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Fun Classes for Seminoles

July 16, 2015 in Academics, Alive Campus, Colleges

There are 120 credits needed to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree at most colleges. Of those classes, at least half of them you will regret signing up for and wish you could fall straight to sleep in your chair. “Will I ever use this in life?” is a common phrase most college students will utilize more often than not. But that’s why several colleges will also offer fun classes for students to break free of some stress and enjoy the academic aspect of college as well. Being that FSU is such a large university, it offers a variety of classes that will be pleasing to students of all kind. Here are some of the ones I recommend:

Article and Essay Technique: This is the perfect elective for the writing majors. The class consists of writing and workshopping personal essays that reflect certain points in your life that are deeply personal to you, whether that was a death in the family or a life crisis of some sort. The students all gather around in a circle, read one anothers’ essays, and discuss as a class to each individual student how he or she can improve on their essay. At the end of the semester, two final drafts are due for the two essays. There is another class offered known as Fiction Technique, which is the same concept. The difference is that rather than writing about real personal experiences, students write fictional short stories and provide feedback to their classmates in the same manner.

International Food and Culture: FSU offers several electives along these lines. The classes are either for food, coffee and tea, wine, or beer. You can either take it online or in a classroom where you actually have the opportunity to test the food and drinks out. If you have room in your schedule senior year, any of these would be great choices for a fun 3- credit class.

Stretch and Relaxation: This is a one-credit class that is perfect if you’re just a credit short of meeting graduation requirements. Several classes are offered like this, which all involve physical activity of some sort. Yoga is a great option because it can relax you from all of the stress that college classes generally guarantee.

The Harry Potter Class: You read that right. At FSU, we have a class formally known as Religion and Fantasy Lit, which is more commonly referred to as the Harry Potter class. While I have never taken it, I’ve read and heard nothing but positive feedback from it. The requirements deal with writing papers in relation to the famous Harry Potter book series.

Bowling: Since FSU has a bowling alley in the center of the student union, it only makes sense that the offer a bowling class for credit. If this is a pastime you enjoy doing, then a bowling class is ideal for improving those skills.

Ancient Mythology: This class personally sounds interesting to me. You generally just learn about Greek figures in history, which is always a fun topic to study.

Writing and Editing in Print and Online: The class is a ton of work, but it’s perfect for writing majors who want to advance in both the print and digital world. The professor will usually work close alongside the digital studio, which is always open to helping students learn intricate programs such as Photoshop and InDesign, in addition to digital and video programs.

Fitness Walking: It’s the perfect class for those who want to get into shape and enjoy learning about health and fitness techniques.

Nutrition: I felt that this class was extremely beneficial. It’s a great way to fulfill the science elective at FSU and learn about so many different aspects of nutrition that you didn’t even know were possible. While the class is difficult at some points, you will most likely never lose interest in the subject matter.

Modern Music: Most college students are interested in some type of music, whether it’s in relation to their major or simply for entertainment. This class will touch base on all of the latest music.

There are just a few options for fun classes to be taken at FSU. If none of these sound appealing to you, there are still plenty of other classes that will most likely suit your liking. Take advantage of them your senior year so you have a lighter load, and make sure to enjoy them along the way!

Bowling Class at FSU

Bowling Class at FSU

The Best of AliveCampus

April 24, 2015 in Alive Campus

AliveCampusI’ve been writing for AliveCampus since June of 2014 and have had the pleasure of reading many of the articles that the other writers have written. Since I go to a military college it is always fun to read about other experiences at civilian colleges and compare. Also, it’s somewhat living vicariously through them since military college is very strict. My four years of college is not the norm. So I would like to share five of the articles that I really liked. They range from a variety of different topics, but I really think they are honest and worth a few minutes of your time.

  1. “Is Online Dating Worth It?”

This article was fairly recent and actually perfect timing. I just gave a TED talk in my Rhetoric and Public Address class on dating and relationships for the millennial generation. Our generation is all about the now and focused on instant gratification and thus why so many people would rather have a dating app that allows them to hookup whenever rather than be in a committed relationship. However, there are a lot of people that do use dating websites and apps to meet people, but at the same time I agree with this article because the writer says that meeting people in person is just a lot more fun. Give this article a read if you are currently using a dating app.

2. “Cornell’s Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Major”

This was a very enlightening article. I had no idea there was such a major at any college, especially me being from a military college. I found this article to be very honest and open-minded. As a woman at a mostly-male military college, I consider myself to be somewhat of a feminist and after reading this article I would definitely consider taking one of these classes if my college offered them! This article definitely deserves a read!

3. “Maintaining Healthy Habits in College”

This article is great at giving ideas of what to do for workouts if you don’t feel like working out at your gym. It was also interesting to learn about what the gym was like at FSU. I wish I had a nice workout facility like they do, but sadly ours is very much outdated and limited to what you can do. However, you should give this article a read if you are lacking ideas when it comes to working out.

4. “The Dark Style of the Moon”

This article was all about fashion at Emerson College. I absolutely love fashion but sadly do not get to participate in it since I wear a uniform every day. I had no idea that there were so many different styles at a civilian college. I thought it was literally just yoga pants like the beginning of the article mentions. But this article is also another good read because it opens your eyes to all the different styles that college students are wearing at various colleges.

5. “Sayonara Senior Year”

Being a senior myself, I had to read this article to see what it was about. I really liked it because it started out with an anecdote about the writers’ experience on a religious retreat that she never thought she would go on since she isn’t religious. However, she learned a few different things from going on the retreat which correlate to things people should be doing in their everyday life. I recommend you read this article to see what they are.

The Myths of Your Senior Year

March 27, 2015 in Alive Campus, Career

Senior yearSenior Year. It’s FINALLY here and some of you might be coming to the realization that you are about to enter the real world in just about two short months. I don’t know about you, but I am starting to panic. Everyone says that your senior year is supposed to be the best year of your life and enjoy it while you can! Well how can I when I have to find a job?! I keep trying to enjoy these last two months of my undergraduate education but all I keep thinking about is if I’m going to be homeless or not come May 16. It’s a scary feeling knowing that you may be living on the street in a few months after putting blood, sweat and tears into a $40,000 education. And I know I may be exaggerating a little bit because you always have your parents’ couch right? But at the same time I am completely serious.

These feelings of panic can be attributed to three statements or “myths” that every senior has probably heard more than a dozen times. First is “Oh you’re a senior? Do you have a job yet?” I don’t know how many times I’ve heard this question from family, friends, and strangers alike and I don’t know how much longer I can take it. This question irks me so much because it only adds pressure onto the already panicked attitude I have knowing that graduation is fast approaching. If I had a job then I would immediately tell you straight up before anything else, but if I don’t say anything then please do not ask unless you are going to give me ideas of where to apply.

That question is usually followed by “Oh that’s okay you’ll get a job because everyone wants graduates from your college and it all works out in the end!” In here lies the myth that because I go to a one of the best military colleges in America that someone will automatically hand me a job come graduation. We’ve been breed since freshman year that jobs are handed to us like free money because everyone loves VMI graduates. Well considering I don’t have a job yet that couldn’t be more false. And the thing is, I knew this would happen and wasn’t expecting to be handed a job, but it’s the fact that they make us feel like we’re better than everyone and that you’ll be employed come graduation.

The third question that is sometimes asked is “What would you like to do and where are you looking?” Well honestly I just want a job so I’m looking anywhere. It is even proven that a majority of people don’t even work in the field that they received their degree in and this may be due to the fact that people settle because they need money and I myself would probably do the same. However, I do have a dream job and would like to get a job in that general field. Additionally, what senior actually has the time to look for jobs?! My schedule at VMI does not leave me very much time for myself much less time to look for a job. And frankly, I just want to focus on graduating because I do not want to stay here longer than I have to. Therefore, if I do have the time to apply for a job then I will but other than that I am focusing on getting my diploma, graduating with distinction, and getting out of Dodge.

So if you are a senior and have been hit with these three questions, just know that you are not alone. I am right there with you and as of right now come May 16 I will be looking for my next move. But it’s all going to work out in the end, right? (Or so we’ve been told).

What I Really Learned In School

March 25, 2014 in Academics, Alive Campus, Campus Life, Career, Colleges

With just a little more than a month to go in my college career I’ve been reflecting and looking back on my four years here at the University of Connecticut a lot. I’ve also started to realize that most of my classes have been pretty pointless. I still really have no idea what I want to do for a career after graduation and I doubt that knowing all sorts about contemporary Latin America or the finer points of Social Theory will really come in handy in the future. Sure knowing some stuff from classes on social stratification or human evolution (get at me creationists) COULD be useful in the future, but I would say that they are hardly the most important lessons that I’ve learned in the last four years. What I have learned is this:

  • Dinosaur shaped chicken Nuggets and freeze pops are only acceptable as a meal for so long. It’s a cruel and unfair world we live in.
  • How to prioritize: For me high school was very regimented. Each day it was the same thing. Get up, class, lunch, class, practice, dinner, homework bed. Same thing. Now, I’ve got a lot more variability in my schedule and less work that is assigned one day and due the next. It’s all either copious amounts of reading or large writing assignments that will take me multiple days to complete. In a perfect world, I would have time to do them all, but unfortunately this is not the case. Now, writing assignments get priority to do first, then which ever class I have to do the reading for and then finally the class or classes that I don’t need to bother reading for.
  • How to get by with limited money: Granted I’m not paying bills or a mortgage or for a family, but I’ve been learning to get by on not a lot of money. When I was in high school I worked and always had money since I never really needed to buy anything. All I had to buy was like snacks or beer when I could get my hands on it, and the occasional item that would cost me more than $20 and I would always have about $1000 or more in the bank that I never needed. Now I have more to spend my money on than just snacks and useless crap. And I typically only have a few hundred dollars to my name. I’ve learned to get by thought by making some sacrifices. I’ve had to make decisions in the past like “do I want to get food today or save money for the weekend?”. It sucks but you learn from it.
  • Save your money. This might be the most valuable lesson I’ve learned. How to save money and avoid living paycheck to paycheck. Buy food that will last you a long time. Steal food from the dining hall, NEVER buy books from the UConn bookstore. Use as many coupons, deals and specials as possible. Get a job. Don’t waste your money on stuff you really don’t need.

I’ll be able to put these experiences to use in the future a hell of a lot more than my intro to geoscience class.

Aint This A Bitch?

Aint This A Bitch?

I Love My University, Except It Kind Of Sucks

February 28, 2014 in Academics, Alive Campus, Campus Life, Colleges, Reviews

I am currently finishing up my senior year at the University of Connecticut, which I chose over several other schools four years ago. I picked UConn over other schools like the University of Massachusetts and University of Maine to name a few. When I was searching for schools UConn seemingly had everything I wanted and was looking for. A vibrant and passionate student body with nationally renowned athletics, choices for major and educational programs, and countless activities to participate in on campus. Don’t get me wrong, I love this school and am very happy with my choice. It’s just once the freshman “honeymoon” phase is over, you really begin to notice the flaws with the school. What I have here, is just a musing on some of the things about UConn that disappoint or annoy me to no end.

The first thing that comes to mind is the location. Having grown up in a suburb of a major city, I was always just minutes away from downtown Boston. UConn however, is a half hour away from Hartford and is located in the middle of the woods. The campus keeps me plenty busy, but once you go off there is really not a whole lot out there. Also one thing that just annoys me to no end is the lack of street lamps. In my home town there are street lights every 100 feet or so. At night everything is covered in an orange glow. Out here, nothing. Total blackness at night. Its creepy for sure.

A major headache at school is the transportation system. I’ll say this as candidly as I can. UConn Transpo fucking sucks. The bus system is incredibly unreliable. There have been times when I’ve been waiting at the bus stop at night in the freezing cold for about a half hour for a bus that the tracker said would be there about 25 minutes ago. I don’t know whats worse, the drivers not being on time, or the bus tracker app being beyond inaccurate. It’s pretty much just a crapshoot.

Quite possibly the worst thing about UConn. The most irritating thing in the world, about the school is the gym. UConn is a major state university with a population of 18,000 undergraduates at the Storrs campus alone. The two weight rooms hit max capacity at 30 people each. Constantly, the basketballs are all taken out, the locker rooms are full, there is a line for the treadmills and the weight rooms are packed to capacity. And I work there. I have to spend enough time there, that I know just how horribly undersized this facility is. It is an old, dated building that has not been updated with the rest of the school. That’s the worst part, honestly, is that the University has put a billion dollars into renovating the entire campus and the surrounding area. New buildings, classrooms, apartments, restaurants, the works. And here we are stuck with this crappy building that the student body has easily outgrown.

And there it is. This is of course just the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to my complaints about UConn. But as I said before, I genuinely do like my school and am proud to be graduating from here. Most of the time that is .

But we did get this guy as a new mascot this year so, you know, take the good with the bad

But we did get this guy as a new mascot this year so, you know, take the good with the bad