Is Online Dating Worth It?

February 6, 2015 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Colleges, Love

Online dating has been increasing and has become normal over the years. Virtually, meeting a person has become a easy method for those individuals who have a difficult time finding a person or are not very good with flirting or asking someone out in person to meet someone. Using the computer or app (which has become popular recently too) it’s easy to engage in a conversation and deepen the relationship. Yet, there are some important problems that I considered are not healthy for a person’s social engagement. First, hiding behind a computer or a mobile phone is what I consider, hiding from others. Second, it is possible that because you really do not know who the other person is like, even if they show you their picture, may be a horrible person who you should not associate with. Thirdly, in my option, it is better to meet a person the traditional way, meeting in person.

Online Dating

Online Dating! This website is one of the early websites to encourage online dating. Match has become so popular that people who are considered socially awkward are encouraged to use this site to meet someone. I can see why this website or even online dating in general can be beneficial to people who have a difficult time showing their good qualities because a lot of people, in this generation, focus on appearance and ignore the feelings and thinking of others. Yet, I still do not believe that hiding behind a computer is the best way to meet a person. For example, you may meet someone using this website and the way they express themselves are to your liking, but after meeting in person things start to change. Yes, online dating do come with some risks to meeting such as person, but why use a online website to get yourself in that situation. On the other hand there are some people who meet horrible people in the traditional way, in person.

The statements above may sound like I am contradicting myself, but I just want to make clear that online dating is not for everyone. There are people who although have a difficult time meeting a person the traditional, in person, would rather wait until it happens than try online dating.

Tinder: I’ve never use the Tinder app before, so my opinion about it may not be fully accurate. I do want to say that after reading some reviews about this app, it can be interesting meeting people around your area who you have never met before. Like many other apps, Tinder has horrible reviews that just doesn’t want to make a person use it.

Apps and websites can be a good way to help others meet someone whom they might be interested in, but it is important to recommend that using the internet to meet someone who you might want to spend the rest of your life will be a gamble. I would rather go the normal way to meet someone like thought a friend, a party, in a event, church, train, cafe, etc. It is a story to remember and not just say we met in a website like Match or though an app like Tinder.