Job Searching

May 8, 2015 in Alive Campus, Career

Once we reach adolescences, our parents are most likely encouraging us to get a part-time job. It is most likely that we would end up working in a retail store like CVS or Walgreens. The lucky ones would end up with a job that is more office like such as a secretary assistance or something in that nature. Once we reach college, we would like, as adults a more fitting job for us such as working in a library, or as a full secretary in a office.  There are others that like to look for jobs that are related to their major, so this way, they will have a feeling of their future jobs and/or gain more experience. Here are some good website where to look for a different jobs while in college and even after graduating college (yet, I believe the best way in getting a dream job is through connections, but as college students we are working on building that connection through out our college years):

Jobs and Internships

Jobs and Internships This job searching website is great for finding any kind of job from working as a waitresses to an accountant assistance. There are plenty of job offers and posting of jobs every day. This website is perfect for students who are currently in college or recent graduates and even people who just graduated from high school. There is a job opportunity for everyone, so people should take advantage of this amazing website.

Note: The key to getting back from a job is to have a great resume AND a cover letter.  A piece of advice, if you apply to numerous jobs at the same time and use the same cover letter then it is most likely that none will contact you back because a cover letter, as most of the people reading this know, is a introduction to your skills, but also your enthusiastic towards being part of their team, so information about their company is needed in each cover letter to let them know you really are interested in getting hired. Another great website to search for a variety of jobs. There are millions of jobs posted every day in in this website, so if you want to look for a job that is related to your interest or major then this is a website to check out. This website is more for internships than for a job offer, but may lead to a full time job offer after graduation. Internships are great for college students to gain experience that will help them after graduating from undergraduate. There are two kinds of internships, paid and non-paid. Some students aim for a paid internships, but I recommend a non-paid internship because it will show that you are doing an internships for the learning experience and not for the paycheck they are offering.

Jobs are important for college students because they help build connections  and are essential to gain more experience for the career that you chose.

#truth: What’s not to like at Pasadena City College

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Everything always seems better in the beginning. Starting college for me was becoming an adult, becoming myself, and getting to make my own decisions. Pasadena City College was not my first choice college, but it is definitely a great start for someone looking to improve their grades or someone who is still figuring everything out. But before saying “I Do” to the acceptance letter, here are a few things I would change and a few things to consider:


1. When Your College Is Not Internship Friendly


I’m a lover of internships. I mean, who doesn’t love a great opportunity in a career setting? So mixing school and internship should be a perfect blend, right? Uhh… WRONG. At least at Pasadena City College, your internship needs in-country, in- state, and practically in-city (at least if you want credit for it, which we all would, right?). I was so excited when I got accepted into the Disney College Program and I couldn’t wait to work for my dream company. So when I found out that PCC offered an internship “class”, I was beyond thrilled to still be able to build my college transcript. Then, the class meeting schedule came out. #uhmmwhat? I was going to be in Florida working at Disney World for five months, how could you expect students participating in internships to come to a class? When I asked the professor if there was any way to gain credit for my internship, she responded by saying, “Apply to a college over there.”  And this was me: #wow #rude #unprofessional #byefelicia. With that said, if you want an internship friendly college, PCC is NOT for you. #iwenttofloridaanyway


2. When Your College Is Overpopulated 


Meeting new people? Heck yes! Having 40 people in a class? It’s possible. Pasadena City College is notorious for being overcrowded. It’s great at first because you get to meet so many new people, but you know its bad when your class is so large, that there isn’t enough seats. Education is something I pay for, so why wasn’t I getting it? It is difficult to learn when education isn’t personal. I practically had to wait in line to have my questions answered. I felt like my teachers hardly had time for me, and what student  PERSON wants to feel left behind? (And not pass a class?)

3. When You Don’t Graduate On Time… Because The One Class You Needed Was Filled


I think this might be a struggle every student deals with. Except PCC is notorious for it. This is another issue in overpopulation. I am in no way graduating any time soon, but I also know not to expect to graduate on time.   Many of the classes I needed just were not available because of priority. I wasn’t even able to get into my math class (which I needed prior to college math). #thestruggleisreal Many of my friends who go to neighboring colleges have had better luck getting the classes they need. HOWEVER, Pasadena City College has an amazing transfer rate… to stay or not to stay…




Jobs and Internships: How you can benefit from them

November 28, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Career

Jobs and Internships

Work experience is definitely a plus when it comes to looking for a job. In my opinion, the more experience you have, especially in the field you would like to go in to, the better chance you have at getting the job of your dreams. So while you are going to classes, it is important to try and get a job and/or an internship. This way you have an idea of what you will be doing once you start applying for jobs when you graduate.

Having a job while going to college can be beneficial in many ways. I know it can get overwhelming and it may be difficult to balance with your schedule, but if you can fit it into your schedule, then you should definitely consider it. Not only does it give you work experience, which is a plus, but it also gives you a little extra cash, which always comes in handy.

Going to a military school it is hard to find the time to have a job with the rigorous schedule we have. We actually are not allowed to have a job off campus, so you are only allowed to have a job that is offered on campus. These jobs include working in the mess hall, the military store, Career Services, the library, Admissions, the Psych Department, the Biology Department, the Alumni Review, etc. I did not have a job until this year because I just couldn’t find the time to have one nor did any of the jobs really seem like something I wanted to do. Ironically, when I got back to school this fall, the entire student body received an e-mail from the Alumni Review magazine looking for a cadet assistant. Since I want to go in to magazine production, I thought I might as well give it a shot. So I applied, had an interview, and was chosen for the job. My duties include cataloguing digital photo files, including locating the files (from disks, PCs or in-house network), organizing and copying them into cataloging software using keywords and other search criteria and maintaining a searchable index of the Review in Microsoft Excel. Even though it does get a little monotonous at times and I have less free time than I did before, I do like my job and the people I work with. It allows me to see how much work it takes to publish a magazine and even though it is a lot of work, I know it is still something I want to do.

Along with having a job in college it is a good idea to have an internship as well. The internship also gives you work experience but more so in the field you would like to go in, if you aren’t lucky enough to get a job in the field you want. AliveCampus was my first internship and I am very grateful for the opportunity. I knew I wanted to go in to the writing and publishing industry and when I interviewed and received this internship I couldn’t have been happier. This internship with AliveCampus has allowed me to develop my writing skills and build my portfolio. Additionally, I get to write about something I enjoy talking about which is a plus. Both this internship and the job I currently have have made me realize that I have chosen the right field for myself.

So by having a job and/or internship while in college, it not only allows you to have a little extra cash, but it gives you work experience which looks great when job hunting later and allows you to figure out if that is the type of job you want to be doing for the rest of your life.

Get that Job or Internship!

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There are tons of internships and jobs on campus at Longwood University.  Here at Longwood, all students are required to do an internship in order to graduate and it is considered a general education goal.

Jobs on campus included working in the dining hall, being a resident assistant, a desk aide, or working in one of the many offices and services that Longwood has.

I myself have a job on campus.  I work as a desk aide in one of the residential communities and love it.  I love the flexibility of my job as a desk aide, and also how it is quiet and productive at the desk in which I work.

My biggest piece of advice when trying to get a job on campus, is to dedicate yourself one hundred percent.  I would also say, that you should go out and seek those jobs and really want them, because if you do not want to give your all, someone else will.

I also have an internship on campus at the public relations office.  My internship is also flexible to my class schedule and allows me to make connections on and off campus that will benefit me in the long run.  During this internship, I get to work with PR firms and also help in the process of rebranding my university.

This past summer, I interned at NASA Langley Research Center, in their Office of Education. There I helped plan events, organize tours of the center, and did public outreach for NASA Langley. I met a lot of people from all across the country, and also go to make connections and listen to interesting speakers every week.

I would recommend everyone, whether required or not get an internship when in college.  This is important, because it helps build up your resume and gives you real life experience to take out with you into the real world.

On college campuses, there are many ways to find jobs or internships, and many resources students an use.  They can go to their university career center, and ask for help in their search.  There, they will go over possible internships with you.

Also, a great way to get an internship or job on campus is to network with the people around you every day.  You can also talk to alumni and your faculty and staff members, but also do not forget about talking to your peers about potential jobs or internships available.

Another piece of advice I would give you, is to check your email for updates and messages from your university career center.  Also, take them your resume and ask them to help you, by proof reading it.

Be aware of job and internship openings and postings all the time.  Also, try and find a job or internship related to your major and future career path.  Be flexible and apply for many jobs and internships and do not throw all of your eggs in one basket, because that will limit you.

Good Luck!

What Are You Working For?

November 7, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Career, Travel

College is a very scary idea for incoming freshman. You are excited to start your journey, of course, but you fear failure. By the time you’re done with your first semester, you know exactly what you personally have to do to succeed and begin to realize that you have a lot of free time. If you’re anything like me, you’ll spend your free time in your first 2 years at college drinking, because why not? Now that I am in my last year of college, I regret all the free time I wasted. I could have been working or doing an internship, not stumbling around dorm halls and forgetting to complete assignments.

Part of this delayed realization could be due to the fact that I was pretty directionless in those years. I had always been very interested in the behind-the-scenes aspect of filmmaking, so I declared a major that was most closely associated with that. But what did I want to do with this degree? Well, in hindsight, I can give advice on this topic: pick up an internship. It looks good on resumes, and it’ll help you narrow down what you are interested in pursuing for a career.

Not ready to jump in the workforce and put that degree to use? Me neither. If you’re in this category, make a plan. Set some goals. Follow a dream. The only person stopping you from doing what you want to do is you. I know how cheap and overused that sounds, but it’s true. I decided last year that I want to move to from Massachusetts to New Orleans after I graduate this year. Do I have a plan of what I’m going to do when I get there? No. Do I have a plan of how to get there? Yes. I work at a busy restaurant waiting tables, and put a set amount of my tips away each week into a savings account. By graduation, I will have saved up enough to get me down there and settled in, before job hunting.

Do I enjoy waiting tables? Balancing the job with school work? Missing out on all the stuff my friends do while I work weekend nights? No, not at all. I actually hate it very much. But I look back and realize that I had an awesome 3 years of college already, and that this is what I need to do to accomplish a goal I set for myself. If I want to make this move happen, I have to work hard for it. And that’s what I’m doing.

So, that’s it. (It’s probably the only time I’ll ever write some kind of an advice post.) Working while you’re at school is going to suck. There’s just no way around it. But you need to make it worth your while. Is it helping to fund a dream of your’s, like mine? Is it helping to pay for your car payments? Cell phone bill? Is it going to help pay off some of your student loans? Then in the end it’s worth it. People always get sad when they think about the end of college. “The best years of your life are over,” they’ll say. To me, why does the party have to stop? Next stop, New Orleans.