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A Look Into URI School Spirit

July 3, 2015 in Campus Life, Colleges, Events, Sports

Rhody Ram

Rhody Ram

At the University of Rhode Island you’ll find a large group of students lined up and eager on only two occasions: when the dining halls open back up and when Greek week starts. I failed to mention any sports games or events, because if you ask any Rhody Ram they’ll tell you our teams have not been worth watching in the past few years. Although other events like concerts and shows have excited students to become more involved, here is a look into URI school spirit by a Rhody Ram herself.

Recently, our Men’s Basketball team has worked their way up to becoming a more recognized and respected team. From their improvement in defense to their confidence on the court, they’re definitely a team to follow. Last season I attended the Senior Game, a time where fans bid farewell to the teams graduating players and believe me, that game was worth watching. Players like T.J Buchanan, E.C Mathews, and Hassan Martin stepped up their game last season bringing the team to their first National Invitation Tournament appearance since the 2009-2010 season. Alongside head coach Dan Hurley, these men are single handedly bringing more school spirit to the University of Rhode Island.

Let’s not forget the other sports teams taking strides toward improving their athletic performance on and off the field. Men’s sports also include baseball, football, track & field, cross-country, golf, and soccer. The women are also making their mark as Rhody’s must-see players. Their teams include basketball, cross-country, rowing, track & field, soccer, softball, swimming & diving, tennis, and volleyball. With a new training facility installed, these athletes are well equipped to have successful seasons this upcoming school year.

It’s only right that I also mention the group of students who have never failed to show school spirit at URI events. The Mob are high-energy school spirited Rhody Rams that have made it their mission to pump up the crowd and show players some Rhody spirit. Although they primarily focus on men’s basketball and football, they are always supporting sports teams at URI. With their crazy, energetic, and infectious energy, it’s no wonder they’re the biggest and most successful student-fan organization we have on-campus.

Kevin Hart at URI

Kevin Hart at URI

The University of Rhode Island also offers other events throughout the year like concerts, fundraisers, celebrity appearances, and educational forums. Since last year, I have found myself attending more and more events because of the wide-range of topics covered. If there’s one thing that has led to attend more events, it’s that there’s something for everyone. From film screenings to Electronic Dance Music (EDM) concerts and even appearances by Nev Schulman from Catfish and comedian Kevin Hart, URI offers a lot of events students do not take advantage of. The best part is, tickets are usually either free or at a discounted price.

This upcoming school year will be my final year at the University of Rhode Island, which mean’s I have some catching up to do. You’ll find me at some sports events and maybe even a concert or two. We only get four years to enjoy what our school’s have to offer so we might as well take advantage of it, right?

Here’s to being Rhode Island born and Rhode Island bred!

BSU Bears: Good losers, great winners

October 1, 2014 in Campus Life, Events, Sports

Picture this: A group of you and your friends all in full University gear with the scarves, the school logo on your thermos with spiked hot chocolate. You walk into a huge stadium where your school colors reign supreme and everyone is talking, laughing and cheering! Sounds fun, right? Well guys, I just described the polar opposite “sports scene” from Bridgewater State University.


Some people would describe our schools sports teams as “nobody gives a shit”, but that’s not exactly true. Just because we can’t compare, say the atmosphere with other University’s (lets say compared to BU) doesn’t mean that our teams aren’t worth watching and cheering on. Some might overlook us, but the Bridgewater Bears do know how to put up a good fight.


Our football team might be D3 but they definitely don’t suck. In fact, I know several guys that actually transferred from D1 colleges, so we have a lot of muscle on the team. Some of the guys (excuse my language) are fucking huge. The captain this year is dedicated beyond belief and from what I’ve been told they train hard, party hard, are good losers, and great winners. Our football team might be D3, but they have integrity (which is more than what I have to say for other colleges…).


As far as getting the crowd involved, I’d have to give this one to the basketball team. I went to a lot of these last year, and they are actually pretty crazy (like a lot of basketball games typically are). The players are tall as hell, and they are actually pretty decent. The fans in the stands are obnoxious; have no problems messing with the other team, and its sort of cool to see everyone from our school come together in this environment. Our basketball court could look a little nicer, but hey not everything can be perfect apparently.


For the female players, our volleyball players it. One of my good friends is on the team, and it sounds like the team never stops practicing. These chicks are determined and always improving their game. Most of these ladies from what I hear extremely close with one another, and it reflects on their performance. They work like a well-oiled machine (corny but they do!) When one of them gets hurt, they pick up the slack and keep on trucking’.

The games are fun to watch, and much like the basketball team, the fans get a little nuts. Oh yeah, for you guys out there, their bodies are like, crazy from training all the time… so enjoy the spandex as well as watching these girls spike a ball into some other chicks face.


There are so many views on all of our sports teams. I think that a lot of students might think that due to BSU being such a big commuter oriented school that our sports teams are shit, but that’s really ignorant. The games are fun, our teams work their asses off during practice while you’re eating ramen and renting Godzilla so get the hell out there and cheer them on! I don’t care who you are, or if you care about sports. You are in college! Get involved and have fun!

V.M.I. Keydets: Sports at Virginia Military Institute

August 1, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Colleges, Events, Sports

V.M.I. Athletics

V.M.I. Athletics

V.M.I. is a Division I school in NCAA sports and is part of the Big South Conference. The school prides itself on having its cadets be not only citizen-soldiers but athletes as well. Their motto is, “Every student an athlete,” and there are many sports to choose from.

The NCAA Sports at V.M.I. include:

Men’s                                      Men’s and Women’s                                     Women’s

-Baseball                                 -Cross Country                                              -Water Polo

-Basketball                              -Rifle

-Football                                  -Soccer

-Lacrosse                                -Swimming & Diving

-Wrestling                               -Track & Field

With a wide variety of sports to choose from, cadets are rarely looking for things to do. Additionally, if one of these sports doesn’t suit your fancy then there are plenty of club sports to choose from as well.

These include:

-Basketball (Men’s & Women’s)        -Paintball

-Boxing                                                   -Rugby (Men’s & Women’s)

-Equestrian                                            -Soccer

-Field Hockey                                        -Tennis

-Golf                                                        -Powerlifting

-Ice Hockey                                            -Trap & Skeet

-Jiu-Jitsu                                                -Triathlon

-Lacrosse                                               -Ultimate

-Marathon                                               -Volleyball

-Pistol                                                     -Water Polo (Men’s)


Sports are definitely a big deal at V.M.I., and not only playing them, but watching them as well. During the Fall, football is the main event. There is usually a home game every few weeks and it is a major ordeal, but not like you would expect at a civilian college. At V.M.I., it is mandatory to attend ALL of the home football games. The entire school has a parade on the field before the game, with tailgating, and then proceeds to march down to the football stadium playing the Spirit (fight song). Now I would like to say these games are fun to watch, but they are the exact opposite; which is most likely why we are forced to watch them because no one would be there otherwise. Sadly, our football team loses almost every single game and it is painful to watch. The worst part is during your freshman year, you are forced to stand the entire time and cheer, except for half-time. On top of that, if the team makes a touchdown, then the entire freshman class runs down to the track around the field and does push-ups—but luckily that isn’t too often. And once the game is over, whether we won or we lost, we sing our school doxology. However, on the bright side, if the team does win, which is once in a blue moon, the entire school gets a reward for the weekend; which is pretty exciting for us.

On the more exciting side of sports, there are the home basketball games, which are actually fun to watch. During the Winter, basketball is the main topic for all cadets. Our Basketball team is so much better than our football team. However, when there is a home game on a Saturday, once again the entire school is forced to go, but we don’t mind as much as we did during the football games. One fun thing we are allowed to do, is if you bought a Big Red Shirt, you are allowed to wear it during the game, instead of your uniform shirt. It’s a bit more fun to wear because it has our mascot on it—Moe, the kangaroo. On the not so much fun side, the freshman, once again, have to stand the entire time, except during half-time. That’s really the only bad thing about basketball games. Cadets find basketball to be more exciting, but that could be because we’re better at it.

Another sport that is popular to go and watch, but isn’t mandatory, is wrestling. The gym is transformed into what is known as the Thunder Dome. Cadets flock into the gym and sit in the bleachers or dangle from the track upstairs centered around the wrestling mat. Once the wrestling begins, the cadets are stomping on the ground, cheering, or banging their class rings on the railings, thus why it is called the Thunder Dome.

A few other sports that I have had the pleasure of watching and would recommend are the men’s lacrosse team, women’s soccer team, women’s water polo team, and the club boxing team. Now these aren’t as frequented as the three other sports I mentioned earlier, partly because they aren’t mandatory, but they are still fun to go and watch. Additionally, I do have to mention the Rifle team as well since I am a player. However, no one ever comes to watch us, but that is mostly because it is the most unexciting sport you will ever watch; so much fun to do, but terribly boring to watch.

So even though we may not be very good at football, we are fairly decent and actually talented in all the other sports. But nobody is perfect.  So whether it is an NCAA or club sport that you play or attend, the red, white, and yellow spirit never dies. Go V.M.I. Keydets!

Excitement and Experience of Watching College Sports

May 7, 2014 in Campus Life, Sports

Boston College Student Fans

Boston College Student Fans

All college sports require serious commitment and ability, but Division I sports are especially competitive. Though not all of the sports are equally popular at Boston College, the athletic teams perform at a high level and are (usually) very successful.

Fall Sports

Our football team used to be one of the best in the league, but in the past few years our reputation has begun to decline (we might need another Doug Flutie to come our way). Nevertheless, football games are a great event to go to with friends; there’s even a special “student section” where everyone stands and cheers, proudly wearing their golden “BC Eagles” shirts. And don’t forget the tailgates – there’s plenty of food and drinks for everyone!


Football is by far the most popular sport to watch during the fall, but there are other sports during this time as well! Those include field hockey, soccer, cross-country (which is a tad harder to watch) and a few more.

Boston College Mens Hockey

Boston College Mens Hockey

Winter Sports

Hockey and basketball are definitely the most exciting sports to watch during the winter, especially if your school has really strong teams. Boston College has a pretty amazing hockey team, and it’s always fun to bundle up in some sweatshirts and go watch the games accompanied by friends and a warm cup of hot chocolate (or another warming beverage). The games get especially exciting as the stakes get higher and the competition progresses into the later stages of the season – the teams and the fans get increasingly more excited and pumped up for games, which makes for an even better atmosphere. Sports are a really great way to spend time with friends and make new ones; you’re all cheering for the same team, and you never know what kind of memories you will make.

I think that the reasons why people love watching hockey and basketball are:

1)   They are fairly easy to learn the rules to

2)   They are fast paced

3)   (This is directed more towards girls, but who doesn’t like seeing a guy’s muscles as he shoots a basket?)

Although fencing, tennis, and swimming are less popular to watch, they deserve credit for being extremely competitive and exciting as well. A tennis game can be riveting, especially when the players are equally matched, and it’s always amazing to see the swiftness with which swimmers cut through the water. Unfortunately, I’ve never been to a fencing match before, but I see Boston College’s team practicing nearly every day, and their poise, elegance, and quickness astounds me every time.

Spring Sports

Spring, with its promise of sunny and warm weather, brings a slew of other sports along with it. This is the time for baseball, softball, lacrosse, and men’s volleyball. Despite my personal aversion to baseball/softball (there’s just too much standing and missing the ball for my taste), I know many people who enjoy watching and playing this sport. I know plenty of girls at Franklin Pierce who went to baseball games simply because of how the guys looked in their uniforms and baseball caps. Though spring sports seem to get less hype than the other seasons, plenty of people enjoy going to lacrosse and volleyball games. Though volleyball can become repetitive, it can be very exciting and nerve wracking – particularly when scores are tied/close. Plus, it’s always nice to be outside, enjoying the weather and watching the games being played.

Even if your school is not known for its sports, or particularly competitive, watching a sporting event with friends is worth your while. It gives you yet another thing to reminisce on and remember down the line; and you never know who you might meet while you’re there! Watching sports is a great way to unwind, take your mind off of things, support of fellow classmates and show some school pride!!!

Boston College Eagles

Boston College Eagles


by Laura

The Spirit of Cal at Sporting Events

August 9, 2013 in Campus Life, Events, Sports

Card Stunts at a Cal football game

Card stunts at a Cal football game

One of the greatest things about being a part of the UC Berkeley campus is the school spirit that alumni, parents and students,(well most of the students) display at sporting events. I remember the first Cal football game I attended when I was only a freshman in high school, long before I dreamed of attending the school. On that cloudy afternoon, fans, adorned in Cal gear, appeared to be a mass of blue and gold as they walked up the hill to Memorial Stadium. There was a sense of comradeship among everyone, young and old, complete strangers smiling and acknowledging other Cal fans, as excitement infected the air. As we drew closer to the entrance, fans shouted GO!, as another group replied BEARS! Eventually, the two groups shouting the mantra of our school on either side of me enveloped me into what I would learn four years later as a freshman at Berkeley what it means to be a part of the Berkeley tradition. Once you are a golden bear, you will always be a part of the Berkeley family.

However, when I became a student at Berkeley, I realized the student population is split between those who actually attend sporting events and those who find sitting in a stadium in close proximity to everyone else as more of a punishment than a fun experience. The main sporting event that receives the most attention is football. Students have their own section that from far away only seems to blur of blue and gold blobs. Usually, in the front row, students paint their body with blue and gold paint, even when it rains. At the beginning of the game, the Cal Band marches in and the rally committee runs the length of the field waving a large Cal flag as the football players come pouring onto the field to a welcoming wave of cheers that seem to crash upon your ears. During halftime, before Cal band performs a beautifully executed performance, students are given a package of colored square cards that students are told to show at a certain time by the energetic rally committee. As long as everyone works together, the images of CAL or GO BEARS are projected to the rest of the stadium. This past year the football team did not particularly do as well compared to previous years. Nevertheless, attending football games is always the highlight of the fall semester for the majority of the students.

However, football is not the only sporting event that students go to. There is basketball, rugby, water polo, swimming, volleyball, soccer, and even golf. The list of the excellent student athletic teams on campus goes on and on. We attract several talented athletes like Olympic swimmers Nathan Adrian, and most recently, Missy Franklin. This past year, the women basketball team made it to the NCAA Tournament. Another sporting event I wish I had attended was Rugby. In June, Cal won the Collegiate Rugby Championship 7s in Philadelphia.

The main events throughout the year that students attend, again, pertain to football. My favorite one to attend is the Bonfire Night Rally in the Greek Theater hosted by the rally committee. This event occurs before the Big Game, against our rival Stanford. Warning: NEVER wear the color red before the Big Game or you will face the consequences. The first time I attended this event the rain poured down on students for three hours. Students huddled together, edging closer and closer to the flames emanating from the large bonfire in the middle of the theater. Past alumni came to speak about their experience at Cal, choral groups and the Cal Band performed and students shouted to freshmen, as a joke, to put more wood into the bonfire. Yet, even though the rain drenched the entire crowd, students still cheered and applauded as if they were sitting in the sun on a perfect summer day.

Whether watching sports is something that interests you or not, I highly recommend that you attend a sporting event, particularly something other than a football game, at Cal during your time here. I must admit there are times during football games, for example, that I slightly zone out because nothing exciting happens, but that is not what attracts me to watch the games. It is the unity and spirit of Cal that I experienced at my first football game in high school that prompts to me to continue to go to any sporting events. The chance to stand next to your fellow students, decked out in Cal sweatshirts, shirts, and even pompoms, as they cheer so loudly you can barely hear your own voice, no matter if it is rain or shine, makes you feel that you are an integral part of the Berkeley family