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Fun Classes for Seminoles

July 16, 2015 in Academics, Alive Campus, Colleges

There are 120 credits needed to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree at most colleges. Of those classes, at least half of them you will regret signing up for and wish you could fall straight to sleep in your chair. “Will I ever use this in life?” is a common phrase most college students will utilize more often than not. But that’s why several colleges will also offer fun classes for students to break free of some stress and enjoy the academic aspect of college as well. Being that FSU is such a large university, it offers a variety of classes that will be pleasing to students of all kind. Here are some of the ones I recommend:

Article and Essay Technique: This is the perfect elective for the writing majors. The class consists of writing and workshopping personal essays that reflect certain points in your life that are deeply personal to you, whether that was a death in the family or a life crisis of some sort. The students all gather around in a circle, read one anothers’ essays, and discuss as a class to each individual student how he or she can improve on their essay. At the end of the semester, two final drafts are due for the two essays. There is another class offered known as Fiction Technique, which is the same concept. The difference is that rather than writing about real personal experiences, students write fictional short stories and provide feedback to their classmates in the same manner.

International Food and Culture: FSU offers several electives along these lines. The classes are either for food, coffee and tea, wine, or beer. You can either take it online or in a classroom where you actually have the opportunity to test the food and drinks out. If you have room in your schedule senior year, any of these would be great choices for a fun 3- credit class.

Stretch and Relaxation: This is a one-credit class that is perfect if you’re just a credit short of meeting graduation requirements. Several classes are offered like this, which all involve physical activity of some sort. Yoga is a great option because it can relax you from all of the stress that college classes generally guarantee.

The Harry Potter Class: You read that right. At FSU, we have a class formally known as Religion and Fantasy Lit, which is more commonly referred to as the Harry Potter class. While I have never taken it, I’ve read and heard nothing but positive feedback from it. The requirements deal with writing papers in relation to the famous Harry Potter book series.

Bowling: Since FSU has a bowling alley in the center of the student union, it only makes sense that the offer a bowling class for credit. If this is a pastime you enjoy doing, then a bowling class is ideal for improving those skills.

Ancient Mythology: This class personally sounds interesting to me. You generally just learn about Greek figures in history, which is always a fun topic to study.

Writing and Editing in Print and Online: The class is a ton of work, but it’s perfect for writing majors who want to advance in both the print and digital world. The professor will usually work close alongside the digital studio, which is always open to helping students learn intricate programs such as Photoshop and InDesign, in addition to digital and video programs.

Fitness Walking: It’s the perfect class for those who want to get into shape and enjoy learning about health and fitness techniques.

Nutrition: I felt that this class was extremely beneficial. It’s a great way to fulfill the science elective at FSU and learn about so many different aspects of nutrition that you didn’t even know were possible. While the class is difficult at some points, you will most likely never lose interest in the subject matter.

Modern Music: Most college students are interested in some type of music, whether it’s in relation to their major or simply for entertainment. This class will touch base on all of the latest music.

There are just a few options for fun classes to be taken at FSU. If none of these sound appealing to you, there are still plenty of other classes that will most likely suit your liking. Take advantage of them your senior year so you have a lighter load, and make sure to enjoy them along the way!

Bowling Class at FSU

Bowling Class at FSU

Learning For the Fun of It

November 22, 2013 in Academics, Alive Campus, Campus Life

Classes can be agonizingly boring. But there are plenty of classes available to you that are actually really quite fun. Imagine waking up for a class that you’re excited to go to. It’s possible! Hopefully you’re majoring in something that you are passionate about or just find interesting–that should provide you a significant amount of enjoyment. But studying the same subject for several years straight in such a routine way can get tedious, even if it is a subject you love. That’s why it’s important to try to take a fun class each semester. I’ve taken my share of fun classes, and I can assure you that they do wonders for your mental health. Variety is the spice of academic tedium! Here are some examples of classes you’ll find memorable:

Fencing: Chances are you’ll be required to take a gym class or two, no matter what your major is. A lot of the classes you can take for a gym are basically a joke. If you really, truly hate doing any kind of physical activity, find one of those. But if you don’t mind working up a sweat and learning an impressive skill, try fencing. Usually there will be equipment for you to use, and if you do have to buy your own stuff, it’s not that expensive. Not only do you get to look badass wearing the padded armor and steel wire face mask, but you get to choose from and learn to use three different types of swords: the epee, the cutlass, and the rapier. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of knowing that you could perhaps do alright if you would ever happen to find yourself in a duel of swords to the death.

Dinosaurs: This may not be a very common class, but it’s one that I was able to take, and it was entirely a pleasure. It did require paying attention to pass, and there was quite a bit of information to absorb. But it was just so fun. You learn about all the different kinds of dinosaurs that ever walked the earth, and what made them all unique. You learn which ones would win in a fight against others. You learn how big their dung piles were. You learn about what they probably really looked like–much more vibrantly colored and sporting flashy feathers. The downside is that if you ever decide to watch a Jurassic Park movie again, you’ll see nothing but error after error.

Seriously, who doesn’t want to learn about dinosaurs?

Philosophy or Psychology: I put these two together because they both can change your life forever. They can change the way you look at the world, the way you think about things, the way you treat yourself and others. They will certainly force you to re-evaluate what you have always believed to be true–about the universe and about the people populating it. It can, perhaps, be a little bit scary for some people, especially those who are more close-minded, or who haven’t really done a lot of existential pondering. But no matter who you are, you’ll come to really be happy that you took these classes. What you get out of them is so valuable. And, in both of these subjects, classes are bound to be full of discussions and debates and arguments, and they’ll get you thinking about things you may have never thought about in ways you never would have.

Take a look at all of the classes available at your school. Take note of all of the ones that sound fun or interesting to you. Every school’s list will be different, but they will all have classes that will allow you to let off steam or get exciting about learning. Find a bunch of them, write them down, and try to take at least one every semester. Use them to fill your general education requirements, or even to fill major-specific requirements. Although I’d recommend doing your best to get registered as soon as you are able, because the more enjoyable the class the faster it gets filled up. And you do not want to be sitting in a boring, 3-hour, dry lecture every Friday night till 6pm! Trust me on that one…