Goodbye Alive Campus (and Thank You)

May 22, 2015 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Career, Colleges

It has been exactly one week since I graduated from college and I have to say, that I am still not use to the idea of being a graduate. I will no longer have to go to school and attend classes after the end of a long summer, since I have decided not to attend graduate school for the time being. I will dedicate my time to working and see what path and opportunities arise. Now, another ending is happening. This is the last article I will post for Alivecampus. After two years of writing weekly articles, it has come to an end. I have decided that it is time to focus on other opportunities, but through alive campus I have learned a lot of useful skills needed in a job and life: time management, creativity, and writing skills.


Time Management: Once a week, I had to write an article, plus write and/or post questions on the forum, aside from doing homework/studying for my classes. It can be stresses full to balance two things at the same time, but it is manageable through time management. I am thankful for Alivecampus to help me develop skills of time management. Before, I was not very good at being able to balance work evenly and not leave work to the last minutes. Even though I still procrastinate from time to time, I have a better way of managing my work and time to get work done on time.

Creativity:  This is a skill that I had a difficult time developing, but by writing the articles every week, it helped me think about different topics. Especially when the question for the week’s article was in the theme of Alivecampus, which meant that I could write about anything about being a college student and what concerns me. The creativity followed me to not only through the articles, but with the weekly forum posts we had to get done. Writing, answering, and replying to questions in the forum helped me be creative with the questions I was posting. It also helped me connect with other college students and see that we have similar questions, concerns, and interests.

Writing Skills:  My number one skill that I am grateful for Alivecampus to help me develop is my writing skills. English is not my first language, so I have always not been confident about my writing skills. Yet, though Alivecampus, I was able to express my thoughts and improve my writing. I feel that throughout these two years of being an advocate writer at Alivecampus, I have improved my writing.

I would like to thank Alivecampus for giving me the opportunity to improve my writing skills and to express and share my college experience for others to read.  Alivecampus is a wonderful website to have because it helps college students and high school seniors know about the myths of college and read real experience of real college students. Once again, thank you Alivecampus and thank you Radek!

I will definitely miss writing and posting weekly articles!