Roommate Nightmares from a Rhody Ram!

August 21, 2015 in Campus Life, Colleges

Roommate Nightmares

Roommate Nightmares

Whether or not you’ve decide to choose your roommates or go into your housing situation at school blindly, roommate stories are inevitable. Putting multiple guys, let alone ladies into a small room is a recipe for disaster, which is why I’ve put together the most common roommate nightmares for a college student at the University of Rhode Island.

My roommate is stealing my things: First off, if you know for a fact that your roommate is stealing your things tell your RA (Residential Assistant). They’re there to help mediate any situation, especially one that involves theft. If you are unsure that your roommate is stealing your food, clothes, and other belongings, simply ask them. There’s no point in trying to be Inspector Gadget and set up traps for them to fall into. Be honest and ask them upfront. They may have come home one night and have wanted some food to munch on and your pizza bagels were looking pretty good. Your roommate could have even forgotten that they took your food or favorite shirt. Don’t assume, just ask!

My roommate is always bringing guys/girls home: Don’t get on your roommates the case the first couple of times that this happens. It’s college and maybe they’re just trying to have a good time. My advice is that once this becomes a usual weekend scenario for you, bring it up to their attention. Maybe they haven’t realized that it makes you feel uncomfortable to hear them having sexual intercourse at 3AM or maybe they just don’t care. Whatever the case may be, if you feel unwelcome in your own room because your roommate is using your bedroom as the smush room, say something!

My roommate comes home drunk every night: If at this point your roommate is not concerned for his/her own well-being, it’s time to bring in the professionals. Getting drunk every so often while you’re at college is completely acceptable, but once partying gets in the way of school and your life, someone need’s to intervene. My advice would be to express your concern for them first, don’t attack them even if they threw up on your carpet! Once you have brought it to their attention, but they continue to do it, bring in your RA or even a few of your mutual friends. Your roommate may not thank you at that moment, but a few months down the road, they’ll thank you for setting them straight.

My roommate is messy: There is absolutely no excuses for a dirty, messy, unorganized human being other than the fact that they were probably not taught any better. Don’t let these bad habits slide because sooner or later you’ll be trying to avoid your room as much as possible and nobody wants that. A few tips to avoid the messy roommate situation may be to schedule a day and time to clean the room together or even assign chores like taking out the garbage or vacuuming the rug. Unless you’re the messy roommate in this situation, do your best to avoid this nightmare from the beginning. No one likes a sloppy incoherent roommate coming home in the middle of the night.

Some students never go through roommate nightmares, but for many these nightmares are all too realistic. Go about any situation with a clear state of mind, but with a goal in mind as well. The room you are sharing is also your property, therefore it should be shared and taken care of like a home. People aren’t always going to agree with your ideal way of living, but it is important to feel welcomed and at home in your dorm room!

by Amanda

Parking, and WiFi, and Greek Life… Oh My!

May 23, 2014 in Campus Life, Reviews

Stephen F Austin State University has a lot of amazing and wonderful things however there are of course things that I feel a lot of people would like to change. No campus is perfect, and you can’t always please everyone but I feel there are a few things that could be changed for the better.
• Parking
Though I don’t personally drive a car to campus but I can remember riding with friends while they tried to find a place to park for residents and even though there was a huge lot behind multiple freshmen dorms, they would always have to park in the garage. Most of the super convenient and largest parking lots on campus seem to be faculty and staff or visitor only parking, which makes it difficult for residents and commuters that are trying to park anywhere near their classes or dorms. Also moving in and out of the dorms were pure torture due to parking. If you didn’t show up before 8 am or after 11 pm, you were guaranteed to have to walk pretty far with all of your belongings just to move in or out due to so many people being on campus and having very little parking.

• WiFi
One of my biggest complaints while living on campus was the wireless internet. It would randomly shut down, slow down during “heavy traffic times” (when that many people are on campus, when isn’t it going to be busy?), or would delay registering for class or being assigned dorm rooms. You can only connect a set amount of devices to the wifi, and if you have a wireless printer you can absolutely forget using it because it can and will shut down the wifi in your hall. The only way to be sure that you had internet connection at all times was to have an Ethernet cable hooked up to your computer, which is totally cool as long as you have a portal for it on your computer.

• Greek Life
I’m not one to put down what you want to join or where you fit in. If you want to go greek, that’s awesome! But others shouldn’t be looked down on by others for not being in a fraternity or sorority. Or worse, greek life turning on each other. It seems that at SFA we have not only greeks calling out and making fun of non-greeks, oh so affectionately called GDI’s (God D**n Independents) on our campus, but also cross counsel hatred and intercounsel hatred. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard guys from one fraternity comment how guys from another fraternity might as well not be greek because their fraternity doesn’t count. Or girls asking if someone’s in greek life and when told that the person is in multicultural rather than IFC, the girls scoff and act like their greek is pointless. Though I’m not a part of greek life, I do recognize that part of the goals of greek life is to unite people from all backgrounds, not just ones that are like yours or are in the same counsel/greek you’re in.

Though there are a few things I would change, and some bigger than others, all in all SFA truly is a great place to be. Despite our flaws. But then again, who/what isn’t imperfect?

Have You Heard of the University of North Florida?

September 20, 2013 in Alive Campus, Colleges

Not to be Confused with University of Florida

Not to be Confused with University of Florida

When I first started going to the University of North Florida, there were a few things I either did not like or wanted to be different.  I wished the Café was better, food wise and bigger, the gym had more and newer equipment, the Village’s laundry room was not so hot and cleaner; little things here and there.  Well, since then all of those have changed: the Café and gym were torn down and remodeled, and the Village’s laundry room was torn down to make the Osprey Clubhouse.  The one thing that I still wish would change is not tangible.

The one thing I really want to change is that not many people know what the University of North Florida is.  I have begun saying the name followed by the city it’s in every time someone asks me so they don’t confuse it with a different school.  This still does not help.  I had someone once tell me that someone they knew almost played football there.  The only problem is that we don’t have a football team.  I assume the person meant UF, which many people seem to confuse UNF with, but they aren’t even in the same city.  They are about an hour and a half apart, and UNF is more north than UF.  Even one of the restaurants two minutes from the school seemed to have more UF memorabilia than UNF memorabilia for a while.  It’s not like the looks can be confused either, as are mascots are not even the same type of animal (Ospreys and Gators) and we only have one school color in common (UNF is blue and gray, UF is blue and orange). Of course, I am by no means saying that I have anything against UF.  I know many people who went/go there, and it seems like a great school.  I just wish that UNF wasn’t an incorrect synonym for UF.  Most of the time I am weary when someone tells me they know about UNF because it has been assumed to be UF so many times in my own experiences.

I think the reason it bothers me so much is that I really care about the school.  I never thought I would ever care about a school, besides academically, but UNF was the first school that I really connected with and felt like I was more of myself there and could grow.  I want to be able to proudly identify as someone who goes there, but it is hard when people have not heard of the school or believe it to be another school.  I think that in time it will be recognized as much as other Florida schools like UF, UCF and FSU, but since it is not as old as them, it may take some more time.  UNF is only a little younger than UCF, but over 100 years younger than FSU and UF.  And the other thing that would help it, which is probably one of the biggest answers you’ll get from students, is getting football.  But not having football is one of a lot of things that I can say I would not want differently at UNF.

Waiting on the Change: Rowan University Edition

February 22, 2013 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Colleges

Rowan University

Rowan University

The four years spent in college are supposed to be the best four years of your life. Whether it’s spent making friends and working hard, or joining clubs and making yourself known on campus, everybody has their own agenda and their own goals. What really matters though is if the school is there to help you prosper and grow, or if they accept you but don’t really help you along the way. While no school is absolutely perfect, there are a few issues I personally have with Rowan University that I think should be addressed in order to better the school, and so students will have an a overall better experience.

1. Not Enough On Campus Housing: At Rowan University, you are guaranteed housing your freshman and sophomore year. When it comes to your last two years however there is a great chance that housing won’t be an option. This is due to the fact that there isn’t enough on campus housing, and because Rowan is starting to accept more students there just simply isn’t enough housing. I have had friends who have basically been screwed over by housing and were forced to find off campus options last minute.

2. Fire Alarms: When I lived on campus there were fire alarms pretty much everyday every hour and let’s just say it wasn’t fun. Having to leave your apartment, wrapped in a towel, because you were showering when the alarm went off is no fun. I understand that Rowan is trying to be safe and wants people to be prepared for when there is an actual fire, but seriously having one everyday isn’t going to help. That and most people I know don’t even go outside for them anymore, they usually hide in their bedrooms and wait for them to be over.

3. The Food: Maybe it’s just me, but the food at Rowan isn’t always that great and the workers are really all too friendly. While there are some exceptions, I remember ordering a quesadilla my freshman year the day before my finals and getting food poisoning. I also remember eating a brownie and finding a metal rod in it. I’m not saying all food is bad, it’s just that some things need improvement. Also, some of the workers can be super rude and just not helpful in general.

4. Scheduling Class: Waking up at 6:30 AM to schedule classes and getting screwed over by the system is not exactly the greatest way to find out how you’re going to spend the next semester. Scheduling classes is always difficult and I always see multiple Facebook postings saying how they couldn’t get into certain classes, or that the system claims that students haven’t paid off certain bills when they really have. It’s just a pain in the ass for students who are trying to figure out their schedules and trying to plan ahead.

In the end, no school is perfect and I’m not asking for Rowan University to be perfect. There are just certain changes that should be made that will greatly improve the school and help bring everybody closer together.