Rhody Ragers: The URI Party Scene

June 12, 2015 in Campus Life, Colleges

The best way to break this down is to base the party scene at URI on what year you’re in!

Freshmen: Okay, so maybe Barlow Circle isn’t exactly a party spot, but for the first few weeks you’re at URI you’ll probably meet a lot of your soon-to-be friends here. After dinner, freshmen usually walk around campus looking for plans (don’t worry – this won’t last long). Everyone eventually finds their way to Barlow Circle and you sort of just hang out there. Have some laughs, meet some new people and get honked at by upperclassmen driving by…you’re only a freshmen once, live it up.

Like I said, don’t worry because it won’t last long. Before you know it, you’ll make friends and start getting invited to parties. At URI, students who live in Narragansett, down near the beach refer to their borough as ‘down the line.’ These houses are rented our during the school year to students like you and me. So essentially, they’re the perfect spot for parties especially when you get together a group of friends and just hang out. Parties ‘down the line’ are acceptable for freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. They never really get old!

Sophomores: At this point, you’ll probably have gone to a decent amount of parties ‘down the line’ and have probably traveled to new and old Eastward, another hot spot for student parties, at some point. These house parties are great and everything, but you’re probably wishing you had access to a different side of the party scene. Well for those of you capable of getting into bars…there’s a few you should know about:

Bobby G’s is great for some Tidal Wave Tuesdays. With a dance floor and a live DJ, you can’t go wrong with going to this bar for a night out. Very casual, yet fun – so grab a bunch of your friends and head over there if you’re looking for something to do during the week.

Poncho O’Malley’s also has a lot going on with music and is hot spot for students on Wednesday nights. $10 sangria pitchers and your night has basically been made thanks to Poncho’s! Not a bad deal for students on a budget, if you ask me.

URI Darty

URI Darty

Every wanted to day drink, jump on bouncy castles and eat some burgers while you’re at it? Welcome to a URI ‘darty.’ This day party will be hosted at a students house when the weather gets nice. Suns out? It’s darty time!

Juniors: Well, now that most you have definitely gotten sick of the house parties in Narragansett, welcome to the grown-up world! You’re now 21 and can legally go into bars (congrats, you made it). One of the  good things about Rhode Island is that you can take advantage of the bars in the area. Bonvue, sometimes referred to as “Bon-Zoo” because of how wild it gets, is a great place to go on Thursday nights. You’ll probably see every URI student you’ve ever met, but that makes the drinks taste a little better and the music a little more fun to dance to.

And for all of you seniors who have basically experience every form of partying at URI, feel free to drive by Barlow Circle once in a while, go to some get togethers ‘down the line’ or even tare up the bar scene. We know it’s your last year at URI and Senior Week can’t come soon enough!

Free time? In college? What?

December 6, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life

Due to my high school reputation as a bookworm who studied 24/7, it always comes as a shock to people that I’ve found ways to actually enjoy my college years. Most of my family and friends peruse my Facebook photo albums to find scandalous photos of me committing scandalous acts (not XXX material, but close enough) and are stunned to know that Cornell University students are capable of finding ways to not be overworked nerds. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe it’s just the groups of friends with whom I surround myself.

So, what exactly is it that I like to do during my free time?

Cornellians (plus one Columbian) queers know a thing or two about having a good time

Cornellians (plus one Columbian) queers know a thing or two about having a good time

Party! (Filthy/Gorgeous is the party of the year, basically)

“Sugar, spice, and everything nice?” More like “Glitter, grime, and mojitos with wedges of lime!” Filthy/Gorgeous is an annual dance thrown by Cornell’s LGBTQ+ organization to promote safe-sex positivity and to celebrate the beauty that is Ithaca and its gorgeous gorges—with the added fun of raunchy party themes (Glitter and Grime circa 2014), excellent house music, and deliciously gorgeous go-go dancers. Think Project X meets a Las Vegas Gentlemen’s Club meets a NYC Village rave meets RuPaul’s Drag Race. Come filthy, come gorgeous…just come (pun absolutely intended).

Eat Eat Eat! (Risley Dining Hall is my fave)

Cornell has gotten the reputation of being the “Harry Potter” college within the Ivy League conference. I constantly argue that this reputation has emerged because of the amount of students that appear to use Hermione’s Time Turner device—I mean, how else are they able to take so many classes, get all of their homework done, and still have any time to sleep? In contrast to my own conspiracy theories, most would agree that Cornell has obtained this reputation due to the architecture and interior design present around and within the campus, Risley Dining Hall fitting into this Harry Potter-esque category. It simply fits the description of a Harry Potter dining hall—antique wood aesthetic, old Victorian-style chandeliers, and tons of stain glass windows. Located on North Campus, this dining hall is ideal for any Cornell Frosh—and even hosts an annual Harry Potter night (for any of you readers who are adamant about their “house”).

Cornell's Clock Tower

Cornell’s Clock Tower

Eat some more! (Louie’s Lunch Truck sells milkshakes, too)

That red truck stationed on the road that connects Balch Hall to Risley Hall is known as Louie’s Lunch Truck—or, as I called it, Heaven in a vehicle. As a New York City kid, I grew up with delis and food stalls on every corner during every hour of the day. While not open 24 hours, seven days a week, Louie’s Lunch Truck (open during lunch, dinner, and midnight-snack hours) serves the most scrumptious Cajun fries, sugary milkshakes, hefty burgers of all types, and a variety of subs! As a North Campus Frosh, it is absolutely your obligation to commit to an all-night study session and to order your midnight snacks from Louie’s.

Exercise (Climb the clock tower for a fun activity)

Cornell boasts its 161 Things To Do list inside of the Cornell Store, which is a checklist that includes 161 things to do or places to visit before one graduates. One of the items on this list is to climb the 161 steps of McGraw clock tower. I am a huge proponent for checking off this item during your Frosh year, rather than waiting until your senior year. Firstly, it’s great exercise. Secondly, the view from the top of the clock tower is grogeous! And thirdly, said view is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also makes for a wonderful Instagram photo (Hashtag Cornell, Hashtag Clock Tower, Hashtag Hashtag).

Gorgeous Gorges

Gorgeous Gorges

Take a moment to appreciate the waterfalls/gorges

With classes, parties, and tons of extra-curricular activities (because, let’s face it, Cornell students are overachievers), students rarely take the time to look at their surroundings. Next time, when you’re crossing that bridge, take a moment to stop, to look past the railings, and to look. Look at the water streaming down the gorge. Listen for the sound of water rushing across the land. Close your eyes and let the mist hit your face. Smile.

And, of course, there are the obvious go-to’s for a college student’s free time: Netflix, read a novel, go on a date, watch a movie with friends, go shopping, etc. Whatever floats your boat, just make sure that you’re being safe and doing anything and everything to avoid that terrible schoolwork of yours!

UMaine campus life!

September 27, 2014 in Campus Life, Videos

Here are some videos that sum up campus life at the University of Maine. Whether it is the jocks, greek life, or regular students everyone here at UMaine knows how to have a good time and enjoy themselves. You never know what to expect from a day at the University of Maine!

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1) The Harlem Shake – For a while the harlem shake went absolutely viral and everyone seemed to make a video. The University of Maine’s track & field team decided to do their own edition of the harlem shake. Great part about this video is that it was taken in the training room, nice unexpected spot for this video to take place. Also have to laugh at the astronaut that is dancing in the middle of the screen.:

UMaine Harlem Shake

2) The grove – Probably the craziest place to live off campus. Every year cops are called from multiple towns to disperse large crowds at the apartment complex. It receives many complaints about the loud noise from locals who are here year round. A few years ago, one student decided it would be a great idea to jump off the roof with his longboard. A little bit of alcohol and peer pressure from hundreds of people will make you do stupid things. Here is the video of him jumping off the roof with a longboard:

UMaine “The Grove”

3) Flash mob – Not only do the students know how to have a good time at UMaine but the faculty does as well. This is a mixture of students and faculty that participate in this flash mob in the student union. It didn’t catch everyone by surprise unfortunately because they let everyone know that they were having one…but it was really cool to watch and be there. Everyone needs a little bit of time to just let loose and have a good time, even if you are a member of the faculty at the University of Maine:

UMaine Flash Mob

4) The naked 5 – Every school has unique traditions for many of their sporting events. It is no different for the University of Maine. One fraternity provides 5 brothers to be the “naked 5″ for each UMaine hockey home game. After each goal they run down from the top of the student section and run around the arena for all 5,000 people to see and hear. At the same time they carry a loud cow bell that can be heard over the raucous crowd. They bring a lot of energy to each hockey game and it wouldn’t be the same if the naked 5 decided to take a game off. The fact that we are in one of the coldest states in the country and having these guys stand with their shirts off at times is laughable. Just shows the dedication and toughness that Maine hockey fans have:

The Naked 5

So there you have a little preview into what the University of Maine campus life is all about, hockey, partying and having a good time. Oh and don’t forget hard working students. You will never experience a dull day or moment at UMaine because these videos show that absolutely anything can happen at UMaine.

BSU: Party school or total bust

September 9, 2014 in Campus Life

The story goes that around 15 years ago Bridgewater State University (at the time it was College) was completely nuts. House parties were overflowing on all of the main party roads such as Hale Street, Burill Ave and Spring. Kids would roam the roads in hopes of a party, and there was never a problem finding one. Some people even tell me that the cops that are now so strict barely bothered the college students back then. Apparently the citizens that were living in Bridgewater that did not attend college began to get mad at all of the noise and disruption, eventually their complains became unbearable. The cops were forced to take action. 15 years later these homes I speak of are not just “run down” but quite empty of parties. Is this story just a myth, or are those cold hard facts behind them? Those of us attending this dry campus may never find out the truth.

Things are running a bit different all these years later.  There are police on every corner (literally) and they will take any opportunity to pull you over on your way to class, break up a party and even bust you bringing alcohol into your dorm.  Okay, I understand that these poor men and women of the law are just doing their job, but some of us wanted to live in the dorms for the college experience, and at first you might feel like that is being taken away from you. Never fear though, it takes most students only a week or two to figure out the ‘bigger picture’ with Bridgewater State. Unlike most colleges in the city or down south that have huge dorm parties, BSU thrives on off campus gatherings. Those streets I mentioned earlier still have parties, but the open door policy is definitely gone.

From personal experience I understand that Bridgewater is what you make of it. For BSU the party nights are Wednesdays (bar night), Thursday nights and Saturdays. Bogart’s, our most popular college bar in the area has “College Nights” on Wednesdays. This is beyond your typical shit show. The drinks are extremely cheap, and the building itself is kind of dilapidated.

There is a pretty cool DJ and a dance floor that some would say is a little too small. I’m not sure if they cap it at a certain amount of people because it is always unreasonably packed. Most of the time you have such a buzz on, that you don’t give a crap. When going to this bar expect to get drunk, and have a bunch of cheap beer spilled all over you.

Thursdays and Saturday nights are different. The typical student will begin with their small circle of friends pregaming. Most parties don’t actually start till 11-11:30, so by the time students are ready to leave, they are black out. It took me a while my first year here to learn to pace myself, but believe me it’s a talent you are going to need.

As you and your friend group walk down the street in search of the party you’ve heard of all day through the grape vine you come across one or two houses that are so loud you can hear your ears ring before you even enter. One of your more courageous group members will walk to the door to knock and/or talk it up with the bodyguard. By the way there is almost always a “body guard” in front of these parties, aka some random friend of the house owner that for some reason has no problem standing outside dealing with drunkies all night. I will never know how they manage. The parties always have flip cup, beer pong and girls in tight skirts. However there is a lack of kegs for the guys and heels on the chicks. But hey, that doesn’t stop anyone from having a good time.


There are still Football/Wrestling houses etc. but when these houses have parties they aren’t too limited to certain crowds. In fact, a lot of parties I attend are an intense mix of the hippies, athletes, party girls and more. That is one of my favorite things about BSU. It is diverse, and no one is an asshole about it. Almost everyone gets along and it’s not cliquey. In fact, if you are stuck up in that sense, people probably think you are a bit weird.

I suggest BSU for anybody and everybody who is interested in making new friends, and getting a favorable education. You are able to have fun and party, but on the same note it isn’t so crazy that you feel like you can never concentrate on your priorities. Remember what I said, your experience at Bridgewater State University is absolutely what you make of it.

Welcome to College: Here’s Your (Mini) Bucket List

September 7, 2014 in Academics, Alive Campus, Campus Life, Career, Events, Sports, Top 10 Lists, Travel

  1. Join a club

Joining a club not only allows you to meet people, but it also teaches you to work with others and to try new things. Stepping out of your comfort zone and participating in something that you may not be good at, or have much knowledge about can be difficult, but it’s worth it. You’ll learn so much about yourself, and you may even make some close friends there. Even trying something new and then quitting is better than not trying at all – most of the time, you’ll learn to love what you got yourself into.

2.    Go to a play or concert

Even if your school doesn’t have a good theatre/arts program, it’s still worth seeing your classmates perform. It takes a lot of practice and bravery to stand up in front of a crowd and perform, and those people deserve an attentive audience (that’s where you come in). If your school doesn’t have an arts program at all, find one in the city or town nearest you! If you’re as lucky as I am and have a thriving city like Boston nearby, take advantage of it. There are always tons of events going on in cities – find something you like, or want to try, and check it out!

Go to a theatre production

Go to a theatre production

3.    Attend an athletic event

Whether your school is successful or not at certain sports, it’s still nice to go support your fellow students, just as it is in artistic performances. Athletes train long and hard to perform at their best, and they play even better when they have a whole stadium full of supporters goading them on. Plus, it’s a fun way to meet other people – and you get to make up weird cheers!

Cheer on classmates at an athletic event

Cheer on classmates at an athletic event

4.    Party (at least once)… for most, that won’t be a problem at all

Most people go to a party and fall in love with the lifestyle. To them, it’s a great way to let off steam, unwind from a tough week, forget about classes, and make memories (if you actually remember anything from those Saturday nights….) with friends. However, some people don’t like that lifestyle at all – they’d rather do something at home, or go to dinner, or see a movie. No matter which type of night you prefer, try both. That way, you’ll appreciate being able to cuddle up and watch a movie in bed, but you’ll also get to experience the typical college experience of going out and drinking.

College Experience 101: Party

College Experience 101: Party

5.    Take a class unrelated to your major/a subject you’re interested in

We spend so much time learning what we “have” to know, so it’s good to change it up and take a class that isn’t part of your major but that you’re curious about. You learn better/more when you are actually passionate about learning something, rather than dreading it. Plus, taking a class outside your major can be a refreshing break – when you’re sick of doing bio homework, you can turn to the art project you need to complete, or write a short story.

6.    Live on campus

Though most people will live on campus for all four years of college, it’s still worth putting on this list. Being on campus allows you to experience the freedom you didn’t have at home. You get to control when you go to sleep, when/what you eat, what you do in free time.

Dorm Life

Dorm Life

7.    Live off campus (if you can)

Living off campus is also a useful experience. You may not have a meal plan and you will have a longer commute to campus. You’ll not only have to learn how to cook for yourself (or spend all your money eating out, which I don’t recommend), and you’ll really learn to plan ahead so that you get places on time. Living off campus will definitely make you a more responsible and productive person.

Live in a "real" apartment

Live in a “real” apartment

8.    Study abroad

Studying abroad, or any sort of international travel is an incredibly valuable experience. Going to a different country opens your eyes to new cultures, languages, people, and ideas; traveling teaches you equally important lessons about life and interacting with others.



9.    Find something you love doing

This goes back to the idea of taking a class that you’re interested in, but may not fall into your major. If you find a subject or discipline that you are drawn to and passionate about, don’t ignore that feeling. Even if you’ve wanted to be a doctor your entire life, or your parents push you to becoming a lawyer – follow your own head and heart (sorry, didn’t mean to be cheesy). College is the time to discover what you really love doing and what you’re good at. If you find something that doesn’t fit in to what you were doing before, don’t ignore it – take a long hard look at whatever it is, and ask yourself if this were something you’d like to pursue more seriously.

10. Internship

Internships are a great way to get experience in the field you’re looking to go into, and it also gives you a chance to see if it’s actually something you could do for life. The things we’re interested in can look nice and fine from the outside, but sometimes it’s a different story when you’re actually doing it. Internships also look great on the resume and allow you to build contacts when looking for future employers or opportunities.