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Getting Involved at BU

March 8, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Colleges

Splash event at BU

Splash event at BU

Boston University has an extremely diverse student population, so this means a diverse population of interests. This diverse population of interests has led BU to obtain over 500 student clubs and organizations on campus. One of my favorite parts about BU is how easy it is to get involved in so many different activities and organizations on campus. From photography to religion to business to Greek life, BU has over 500 student organizations covering almost every single interest you could ever have.

As a freshman, my biggest piece of advice is to attend Splash during freshman move-in weekend. Splash is an annual event hosted by BU’s Student Activities Office (SAO) held every fall semester during freshman move-in weekend that encourages students to get involved and sign up for a plethora of clubs and organizations on campus. Splash isn’t just open to incoming freshman though, any student can attend and sign up for all the different clubs and organizations at BU. For example, Greek life, sports teams, accapella groups, and much more.

For students hoping to get involved in community service BU’s Community Service Club (CSC) is a great way to immediately become involved in not only community service throughout BU but throughout the city of Boston and beyond.

Another awesome way for students to become involved in community service is by joining a Greek organization. Believe it or not, Greek life is not all about social events. At BU, a large part of Greek life is philanthropy and giving back to the community.

Splash is a great way for all students to get involved if they find a club or organization they’re interested in. The one issue – Splash is always overcrowded with eager freshman wanting to know just about everything about every single club. My advice would be attend Splash near the end of the event (within the last hour) because there won’t be as many people. Another issue – there is A LOT to sign up for. Don’t sign up for everything. Signing up for every single club that is remotely interesting to you will only get you on every single organization’s email list for the rest of your college career. Pick and choose your clubs wisely, you can’t realistically be in every single one!

In my opinion, there are no “bad” clubs at BU. BU has so many different clubs and organizations to get involved in, so find something that is of interest to you on the student activities website and start there. And, if there isn’t a club or organization you’re interested in at BU, if that is at all possible, then start your own club!

How to Have an Awesome Freshman Year at Assumption College

May 21, 2013 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Top 10 Lists

Assumption College Campus

Assumption College Campus

Assumption College’s campus is pretty small, so it’s simple to get into a group and find some friends your freshman year. It’s all about getting involved and meeting new people. All you need to do is follow these 10 steps to have an awesome freshman year at Assumption College:

1. Introduce yourself to everyone on your floor. This might seem scary, but everyone’s just as anxious as you are to make friends. Your roommate will not always be your best friend, so you need to network. Don’t be afraid to knock on everyone’s door and introduce yourself. You might even inspire someone else to do the same! It’s also exciting to do something you’re afraid to do, like put yourself out there and be first to say hello. I did this my first year (and neglected to do it the next), and it honestly made a huge difference in how comfortable I was on my floor.

2. Join a club or a team. A club is an awesome way to meet people who like the same things that you like. If there’s nothing interesting there, then its important to make your own club. It’s a great way to get involved and feel like you belong. Each club is supposed to do one fundraiser a semester, so you can let your creative juices flow or show off your leadership skills. Joining a team will give you a family on campus. Having teammates you’re close with gives you long-term friendships that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

3. Go to the different educational opportunities. Every month or so, Assumption College does a different panel or lecture. I’ve learned about the Shroud of Tarin, Affirmative Action, euthanasia, and gun control thanks to the various panels I’ve gone to. I was even a panel member my freshman year about bullying and its affects. This allows you to interact with people of all different view points. If you’re at all into politics or sociology, these things are definitely for you.

4. Go to a game or two. If you love basketball or hockey like I do, going to the games will help you have an awesome freshman year at Assumption College. Getting to the home games and supporting your school, especially when you go with friends, is an awesome bonding experience. I put this off for too long, and I don’t go often enough, but when I do go I have an amazing time cheering on my school.

5. Personalize your room. Whether you’re in a double, triple, or a quad, your room freshman year is going to be dull and characterless unless you make it your own. To do this, fell free to bring in pictures to pin to your cork board that comes with the room. Bring Christmas lights to string around. Bring Command Strips and wallpaper your wall with posters. Just make it your own, and you’ll have an awesome freshman year at Assumption College.

6. Do a service project. Whether it’s petting to-be service puppies or cleaning out a backyard, these service projects allow you to get in touch with other people and do something rewarding for yourself. If you want to teach in the future, gain some practical experience and tutor kids. If you want to be a nurse or doctor, go spend time with the elderly. Everything you do will create long-lasting memories and will give you something awesome to put on your résumé!

7. Get off campus. Assumption College is on a long, residential street with sidewalks only half the way down. After classes, it’s practically impossible to walk off campus, go anywhere, and make it back before dark. Make friends with upperclassmen with cars on campus and go with them to the clubs, go bowling, or just go out to eat. Don’t wait for the bus to take you to the Solomon Pond Mall on Friday night, or to Blackstone Valley Mall on Saturday night; go out of your way to create your own awesome freshman year.

8. Go on a retreat. The START retreats are there for a reason! Go spend some time with strangers and get to know them. Retreats are a great way to make long-lasting friendships. You can even get to know more about yourself through the various exercises. Don’t be afraid to sign up, even if you don’t know anyone else going.

9. Take a class that interests you. A lot of freshmen at Assumption fall into that sad rule of taking just general education (gen ed) classes. This is such a mistake, and makes for a horrible semester. Be sure to take a class that you actually want to take. This could even be a gen ed class! In my first semester, I took Psych 101 and a politics class, and I had an awesome time balancing my other dull gen eds. It is so crucial to make room for electives if you want to have an awesome freshman year at Assumption College.

10.  Don’t go home on weekends! This might be last on the list, but it’s not any less important than the other points. You should not, not, not go home for your first few weeks at Assumption College. You will miss out on bonding experiences. It’s a clicky school, and you want to get into your click as soon as you can. If you miss out on the weekends, you’ll be the last one to find friends and make a niche for yourself. My freshman year, our first weekend at Assumption found us in a blackout (common at Assumption College) because of hurricane Irene. No TV, no power, no nothing. I got to know the people in my hall and it was an amazing time. That’s how I met one of the girls I roomed with in my sophomore year.