A Look Into URI School Spirit

July 3, 2015 in Campus Life, Colleges, Events, Sports

Rhody Ram

Rhody Ram

At the University of Rhode Island you’ll find a large group of students lined up and eager on only two occasions: when the dining halls open back up and when Greek week starts. I failed to mention any sports games or events, because if you ask any Rhody Ram they’ll tell you our teams have not been worth watching in the past few years. Although other events like concerts and shows have excited students to become more involved, here is a look into URI school spirit by a Rhody Ram herself.

Recently, our Men’s Basketball team has worked their way up to becoming a more recognized and respected team. From their improvement in defense to their confidence on the court, they’re definitely a team to follow. Last season I attended the Senior Game, a time where fans bid farewell to the teams graduating players and believe me, that game was worth watching. Players like T.J Buchanan, E.C Mathews, and Hassan Martin stepped up their game last season bringing the team to their first National Invitation Tournament appearance since the 2009-2010 season. Alongside head coach Dan Hurley, these men are single handedly bringing more school spirit to the University of Rhode Island.

Let’s not forget the other sports teams taking strides toward improving their athletic performance on and off the field. Men’s sports also include baseball, football, track & field, cross-country, golf, and soccer. The women are also making their mark as Rhody’s must-see players. Their teams include basketball, cross-country, rowing, track & field, soccer, softball, swimming & diving, tennis, and volleyball. With a new training facility installed, these athletes are well equipped to have successful seasons this upcoming school year.

It’s only right that I also mention the group of students who have never failed to show school spirit at URI events. The Mob are high-energy school spirited Rhody Rams that have made it their mission to pump up the crowd and show players some Rhody spirit. Although they primarily focus on men’s basketball and football, they are always supporting sports teams at URI. With their crazy, energetic, and infectious energy, it’s no wonder they’re the biggest and most successful student-fan organization we have on-campus.

Kevin Hart at URI

Kevin Hart at URI

The University of Rhode Island also offers other events throughout the year like concerts, fundraisers, celebrity appearances, and educational forums. Since last year, I have found myself attending more and more events because of the wide-range of topics covered. If there’s one thing that has led to attend more events, it’s that there’s something for everyone. From film screenings to Electronic Dance Music (EDM) concerts and even appearances by Nev Schulman from Catfish and comedian Kevin Hart, URI offers a lot of events students do not take advantage of. The best part is, tickets are usually either free or at a discounted price.

This upcoming school year will be my final year at the University of Rhode Island, which mean’s I have some catching up to do. You’ll find me at some sports events and maybe even a concert or two. We only get four years to enjoy what our school’s have to offer so we might as well take advantage of it, right?

Here’s to being Rhode Island born and Rhode Island bred!

Top 5 Time-Wasters In College

July 17, 2014 in Academics, Campus Life


Wasting Time

Wasting Time

During your freshman year of college, you’ll start to realize how precious time is. More than anything, you’ll come to realize that you never seem to have quite enough of it. Ever feel like you have no time? These just might be the top five reasons why:

  1. Netflix. It’s unbelievable how much time college students waste on Netflix. Netflix has just about every movie, the good and the so-bad-it’s-laughable. Almost every time someone I knew had “free time” (read: they had homework to do but just didn’t want to do it), they decided to spend that time on Netflix, catching up on a series or watching movies like LOL or Sharktopus. But, soon enough, you find that you’ve wasted much more time than you intended to. Please, step away from the Netflix and get some work done. It’ll be good for you.
  2. Games. Cue the 2048/Flappy Bird/ etc. frenzies that have captivated many people over the past year and have accounted for an approximate 70% reduction in productivity. We all know the games I’m talking about. Luckily, I was able to avoid the frenzy, but some of us weren’t so lucky. I know tons of people who turned to attempting to beat 2048 instead of doing work. Those same people had so much homework to do because of it and didn’t have time to do anything fun later on. Don’t be those people.
  3. Buzzfeed. Buzzfeed quizzes and articles are the absolute best and, individually, they don’t take that long to complete or look through. But once you get sucked into Buzzfeed, there’s no coming back out. All it takes is that initial quiz to get you started. After that, it’s game over. All you wanted to do was find out how lazy you were, now, after eight quizzes, you realize that you are super lazy, you’re a rusty hook, you’re soul mate’s name will be Matt, and the sandwich that best represents you is a meatball sub. No, I’m not talking from experience…. The point is, Buzzfeed is really entertaining, but it’s so easy to lose track of time on.
  4. Youtube. It starts with the one funny video, but then you have to watch another one. And then you might as well watch every video ever made by your favorite Youtube stars. And don’t get me started on the related videos on the side that are just as enticing. Youtube is home to videos as short as a few seconds to as long as several hours, and everywhere in between. I’ve been known to watch funny animal videos with times that average around five minutes each. When you watch five or more of those, the time really starts to add up.
  5. Facebook. Facebook really is a bottomless pit. It can be useful when it comes to delivering news you want to hear about. It’s a great way to keep in touch with old friends, let your friends know what you’re up to, or find out what your friends are up to. But it’s also where a lot of people’s time seems to go. People are constantly checking Facebook for notifications, friend requests, etc.

Well, there you have it! If you didn’t know where all of your time was going before, hopefully this article has shed some light on the ugly truth.

We All Waste Time When We Should Be Working

We All Waste Time When We Should Be Working

Athletics at Wheaton

March 7, 2014 in Sports

 Wheaton may not be an enormous State school with tons of varsity teams, giant stadiums, and hyped up games, but for a small Division III liberal arts school, our athletics program is strong and respected.  We are home to eight men’s varsity sports and eleven women’s teams, including basketball, lacrosse, swimming, and track and field.  About one out of every four students who attends Wheaton is also an athlete. While we don’t have a football team – a sport that attracts the most fans at many schools – there is a good amount of hype and turn-out to other games, including basketball, soccer, baseball/softball, and lacrosse.  These teams have the most home games of any of the sports, so there is plenty of opportunity for students to come support the Lyons.  Furthermore, there are a lot of events to promote school spirit at the games, including halftime shows, free T-shirt giveaways, and Blue- or White-outs.  This promotes pride in our teams and school.

 Unfortunately, several teams, like synchronized swimming, cross country, and track, only have one home competition a season, or don’t have any at all.  As a member of the cross country and track teams, I sometimes get frustrated at the fact that we don’t have a course or an outdoor track at Wheaton, so basically none of the students here outside the team have seen us run.  However, our Athletics page constantly features coverage of all competitions, including pictures, recap articles, results, and occasionally live-streaming.  Our athletic director Live-Tweets many games, and there are Facebook and Instagram pages dedicated to Wheaton Athletics as well.  If an athlete or team wins a race/competition/game or an award, most of the campus finds out about it.  For example, in Cross Country, I received the title of New England Women’s and Men’s Athletic Conference (NEWMAC) Runner of the Week, and several people who I didn’t even know congratulated me when they saw me.  This just goes to show how important athletics are to Wheaton.

 Despite the fact that we’re not Division I, many of our teams are still extremely successful at the Division III level.  Our women’s basketball team boasts many talented players, our baseball team has won the Conference championship for 14 years in a row, and our women’s track and field team is ranked sixth in the nation.

 Aside from attending athletic competitions, there is big one event that connects all the teams together and to the Wheaton population in general…and it’s actually called The Big Event.  Every year at the beginning of February, Wheaton Athletic Mentors (members of teams who guide other members on balancing athletics and academics) put on a Sober weekend, providing all students with activities to do other than drink.  The Big Event, which is the main portion of the weekend, is an indoor carnival, complete with bouncy houses, a mechanical bull, sumo wrestling, carnival games and prizes, free food, cotton candy, and fun music.  Although I didn’t get the opportunity to go this year, I went last year, and it was such a blast!  It really brings out the kid in you, and it’s a great alternative to the party scene.  I was just nominated to be the Wheaton Athletic Mentor of the Cross Country team, so I will get to help host this event next year.

 Altogether, Wheaton may be a small Division III school, but all of our athletes have the heart of a Lyon!

Proud to be a Lyon!

Proud to be a Lyon!

Beer Pong Sucks. Play These Instead.

June 19, 2013 in Campus Life, Health, Reviews

Who doesn’t love a good drinking game? Seriously? There are few things in life quite like getting bombed while playing a game with some friends. If the game encourages drinking awesome, but if it requires drinking, even better. Here are a few games that you should give a try. I’m sure some of our readers have played one or more of these, but there are some games I’m guessing most of you haven’t heard of. I can also guarantee you that they’ll be more fun than playing Beirut (Beer Pong) or flip cup for the 8 millionth time.

1. STUMP: Lets start off with my personal favorite. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that most of you are saying “What the hell is stump?”, Stump is fucking awesome. It is so simple and so fun, it is perfect. Wondering if the party or tailgate you’re at is a good one? Ask yourself: Does it have stump? If so, then yes you are at a baller party/tailgate. The game is played with, obviously, a tree stump. Well it’s actually not a stump per se, it’s more of a log from the mid section of the tree. You want it to be able to stand on one end and be about waist high with a flat surface on each end. The tools you will need are: A hammer, Nails, and drinks. Gather up how ever many people want to play  and hammer a nail into the surface for each player. Don’t hammer it in all the way, you want it to be able to stand up on its own. Once everyone has a nail, the person who starts takes the hammer, tosses it up in the air so it flips, catches it, and (This is important) in one motion swings down at anyone else’s nail. It goes around like that in a circle and the last nail standing wins. If the hammer is flipped between the legs, that’s worth 2 hammer swings and behind the back is 3. If your nail is hit then you drink. If there is a spark when the nail is hit, everyone drinks. If your nail is driven all the way in, you can still swing at your turn, but you can’t win. It is simple and addicting.

This is what it will look like.

This is what it will look like.

2. Slap Cup (Also known as go to hell, slap the bitch, and to Mordor): This game is hectic and sort of like the alcoholic version of Knock Out. The way it is played is all the players gather around the table with a large number of cups grouped in the middle of the table. Two players race to see who can bounce a ball into an individual cup on the first try and the winner has to smack the everliving shit out of the other persons cup and then passes it to whoever while the other person has to drink. If you miss the first try and get the next one, you can pass your cup to whoever you want while your opponent is still bouncing. This goes on until all the cups are gone. It is easy once you get into it.

3. Thunderstruck: This one might actually be simpler than stump. Multiple people, one beer each, and the song Thunderstruck by AC/DC. Circle up, and hold your beers. You go in a circle and every time Thunderstruck is said, you drink until it is said again and then the person next to you drinks. Easy. EXCEPT for the two guitar solos. God help you if you get stuck one of those.

4. Movie/TV Show Game: Pick a show you like and you drink anytime some specific thing happens. A famous one is How I Met Your Mother, where you drink anytime Barney is awesome. Another good one is Game of Thrones. The rules (which by no means are set in stone) are along the lines of drink every time Jon Snow is called a bastard, Tyrion makes a quip, sex is shown (drink twice if its incest) when someone says winter is coming, finish your drink if a main character is killed, or drink when Hodor says Hodor.

5. Mario Kart: Obviously drunk driving is a horrible idea that no one should ever do, but a virtual car driven by a stereotypical Italian plumber? That’s another story. The rules are that everyone in the race starts with an un opened beer and has to finish it before crossing the finish line. The kicker is that you can not take a drink while your kart is moving. Crack it open and chug at the starting line, if you fly off the rainbow road, chug, or if you get hit by something, chug. Harder than it sounds but very competitive.

Words To Live By

Words To Live By

by Ruthie

Parties? Boardgames? Movies? Do whatever you want!

January 31, 2013 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Colleges

Ah, the social scene at Hopkins. Many would be surprised to know that we actually do have a social scene (surprise! Nerds can have fun too!) and apparently the Loyola students come to party with the Hopkins kids, a fact that I find slightly ironic.

But what I like best about Hopkins is that you can have a wonderful social life without going out and waking up in the morning without knowing where you are. Once students get over the novelty of frat houses, most go to hang out in their friends’ rooms or apartments. In my opinion, these are the best kinds; hanging out in pajamas or sweatpants with friends and new acquaintances, talking, and usually ending up watching Disney movies until 4 in the morning.

Or, sitting in your dorm hall and wait for your more energetic friends to come back and then still stay up until 4 in the morning.

The point is, there is a social scene for everyone. You’ll find the group that likes going out at least 3 times a week, the group that plays Settlers of Catan on Friday nights, the movie watching group,  the laughing-at-drunk-friends group, and the group who goes out some weekends and stays in others.

There is no pressure to stay in and people never judge you for going to sleep at 10. Everyone is accepting and will hang out with you some other time.

If you do like going out a lot though, the scene is really hit or miss. Sometimes there is one great party and you stay there all night, and sometimes you’ll go party hopping and there won’t be much anywhere. But it doesn’t matter, as long as you’re with the right people; the crazy crowd or the mellow crowd who comes back by one and watches a movie afterwards. The parties are generally fun for everyone. And hey, if you get bored, you can leave and go to another. Though I recommend wearing a jacket if you plan on walking a lot. Just hold it when inside. It is not worth looking perfect and freezing.

There’s also other things to do all over the place both at night and during the day. Except you want to be careful where you go at night since Baltimore isn’t the safest city (as indicated by the numerous helicopters with searchlights). You can go to that inner harbor with friends and go shopping, to a museum or to a restaurant. Washington D.C. is only a 40 minute train ride away (I went to spend the day there with my friends last weekend), and the woods around campus are beautiful and fun to go for a walk in

with friends. Not too far away is also Hamden, which is a quirky little area full of thrift shops and hipsters.

You can go to the movies, to pubs and restaurants in Fell’s Point, or just hang around campus and go eat dinner at Chipotle.

The point is, there are a ton of choices, but I guarantee  you will not be bored just hanging around campus, and when it’s warm, hanging around outside. There’s also always performances going on around campus.

The social scene is what you make it to be, and as long as you do what you want and ignore what other people think, your social life will be great.

D.C. with friends - I got to be creepy photographer and got great shots

D.C. with friends – I got to be creepy photographer and got great shots