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What You Need to Know About Her Campus

August 7, 2015 in Alive Campus, Career, Reviews

Her Campus

Her Campus

What is a collegiette? Well according to Her Campus, a collegiette is “a college woman who is on top of her game – strategically career-minded, distinctly fashionable, socially connected, academically driven, and smartly health-conscious, who endeavors to get the most out of her college experience on every level.” With over 6,000 contributing college journalists worldwide, Her Campus aims to develop digital articles related to topics of interest on HerCampus.com

Starting out as just an idea, Her Campus was founded by three undergraduate Harvard students, Stephanie Kaplan Lewis, Windsor Hanger Western, and Annie Wang. Now, with over 270 campus chapters nationwide and in seven countries, HerCampus.com develops original story ideas and features national style, beauty, health, career, LGBTQ+, love life, and real world content.

One very interesting feature offered at Her Campus is the Campus Correspondents. A Her Campus chapter is specific to your school and includes features, blogs, campus celebrities, campus cuties, snapshot, and events. This allows readers from your college or university to relate to the content produced, which in this case is specific to your school. Students wanting to start a campus chapter at their school must apply online in order to be considered. If you are selected to lead the Her Campus chapter at your school, you have the opportunity to attend the Her Conference each summer where you meet with members of over 270 chapters around the world.

Her Campus Blog Post

Her Campus Blog Post

HerCampus.com also offers other services including the “Study Break” E-Newsletter, College Fashion Week, and Her Conference: High School. Reaching the inboxes of over 118,000 subscribers three times a week, the content delivered through the newsletter connects readers to the collegiettes of Her Campus. For example, Contiki’s #NoRegrets philosophy was promoted through the newsletter inspiring readers to be bold and adventurous. The College Fashion Week program, now in its fourth year, is a series of fashion show events throughout the fall. The marketing opportunities available through this service allow Her Campus writers to introduce products such as bareMinerals and TRESEmmé to their target audience. The Her Conference: High School offers up and coming writers and collegiettes the opportunity to attend nationwide events and engage in panels, workshops, and networking receptions with other young women like themselves. Her Campus also has a blogger network online and Survival Kits Sampling Programs providing essential products to help students survive college.

Interested in writing for HerCampus.com? To be considered as a National Contributing Writer, students must fill out an application form online. Most national sections are filled by undergrads, but college alumni are eligible to apply for the Real World sectionIn order to be considered as a writer for a campus chapter, your schools correspondent must be contacted directly. Information on your schools Campus Correspondent can be found online through HerCampus.com.

Her Campus is currently hiring for full-time positions in New York City and Boston, Mass. Positions include Vice President of Sales in NYC or Boston, Sales & Business Development Manager in NYC or Boston, Business Development Assistant, Account Executive, Editor, and Web Developer in Boston.For more information about Her Campus, visit hercampus.com, or connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Her Campus: A Collegiette’s Guide To Life

March 30, 2015 in Alive Campus, Colleges

Her Campus

Her Campus

In addition to writing for Alive Campus, I also write for a college-based website and online magazine, http://www.hercampus.com/. Her Campus has been titled the #1 global community for college women. It is generally geared towards a young female audience, but guys should not be fooled by the name. Over 250 college campuses worldwide have students writing for this online magazine firsthand in order to provide prospective and current students with the latest information and tips on health, career, entertainment, fashion, and so much more. Here are some of the main features that can be accessed on the Her Campus homepage:

Love: Tons of relationship advice is provided in this section for the typical college student that may be experiencing their first college relationship. Her Campus writers will pinpoint exactly what defines a healthy relationship, mistakes to avoid in the beginning stages, and the perfect spots for date night.

Style/ Beauty: The style section is a huge feature that focuses on cute and affordable clothing for students, whether that be for spring break or an upcoming job interview. A number of articles about what to wear for a particular internship have been trending recently. Her Campus writers show what someone may wear to a fashion internship may differ significantly from that of a law firm, so it’s important to establish the proper wardrobe before starting. Each of the articles vary, but they will ultimately become your guide to the latest fashion trends that can still be obtained on a college budget.

Health/ Nutrition: The nutrition section provides healthy guidelines for eating/ cooking in college. It also introduces new ways to make the most of your workout that most college students so often dread with the piles of work they have to complete. Some students are even brave enough to share their stories of how they coped with an eating disorder that serve as inspiration for several females out there that may have experienced the same situation. Whatever the topic, the articles will be sure to motivate you get your foot out the door and to the nearest gym with a positive attitude and a healthier mindset.

Career: Her Campus writers essentially provide tips to college students on how to land a job, whether it’s a part-time waitressing job or an internship at your dream job. It’s not always easy figuring out how to go about this on your own, and some of us often will panic over it. That’s what the writers are there for. Rely on them to ease your worry and give you advice on how to stay calm, determined, and confident.

Real World: This is applicable to anything that may deal with money, career, etc. For example, some of the most read articles in this section are currently “What you can do with an English degree” and “How to Pay Off Your Student Loans.” Both are great reads that several college students can personally relate to. A number of us so often ask the question as to whether or not our English degree will suffice in the real world. The article will be sure to make you feel more confident in the major you took on.

Her Campus FSU

Her Campus FSU

Each of the colleges that are affiliated with this magazine can be found in the My Campus section on the homepage. I personally write for http://www.hercampus.com/school/fsu. Each week, we have a choice of writing for a specific section, and we choose our own personal topic from there as our weekly article to submit. New content goes on the sight Monday-Friday. Here are some of the main features for Her Campus FSU:

Campus Cuties/ Celebrities: This category is comprised of interviews with students or even professors around the campus. A campus celebrity is usually someone that’s a leading figure on campus, whether that be president of a sorority or the founder of Clutch Magazine. A cutie is generally any student that’s up for an interview, so several students will often interview their friends. The interviews consist of a variety of fun and intricate questions that help us learn about that specific individual, their involvements on campus, what their future goals and ambitions are, and more. One of the questions often asked is what advice they would provide to any incoming freshmen, which is always helpful for those looking to become more involved.

Blog: The blog is an open-ended section for the writer. As long as it serves of some interest to college students, it’s acceptable. Some students may write about ways to improve fitness routines, others will provide relationship advice, and some will talk about the latest fashion trends that were seen on our favorite celebrities during the latest awards show. Whatever the case, the blog articles are always interesting and will be sure to provide you with great reads (and not to mention, hilarious gifs)!

Snapshot: A staff writer will take a picture of something around the FSU campus or the city of Tallahassee and write a small caption underneath. Recently, several snapshot articles were photos of the spring flowers blooming. A snapshot article may also provide FSU students with information of one of the upcoming events on campus, such as Dance Marathon.

Features: Finally, the features section relates to something happening in the news that can somehow tie back to college students. For example, a recent article explored if it’s time to toss your beloved Michael Kors bag. Another article reviewed ways for students to protect themselves on campus due to recent incidents that had occurred. These articles are meant to be informative but also engaging for students.

So, in addition to Alive Campus, every Collegiette should visit Her Campus for accurate insight to the college world, and specifically, the college they are currently attending or eventually wish to attend. Her Campus is also very involved in social media outlets to increase its readership through Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, so be sure to follow them for easy access to the latest articles. They will be sure to provide you with a true perception as to what college is really all about!

“Her Campus” Is the Go-To College Guide

November 14, 2014 in Alive Campus, Colleges, Reviews

As I spent most of my junior and senior years in high school researching colleges and mentally preparing myself for the Common Application, I came across a college life website that focuses on the “collegiette’s guide to life.” HerCampus.com, a glamorous college site based in Boston, follows the standard fashion magazine layout, similar to Glamour and Vogue, and provides an array of humorous and informative stories written by college students, all relating to their college experiences and lives. Dating, health, fitness, and style are few of the many sections. Her Campus was my physical, mental, and cultural preparation for college life.

“Her Campus” is a great guide that offers humorous feature stories, student interviews, and tips to making college stress-free and worthwhile.

My Campus 

The My Campus section on the website provides college students the opportunity to be a Campus Correspondent and lead a chapter of Her Campus at their own college. Over 300 colleges worldwide are represented, giving high school students and college transfers an inside scoop on life at a particular school, all written and produced first-hand by students. Stories include interviews with students and staff, college events, dating life, daily columns, and “campus celebrities” or look-alikes. If you’re curious about what colleges are like throughout America, Canada, or even Europe, check out this section.


The Style section affirms the point that chic can be affordable in college. Some top stories are “6 Pieces You Can Get With Your Student ID,” “Get Blake Lively’s Look For Less,” and “5 Ways to Wear Faux Fur (All Under $50).” Her Campus caters to a young, low-budget audience, thus the stories meet the needs of students and provide quick and easy but stylish and affordable fashion tips. It’s interesting to read about different colleges and the students’ take on style.

Beauty and Health

How to stay healthy and beautiful while in college is addressed, with tips like practicing yoga in the dorm room, individualizing the food in the dining hall, easy 10-minute ab workouts, quick make-up tricks, and the essentials to grocery store shopping. Don’t worry guys, Her Campus can at times have a “his campus” side. Some example stories like “How to benefit from working out” and “Staying on-top of showering” (that does become a problem) applies to guys as well.


Are you ready for a relationship in college? Is an art museum or an iceskating rink the most romantic place for a date night? Are you in love with your new college friend? Are you in love with your teacher? What are the secrets to dating and hooking up in school? These questions are addressed by students who write from personal experience, giving high school students a clear idea of the college dating world. The stories simplify the stress of relationships and provide answers to those daunting relationship questions, but the best part about this section are the entertaining graphics and Hollywood references that give the stories more of a comedic edge.


How to deal with the stressors of academia, culture shock, roommate problems, the freshmen 15, making new friends, and, of course, living in the “real world” without the guidance of parents, makes up the Life section. The stories are especially helpful in preparing college newbies for the good times and the bad times, like staying up late for exams or having an American Horror Story marathon with friends. Detailed advice is also given on how to take advantage of opportunities and counter stress, ultimately making college worthwhile.


Going to college isn’t hard, but finding jobs/internships and focusing on a future career is. Her Campus writer’s discuss how to take advantage of on and off-campus jobs, and how and when to begin searching for internships. Personal experiences, interviews, fun quizzes, and step-by-step procedures are provided, giving the stories more diversity.


College isn’t like high school. There aren’t ‘bullies’ dunking underclassmen’s heads in the toilet, nor are there students being judged by their sexuality or physical appearance. Acceptance and open-mindedness are key in college, and this section caters to those who are unsure of the opportunities or organizations for the LGBTQ community on campus.

Her Campus, like Alive Campus, is a great college life resource, perfect for high school students and parents researching schools or simply curious about what life is like at most colleges. Guys, don’t be opposed by the feminist name, for Her/His Campus can be interchangeable at times. Give Her Campus a try and let the college researching begin!

Meet the team! These are the student writers who make “Her Campus” possible.

by Monicia

Talking Her Campus

July 5, 2013 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Reviews

It’s hard out here for a collegiette! Or is it? Either way, there aren’t too many websites that are geared toward college ladies and their assorted interests. Make way for Her Campus! In the past few months it has become one of my go-to sites for tidbits about what’s fashionable this summer or how to begin and end a summer romance. Here are a few reasons why I keep going back to this website and you should too:

1. It’s Real: While there are some fluff pieces on Her Campus, if you click around in the various sections you’ll find some awesome reality-driven articles written from the perspective of college age women. The first of these articles that I found on the website was one advising young women of how to ‘groom’ certain areas of the body. Now if that’s not real, I don’t know what is. Every now and then, a very detailed article appears on the website that chronicles a college woman’s experience with something harrowing (like this one) or just part of normal college life (like this one).

2. A Guy’s Perspective: Now, I’ll admit, there are some websites/blogs out there where you can get an unadulterated view of what’s going on in a guy’s mind. Those articles on HC are known as the ‘Real Live College Guy’ articles. What I like most about these articles are that the topics come straight from the minds and mouths of men. Wanna know how soon is too soon to hook up? HC has you covered. How about something simple like how to get a guy to notice you? Yep, that’s on there too.

Her Campus logo

Her Campus logo

3. VLOGS! This one is pretty self-explanatory. For ladies, it’s one thing to read about how to apply makeup or make the perfect top knot; it’s another to follow along while someone does it in front of you. I’m a sight learner and I’m more likely to learn a new makeup/hair trend if I can watch someone do it and then replicate the steps. I’m not sure why other college life blogs and websites don’t jump on this bandwagon, but it’s definitely helpful for drawing in female readers.

4. Giveaways: But really though, who doesn’t like free stuff? HC does weekly giveaways on their website and announces the winners in their email newsletters. Now I know you’re thinking that for weekly giveaways, this stuff must not be that great. But it really is! The latest giveaways featured on the website included custom jewelry, a pair of headphones and an Ultrabook. All you have to do is provide a few personal tidbits (address, email, etc.) and you’re entered to win. Crazy, right?

If you’re a college lady and you’re not reading this website, put it on your to-do list. There’s alot more pros than what I’ve mentioned above and very few (if any!) cons. Or hey, if you’re a guy reading this and you want to get inside a girl’s mind or figure out how we think, HC could be your answer.