. However, with all of his plans set in place and the popularity growing on the Internet, the fake university quickly spirals out of control. The South Harmon Institute of Technology becomes all too real.

Wolf of Wall Street: Who doesn’t love a good movie with Leonardo DiCaprio? It’s actually based on a true story involving corruption and fraud that happened on Wall Street. The film is ultimately ideal for those who enjoy intense films.

Insidious: I had to include a horror movie, and this one still stands to be my favorite. A family believes their home to be haunted with all of the paranormal situations occurring, especially when their son seems to be possessed by en evil entity. It’s not your typical corny scary movie, so I would highly recommend if you don’t mind a good scare.

The next time you’re twiddling your thumbs on a Saturday night, kick back and enjoy one of these entertaining movies. There’s an array of options to choose from, and your wallet will be thanking you! Wine night, anyone?

Low-Budget Fun at Boston University

August 22, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life

College students are always looking for something fun and exciting to do–but money often stands in the way of this. To compliment a student’s low budget requirements, here are some suggestions of how to stay entertained and occupied at Boston University without spending a lot:

1. See a concert/performance/play:

BU GSU link

Walk through the GSU Link to find out what’s happening on campus

You need only walk through the GSU Link to catch word of what’s going on at BU that night or week. Thanks to the hundreds of student-run clubs and organizations at BU, there are always tons of free or cheap events to attend daily. Theatre groups are constantly putting on plays and musicals whose tickets generally cost only between $5-$10. There are also a ton of a capella and dance groups who perform amazing concerts and shows often. Cultural groups tend to host really fun activities–which often provide free food! Don’t be afraid to hit up one of these cool events by yourself or with friends. It’s good to get out of the dorm for a couple hours and expose yourself to something cool and creative.

2. Hang out at BU Central:

BU Central Concert

A concert at BU Central

BU Central is the space located in the basement of the George Sherman Union. It’s a cool, casual venue that hosts performances like comedy shows (there’s the BU’s Funniest Student contest, in addition to a handful of comedians who perform every semester!), concerts (Battle of the Bands, among other random rock, pop, hip hop, and rap concerts), and unique events like the Valentine’s Day blind-dating night, just to name a few. BU Central events are almost always free, and if there is an entrance fee, it’s definitely going to be cheap. BU Central is super convenient because it provides both weeknight and weekend fun right in the center of campus.

3. Get active at FitRec:

bu fitrec

There’s so much to do at BU’s FitRec!

If you’ve got free time, why not spend it at BU’s incredible fitness and recreation center?! It’s got all the usual equipment for those who like to keep it simple, but the gym also offers a rock climbing wall, a pool with open swim hours and a lazy river, plus cool free classes for just about every type of exercise. FitRec is free for BU students–just swipe your ID and stay as long as you’d like!

4. Get discount tickets for movies and baseball games:


Every BU student should see a Red Sox game at least once

On the second floor of the GSU, near the Metcalf Ballroom, you’ll find a desk that offers super convenient discounted tickets for BU students/ You can either get cheap tickets to a movie at the Regal Fenway theater, or to a Red Sox baseball game at Fenway Park. Save a few dollars off the normal expensive movie tickets, or get the cheap $20 Red Sox tickets for select games. Either way, you’ll be saving money and doing something fun right near the BU campus.

5. Explore the city

boston skyline

See what’s happening off campus in the city

Boston is a truly beautiful and exciting city, and BU couldn’t be closer to the action. Either grab your Charlie Card and take the T, or walk (Boston is extremely walkable, except when it’s 20 degrees outside) to some of the best attractions in Boston. Head to Copley Square or the Prudential shopping center to browse or buy, stroll down Newbury Street and grab lunch or ice cream while you shop, or relax by the pond in the Boston Common. There is so much to do in the city, and a lot of it is free! Check out The Boston Calendar, a great website that advertises awesome free/cheap activities in Boston on the daily.

Five Fantastic Films for College Students

August 11, 2014 in Alive Campus, Reviews

Who doesn’t love a good movie?! Those few opportunities that we college students have to relax can be perfectly filled with one of these five awesome films:

Good Will Hunting:

good will hunting

Good Will Hunting is an astounding, touching film about a poor kid named Will Hunting with a manual labor job in Boston (Matt Damon) who is secretly a genius. His talents are discovered, so he begins studying highly advanced math with a professor at MIT, and attending sessions with a therapist (Robin Williams). These new opportunities challenge and change Will, and force him to think about and look at life differently. Prep yourself for the amazing scene with Robin Williams and Matt Damon sitting in a park (it’s filmed in the Boston Common, which college students in Boston will love!) when Dr. Maguire, the therapist, tells Will that he is “just a kid.”

Dead Poets Society:

dead poets society

Maybe I’m just on a Robin Williams kick since the news of his death was released today, but I genuinely believe that Dead Poets Society is yet another wonderful film that is perfect for the college-aged crowd–especially those interested in any English or literature-related field. The movie is about a high school English teacher, Mr. John Keating (played by Robin Williams), who inspires his students in unimaginable ways through the teaching of poetry. His unconventional ideologies and teaching methods clash with the very conservative Welton Academy at which he teaches, but Keating sticks to his guns and gives his students a new outlook on life.



A total guilty pleasure movie–Accepted is all about a high school graduate who isn’t accepted to any of the colleges his parents expected him to attend, and thus decides to invent an entirely new school to hide the truth from his parents. The absurd plot and stupid jokes make for a light-hearted comedy that will probably relieve a lot of high school grads who are nervous about the upcoming chapter in life that is college. The main character, Bartleby, reveals through his crazy antics just how ridiculous the education system can be.

The Breakfast Club:

breakfast club

Most people are relieved that high school is over, but sometimes it’s nice to get a little reminder of those crazy high school days. Or maybe to just be reminded of how much better college is than high school. Either way, The Breakfast Club is a classic 80s flick about a group of eclectic, extremely different high schoolers from different cliques who are forced to spend time with each other during detention. In typical Hollywood fashion, the kids figure out how to put their differences aside and end up bonding in ways they never expected.

Animal House:

animal house

Another college-student must, Animal House is a classic movie about a grumpy college dean who is determined to expel an entire fraternity of rowdy boys. The frat boys cause nothing but trouble for the school through their wild drinking, parties, and general debauchery. Animal House is generally accepted as one of the greatest comedies of all time–with good reason.

by Beverly

Social scene: gatherings, entertainment, and life at Chowan University

July 18, 2014 in Campus Life

Chowan University Student Gathering

    Chowan University Student Gathering

Almost every university has a large social scene. Discreet or widely publicized, most universities in one way or another are socially equipped with many cliques and gatherings that create a specific scene or image for the university. Although chowan university continues to be a small university located in the rural town of Murfreesboro, this college has a distinct social scene that most college students fall into. The social scene varies based on several factors. Often times at Chowan, the social scene or crowd students tend to follow is closely connected with things like interests, niches, and quality of entertainment. Generally, even though every student defines fun in his or her own way, they all fall somewhere in the large but discreet social scene Chowan University has to offer.

1. Crowds: Greek life is a large crowd that many students follow. Growing larger each year, chowan university has a number of sororities and fraternities that provide way more to the image of Greek life than any false stereotype the media offers. Form community service to social gatherings, Greek life offers activities that are not limited to Greek members. The Greeks at Chowan university like at many other colleges host parties and other social gatherings that positively promote their organization. All Greek organizations actively raise money for charity by hosting school events.

2. Scenes: the social scene at a smaller university tends to be more discreet. Even though Chowan has a large social crowd, it is not as publicized as other universities’ social scenes. Many of the nightlife entertainment like parties are not heavily advertised. In other words it can be the people students associate with which brings entertainment to them. Scenes tend to vary by factors like personality. Since everybody has different interests and personalities scenes are usually divided by that.
3. What are parties like: Even though Chowan university is a small college consisting of under 2,000 students, parties here are no less over the top than parties at other schools. Students are pretty much surrounded by the typical party entertainment one would find at larger universities consisting of more undergrads.

4. Social scenery: Don’t let the size fool you. Chowan university may seem like a small college, but as students continue the duration of their four years, they begin to realize Chowan’s developing crowd. Chowan has begun to increase enrollment. Increasing enrollment on a small campus creates the appearance of a larger student body.

General scenery: Even though a small university like Chowan continues to have a social scene similar to larger developed universities, being a religious college, Chowan allows students to be active in their faith. There are many open resources and programs around campus that allow students to learn about religion and develop a stronger faith. From mission trips to campus worship, many students are actively involved in the religious scene at this Christian college.

What’s unique about Chowan is that not all social scenery aspects are advertised. Many students discover that there is more to Chowan than what meets the eye.

YouTube Channels for the College Crowd

June 20, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Reviews, Videos

Want to be entertained, educated, amazed, inspired, moved emotionally? All of this and more is possible on YouTube. YouTube is home to a wide variety of channels you can subscribe to that post videos often on a day to day or weekly basis.  If you can imagine it, there’s a good chance it’s on YouTube.  I follow a bunch of different YouTube channels that I enjoy watching in my free time.  Below, I’ve listed a few channels worth subscribing to geared towards the college crowd.



Want a way to stay with the times without watching the news or picking up a newspaper? Sometimes we just don’t have time to sit down and watch or read the news. SourceFed puts up around 5 short videos daily in which they discuss today’s current events in clips of about 2-3 minutes.  If I haven’t sold you yet, they don’t just deliver you the news. They deliver you the news with a side of entertainment. Sometimes they deliver you entertainment with a side of news. Either way, SourceFed is worth checking out. Have a laugh and learn you some here.


SourceFedNerd is run by the same guys and gals as SourceFed, but is focused more on entertainment and pop culture.  Here they post daily videos dealing with video games, books, TV shows, and random questions and comments left by viewers.  It’s nerdy, but totally cool at the same time.


The VlogBrothers channel is where well-known author of The Fault in Our Stars, John Green, and his brother Hank talk back and forth to each other and the millions of other viewers about whatever is on their mind.  They almost always have a project going on in which they try to decrease the amount of things that suck around the world.  These guys are extremely intelligent, hilarious and genuine people. Go ahead and check them out here


The Shaytards channel let’s you into the life of a loving, amazing family from the mountains of Idaho.  Shay Carl started the channel a little over 5 years ago. He has posted daily vlogs of his life on here nearly every single day.  In these videos we see Shay’s crazy journey unfold as he makes a risky move to Los Angeles to start an Entertainment Company with some of his YouTube friends. Over this time we also see Shay, the fat bearded man, lose a ton of wait and begin running marathons.  We see Shay, his beautiful wife, 5 crazy kids and massive goofy great dane grow and figure out this crazy thing we call life. Oh yeah, and that company I mentioned earlier? It was recently just sold to Disney.  I’ve learned a lot from Shay on how to be successful and just flat out enjoy life. Go watch and see for yourself.

Good Mythical Morning

GMM is a morning talk show hosted by two dudes named Rhett and Link. They talk about a variety of weird and random topics and do so in very entertaining ways. The stuff they talk about here can be informative and can also provide you with some interesting topics to bring up at parties. They certainly make my morning a little easier every day. Let them make your morning better too.

These are just a few of the channels I subscribe to on YouTube. Check them out and if you’re not impressed, search for something else you’re interested in. There is bound to be someone out there making videos about it. If not, maybe start a channel of your own. That’s what’s so great about YouTube. It’s for everyone!