Movies You Should Watch in College

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I’m gonna be bold and say that movies are THE best past time in college. Literally, nothing is better than sitting around with your roommates and watching a good movie when you’ve got nothing else to do. There is also nothing better than finding the perfect movie to fit the mood that you’re in at the moment. Here are some movies that ALL college kids should see before they graduate – no exceptions.



1. Animal House: This is one of those movies that will NEVER get old. It’s downright hilarious and has a great cast to match. I’m personally a fan of older movies myself, which is why I love this one so much. This is the original funny college movie that all college kids should see!

2. Old School: Luke Wilson, Vince Vaughn, and Will Ferrell, need I say more? This is another hilarious movie that will keep you laughing the entire time. The lengths that these men will go to to restore their youth is not only entertaining but also ridiculous! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

3. The Breakfast Club: If you’ve never seen this movie you’re missing out on a great classic. It’s one of those movies that you can watch over and over again and it will still be relevant. It’s also one of those movies that leaves you feeling pretty pleasant, which is always nice. It has some great actors and dialogue that you’ll love!

4. Good Will Hunting: This is such an amazing and inspiring movie. Matt Damon and Robin Williams are so good as always, and it’s a great story. My favorite part of this movie in particular is the bar scene where Matt Damon’s character shuts down this pretentious jerk – it’s one of those moments where you literally get up and root for the protagonist.

5. Crash: This one is kind of random, but I think that it’s a really powerful movie that teaches a lot about life and also makes you think about how you treat others. It’s a really cool concept and there are also a lot of great actors in it. It also has one of those endings where everything suddenly comes together.

6. 12 Years a Slave: I put this in here because I think that it’s really a movie that everyone should watch. It’s definitely a hard movie to watch because of it’s content and the history behind it, but it teaches you more about slavery than any book or class could. It really hits on your emotions and makes you think about your life and how much you have.

7. Dear Zachary: Alright, I had to throw a documentary into this because I love them. This is a documentary on Netflix that will literally leave you speechless. It’s a heartbreaking story that is almost unbelievable to fathom, but it’s true and it’s a beautifully made. You will shed some tears watching this.

8. Bridesmaids: This is a fairly new movie that has some great actors and dialogue in it. This is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen, and it has some great scenes that you’ll want to quote. You have to see it.

9. Billy Madison: Who isn’t a fan of Adam Sandler? I have to say that this is one of his best films besides “Big Daddy”. It’s obviously hilarious and will also leave you with so many quotes you’ll be laughing at forever!

10: The Goonies: This is such a classic if you haven’t seen it you’re doing it wrong. It’s such a great story and gives you such nostalgia as you watch it. “Goonies Never Say Die!”

There you have it – my top picks for great flicks for all you college kids. I promise, all of these movies are worth watching! Enjoy!

Wild Chronicles From Freshman Dorms

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Barlow Hall

Barlow Hall

Ah, freshman year. A time filled with new experiences, new friends, and most importantly, no parents. Freshmen are found exploring their new life of freedom all over campus. Classrooms, the dining halls, parties, but mostly their dorms. Some of a college students craziest times occur in the midst of the freshman dorms. I asked around and found students wild tales of debauchery from their freshmen year dorm life at the University of Rhode Island.

“We had a mouse in Barlow last year!” – Roommates Danielle Leonardo and Lauren LoPresti, Sophomores, Barlow Hall

“This one time my roommate and her boyfriend had sex in the shower and every one heard.. including the kid I am interning with right now.” Christine Shworn, Senior, Barlow Hall

“Someone once tied a cooked pork chop to my door with a coat hanger.” – Marissa Joly, Sophomore, Gorham Hall

“Freshman year when I found out my roommates, they were best friends from high school and they told me first hand they didn’t want to room with me, I had to have top bunk and a black and white comforter. So I moved in, I took the single bed and brought my own comforter. We were civil the first two weeks then one day they texted me and said if I didn’t move out they would make my life a living hell, so they called me a fake bitch, they started hiding my stuff on me and dumped their trash and take-out on my bed. It was ridiculous, they were psychos.” – Elizabeth Lawler, Sophomore, Weldin Hall

“One time I came home to a piece of pizza stuck to the wall… And then I ate it.” – Jordan Hitchcock, Senior, Barlow Hall

“I had mice, cockroaches, and a lesbian roommate. Also someone smeared peanut butter all over my door and wrote curses in sharpie all over it” Stephanie Savage, Sophomore, Gorham Hall

“My suitemates were freaks! One of them was married to a black girl midget with dreadlocks but also hooked up with random guys all the time and the other one was engaged to her boyfriend and they were 17 and virgins it was bizarre!!!” – Anonymous, Senior, Fayreweather Hall

“The first weekend of freshman year I came into my dorm and there was a girl that was laying on the ground throwing up. I asked her if she wanted help and she told me to “fuck off”. I then asked her what room she lived in and she said she didn’t live there. My big black hall mate came out of her room and I told her what was going on. She proceeded to say “Oh nah this bitch don’t live in this building?” so she went up to her and said “girl get out or I’ll take you out” she said again “fuck off” so this big black girl threw this chick over her shoulder and carried her down four flights of stairs and put her in the lobby for the RA’s to find.” – Anna Costello, Junior, Weldin Hall

“One time I slept walked from Barlow to Butterfield in nothing but a bandeau and booty shorts to my friend’s room and was banging on their door screaming how could you do this to me then I woke up and jogged back to my room where a group of people were in Barlow circle welcoming me back.” – Brittany Ford, Senior, Barlow Hall

Tales from the Dorm: That Time I Lived in the Money Pit

September 21, 2013 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Reviews

I am not opposed to dorm living by any means. In fact, I highly encourage it. Being in the middle of the excitement by living in the dorms is one of the coolest things about college life. That being said, I do have a series of…stories…from sophomore year.

Sophomore year, two of my friends and I decided we wanted to live in a triple together. Unfortunately for us, we didn’t know that there was a special, separate form that needed to be filled out for those interested in group housing. So we couldn’t get a normal triple on our campus. Long story short, over the summer we applied for a triple in a satellite housing option. We eventually received notice that we would be living in a suite-style triple in a building on a neighboring school’s campus that used to be a hotel . How exciting! How lavish! An old, elegant hotel!

A hotel from the 1700s maybe. Move-in day was just the beginning of our, erm, adventures in Peabody Hall. There was an hour wait for those move-in laundry basket things, so my family and I opted to just carry everything up the stairs. To the fifth floor. Now the staircases were not like normal staircases. They were teeny tiny narrow staircases that led to teeny tiny narrow hallways.

The room itself was fairly spacious, and it had carpeting which was kind of cool. But there were also three of us living in the room. But on the first day, we dubbed the room “Peabody State Penitentiary.” Everything was gray and drab and plain. The beds we were given were incredibly close to the ground, and basically had no real frame. They weren’t normal dorm beds that could be lifted for extra storage space. The three of us all eventually bought bed risers and I honestly can’t remember where we kept all our stuff before the risers. The chest of drawers were bulky and tall, so they took up a ton of space, but the drawers themselves were also the tiniest drawers I’d ever seen. We called them our “baby drawers.” They were where we kept our bibs and our onesies, of course.

Now this dorm building was very close to our own campus. Distance wasn’t the issue. The issue was crossing Brookline. Brookline Avenue gets a lot of traffic, especially during school and work hours. If you timed it right, you could dash across right away, and you’d maybe need to dodge the cars from one side of traffic and you’d be good. Other times, you had to wait, and wait, and wait, until there was a break in traffic. I jaywalked a lot. Don’t repeat that.

After we were mostly settled and moved in we started to hang up Christmas lights in our effort to liven up the drab interior of the room. I had moved my baby bed along one of the windows and I was stringing some of our lights above the window. It was hot out so we had the windows open. As I was hanging up one section of the lights, my foot lightly tapped the window screen. When I say lightly, I mean it. I’m not David Beckham here. That light little kick sent the screen cascading down from the fifth floor into the fenced-off dumpster area below. It couldn’t have been firmly in place to begin with, but I guess my foot lightly touching it was the extra push it needed. So we lived the academic year without a screen in that window. The window shades frequently fell down as well.

Oh what happy times in the money pit

Oh what happy times in the money pit

When winter came around, the three of us weren’t too enthusiastic about having to cross Brookline in the slush and snow. But at least we had a nice, warm room, right? So, no one told us there was a temperature control knobby thing alongside one of the walls. Here we were, totally oblivious–”Why is our room so cold?” The three of us were wearing multiple sweatshirts, we were swaddling ourselves in blankets, one of my roomies wore her Uggs to bed! We finally asked our RA if there was something wrong with our room. He nonchalantly told us of the magic temperature knob. It took us a little while to locate it–it was hidden behind my baby drawers. Another fun winter anecdote; one day I woke up to find snow on the windowsill–INSIDE the room. The windows were closed. Closed as far as they could go, apparently.

I could seriously write a book about all of our experiences from that year. The three of us are living together again this year, in a sprawling triple, right on campus. If the three of us made it through that year, I think it’s safe to say we are compatible roommates.

College Humorous Videos

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In college when it comes to free time, I feel that utilizing your free time can be such a benefit to your wellbeing and sanity. What do I mean by this? Well, with juggling school, work, and extra curriculars life can get a little stressful. Therefore, you need ways to blow off steam. What better way than to go online and watch funny YouTube videos…?

One video that I recently discovered is actually pretty entertaining and funny. It is a video making fun of the sorority life. Now if you are interested in possibly joining a sorority, do not get discouraged from this video. I’m sure none of it is true and none of it is what a real sorority girl is like…Check it out at

Spring Break in college is a great time that I especially look forward to because it is normally during my birthday at Washington State University. My first year I went back home to Los Angeles then checked out Lake Havasu, Arizona. This past year I did the same thing because I had so much fun. For this coming year it is still up in the air so I watched this video that will eventually help figure out what I should do for Spring Break…Check it out at Once again it is very sarcastic and shows the sorority side of the choice of where to go to spring break…

Have you ever been pissed at a friend who is not listening to you because they just keep going on their cell phone? Even if you keep bothering them and say “Hello? What did I just say?” and they get off, they are still lost and find a way to get back on that phone. The next one I have for you is actually pretty hilarious because I get so annoyed in college with everyone on their phones all the time. I can’t get too mad because I am on my phone a lot too, but I definitely have to agree that people’s Iphones are like their girlfriends or boyfriends. Whether I am eating with friends or in the car with them they are always on their phone… Watch it at

Most of my professors are so cool. Yet, some at other schools must be temperamental or something. Another funny video that I saw this past year was when a professor freaked out about a yawn. I have yawned a few times in my day and sometimes it is uncontrollable. I understand some teacher’s have certain rules about cell phone use and things along these lines, but a yawn? Really people you got to watch this…

If you think that any of these videos are offensive or rude I am sorry. College is going to be this way and people are going to say things to you that you may not want to hear. Better start preparing yourself now then later. This is a little taste of what I thought was funny for my first two couple years at school. Nonetheless, I want all of you to have a really good experience on video sites when you browse them during times when you do not want to do homework or anything because of being stressed out! Happy Video Finding!