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Dating 101: URI Edition

July 24, 2015 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Colleges, Love

For students at the University of Rhode Island, dating, hooking up, and relationships are pretty common. With 15,000 undergrads on one campus it’s no wonder one-night-stands, long-term relationships, and hook ups are happening. What makes our college campus different from others is how approachable students are. More often than not people are friendly making it easier to meet new people.

What is dating like at URI? I couldn’t really give you a general yet accurate explanation of how it works. From what I’ve seen, we’ve got an even split between relationships and hooks-up. More often than not, single Rhody Rams will take advantage of just about any situation to meet those of the opposite sex. From casual encounters in your classrooms to overly intoxicated nights at the bars, there’s always an end goal: to find someone of the opposite sex to share a medium McDonald’s fries with by the end of the night. No really….I don’t think there’s a way to sum up dating at URI because it all depends on who you ask.

Study Buddy

Study Buddy

I’m single and I like to ‘study’ I have been a witness to a few relationships and hooks up that have sparked from the sharing of interests between two students. It could be their involvement in a club or sport, a course their taking, or a favorite place to just relax. A lot of students at URI will meet during the course of a semester in their classes according to their major. Once you’ve seen someone in one of your classes, the odds are they’ll probably be in another one later on in your college career. Might as well make friends with them, right? After the initial encounter has been overcome, it’s a lot easier for students to transition out of that stage. Ever heard of study buddies and project partners? Well, you’ve just found yourself one that could last a little longer than the actual course does (wink).

Where should I go on my first date? Luckily for you, the University of Rhode Island is located fifteen minutes away from the beach and local restaurants. A walk on the Narragansett Seawall might be a nice start for your date and could transition to dinner at George’s of Galilee. You can never go wrong with seafood, especially the fresh seafood you’ll find in Rhode Island. There’s other possibilities like take a trip to Providence (WARNING: the ride is about 30-minutes so if you’re on a date with someone who isn’t talkative, be prepared for a long and awkward car ride). In Providence you’ll find more to do like arcade games and dinner at Dave and Busters or a walk around the Providence Place Mall. There’s always a lot to do in the heart Rhode Island so you’ll never get bored if you go out on a date there.

Next time you find yourself at the library or in the crowded room of a frat party, look around and introduce yourself to someone. You never know who you may meet; it could be your future Rhody Ram bride or groom or even one-night-stand.

Hook Up University, I mean Hofstra University

July 26, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Love

The Hook Up Culture At Hofstra

Hook Up University is located just 45 minutes away from the Big Apple in the small town of Hempstead. Hook up University is so true its name that Queens rapper Action Bronson has a lyric in his song Alligator about orgies at Hook Up University.

Why would Action Bronson choose Hook up…I mean Hofstra University out of all the schools in New York? Well according to legend, Hofstra has one of the highest STD rates among colleges in America, to the point where a rare strain of herpes called the Hofstra Red has developed.

Many students tend to believe this myth while others like, the University’s health and wellness director, furiously debunk the myth. The student newspaper published an article a few years back about the varying opinions surrounding this vicious rumor. If you ask me its all a bunch mumbo jumbo that a group of students concocted several years back.

If hooking up is what brings you joy in life, you’ll be a very happy camper at Hofstra University. Students look for hook ups everywhere from the club to the Student Center. Most upperclassmen men try to reel in freshmen girls, because they believe that they are young and dumb. So as a young lady it is very important that not get lost in the hook up culture at Hofstra University. Young women must be bold, strong-willed, confident, intelligent, sensible and a careful listener. I would suggest that incoming freshmen, boys and girls alike, should only develop relationships with other freshmen or sophomores. Immature upperclassmen have the capability of being scavengers.

I do not have any friends that are in relationships with other students who also attend Hofstra University. That’s not to say that there aren’t students who have relationships that are blossoming beautifully at Hofstra. I have an acquaintance who dated her boyfriend all 4 years of high school, they decided to attend Hofstra University together and they are still dating. Another couple who I see from time to time met freshmen year of college and have been together ever since. Most people find their significant others via mutual friends, class, events, Student Center, and s clubs.

Casual dating occurs at Hofstra. Casual dating is always the happy medium between hooking up and a relationship. You are somewhat exclusive, but not committed and do not have to deal with the annoying elements that are associated with having a friend with benefits. Most students go to the city, restaurants, shows, Student Center, HofUSA, Dave & Buster’s, and on campus events for dates.

Hofstra University has whatever you are looking for whether it is a committed relationship, a friend with benefits, or casual dating.

Love is Messy But Love at FPU is Messier

July 10, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Colleges, Health, Love

Before I get into what Franklin Pierce University here’s a few basic things you should know about dating in college no matter where you go. First off say “Yes!” …a lot. I’m not saying you should say yes to every single date but you should still say yes a lot. You never know, the guy who asks you out might surprise you. Just have fun though, don’t expect a relationship four years go by fast and a super serious relationship can sometimes bring some damping times. Another big rule is to not go after someone who is already attached, this you should already have known though. Being the other woman (or man) makes things messy. Messiness that you do not want. Finally you shouldn’t date anyone where you live. If things go bad, living in the same place makes it harder to avoid them and get your space cause you will most likely run into them every single day.

Now I wouldn’t call FPU’s “dating scene” really dating. People hang out, have fun, get intimate but labels like boyfriend and girlfriend aren’t hear very often. They do exist but are rarely seen on campus. From what I’ve seen there are two types of relationships. First is the healthy and good kind of relationship, the ones that communicate well, are lovey dovey but still do thing separately. Then there is the relationships that are good when their alone but when they are in public its nothing but constant fighting. Other than that everyone is only wanting one thing.


If you are “dating” someone they’re aren’t a lot of places you can go but you can still have fun. You can watch a movie in your dorm, each lunch together at the cafeteria, play some sports, anything you can really think of but don’t expect a fancy dinner because nice restaurants are slim in the boondocks of New Hampshire. I never had more fun than ordering some take out and watching a new movie on Netflix.

If everyone is hooking up don’t feel pressured to have to hook up too. The same rules of high school apply, you don’t have to do something just because your friends are doing it. And at Franklin Pierce no one ever really pressures you, if you say no that’s not for me that’ll be it. Someone might ask why, you might get teased for a minute but keep saying no and nobody is going to care or pressure you about anything. If you are just hooking up with someone don’t try to turn it into something serious, just enjoy yourself and a relationship might form after time. No one is really ever looking for a relationship or dating, they always just happen.

The Juicy Details on Dating at Wheaton

March 27, 2014 in Campus Life, Love

Couples Are Commonly Seen at Wheaton

Couples Are Commonly Seen at Wheaton

I just wanted to inform everyone now that the title of this article is purely ironic; aspects of most people’s love lives at Wheaton are far from juicy, and some – like mine (sigh) – are downright boring.  Basically, because we’re such a small school, everyone knows everything about everyone else.  Therefore,  students make sure to avoid drama and gossip by not engaging in anything worth talking about since, let’s face it, the whole campus will find out within a day.  Just because there aren’t many scandalous incidents here, it doesn’t mean Wheaton is void of relationships and hooking up; in fact, Wheaton is blooming with love birds, as well as just casual dating.

Everywhere I walk, I see couples together.  The dominant form of love and lust at Wheaton is a serious relationship, or at least an exclusive one.  Most of these relationships, from what I can tell, spark on sports teams.  It’s not rare to have at least one or two serious couples per co-ed team (swimming, track, cross country, tennis), sometimes more depending on the size.  For example, as a member of the cross country and track teams, I know very many people who met their significant other through the sport.  Hooking up is also common among teammates – sometimes with more than one person.  Not surprisingly, this can cause a lot of drama and tension between athletes, but as college students, I think we should know what we’re getting ourselves into.

Don’t be fooled: relationships and hooking up do happen outside of sports teams, and they happen between athletes and non-athletes as well.  It’s easy to meet someone on your floor, at a party, or through a friend of a friend.  Like I said, we have a small campus, so it’s pretty easy to make connections and have your friends set you up.  Members of clubs also tend to date each other.  If you’re just looking for a casual hook-up, a party would be the place to find it.  Wheaton isn’t a crazy party school at all, but when a bunch of people get together on a Saturday night, you’re bound to meet someone you find attractive, or you pursue a friend just to have a fun time.

Unfortunately, women get the short end of the stick at Wheaton, considering the population is made up of only 40% men.  There really are slim pickings here for us ladies, but there are lots of great guys on campus too.  All my friends who are in relationships have met their perfect someone, and they all seem very happy together.  The good thing is, dating in college is a lot more flexible than dating in high school; it’s more acceptable to hook up with someone of a different age (older or younger), so it’s fine to wait and see how the next incoming class turns out.

If you do find that special someone, hanging out with them is the next step (obviously).  Mostly, couples at Wheaton invite one another over to their dorms to chill, talk, watch a movie, or play a game – roommate permitting, that is.  Boy-girl sleepovers are also common here, especially after a Saturday night.  As for going out on dates, well, staying on-campus is a pretty sad story.  Sure, you can eat dinner together at a dining hall, play pool, attend an event, or grab food at The Loft or The Den, but that’s kind of a poor excuse for a date.  Going off-campus is a much nicer scenario because there are several decent restaurants nearby; there’s Sabatino’s, Bertucci’s, and Cosí, for a more formal date, then Friendly’s and Cold Stone for a casual night out.  Patriot’s Place, home to Gillette Stadium, is only twenty minutes away, so you can catch a movie, get dinner, and shop around.  The Xfinity Center is only five minutes down the road, so when warm weather hits, you can go to a concert together.

Altogether, Wheaton’s dating life is pretty typical of a small liberal arts college.  It may not be as juicy and scandalous as that of larger universities, but when the time’s right, most people do meet their perfect match.

Dating At BU: A Female’s Perspective

August 30, 2013 in Campus Life, Colleges, Love

A couple on a romantic date

A couple on a romantic date

To put it simply, dating at Boston University can be rather difficult. And, there’s an obvious reason – the unequal male to female ratio. The university’s male to female ratio is 38% male and 62% female. So, the odds aren’t necessarily in the favor of the women of BU. But, I’d say that most BU men are in favor of the high female population.

This past winter there was a campus-wide survey, taken by over 4,000 students, asking students their opinions about love, sex, and social media. The results of the survey were posted on BU’s popular news website BU Today. A main issue brought up in the survey was romantic prospects at BU, or lack there of – 75% of females believe there are not enough romantic prospects at BU, in contrast 30% of males believe there are not enough romantic prospects at BU. Overall, 51% of BU students believe that social media has taken the romance out of romance. And, students said the best places to meet romantic partners are through friends (60% believed this), in class or on campus (30% believed this), at parties or bars (7% believed this), and online (3% believed this). Overall, BU students agreed that the best way to ask someone out is in person (about 90% believed this).

For the most part, I would agree with the results of this how to date at BU survey. The romantic prospects, especially for females, aren’t that great. In my opinion, social media doesn’t necessarily take the romance out of romance, to me it’s just another way to communicate with a significant other or romantic prospect. I believe that the best way to meet a romantic partner is through a friend or classmate because you will most likely have many things in common with a friend of a friend or a classmate. If you’re looking for a casual hook up or fling, the best place to meet someone is at a party or bar. In my opinion, most students are not looking for a serious romantic partner at a party or bar. And to conclude, asking someone out is really only appropriate in person, over a phone call or texting just isn’t the same as in person!

Free bowling date nights in Boston!

Free bowling date nights in Boston!

Even though it can be hard to find a significant other at BU, if you’re lucky enough to find one, it can be great! Since BU is in the heart of downtown Boston there are so many options for dates, like many different areas for dinner and a variety of activities. For example, the North End and Back Bay are great places for dinner. Downtown Boston also offers many sporting events, concerts, movie theaters, bowling, and more.

It is also common for BU students to date students from other colleges in Boston – like Harvard, Northeastern, Boston College, MIT, Brandeis, Tufts, and even more. Since the campuses are relatively close, students all throughout Boston are bound to run into each other around the city. Now ladies, I know it may seem like the odds are against you, but don’t be completely discouraged. Just because there are not as many males at BU, doesn’t mean that you won’t find yourself going on dates or meeting someone special. It’s still possible and does happen, I promise!