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June 5, 2015 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Tech

With digital devices becoming progressively popular in our generation, it’s simply impossible to not keep up to date on the latest gadgets that are especially significant in the college tech world. Technology in itself has certainly become the dominant means through which we perform every little task, whether that’s recording notes in class as the professor speaks or sending out emails on the go with a few simple clicks of a button. Here are just a few things that I feel every college student should have in their possession. Sometimes, the extra money is worth spending, and luckily, students oftentimes receive discounts on certain devices.

Laptop: This is probably most the popular device for taking quick notes, doing research, keeping up to date on assignments, etc. Most students have Macbooks since they are generally lighter than PCs to carry back and forth from class. My recommendation is the Macbook Air for both the price and weight. It’s much lighter than the Pro, which is a huge plus when commuting to class.

Ipad/ Tablet: These are always good for carrying to class since they’re compact and can perform generally everything the same as a laptop. Open up a PDF on the tablet to follow along to notes in class and you’re good to go. Another beneficial item to have is the portable keyboard that enables you to quickly type up notes while in class.

Dr. Dre Beats: A solid pair of headphones is always a useful item to have, whether it’s for working out at the gym or drowning out your loud roommate while trying to do homework.

Portable Phone Charger: We tend to feel lost when we don’t have access to our phones. A student’s smartphone is undoubtedly their best friend for various reasons. So, naturally, owning a charger that’s easily accessible and small enough to carry around is a plus for those who simply need their phones every step they take. And let’s face it, that’s most of us.

GoPro: These are becoming extremely popular for taking high-quality pictures and videos, especially when traveling. If you’re good at photography, then this is a great investment, especially if you plan to study abroad at some point throughout your college career.

Microsoft Surface Pro: This is a popular device that has recently been a hit for college students. It essentially serves as a replacement for bringing a laptop to class. Like the tablet, it can perform everything that a laptop can but without the extra weight. It also has a keyboard which is useful for note-taking and following along in class.

Home Speakers: Every college student appreciates a good pair of home speakers to either blast music while working out or having a house party.

Selfie Stick: Who would have thought that a selfie stick would make its way onto this list? I have already seen multiple students using these around campus to make sure their selfies are nothing short of perfection before posting to Instagram. It’s obvious that social media has taken over at this point with these popular items.

So, while some of these items may be slightly expensive for the broke college student, they’re certainly worth it with the amount of uses that will come out of them. Try your best to convince your parents that the $1000 Macbook Air will be your key to success in college (as long as you’re not browsing social media all day.) It’s worth a shot.

Technology Takeover

Technology Takeover

The Most Useful Devices for College Students

November 7, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life

College today revolves around the digital age. No matter what college campus you are on, you will find laptops, smartphones, tablets and some other random devices. These devices have become a necessity for students in college and this would have been unheard of 20 years ago.

Today’s college students would not be able to get through college if they didn’t have the following or something similar to the following.

  1. Laptops: Laptops are essential to the college student. Pretty much every class requires you to have one in order to do your work. Everything is going digitalized and having a laptop is a lot easier than having a desktop computer. Laptops are portable and easy to use. Additionally, most students take them to class in order to take notes with instead of writing by hand. Typing is a lot quicker and you can record the teacher’s lecture if you want also. Ironically, some teachers want their students to bring their laptops in order to look up websites, articles, or their presentation in order to follow along. Laptops are probably the most useful and used device for college students.
  2. Smartphones: Everywhere you turn, you will most likely see people using their smartphones. Smartphones are like a smaller version of the laptop. They are useful to the college student because they allow you to look something up in an instant and they are easier to carry than the laptop. Teachers are also allowing students to use them in class in order to look up information. Smartphones have so many useful features like GPS, internet connection, and of course the obvious texting and calling that any college student would benefit from having one.
  3. Tablets: Tablets are a combination of the laptop and smartphone put together. They are slightly smaller than the laptop, therefore more portable and easier to carry. But they are also bigger than the smartphone which allows the ability to write and type (with a touch screen). Tablets are useful for taking notes in class without the bulk of the laptop and are also nice because you can watch movies on them without having the big keyboard in the way like the laptops. These features are what college students probably like the most because they have to take notes for class and they also like to watch movies in their dorms. It’s the best of both worlds.
  4. Google Glass: This is a new technology that clips on to your glasses. It is pretty much a smartphone on your glasses. It allows you to navigate, take pictures and video, and give you reminders. This would be a very useful device for college students because they are always on the go and it is a hands free device that has a lot of the features of the smartphone. A perfect combination for college students.

    Google Glass

    Google Glass

 Overall, these devices are, or are becoming, universal in colleges around the world. They are able to provide quick access to information with other features as well for entertainment. They are our present and future and college students would not know what to do without them.

Laptops and iPads and smartphones– oh my!

October 4, 2013 in Tech



In the age of technology, it would be pretty ridiculous to not mention the technology on campus. To survive in college, you need access to the internet 24/7. The college has free WiFi all over campus (even if it’s not always really good all the time). In order to survive in college, you’re going to need some way to write a paper and get connected to the world wide web.

On Assumption’s campus, pretty much every student has their own laptop. There are laptops you can borrow at the library, and desktops in various labs which are available to students pretty much whenever, but it’s also really important to have a laptop in college if you don’t want to spend the whole night in the library trying to finish that paper you forgot about until the night before it was due or if you want to watch that risque video everyone’s talking about. I guess you could do that in the library, but they might not let you come back.

Some students bring their laptops to class, but this still isn’t really popular; most students still prefer a pen and notebook over the temptation to browse Facebook during that dull bio lecture. If you want to bring your laptop to class for whatever reason, you’re going to want a small one. I am certainly not going to lug my 17-inch monster around the hilly campus to take a few notes and check my Tumblr. It’s still overwhelmingly popular to have just a notebook in class, so if you don’t have a laptop, you definitely won’t stand out.

The techy toy you’ll see most often are smartphones. While there are still people without smartphones, they are way more popular than they were two years ago. They aren’t necessary for school, though. I like them because I can check my email at any time, which is helpful when I’m corresponding with people for a group project or if I wake up sick and don’t feel like booting up my laptop just to send my professor a little “I-won’t-be-in-today” message.

Smartphones make it easier to do little things: share files between classmates or read that article for next class as you’re eating lunch. I make full use of my smart phone when I’m at breakfast alone a few days a week; I get caught up on some current events, and that helps the hour or so I spend waiting for my next class go by a little faster.

Having a smartphone also makes it easier to get distracted (Candy Crush, anyone?). Don’t feel bad if you don’t have one; Assumption has computers for the student use in at least four of its buildings, so if you’re ever out of the dorm and need to check up on something real quick, you’ll still be able to do what you need. Commuters and residents can use the various computer labs, so all students have easy accessibility to computer labs (and free printing!).

Another popular thing is the iPad. Since the Honors College students get free iPads, they are pretty common to see around campus. I think they’re just glorified smart phones. Tablets are not college necessities, like a laptop would be, but if you don’t have a laptop this would be the next best thing. The only perk iPads or other tablets have over laptops is their portability. It’s not difficult to bring around one of these brittle little toys, but they’re prone to cracked screens and being altogether useless.

by Ruthie

Gadgets and Gizmos a-Not-So-Plenty?

May 31, 2013 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Colleges, Tech

So this week I’m to write about gadgets and technology and things. When I first saw this, my reaction was:

(taken from here:

And then I ran in the other direction.

But I’ve decided to woman up and face my fears and give myself some credit that I actually know how to navigate technological devices.

So. What are the latest gadgets or digital devices I’ve seen around campus lately? Well, IPhones. Lots and lots and lots of IPhones. As I am an Apple groupie (and yes, when I was in silicon valley we went to their campus/building whatever you call it) I  propose a toast to Apple and it’s ability to sell so many phones and take over college campuses (we even have an Apple store in the basements of one of our buildings). Almost everyone has an IPhone or some other form of smart phone, and it’s great. Though there is a lack of normal digital cameras. I wonder if the era of standard digital cameras is ending. People only use their artsy big black multi-lense cameras (I would love one).

Laptops are definitely necessary as well. If you ever think you’ll survive college without a laptop, you’re wrong. So start saving. Now. Laptops are our lives, and I watch mine like Cerberus, as my laptop is really my life and I don’t know what I would do if it was stolen.

Other gadgets….I’m not the most observant person in the world, and as school is over I’m relying solely on memory.

Our school likes to use clickers, which are devices that are used in class in order for the students to answer multiple choice questions in big classes and show that they’re there.

There’s a third most obvious thing that comes to mind (and as I go to Hopkins it’s pretty prominent on campus) X-box. Boys (mostly, if you’re a girl and love video games props to you) but in my circle of friends, we tend to lose the boys to video games for hours on end. It is oh so frustrating, and people do get really addicted, so they can border on dangerous. In the way of not doing work or studying. Not the life-in-peril-on-the-side-of-a-cliff way.

Another one is iPads. One would think that these things are useless and why would anyone buy one if he or she has a mac or an iPhone. Well, I’m not exactly sure why, but my friend has a stylus and uses hers to take notes. It’s a lot easier than carrying around a laptop and it’s like a phone and a mini computer all in one. But how much it is used really depends on the person.

Now, what gadgets have I seen recently that I recommend? Well, Fitbit is something that I would recommend to anyone–not just college students. It regulates all your activities, and it can tell what you’re doing and let you know how much exercise you’re getting. It can even measure whether you’re going up or down stairs. I think it’s great, and a good way to let you know how healthy you’re being. You can look at it on this website:

Anyway, I’ve noticed that people carry around a lot less now in terms of technology. I don’t bring my digital camera around anywhere, and I can use my iPhone if I don’t feel like bringing around my laptop. Technology is great. But we have to be careful that it doesn’t take us from our friends and our work in college.

BEWARE OF THE INTERNET (interesting coming from me as I am a total buzz feed addict).

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