Senior Year in College

December 12, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Colleges

So you have reach senior year, what now? Do you go to graduate school or start working? Before you start all that process of looking for a graduate program and start looking for a job it is important to enjoy the last year as an undergraduate school. To fully enjoy your last year at as an undergraduate student make sure you do the following activities: go to parties, take a trip, take fun classes as electives (if you can), and get involved in school activities and events.

Senior Year

Senior Year!

Go To Parties: In many articles about what to do as a freshman in college the number one activity that must be done is go to a college party. I believe it is an important to experience going to a party as part of being a college student. If you are like some people that did not experience going to a party during their first three years in college, then as a senior try going to a one. A person can go to a party without dropping their grades by going once a week or once a month or just once to experience going a real college party.

Take a Trip: As a senior make sure to take any kind of trip, a one day trip or a week. If there is a weekend that there are not a lot of homework or papers due, take that as an opportunity to take a trip to a city near by. For example, I sometimes go to New York from Boston. I just take the greyhound bus that takes me to New York city and it is not that expensive. Trips are the best way to relax your mind and body of all the stress school can create. If possible, try going to go with friends no more than three to make your trip more enjoyable. I say no more than three people because sometimes going with a lot of people can become stressful and unpleasant.

Take Fun Classes As Electives: As a senior, there are some classes that must be taken to be able to graduate on time, but if you have electives that you need to take to meet the requirement of credits to be able to graduate, then take classes that are fun. Classes that you are interested in, not that the classes for your major are boring, but classes that you always wanted to try taking like an art class, or a history class. It is fun to explore new classes outside your major to explore your interests.

 Attend School Activities and Events: It is always a fun idea to attend activities on campus and events that are happening during the night or day in your school. This is a great way to relax and get the mind off school work and be able to have fun by participating in school dances or play games. This is always a fun way to meet new people on campus or talk to people you never had the opportunity to talk to before.

Being a senior in college is stressful, but taking time to relax and enjoy some free time, it is possible to have a great senior year without feel worn out.  

Buzzfeed Giving Life Advice: Good or Trash?

August 15, 2014 in Alive Campus, Reviews, Tech

Buzzfeed, the content megaprovider

The Internet is polluted – not just with ads, pop-ups, and porn, but with self-entitled authors of articles for websites that believe they know you well enough to help you better your life. 33 Tips to Trick your Man into Loving You, 42 Reasons you need to go to the Gym Today, 10 Life Hacks for Ultimate Wins (what the hell does that even mean?) It’s all the same. It’s some author, ahem, excuse me, “journalist,” who is being paid to push out bullshit content so the website gets more hits, and they in turn, make more money. It’s ideally the same principle Marvel Studios has been using for to reign supreme over the box office every time they release a new movie. They know it’s a money vehicle, so who cares about the quality of the movie? Someone will buy a ticket.

The good about Buzzfeed:
Buzzfeed is force to be reckoned with; fan, enemy, or unaffected, it is an undeniable fact. I am just as bad as the next person, rolling my eyes at how dumb the articles are, yet continuing to read. Why do we do it? It’s easy and it’s mindless. After a hard workday or an 8-page thesis paper, do you want to read a hard-hitting article on the pro’s and con’s on the Pet and Women Safety Act of 2014? No, you want to look at pictures of food or cute pets until you decide it’s time to heat up that Hot Pocket for dinner. The worst part about Buzzfeed’s success is that it has happened because we (where “we” is mostly college-aged kids) let it happen.

“Journalism” at it’s finest

The bad about Buzzfeed
Buzzfeed is a content website, first and foremost. The website definitely has an agena – no way around that, but they want to provide the content, mostly. The bigger reaction they can get from an audience, whether it is positive or negative, is the goal. Just last week, Buzzfeed published 3 different stories regarding a CBS Today interview with Seth Meyers. Three. Why wouldn’t all 3 topics be included in one article? Because a Seth Meyers fan will click on all three, and they’ll get more site hits. When Beyoncé dropped her surprise album back in December, they dedicated a whole post to the “Internet’s Reactions” to her album. The content was completely lifted from social media users. Yes, the users were credited, but the staff didn’t have to do any work to create the post.

In their famous countdown-based life posts, they are guilty of generalizing their audience. Implying that all college students look for the same experience while at school. Just follow these 30 steps, and your college career will be perfect. Except for the million different routes you can take that their “life posts” don’t account for. This causes a large uprise in the comments section, sharing on social media that causes more hits, and more money in the content monster’s pocket.

I’m not saying you should abandon Buzzfeed. I’m not going to. It’s entertaining. But when something is entertaining, that doesn’t mean it is of high quality. It is mindless, it is trash, and it a monster website that isn’t going anywhere any time soon. I hope they enjoyed their free publicity!

UMaine dorm life had it’s ups and downs

July 24, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Colleges

UMaine Dorms

What’s not to love about UMaine dorm life? Meeting so many new people at various times of the night there is never a dull moment in the dorms. But, after a while the dorm life can get old and you find yourself wanting to leave a soon as possible. I lived in the dorms for two years until I moved into an on-campus apartment and here are the worst and best parts about dorm life.


Worst parts of dorm living

RA’s – Just seem like they are there to spoil your fun. Don’t be too loud because you might get a noise violation or a knock on the door from the RA. Some of them have been fairly lenient and didn’t take the RA power too seriously. Others though, you thought you were in a dictatorship. Any little noise, a loud laugh would follow with a knock on the door…You had to pick your spots carefully for where you were going to hangout in a dorm. Always check to with your friends to see who had the cool RA to have a small party in your dorm room.

Bathrooms – Sometimes you just want to use the bathroom without having the overwhelming aroma of puke to start your morning. But, on most Saturday mornings you would find that pleasant hello to start your day.  Most people were decent and would clean after themselves, then there were was that one guy that clogged the toilet, followed up by puking all over the stall… It’s funny looking back on it but at the time I hated it.

Best parts of dorm living

Meeting tons of people – One thing that brought me back to dorm life was how many people I met in my dorms every year. Constantly having nightly hangouts with everyone on your floor and it is a bonus when the majority of the people on your floor are girls. Who wouldn’t want to have those numbers in your favor?

Having the “cool” room – My roommate and I always had the “cool” room where everyone would come to hangout on any given night. It helped because we had a giant flat screen TV and surround sound, made it the perfect spot for movie nights or for a night of some drinking.

Never know what’s going to happen – On any night anything fun or crazy can happen in the dorms, you just learn to expect it. Random night of playing assassination the game was a great surprise for many and was a cool way to meet people. Floor parties would happen all the time, go out in the hall to use the bathroom and invite 5 people back to your room for a game of pong was always a blast. You just never know what is going to happen on any given night.

Overall, my dorm living experience was great and I would never trade it in for apartment living. I feel like you lose so much when you move off-campus. You aren’t as involved in what is happening on campus and constantly having to drive from your apartment to class can be a drag. Stay on-campus and enjoy everything that it offers!

Unpaid Internships: Why We Do It

July 3, 2014 in Alive Campus, Career

Everybody says you need an internship in college.  Staring at their empty bank accounts, many students can feel stressed out at the pressures of landing an internship.  Many students may feel a bit unmotivated looking for an internship knowing that, more likely than not, the experience will be unpaid.  Being paid in Trident Layers sounds more appealing than that.  There are, however, many positives to having an unpaid internship. Here are a few reasons why having an unpaid internship is not a waste of your time and effort.



Almost all internship opportunities allow you to count your work as course credit.  This is a great way to break up your long week of classes by actually getting out of the classroom and doing something more hands on.  An internship doesn’t feel like a class, without notes, lectures and exams, but it counts all the same.  In fact, internships will probably prepare you for the future better than most classes can.

Resume Building

Building a strong resume is one of the first steps to landing a real full time job.  Internships are a great way to do that. Future employers will be able to see the skill sets you have developed through legitimate work experiences.  Experience in the job hunting world is key. If you are able to make your resume stand out with internship experience, you will one step closer to a solid job with a solid paycheck.


Interning with a company opens up the opportunity to meet and connect with a new pool of professionals.  By networking with these individuals you are setting yourself up to be recognized within the company as well as outside of the company. In both cases, you may be able to find potential job offers.

Experience in your field

If you are able to, it is best to find an internship related to your area of study or a field you are interested in.  Once you’ve gained some experience in your field you will be able to more easily find where you fit in and where you want to be.  An unpaid internship is not a long term commitment. You may find you actually want to pursue something else after testing the waters. Or, you may find you love what you’re doing and pursue it further.  An unpaid internship is sort of like a free demo of your career path.  Explore your interests and see what you can find.


Surviving College: A Four Year Guide

May 30, 2014 in Academics, Alive Campus, Campus Life, Career

After high school graduation, everybody will have some advice to throw at you upon entering college.  Your parents will tell you to pick a good major and stay focused. Your grandparents will tell you to work hard. Your uncle will tell you the same thing. Your cool uncle will hint that you should live it up and have some fun. So will your older siblings. Receiving all of this advice at once can be confusing and overwhelming, but it’s important to understand that all of this advice is useful if put together in the right way. I’ve broken down the four years of college and provided you with some small pieces of advice that may guide you to a successful and fulfilling college career.


Freshman Year

Head into freshman year with an open mind. Join a bunch of clubs and organizations, some you are interested in and some you know next to nothing about.

Try to develop a schedule for yourself. Your life isn’t structured around high school bells anymore. Make sure to make time for class, lunch, maybe the gym, studying and time with friends.

Get your core classes out of the way if you have any.. especially math. You’ll forget how to do algebra a lot quicker than you think.

Have fun. Realize that you only have four years and that they go by very quickly.


Sophomore Year

Start focusing in. If you don’t have a major yet, really try narrowing it down and work on declaring by the end of the year.

Become more involved in one or two of the groups you joined. Eventually you may gain a particular role like president or treasurer. This looks great on a resume and teaches you great life skills in general.

Try to stick to that schedule you made freshman year and even work on improving it.

Have fun. Realize you’re already half way through college.


Junior Year

Really settle in. Power through those tough classes required for your major.

Involve yourself around campus as much as possible.

Get an internship related to your field of study. Or any internship. Any experience is good experience.

Start thinking about potential career paths and what you really want to do with your life.

Have fun. Realize you only have one more year left of college.


Senior Year

Don’t stress. Seriously. Don’t.

Go on interviews but don’t accept a job offer right away if it’s not what you really want. Keep looking.

If getting a meal plan is an option, get one… even if it’s just for a few meals a week. If you don’t, you’ll miss it. I promise.

If you’re done with your major and need some filler classes, take classes you find interesting rather than just going for the easy A. If you’re interested in the subject you’re more likely to get an A anyway. You won’t get opportunities to learn about these topics as easily once you’re out of college. Plus, you’re already paying for these classes, so don’t just throw them away.

Have a blast. Realize this is it. College life is over and soon you’ll be developing your own survival guide for the real world.