Movies You Should Watch in College

April 10, 2015 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Reviews, Top 10 Lists

I’m gonna be bold and say that movies are THE best past time in college. Literally, nothing is better than sitting around with your roommates and watching a good movie when you’ve got nothing else to do. There is also nothing better than finding the perfect movie to fit the mood that you’re in at the moment. Here are some movies that ALL college kids should see before they graduate – no exceptions.



1. Animal House: This is one of those movies that will NEVER get old. It’s downright hilarious and has a great cast to match. I’m personally a fan of older movies myself, which is why I love this one so much. This is the original funny college movie that all college kids should see!

2. Old School: Luke Wilson, Vince Vaughn, and Will Ferrell, need I say more? This is another hilarious movie that will keep you laughing the entire time. The lengths that these men will go to to restore their youth is not only entertaining but also ridiculous! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

3. The Breakfast Club: If you’ve never seen this movie you’re missing out on a great classic. It’s one of those movies that you can watch over and over again and it will still be relevant. It’s also one of those movies that leaves you feeling pretty pleasant, which is always nice. It has some great actors and dialogue that you’ll love!

4. Good Will Hunting: This is such an amazing and inspiring movie. Matt Damon and Robin Williams are so good as always, and it’s a great story. My favorite part of this movie in particular is the bar scene where Matt Damon’s character shuts down this pretentious jerk – it’s one of those moments where you literally get up and root for the protagonist.

5. Crash: This one is kind of random, but I think that it’s a really powerful movie that teaches a lot about life and also makes you think about how you treat others. It’s a really cool concept and there are also a lot of great actors in it. It also has one of those endings where everything suddenly comes together.

6. 12 Years a Slave: I put this in here because I think that it’s really a movie that everyone should watch. It’s definitely a hard movie to watch because of it’s content and the history behind it, but it teaches you more about slavery than any book or class could. It really hits on your emotions and makes you think about your life and how much you have.

7. Dear Zachary: Alright, I had to throw a documentary into this because I love them. This is a documentary on Netflix that will literally leave you speechless. It’s a heartbreaking story that is almost unbelievable to fathom, but it’s true and it’s a beautifully made. You will shed some tears watching this.

8. Bridesmaids: This is a fairly new movie that has some great actors and dialogue in it. This is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen, and it has some great scenes that you’ll want to quote. You have to see it.

9. Billy Madison: Who isn’t a fan of Adam Sandler? I have to say that this is one of his best films besides “Big Daddy”. It’s obviously hilarious and will also leave you with so many quotes you’ll be laughing at forever!

10: The Goonies: This is such a classic if you haven’t seen it you’re doing it wrong. It’s such a great story and gives you such nostalgia as you watch it. “Goonies Never Say Die!”

There you have it – my top picks for great flicks for all you college kids. I promise, all of these movies are worth watching! Enjoy!

Movies College Students Should Watch

February 20, 2015 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Colleges, Reviews

Every year many movies come out in the theater and people try to watch those movies that look fun, funny, and action filled. It is impossible to watch all of them and some people watch certain movies based on the reviews and its popularity. Here are some movies that should be watched by college students at least once in their lifetime. These movies are not in any specific order:

Popcorn Time!!

Popcorn Time!!

12 Years a Slave: Since this movie came out in theaters I have been hearing great reviews about it. I have heard it shows a true side of slavery that some people try to ignored (the horrible treatment towards slave). I have not watched this movie because I have not found it online in streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu. Despite me having not watch them movie, I still recommend this movie to other college students. It can be difficulty to watch, especially since it’s a topic people try to stay away from, but it’s a real eye opener for those who want to know or do not want to see the horrors of slavery.

Spirited Away: To some people this movie can be seen as a movie for little kids since it’s an anime. Yet, Miyazaki Hayao’s movies has a deeper meaning behind them. Spirited Away tells a story of a little girl whose parents are turned into pigs and she ends being stuck in the spirit world. Her only option is to work at a Onsen, a hot spring, which according to Miyazaki represent how in the past little girls worked as prostitutes in these Onsen. There are many themes and motifs in this movie. If you are interesting in them check out a sparks notes analysis of the movie:

 Paranormal Activity: To some people this movie is scary and would stay away from it, but this movie is really funny. The story plot has potential, but the first half of the movie is boring, half way through the movie is funny, and the ending is a cliffhanger, but it can be funny to watch with some friends. If you have not watch this movie because it’s classify as a horror movie, then you are missing out on a comedy film.

The Godfather: Some people may have already watched this movie by now, but this movie is a classic and those who have not watch it yet should go watch it right now! It’s exciting and fun to watch. There is even a sequel and they are in Netflix, so there is not reason to not watch it.

 Gravity: I have not seen this movie yet, but it looks like a great movie to watch. I remember hearing and reading positive reviews, so why not give it a change!

These are some of the movies I believe should be watched by every college students. The movies mention above are fun to watch, funny, and some may even have a deeper meaning behind them. It’s winter time, and if you live in the Northeast, then you probably have piles of snow all around you, so why not stay home, if possible, and watch some movies! 

Movies for the College Student

January 31, 2015 in Alive Campus, Reviews

Watching movies is one of my favorite things to do. However, my taste in movies is slightly different from your average college student. I have a thing for older movies starting in the 40s. My dad would always make me watch the older movies because he grew up with them and felt they were more pure and had better acting—which is probably true to some extent. I also have a thing for western movies as well, which are probably not what the average college student watches. But despite this, here are the top movies for college students and why you should watch them if you have not already.

  1. Legally Blonde: This is a classic movie every college student should watch no matter if you are a guy or a girl. The movie is basically about a college sorority girl who decides to go to law school in order to get her boyfriend back who just dumped her. It is a great movie and very funny and entertaining to watch. Who knows, you might be able to relate to her.Legally_blonde
  2. Pitch Perfect: I can almost guarantee every college student has probably already seen this movie and if you haven’t then you are wrong. It is such a funny movie that everyone would enjoy. The movie is about a girl who joins an all-female singing group. The humor is fantastic and the singing is perfection. You’ll be singing the songs with them by the end of the movie and will continue to sing them once the movie is over.pitch perfect
  3. Sydney White: I know this movie is probably cliché and goes with the theme of the other two movies but I think this is a must-see for college students. This movie is about a girl who goes off to college and tries to join the same sorority her mother was in when she was in college. She soon finds out it was not what she had hoped for. It’s a dorky movie but at the same time it is uplifting as white
  4. The Prince and Me: This is another chick flick like the other three but it has a very good story line. This movie is about a focused pre-med student who ends up falling in love with a prince from Denmark. She has to decide if she is going to throw all of her hard work away just to be with him. It really makes you think about the choices that you are faced with in life and making sure to make the best decision for you.the prince and me
  5. An Education: Now this one may not have been seen by as many people as the other four and is slightly different. This movie is about a girl in England who plans to attend Oxford but must decide between blowing her chances at Oxford in order to experience the world with an older man. It’s definitely worth your time to watch and of course it has a lesson in the movie, but it may surprise you in the end. an education

Overall, these movies are definitely worth a college student’s time because they all take place at college and they all have a lesson about life in them as well. They are funny and also somewhat relatable. And in the end, you can never go wrong with a chick flick.

Top Movies for College Students

January 10, 2015 in Alive Campus

Mean Girls- This is a movie that basically ever girl (and boy!) in college has probably seen at one point in there life.  It is a very funny movie starring Lindsey Lohan.  The movie is set in high school, but college students still enjoy the movie that is based off social cliques and fitting in.

13 Going on 30- This movie is an inspiring yet cute romantic-comedy of a 13 year old girl who wishes to become 30.  The dream comes through with the help of a little sparkling dust that falls on her given to her by her best friend.  She becomes 30 and learns life lessons and falls in love.  She gets the career of her dreams, but soon realizes that she has not become the person she wants to be.  This movie is great for college students as the learn to grow and evolve.  From this movie they can learn about love and happiness, and also about making decisions for themselves as the move on into the real world.

Wolf of Wall Street- Although very inappropriate and intense at some moments, this movie is great for college students who enjoy watching movies with such themes.  Starring the ever-so-popular, Leonardo Dicaprio, this movie is about a stock broker who breaks the rules and lives on the edge.  After watching his who work fall apart by the end of the film, you almost would find it surprising that the movie is based off a true story.  But, it is perfect for college students because of its adult content and themes. It is also fairly new!

21- 21 is a great film about college students.  Student who watch the films can identify with the characters in which they are close to age and the intense and intrecate storyline.  The movie is about gambling college students, who find themselves in deep trouble, and it takes you on a wild ride, with some awesome acting.

The Social Network- Well, almost all college students are obsessed with Facebook.  This movie is based off the founding of one of the most (if the most) successful social media platforms ever created.  College student will love this movie because it gives them insight on something that most use everyday, and also shows the struggles and triumphs that Facebook went through to become what it is.  Also, starring the same guy as in 21, this movie again has amazing acting and even has Justin Timberlake for the ladies.

Legally Blonde- What list of top movies for college students would not include Legally Blonde?  None.  Legally Blonde is the perfect chic-flick.  Starring the ever infamous, Elle Woods (really Reese Witherspoon) who plays an “so called” dumb sorority girl, who just lost the love of her life and to get him back, decides to go to law school at none other than Harvard.  She ends up getting in and defying stereotypes that are put on her.  It is a great movie for college students (specifically girls), because of its relatable characters and themes.  It also has humor and is fun to watch.

movies for college students

movies for college students

Five Fantastic Films for College Students

August 11, 2014 in Alive Campus, Reviews

Who doesn’t love a good movie?! Those few opportunities that we college students have to relax can be perfectly filled with one of these five awesome films:

Good Will Hunting:

good will hunting

Good Will Hunting is an astounding, touching film about a poor kid named Will Hunting with a manual labor job in Boston (Matt Damon) who is secretly a genius. His talents are discovered, so he begins studying highly advanced math with a professor at MIT, and attending sessions with a therapist (Robin Williams). These new opportunities challenge and change Will, and force him to think about and look at life differently. Prep yourself for the amazing scene with Robin Williams and Matt Damon sitting in a park (it’s filmed in the Boston Common, which college students in Boston will love!) when Dr. Maguire, the therapist, tells Will that he is “just a kid.”

Dead Poets Society:

dead poets society

Maybe I’m just on a Robin Williams kick since the news of his death was released today, but I genuinely believe that Dead Poets Society is yet another wonderful film that is perfect for the college-aged crowd–especially those interested in any English or literature-related field. The movie is about a high school English teacher, Mr. John Keating (played by Robin Williams), who inspires his students in unimaginable ways through the teaching of poetry. His unconventional ideologies and teaching methods clash with the very conservative Welton Academy at which he teaches, but Keating sticks to his guns and gives his students a new outlook on life.



A total guilty pleasure movie–Accepted is all about a high school graduate who isn’t accepted to any of the colleges his parents expected him to attend, and thus decides to invent an entirely new school to hide the truth from his parents. The absurd plot and stupid jokes make for a light-hearted comedy that will probably relieve a lot of high school grads who are nervous about the upcoming chapter in life that is college. The main character, Bartleby, reveals through his crazy antics just how ridiculous the education system can be.

The Breakfast Club:

breakfast club

Most people are relieved that high school is over, but sometimes it’s nice to get a little reminder of those crazy high school days. Or maybe to just be reminded of how much better college is than high school. Either way, The Breakfast Club is a classic 80s flick about a group of eclectic, extremely different high schoolers from different cliques who are forced to spend time with each other during detention. In typical Hollywood fashion, the kids figure out how to put their differences aside and end up bonding in ways they never expected.

Animal House:

animal house

Another college-student must, Animal House is a classic movie about a grumpy college dean who is determined to expel an entire fraternity of rowdy boys. The frat boys cause nothing but trouble for the school through their wild drinking, parties, and general debauchery. Animal House is generally accepted as one of the greatest comedies of all time–with good reason.