Spring Break Destinations

March 6, 2015 in Alive Campus, Colleges, Events, Travel

In the spirit of spring break being this coming week (for some college students) or the following week, I have decided to write about popular destinations for spring break. Here are the top 4 places that college students must go, at least once, before graduating from college.

Spring Break 2015!

Spring Break 2015!

Miami, FL: I know that for some college students this may be an overrated place to go for spring break, but if you want to experience the feeling of a real spring break then this is a must go destination. Going to the beach, enjoying the nice weather, especially if you live in a state where it is cover with snow (I live in Boston, MA). Miami is also a place where the night life is active. If you enjoying going to the clubs, drinking (if you are 21 or older) or enjoying the music and environment then this is a great place to go. If you want to have a great time without going to the clubs then going to theme part like Islands of Adventures or Disney Downtown is a great way to spend some of your spring break.

Acapulco, Mexico: This is another popular place to go during spring break. Some may say not to go to Mexico because it has become a dangerous country, and it is true, but if you do decide to travel to Acapulco, just travel with cautious. Despite its dangerous environment, Acapulco, is a wonderful place to travel to. It has wonderful beaches and the weather is great. Since this is a popular destination for spring breakers, then there are a lot of parties and events happening during the month of March, for college students to enjoy. Acapulco is also tourist friendly, so it is okay to travel to Acapulco without speaking Spanish.

Las Vegas, Nevada: If you want to have a great time then going to Las Vegas is another must go. I know some of the people reading this might had already traveled to Las Vegas before with either their family or with other people, but going to Las Vegas for spring break is another unique experience. There are the casinos, clubs, and other activities that are fun and enjoyable to do. If you want to have a once in a life time experience then go to Las Vegas for spring break.

Puerto Rico: This is another destination to go to for spring break. Like Miami, Puerto Rico has wonderful beaches and at night, there are many clubs and activities to do that will make you wonder why you have not travel to Puerto Rico before, at least that’s what the reviews say, but like every review they can be wrong. So just go to Puerto Rico and experience it yourself!

There are many places to travel to for spring break, but deciding which one is the most fun to experience is difficult. As a college student, it is necessary to travel to one of these four destinations at least once before graduating because you will have the wonderful experience of a college spring break. 

by Rachel

Spring Break: Let’s Get Away

May 19, 2013 in Alive Campus, Colleges, Reviews, Travel



So you want to get away for Spring break? Be part of the Spring Breakers scene? Live life like the college movies you and your friends have seen? Well, stop that. If you’re going on a trip with your fabulous friends, go for them, go for the good times and great moments that you are guaranteed to make while you’re off in some costal country like, Mexico. The second you stray and try to act like someone else some made up movie character, well that’s when your carefully planned trip will turn into something less than great.

So for all you who aren’t trying to act like Ashley Benson from Spring Breakers…. Here are a few top Spring Breakin’ locations that are all University of Arizona Student approved:


Truthfully, what’s not to love about this Mexican paradise? There are tons of all inclusive, beachfront resorts, cheap drinks, the mango deck, sunshine, esthetically   pleasing people and a wonderful law that allows every 18 year old to rage like their 21 year old alter ego. But, keep in mind as fabulous as Mexico looks and sounds, the country is not without its problems. There are corrupt cops, the water must be carefully consumed and if you mess up, well, good luck, because most likely you if you’re in a sticky situation in Mexico your luck may have just run out.

Additionally, Cancun and Puerto Vallarta are other just-as-popular-Mexico hot spots.

Lake Havasu, Arizona

Don’t let judgmental comments keep you away from this natural oasis. Myself, like many others thought it was a hick place, where only white trash and river rats came to get away, but lately it’s become a booming college destination. This hot little lake city should definitely make its way onto any serious spring breakers’ lists. The best part about Lake Havasu is the weather; it’s hot, really hot, year round. The lake feels like a giant Jacuzzi at all times. When you’re on SB good weather is one of the most important elements. So pack your bikinis, grab ten of your friends and shove yourselves all into one lake front hotel room (I recommend the Nautical) and crack open a few beers. But, beware this awesome lake isn’t without its own faults. You have stand-offish locals, police officers that are on the prowl for kids boating under any influences and the food cant be compared to any five-star eatery.

So like Mexico, or any other spring break location use your head, have fun, but don’t be stupid, because these places aren’t Las Vegas, what you do in these cities wont just stay here.