The Typical Day of a Seminole

September 7, 2015 in Alive Campus, Campus Life

The typical day of a college student varies significantly. Some work, others are members of several clubs on campus, others intern, and some may just strictly focus on classes if they are in a difficult major. A typical day in college for me is certainly a busy one. With Tuesday/ Thursday classes only, I keep my schedule open to work my part-time job as a waitress at a popular local sports bar. I completed my required internship over the summer so classes, working, interning, and attending club meetings wouldn’t be too overwhelming all in one semester. My three classes, twice a week, go straight through from 9:30 to 1:45. I wake up around 8 to give myself time to have coffee and eat breakfast. Some days, I may even wake up earlier to do some homework or study before walking to class. Once I complete my classes for the day, I walk home to my apartment, eat lunch, and get ready for work, which usually starts sometime between 3:30 and 5. I usually work until about 10, depending on how busy the night is at the restaurant. I then drive home, eat dinner, and unwind at home by doing some homework if needed, or simply reading a book to fall asleep. I also take an online course, so I make time for that either at night or on my days off.

I organize my schedule so I can work and attend class all in the same day. By doing so, I can have a full day off to take care of homework, grocery shopping, seeing friends, etc. These are usually on Mondays and Wednesdays. On my free days, I’ll either go to the pool with friends or simply relax at home while doing work on and off. With a busy schedule, I sometimes cook all of my food in advance for the week ahead so I’m not constantly buying food out. I keep my evenings open for meetings, specifically for Her Campus- a known organization that has its own FSU chapter. If there is no meeting to attend, I catch up or get a headstart on my homework for the week, which usually consists of several pages of reading, papers, and blogging. I also make time on my days off to exercise, which totals about four times a week.

Time management is key in college!

Time management is key in college!

Finally, my weekends always vary. Since I work in a restaurant, it’s important that I’m available to work almost every Friday and Saturday night. However, depending on my shift, I sometimes will be done early enough to go out with friends afterwards. Unfortunately, that’s a commitment you have to make and plan your schedule around if you want to work as a server. If I have the mornings or afternoons off, I am always making sure to attend the football games- a fall tradition that makes you wish every day was Saturday throughout the semester.

It’s important to stay busy and productive throughout college to build your resume, but always find the time to relax no matter how crazy your schedule may be. Sometimes, there’s just not enough time in a day to get everything done. That’s what weekends are for. Days will always vary according to your agenda and how much work you have. Some weeks will be entirely exhausting, while others will be more relaxing. A great idea is to write yourself notes each day of the tasks you need to complete so it’s all planned out already. It’s all about time management and knowing how to balance free time with productivity.

Free on Time?

September 9, 2013 in Alive Campus, Health, Love, Sports

“Free time is productive time or leisure time. There is no reason leisure cannot be productive.”

Free time is productive or leisure time. There is no reason leisure cannot be productive.

Yes, I am concentrating in Creative Writing but you don’t have to be an English major to enjoy Reading. I like having books open in front of me to devour. I have no issue or problem hanging out with a story. It stimulates my mind, allows me the experience of travel and various situations all from a place of my own comfort (or discomfort). I know it will be worthwhile in the long run. I create a list of books that I want to read if I finish reading the stories on the original list and I pick up a few books along my progression of my Reading list. It helps me stay active without physically being strenuously active (though the brain handles tough material at times). It’s relaxing.

Ah, you might have guessed the next one! I enjoy Writing very much. It becomes a deeper practice by the day. It is a form of expression that allows me to wield emotional, mental, spiritual, physical chaos and joys in my life through communication and words. It is the most active passive aggressive practice I experience aside from meditation in its various forms. Writing is a great overall stimulator; mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally- Writing stems to provide growth. It allows for the greatest connection between humanity beyond the immediate presence of an individual. Writing allows individuals to transcend time and I believe it is a natural human endeavor to acquire for those that can handle the challenge of growing further through their inner self.

Write Away!

Well, speaking of inner self, I am a fan and supporter of Yoga. There are various Yoga forms that provide varying channels of meditation for an individual seeking to continue exploring ways to enhance and become closer with their inner self. It is an increasingly strengthening practice and does not fail to allow the individual an avenue of focus to channel their deepest energies to form their greater self. Yoga is an amazing way to appreciate silence, calmness and continuously growing peace without feeling a sense of absence without violence or hate. It is an amazing practice to enhance one’s physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health as well as provide a channel for an individual suffering from anxieties, frustrations leading to anger, and/or any aspect of life any college student might relate to the struggle. It is a great benefit to enhancing one’s overall life.

Yoga allows for deeper -inner- communicating!

I Wrestle. Thank God Wrestling will be in the 2020 Olympics. Training is a part of Wrestling and both of them benefit me. I practice using my body in various ways to perform competitively. All the while I am creating a deeper connection with my body. Every individual is able to relate to soundness in their body. Wrestling and training allows me to become sounder with myself as well as assist others in honing their skills to prove better in competing.  The gym provides an abode for training and Wrestling. Everyone needs a home for their loves.

The IOC approves Wrestling for the 2020 Olympics – woo!

Gaming is classic. I will enjoy gaming for a long time. Members of various ages enjoy video games with individuals all across the world. Everyone can participate in a game of some sort that allows a deeper unification compared to dragging someone unwilling to the gym. Gaming is simple; fair across the board for the consistent players and an overall benefit to humanity along with other art forms. I want to create video games and know that Writing will assist me in the long run to join a bomb team to create a master piece.

I hope you find a bit more to do with your time now!

-Kevin Dufresne