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Roommate Harmony: Blog/Shop

Roommate Harmony: Blog/Shop

Roommates are a tricky subject; obtaining a decent roommate takes strategy, luck, or both. Some students are blessed with the “barely ever around roommate.” Some students are plagued with the roommate that, literally, lives in the dorm room—even worse, the kind that invites all of their friends over…all of the damn time. And then there are the unfortunate souls with the roommate that doesn’t understand boundaries or, to be blunt, the “socially inept roommate.” If only there were a way to ease the burden of living with someone new, or someone that doesn’t quite mesh well with your perceptions of harmonious roommate-hood, during your x-number of years in college.

Oh, but there is!

Roommate Harmony is both a Staples-esque online store and a blog whose “goal is to improve the shared living experience, strengthen human relationships, and promote inner peace.” RH is unique in its approach at:

  • Selling products that create a space conducive to better living and
  • Creating a virtual space to laugh and cringe at written experiences relevant or reminiscent of your own roommate experiences

The mixture of a blogging medium with an online store creates an interactive atmosphere that feels both business-like and homey. While trying out products such as Roommate Duty Boards or Weekly Planners, you can read about “How to Avoid Roommate Drama” and “Perspectives on Worst Roommates Ever.”

Even more interestingly, RH is a “responsible business” in that it makes efforts to:

  • Limit its carbon footprint and
  • Donate a portion of its profits to Project H.O.M.E.—a community whose mission is “to empower adults, children, and families to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty, to alleviate the underlying causes of poverty, and to enable all of us to attain our fullest potential as individuals and as members of the broader society.”

In a nutshell, RH is the best of all worlds!

Now that we’re discussing just how wonderful of a website RH truly is, let’s move on to the products. I was fortunate enough to receive a free sample package from the website’s wonderful owner, Chad Jarrah (Thanks Chad!):

  • Chore Chart: The magnetic, 11” by 16” dry-erase board comes equipped with a black dry-erase marker, a marker holder attached to the side of the board, a notes section for any random thoughts, objections, or demands that may come to mind, and four panels with lines and check boxes for various types of roommate chores. According to RH’s website, the board’s purpose is to ensure that everyone “is pulling their weight” and to “assign chores and rotate jobs by the time period agreed upon.”
  • Sticky Bulletin Board: A medium-sized bulletin board that comes in both brown and white. It’s a funky amalgam of brown bulletin board and wall sticker. It’s an 11” by 17” peel off board that’s adhesive (for all of the times that your post it notes or thumbtacks have mysteriously gone missing).
  • Weekly Planner: A 4” by 9” green and patterned planner that comes with a magnet attached to its back and seven boxes for daily notes. It’s simple, yet aesthetically pleasing. The rounded edges and slightly-transparent boxes make for delightful spots to jot down notes, and the post-it-esque weekly papers make it easy to rip off one week’s worth of random to-do lists and move onto another full week of work. Perfect and convenient for any college student.
  • Personalized Food Stickers: The “that’s my box of Fruity Pebbles Cereal” conversation is always an awkward conversation to have with a roommate. It makes you sound selfish, possessive, and stingy. The personalized food stickers offer a cute and efficient method of avoid this conversation and organizing your edible belongings. A single sheet comes with 20 stickers, each with a different picture symbolizing a type of food or beverage, and each with your name (very important) written above the image. Sticking it onto something in the room is the human/civilized equivalent of a dog peeing on a fence to mark its territory. So buy some stickers and start–humanely–marking your territory!

As I stated before, the website is organized into both a shop and a blog. I highly recommend purchasing one of the items from the shop as a means of avoiding the awkward roommate conversations. I highly recommend reading the blog posts as a means of getting a good laugh out of awkward roommate situations written by students like you.

Link to Roommate Harmony’s website:

College Life: YouTube Style

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Every college student likes to waste time they don’t have and watch YouTube videos. We all like to put off that homework or studying we need to do and play around on the computer to see the next cat video or BuzzFeed story. We’ve all been there. But which YouTube videos are really worth your time? Here are a few that are worth a few minutes of your time and might actually describe your life.

1. If College Freshman Were Honest on Move-In Day

This video is a must see after your freshman year, maybe even before but it might worry the incoming freshman. This video is funny and somewhat realistic in my opinion because most people would never like to admit that they would like to say these things in real life but of course they don’t. It is a one minute video of college freshman saying what they would really like to say about their roommates, classes, getting girls, and other random college drama. Definitely worth a minute of your time, especially after your freshman year.

2. College Life: Expectations VS Reality

This video is fairly realistic. It shows a skit of your expectation of the action and then does a skit for the reality of what college students actually do. It starts off with your basic everyday routine like getting up in the morning, going to bed, dressing for class, studying with friends, and the typical “gettin’ a girl.” It then randomly goes to talking about butts. I really did not understand why they needed to put that in the video. Additionally, they put a random college moment in the video, which I thought was unnecessary because the video was about expectations versus reality. Overall, I still think it is humorous and worth a few minutes of your time.

3. College: Freshman Year Vs. Senior Year

This is another funny video that is worth a minute of your time. And I literally mean a minute because that is how long it is. This video sums up the basic events like dating, before class, diet, Friday night, bars, and then perspective. Being a senior myself, I understand exactly where they are coming from with every single one. Your perspective changes from when you were a freshman to when you become a senior. However, the last one on the perspective of college is a bit debatable, but I will let you decide.

4. The Six Girls You Will Date in College

This one is very entertaining. Since I am not a guy I cannot vouch on if it is realistic or not but I feel like maybe one or two of them might be. However, this is worth a watch, especially for guys. It is just like what the title says it is and it goes through the six girls you will date in college and from what I have heard from guys at my school I feel like they are somewhat accurate. The best part about it is in the end the guy still doesn’t have a girl even after he graduated college.


“Her Campus” Is the Go-To College Guide

November 14, 2014 in Alive Campus, Colleges, Reviews

As I spent most of my junior and senior years in high school researching colleges and mentally preparing myself for the Common Application, I came across a college life website that focuses on the “collegiette’s guide to life.”, a glamorous college site based in Boston, follows the standard fashion magazine layout, similar to Glamour and Vogue, and provides an array of humorous and informative stories written by college students, all relating to their college experiences and lives. Dating, health, fitness, and style are few of the many sections. Her Campus was my physical, mental, and cultural preparation for college life.

“Her Campus” is a great guide that offers humorous feature stories, student interviews, and tips to making college stress-free and worthwhile.

My Campus 

The My Campus section on the website provides college students the opportunity to be a Campus Correspondent and lead a chapter of Her Campus at their own college. Over 300 colleges worldwide are represented, giving high school students and college transfers an inside scoop on life at a particular school, all written and produced first-hand by students. Stories include interviews with students and staff, college events, dating life, daily columns, and “campus celebrities” or look-alikes. If you’re curious about what colleges are like throughout America, Canada, or even Europe, check out this section.


The Style section affirms the point that chic can be affordable in college. Some top stories are “6 Pieces You Can Get With Your Student ID,” “Get Blake Lively’s Look For Less,” and “5 Ways to Wear Faux Fur (All Under $50).” Her Campus caters to a young, low-budget audience, thus the stories meet the needs of students and provide quick and easy but stylish and affordable fashion tips. It’s interesting to read about different colleges and the students’ take on style.

Beauty and Health

How to stay healthy and beautiful while in college is addressed, with tips like practicing yoga in the dorm room, individualizing the food in the dining hall, easy 10-minute ab workouts, quick make-up tricks, and the essentials to grocery store shopping. Don’t worry guys, Her Campus can at times have a “his campus” side. Some example stories like “How to benefit from working out” and “Staying on-top of showering” (that does become a problem) applies to guys as well.


Are you ready for a relationship in college? Is an art museum or an iceskating rink the most romantic place for a date night? Are you in love with your new college friend? Are you in love with your teacher? What are the secrets to dating and hooking up in school? These questions are addressed by students who write from personal experience, giving high school students a clear idea of the college dating world. The stories simplify the stress of relationships and provide answers to those daunting relationship questions, but the best part about this section are the entertaining graphics and Hollywood references that give the stories more of a comedic edge.


How to deal with the stressors of academia, culture shock, roommate problems, the freshmen 15, making new friends, and, of course, living in the “real world” without the guidance of parents, makes up the Life section. The stories are especially helpful in preparing college newbies for the good times and the bad times, like staying up late for exams or having an American Horror Story marathon with friends. Detailed advice is also given on how to take advantage of opportunities and counter stress, ultimately making college worthwhile.


Going to college isn’t hard, but finding jobs/internships and focusing on a future career is. Her Campus writer’s discuss how to take advantage of on and off-campus jobs, and how and when to begin searching for internships. Personal experiences, interviews, fun quizzes, and step-by-step procedures are provided, giving the stories more diversity.


College isn’t like high school. There aren’t ‘bullies’ dunking underclassmen’s heads in the toilet, nor are there students being judged by their sexuality or physical appearance. Acceptance and open-mindedness are key in college, and this section caters to those who are unsure of the opportunities or organizations for the LGBTQ community on campus.

Her Campus, like Alive Campus, is a great college life resource, perfect for high school students and parents researching schools or simply curious about what life is like at most colleges. Guys, don’t be opposed by the feminist name, for Her/His Campus can be interchangeable at times. Give Her Campus a try and let the college researching begin!

Meet the team! These are the student writers who make “Her Campus” possible.

Food Insights From an Emersonian

September 26, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Reviews

From the days on the playground to completing college applications, students endured the typical cafeteria food consisting of greasy pizza, brown lettuce, moist burritos, and the occasional “Jamba Juice” or sugary smoothie. When college neared, I set my expectations high for the dining hall, assuming that a wide variety of quality meals specific to each students needs would be delivered. Thankfully, my expectations were at least somewhat met.

The Little Building

Although Emerson College lies in the heart of downtown Boston surrounded by coffee shops, Chinese restaurants and pizza joints, the dining hall in The Little Building, the largest residence hall, offers a large selection of meals, leaving some students satisfied and others disappointed.

Like every school cafeteria, there are mixed reviews on the food, some complains being that the pizza is too greasy, the desserts are too bland, and the meat options are too salty. Though many people, including myself, are impressed by the food and hardly complain. There are omelet, cereal, waffle, and fruit stations in the morning, deli-style sandwiches, salads, and meat-options for lunch, and alternating entrees and desserts for dinner. The chocolate milk is thick and delicious, perfect to go with your pancakes or dessert.

Being an herbivore, I was thrilled to discover a vegetarian/vegan food station, which I believe to be the most flavorful and spice-enriched station in the dining hall. Stirred fried rice, asian noodles, steamed vegetables, colorful salads, and the right amount of spices are my usual go-to meals, and the vegan chocolate cake and cookies never fail to disappoint. This station does go unrecognized, as some students are indifferent to vegan food and prefer the meat and dairy route, though it’s good to experiment with all food options and test your taste buds.

Students crowd the spacious dining hall in the evening.

Paramount Cafe

The other residence building, The Paramount, provides a small cafe for all students, though it only offers a limited amount of meals and isn’t an “all you can eat” style. The veggie burgers and fries are the most popular orders, as are the quesidilas and occasional bean burritos. The meals are quick, easy, and prepared right in front you, which is good when you’re racing to class or on-the-go. Although the food may not be the best quality and quantity, it’s helpful to test all of the colleges dining options to get a feel for what satisfies you.

Max Cafe in Piano Row

In the suite-style residence building called Piano Row, the Max Cafe, similar to the Paramount Cafe, offers a bit larger selection of meals. For vegans, there aren’t many options besides the veggie burger and salads, but for meat lovers, chicken burritos and burgers are offered.

Originally from San Diego, California, I can easily distinguish the difference between a good and a bad burrito, and sadly, Max’s burritos are close to bad. Save yourself the trouble and eat at the Little Building, as buffet-style options are much preferred over spending money at a limited cafe, or venture off-campus and create your own burritos at Bolocco, located steps away from Emerson on Boylston Street.

Surrounding Eats

Like I said previously, Bolocco is a popular spot that predominately feeds hungry Emersonians, offering a variety of burritos, salads, and bowl options, and even caters to gluten-free and vegetarian/vegan students. The tiki masala and Mexican burritos are must-tries, though creating your own meals makes the food more personal and unique. Students have called Bolocco a lower quality Chipoltle, but faults are to be found at any eatery, regardless.

Pizza places like New York Pizza and Sal’s Pizza are packed with students and locals, especially during the weekend after a long night of partying. The pizza slices are huge, inexpensive, and quickly made. FYI, drunks and partiers are expected some nights, making the experience more entertaining.

This pizza joint is a popular eatery among college students.

Chinatown is literally blocks away from Emerson, featuring Dumpling Cafe (the best late night dumplings and hot tea), My Thai Vegan Cafe (perfect for vegetarians/vegans), bubble tea shops, and other Asian restaurant hot-spots. If tired of dining hall options or just looking for a new food experience, I recommend exploring this part of town… my friends and I do at least once a week and are rarely disappointed!

To wrap it up, Emerson’s dining options are a few steps up from the traditional middle school and high school cafeterias, featuring a variety of foods that are specific to students’ needs. If ever tired of college meals, step outside, wander, and take advantage of your college town or city! I’m certain that wherever you’re attending, there’s something out there with your name and order on it.

All You Need To Know About Taylor Remy

August 27, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Career, Colleges, Reviews

At Franklin Pierce you get a variety of different types of people. Artist, musicians, future scientist, doctors, authors and dancer. Taylor Remy is one of the extraordinary dancers at Franklin Pierce University.  

Taylor Remy is a returning senior this year at FPU. Taylor chose Franklin Pierce as her college because she feels that they were more welcoming than

most schools and really helped her with her financial aid. Although even though senior year can be fun it will be no cake walk for her. Many of Taylor’s tuition is being paid through scholarships. As most college goers do, but Taylor will still be working her butt off. Between a full course scheduled she will be working two jobs at the schools gym as well as the dance studio. She used to be on the dance team and was the Vice President as well, but as many students do, she fell victim to having difficulties with time management and had to give it up. 

Within her nineteen years of experience Taylor has learned nine different forms of dance…

  1. Lyrical
  2. Modern
  3. Jazz
  4. Hip Hop
  5. Ballet
  6. Point
  7. African
  8. Contemporary
  9. Waltz

Dancing has always been something that she has loved. She has been dancing since she was three but even though she’s always had a passion for dance she still knew that she wanted to help people one day. So with the schools create your own major program she decided to build a creative dance therapy major so she could pursue a career with both her passions the best way she could. 

After college Taylor hopes to continue her career with working with clients with disabilities and teaching them expression through dance. Once out after graduation Taylor could just settle for getting a job that someone what involves her degree, living in the town of her employment and doing something she loves. Which really is all any college graduate can hope for.