To Prospects of Life and an Alive Campus Farewell

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Hello Camper,

Aim and shoot for beyond the stars…

Alive Campus provides an awesome experience for individuals receiving and sharing information about their colleges. It provides an avenue for incoming freshmen, transfers and overall prospects to view an institution in light of the person-student. It is better than a commercial about an institution that attempts to sell the environment to the student. Still- the able, productive and willing student will learn to use an institution as a useful platform: Students excelling in academics and sports will be able to promote their selves through the institution or their merits for their personal reasons. College may be an expensive or inexpensive experience but SallieMae is always willing to assist the educational process toward their profitable return.

Every collegiate institution will vary by academia, cultures, privatization, religions, regulations and traditions. My attendance from Lock Haven University to Centenary College has been a fulfilling and tremendous rollercoaster of experience. El Torro and Kingda Ka in a blizzard cannot compare with my college tumbling experience. After completing then paying for one class and test I will have the opportunity to graduate from Centenary College in May, elated.

It has been a great experience writing for Alive Campus. It will no longer be my place to discuss Centenary College’s environment as I improve away from it. I do have bits of advice for individuals seeking to attend an institution or transfer from an institution. The future is changing dramatically with the variety of institutions available; chiropractic, culinary, dog training, masseuse, music and etc. type of schools exist for individuals seeking a particular career path of growth.

Do not rush any decision about the future. If you feel an inclination toward a different direction for your life then find the avenues prospering in the direction of your inclination. If you are unsure about attending a large university then attend a community college to save money and receive half (or more) of the credits at a four year college. You will have enough time to think and prepare financially for the future ahead of you without risking valuable time especially since community colleges are very affordable avenues. The one class I am taking at Centenary is more than my co-worker’s semester tuition at a community college.

Don’t let others make decisions about your life either: If they’re not offering financial backing and a place in their home with their advice about your future then take their advice like an open wound with a grain of salt; take careful thought thinking about the next steps in your future. Don’t rush your life. Advice is another option to think about especially when various walks of life will have advice readily available for a variety of purposes. Be patient thinking about decisions, and even more patient making those decisions, to enhance your life in the long run.

I hope the future progresses well for every individual!

It will progress well if you take your time for its true value.

Time is not money: It is your life.

Onward and Upward,

Kevin Dufresne

Thank you Radek Janowski and Alive Campers for being amazing and useful!

College or University: You need to be ready!

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How is your college decision making progressing?

College is far more than a financial matter but…

State schools have great financial rates and rewards for students from the home state. Grants fund certain state schools: Lock Haven University is cost effective for students due to the amount of grants from the state. Students can apply for Pell grants toward their tuition. This may be complete through financial aid (FAFSA). Students are eligible for in-state tuition after claiming residency in the state of their college from living within the state for a certain amount of time.

Schooling in state being more affordable than schooling out of state is becoming a myth. Southern Regional Education Board’s Academic Common Market is “…essentially a tuition-savings program in which certain colleges and universities have agreed to allow out-of-state students to pay in-state tuition, so they are not as burdened down by the cost of their education”. Athletics and high GPAs assist in making college affordable for incoming, transferring, in-state and/or out-of-state students.

“If you consider attending a traditional school at an in-state public university, most likely the cost of an online degree will be the same, if not slightly higher. However, private schools will almost always cost more. In the end, online learning can be less expensive, but isn’t necessarily in all cases.”

College tuitions become more affordable with effort and time; but choosing a college is about far more than costs. Do you want to go to school in the city? Do you enjoy the suburbs? Are you a person that likes the mixes of a busy and calm atmosphere? Does the school provide the necessary avenues that will allow you to be successful in your fields of interest? Is the area around the school beneficial to you beyond the actual school? Will it allow you to branch your skills from the college or university?

It may be helpful to be near family. You may need the familial support throughout college. The distance away from familiarity might be depressing and discomforting. You have to be picky about college. This may be one of the biggest decisions of your life: You want to be in the most optimal position stepping forward; Double check curriculums, interests, and teachers before even visiting the college or university you’re currently reviewing.

Seriously, finances will be the least of your worries entering into an environment that you do not find beneficial to your success. You need to be ready to communicate with anyone that has experience in and out of college. Try to discover every avenue of their exploration that benefits them now and that makes them cringe a bit inside. Going to then choosing a college or university requires the same amount of energy a couple with a child needs before making decisions about moving into a home in a new environment. It is that serious.

You need to calculate if you will be working upon your arrival: You may want to find a work studies position or apply to a position in the area local to the college. Did you measure the distance between buildings for class? After researching the college atmosphere of choice: Are you ready to engage with the material the professor is reviewing and teaching? You need to make the right decision for yourself by asking a lot of questions. Don’t hesitate. This is the next step of your life that requires the attention to detail. Be picky. Research so you can enjoy the rest of your life.

-Kevin Dufresne

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Money Management 101

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Money Management 101

Calendar Planning

A schedule will improve efficiency.

1. Job

Before you physically move to the college that accepts you as a freshman…

a. Search around Bing or Google maps to find local areas to mingle, party, relax, rest, refresh, rest, work and workout.  You want to stable your horse, steer and rear it on new roads.

b. You can rely on your ability to move confidently about with a map guiding you. It makes scheduling a social life manageable and will benefit you toward being a more productive person.

c. There’s nothing wrong with an internship in your first year.

d. Work-study jobs are optional, beneficial, but, if you took a step up following after JOB.a then you might find an interest and earlier position in that field of your interest.

2. Multiple Bank Accounts

From all that pre-work you invest smart energy into applying…

a. You can transfer your Guap into the bank account of choice near the school as well as home.

b. Save half of every check for twenty years in the future in a separate bank’s saving account.

c. Save a quarter of your check toward your spending Have-Fun-Every-Now-And-Then in a separate bank.

d. Secure the rest of your check in the saving account of the separate bank as well.


Cash is a reward when one manages it better than when one spends it.

3. Stocks

From saving all that money you can invest to improve your financial status…

a.    Find a good teacher; watching Oprah, Suze Orman, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Fifty Cent, Jay-Z, entrepreneurs/anyone on this list, etc. for advanced financial advice on Youtube is a start.

b. (might be other sites too but it’s a start).

c. Get a good teacher. You need to explore the share of knowledge and understand the individual channeling their mentality through their actions to accomplish feats.

4. Efficiency Meter

Use your time like you’re learning to use your money…

a. If you follow the directions of JOB.a then I’m sure you don’t need me to explain that a schedule helps improve productivity. You will be able to dissect your every move.

b. You will be immovable from your will to succeed through your self-efficiency.

c. Balancing the self now will benefit for later.

d. Take your time making decisions; pause for ten seconds to analyze then shoot. You will manage going out and staying in properly instead of always feeling driven to step out. Live on your terms.

5. Food Master

Improve your future success by eating smarter…

a. Eat the café food.

b. Buy food from Family Dollar.

c. Cook your own food.

d. Buy/Eat food with the same group.

e. This is a part of self-development and overtime you will realize the benefits of saving and disbursing on an advanced managing level between multiple accounts igniting by mature behaviors.

f. It’s great to live healthy and better when you manage eating to be able to live wealthy.

Are you familiar with the old proverb?

“Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance”

Behaviors transcend days, months then years and when an individual has the chance to begin improving their life on their own terms- with guidance readily available- they should. This tips work even better when sought with advice. I recommend it. Talking develops growth, is important to self-improvement and managing.

Propel yourself into the exact level of success striven for by embracing, understanding and encouraging beneficial behaviors and opportunities into your life.

 -Kevin Dufresne