Fitness at Hofstra University

February 21, 2014 in Campus Life, Health, Sports

There are certain horror tales that everyone is told before going into college: the horrible roommate, the impossible professor, and the ever-dreaded freshman 15. Going away to college can be a lot of new found freedom to take in all at once, and unfortunately it’s all too easy to order pizza every night and not paying attention to a balanced diet. Not only does no one want to go away to college and gain weight for physical appeal, it is also a very unhealthy way of living; you’re going to do a lot of mean things to your body in college, the least you can do is eat right.

Personally, fitness is a very important part of my everyday life. I go to the gym 5-6 days a week and run at least a mile a day. That is a fitness plan that works for me personally, but I believe every person can find some sort of physical exercise routine that works for them. I believe being fit and eating healthy is extremely important for every college student, especially those who plan on drinking and partying all the time. Being up until crazy hours of the night, eating unhealthy drunk food, and not to mention all that liquor can really take a told on your body. If not only to look better, exercise and eat healthy during the day to feel and be better.

There are a ton of different things to do to stay fit here at Hofstra, not to mention all the walking you do on campus going to and from class! We have a beautiful fitness center with plenty new and state of the art cardio machines, a track all around it and a spacey weight room below it. They have everything you need to get a great workout that will leave you feeling better for the entire day. If conventional working out is not your thing, the fitness center has 3 rooms where they hold fun fitness classes like zumba and cycling. These classes are perfect because they’re just so much fun you don’t even feel like you’re working out! Even still there is 2 basketball courts where people are constantly coming to play pick-up games. Another great thing to do to stay fit here on campus is join one of the intramural sports team. We have about every sport you could think of as an intramural team from soccer, to rugby, and from swimming to quidditch. Joining one of these teams will keep you in stellar shape and you’ll get to become close to a whole new group of people and make some new friends.

There so many great ways of staying fit and healthy not only here at Hofstra but at most colleges in America. Not only is making sure you’re taking care of yourself properly the responsible thing to do, but you will look better, feel better and be healthier for it, and truly what is more important than your health.

Dating at Hofstra

February 9, 2014 in Campus Life, Love

One of the most equally dreaded and adored days is quickly approaching this month, I am talking of course about Valentines Day. For some this day is an annoying and un-needed reminder about an unfortunate lack of a current love interest, and for those lucky few it is an exciting day to celebrate the one you love. So whether you’re searching for this love or you’ve already got it, here are a few tips about dating at Hofstra University.

First of all, Hofstra is a free love, liberal arts college, meaning you love who you love and that is more than okay. We are a diverse campus not only in ethnicity, but also in sexual orientation, so whatever you’re into no worries, you can feel free to do your thing. But no matter if you’re looking for a boy or a girl to give your affections to the question remains “where do I find this special someone?” Really this depends on what kind of person you are looking for, you can find someone anywhere but there are certain places to look that might make your efforts just a little bit easier.

First, if your that brave kind of person you could attempt to find someone at one of the bars or perhaps at a party. This can be tricky because often if they are at one of these places then all they are looking for is a good time, not a relationship. If this is also all you’re looking for then more power to you; this is just the place for you. However, it is important to know what you’re getting yourself into before you put your interest in someone who may only want to hook up and nothing more. On the other hand, keep your eyes open and don’t count anything out just because you met at a party, if you’re meant to be then how you met really doesn’t matter in the end.

Some more conventional places to find a significant other here at Hofstra University would be places like in your classes, dorms and clubs. Classes is a great place to look because if you’re taking the same class you immediately have at least one thing in common, even if it’s something as simple as both having the same requirements in your majors.  This gives you common ground, something to talk about, and a reason to talk to them. Making small talk about a class you’re both in can be a great way to get a foot in the door and start a conversation that could lead elsewhere. The only downside to looking in you’re classes is that you’re very limited and its all just chance who ends up in the same class as you. Clubs are even better for this sort of thing because you choose to be there so you have something in common without a doubt. This is a great way to strike up conversation and impress them with how much you care about something they also care about, so get out there and join some clubs! Finally, in your dorm can be another good place to look, don’t count out that cutie down the hall, find a way to talk to them!

College is a great place to look for that special someone and lots of people do find the one they want to be with forever while in college. If this happens than great for you! But if it doesn’t don’t get too down, you have your whole life ahead of you, and you’ll more than likely find someone in your work place or through mutual friends, there is someone out there for everyone! 

Greek Life at Hofstra University

January 10, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life

To Greek or not to Greek, that is the all consuming question. Time and time again we see in movies and t.v shows the classic stereotypes of the obnoxious frat boys and the slutty sorority girls doing ridiculous things at crazy parties. This all makes for good television but is this what it is really like to be a part of greek life you may ask? Well, the answer is yes and no. To stick all people who take part in this culture in that stereotype is wrong, there are people of all walks of life that take part in Greek life, which is one of the many reasons that joining this culture can be a valuable and rewarding choice. But the idea that you have to be in a Fraternity or Sorority to have fun in college is not at all the case.Yes, you will meet lots of people and have lots of fun,but you will be doing that already by just putting yourself out there.

Joining Greek life is certainly something to consider, but don’t commit yourself until you really learn about all that each organization has to offer. It is a slippery slope from joining a group and having fun to devoting all your time and energy to “keep” these super-awesome new friends you have. While it is dubbed as an overall group, there are many different sorts of people who populate this division of college. Each organization stands for different things, and you will learn that when you get to your school. Some positive and definitely some negative, but that is different to each and every school. It is very fair to say that you will meet many people if you join Greek life; with all the mixers and parties, you will be drowning in acquaintances. But in order to have fun, keep up grades and satisfy all that your Frat or Sorority requires of its pledges can be a challenge for some. Schools such as Hofstra require at least one semester without Greek life in order to assimilate to college life and get your bearings for the new life you are living. I find that this trail time is as good a time as any to size up Greek life at your school and see if it is something you want to be a part of, not to mention make friends outside of the Greek world, because I promise there will be some winners in the other 90% of the school that you are missing out on if you don’t. As someone who is not part of a sorority, and someone who has no plans to join Greek life, my perspective is one who has lost friends to that lifestyle. The best advise that anyone can give you, is don’t limit yourself. Greek life can be very rewarding; the parties are fun for Greek and non-Greek alike. Yet, there are so many organizations out there, with people in all walks of life that can be just as rewarding. Consider wisely, but look at all the options. There will be a lot of choices out there, and you are the only one who knows what is right for you and you alone.

Hofstra University Party Scene

December 14, 2013 in Alive Campus

Okay let’s be honest we’ve all seen those countless college movies showing wild and crazy parties, frat boys and tons of beer. We’ve heard our older siblings or other family members stories of their crazy college years and all the silly antics they got into. And going into college we all what to know is it really like that or am I going to be way too swamped with work to even go out? However I am here to tell you without a notion of doubt that yes college is indeed the crazy, messy and often drunken adventure that it is made out to be. If you live on a college campus you are living in one area with, depending on the size of your school, thousands of other 18-22 year old people who all want the same thing as you, to have a good time. If college is not the craziest, most exciting and fun 4 years of your life than you have done it entirely wrong.

Here at Hofstra University Sunday and Monday and truly the only days that you might struggle to find something fun to do, although you do have to do work sometimes so perhaps get some work done these days instead of going out! After that if you’re looking for a crazy night all you need to do is walk off campus and follow all the other hordes of Hofstra students to the event of the night. At Hofstra the nights are designated by the biggest event of that night, which the most other people will be going to, of course you can choose to do something else and may even have more fun doing so if big crowds are not your thing. So here is the party schedule by day of the week as told by a current Hofstra student:

Tuesday- This is greek life night so if you’re a part of a sorority or a frat Tuesday is your night. Most of the frats and sororities hold what is called a mixer around perhaps 8:00pm where one frat and one sorority get together to pregame before heading out to the bar where they will meet up with all of the other frats and sororities on campus. The mixers are held with a different frat or sorority each week so that everyone eventually gets to meet everyone else who is part of greek life on campus. If you’re thinking about joining greek life I would suggest making sure you do not have any classes early in the morning on Tuesday. If you’re not a part of greek life you can still go to the bar on a Tuesday but be prepared for every single person to ask you which frat/sorority you’re in and weird looks when you say you are not in any.

Wednesday- Here at Hofstra this night is affectionately deemed Wing Night Wednesday. This is a fun night at Social Sports Bar, a short, perhaps 3 minute walk from campus full of 69 cent wings, $8 pitchers of beer and trivia. It may not sound like a very crazy and wild night but let me assure you it can be. My advice is to get there early, around 9:00 maybe, if you would like to have a table to sit at, otherwise you will be holding your pitcher and standing all night, which is not so bad really. Wing Night’s are usually absolutely packed but they are truly a great time, especially past 11:00 when trivia is over and they play every single song from the 90′s that you can’t wait to drunkenly sing along to with your friends!

Thursday- And now we come to Ladies Night at the other two bars just down the street from Hofstra; DIzzys and Mchebes. Mchebes is 19+ to get in and Dizzys is 18+ so typically freshman and some younger sophomores go to Dizzys and upperclassmen go to Mchebes. It’s ladies night because girls get in and drink for free until 11:00, it’s a great deal for us ladies but sorry fellas you’re going to have to cough up about $10 to get in and what ever you buy once you’re there. Thursdays are a fun night for dancing all night and trying out your best new pick-ups lines at the bar, don’t be shy because you never know who you might meet!

Friday and Saturday- These two nights are usually when different groups who live in houses off campus, be it frats, clubs or sports teams, throw parties for everyone to go to. These parties usually start around 10:00 and consist of tons of people, a few kegs and perhaps some jungle juice, all hanging out in a backyard or a basement. I love the parties because there are so many people there you will most likely see a bunch of other people you know that you did not come with, and will get to meet even more people and isn’t that what college is all about! The only downside to these parties is that they are bound to get broken up by the cops due to a noise complaint eventually, no need to freak out, all they ask is that you leave. At which point you can either head to another party that has not be busted yet, as there are usually multiple on a single night, go get pizza at everyone’s favorite late-night pizza shop Lorenzo’s or head back to campus and call it a night.

So there is the breakdown of a typical week at Hofstra University, I must advise that you do not try to go to all five of these in a week, pick and choose, partying is fun and you are supposed to have fun in college but you also pay a lot of money to take these classes and you do not what to fail out because you could not balance out partying and school work. Also it’s just plan unhealthy to party every night, give your liver a break and go to bed early once in a while! But remember now is your time so live it up while you’re young and have the most fun you possibly can!

Only at Hofstra

May 10, 2013 in Colleges

Hofstra's Phi Sigma Sigma- Human Trafficking Event

Hofstra’s Phi Sigma Sigma- Human Trafficking Event

When I was still in high school, I honestly had no idea where I wanted to go to college. For the most part, I was excited to get “college visit” days so that I would get a break from my classes. After a few college visits and an approaching decision deadline, I decided on Hofstra University. Now, four years and so many crazy stories later, I am graduating and moving across the country. My four years have been amazing, horrible, fun, stressful, hazy and confusing, but through it all, I have grown as a person and learned a lot. College is what you make it and Hofstra is no exception. Below, are some of the secrets to success at Hofstra that I have learned:

1. Freshman Welcome Week events aren’t always mandatory, even if they say they are

My roommates and I only went to a few things during Welcome Week and we never got in trouble. So all those events that you have to “swipe in to” and that are “mandatory,” for the most part, that is more of a recommended attendance.

2. Live in the Netherlands or in Stuyvesant Hall (formerly New Complex) Freshmen year

Living in an all freshmen dorm really does make a difference. Doing this enables you to get to know your fellow freshmen and make some great friends. It’s easier to get to know people in these dorms because everyone is in the same boat of not knowing many people. In the towers and other upperclassman dorms, everyone already has friends and may not be as friendly, so trust me, stick with the freshman dorms.

3. If you are in Honors College, prepare yourself for C&E hell

C&E is the worst. I have not met anyone who enjoyed it, but if you can get through it, you are one step closer to graduating with honors.

Phi Sigma Sigma Formal at Hofstra

Phi Sigma Sigma Formal at Hofstra

4. Join something

After freshman year, many people transfer and I’ll be honest, I was almost one of those people. I wasn’t really involved in anything and though I loved my roommates, I didn’t feel a connection to Hofstra. Once I started to get involved on campus, especially in my sorority (Phi Sigma Sigma) it became more fun.

5. The party’s will be busted and you will end up at a bar (at least once)

Be prepared for it. It’s inevitable. In my four years, I think only one of the parties I went to wasn’t busted. Also, make sure you ask if there is still alcohol before you go in, especially if you have to pay. My friends once paid to get into a party and then there was no alcohol left and they couldn’t get their money back. As for the bars, Dizzys is for freshman and Greek Night and McHebes is the most fun. End of story.

Greek Night at Dizzys

Greek Night at The Dizzy Lizard

6. You will be overwhelmed

Stress is a part of college. You have a lot of work in a short amount of time, but you’ll get through it. We’ve all done it. Just do your work (and be prepared that you may be pulling an all-nighter at some point). Remember to give yourself a break sometimes too. It’s ok to skip a class to do work for other classes or to just take a much needed, well-deserved nap. Don’t be so hard on yourself if you do this, it happens to the best of us and the guilt you feel will dissipate by your sophomore year.

7. Use “Rate my Professors”

Look on the website and see what your professors are like, although you should take it with a grain of salt, I found the site to be right on point most of the time.

8. Signing up for classes is stressful

It never gets better, you just get used to it. You will always be on the portal by 11:45 pm, refreshing every couple of minutes until midnight. It will be stressful and things will go wrong. Freshman year, I was given the wrong number so I couldn’t sign in to get my classes and many of my friends were locked out of classes because they were full. Moral of the story, try not to stress, get on the portal early, and have back up classes chosen.

9. Step out of your comfort zone and accept that you are going to change

College is the time where you are supposed to be adventurous and take risks. Be open to everything and don’t be afraid to try something new. You are going to make mistakes and that’s ok. Accept those mistakes, learn from them and move on. You are going to change and others are going to change. Freshman year, I thought I was going to be super close to all of my housemates. I still talk to and am close with a few of them, but others I don’t talk to at all and that’s ok. People change and grow apart. If you can accept that this is part of life, you’ll be fine.

10. “Only at Hofstra”

You will have fun, be stressed, hate your life, want to cry, laugh, dance, get drunk and learn a lot. There will be crazy times and confusing times and through it all you will often say, “Only at Hofstra” and shake your head. You will say this when you see people fighting with swords on the quad outside Lowe—yes, it really is for a class (Stage Combat), you will say it when everyone is drunk and crowded into Dutch at 1 am, you’ll say it when everyone in front of you stops walking in the middle of the path to take pictures of the flowers to post on Instagram. You’ll say it often and though you will say it in frustration at times, when you think back on it all, you’ll say it with a shake of your head and a smile.

Hofstra University

Hofstra University

Good luck to all the incoming freshman babies, and yes, you are a Hofstra baby. Enjoy your four years, they go by faster than you think!