Females vs. Males Shopping Process

April 17, 2015 in Academics, Alive Campus, Colleges

Who loves going shopping!? I do, (not!) I dislike going shopping for clothes and other items. It is too much stress and work to look for jeans, shorts, shirts, sweaters, and other items that are needed to make up an outfit. I feel like men have it easy when it comes to shopping for clothes or it is faster for men to pick out their outfits than women, but then I feel like I am stereotyping guys and girls.



Not all guys have a layback attitude about their outer appearance because my guy best friend takes a lot of care of how he looks and what he wears. He would take twice as long to get ready than me. I feel that it doesn’t matter as long as the person feels confident about himself or herself. This article may feel that I am contradicting everything I say to some extent and stereotyping males and females, but I just want to make clear that due to how the media advertise and portrait clothing and other stuff, it impacts the way males or females shop for their every day outfits.

Women Shopping/Picking Style: Let’s start with the hundred of clothing that a women can chose from. Women are expected to wear from dresses, tan tops, shorts, jeans, and shirts to many other clothing styles. Yet, just picking the outfit means that the shopping is not over; it is also necessary to pick out the shoes and the accessories. Once that is finish and you still have the energy to keep going, the hairstyle and make up is the next and final step. Yes, all of these steps are necessary for a woman complete their journey shopping. For women, it is all about appearance and how they are going to look, so trying many combinations of clothing is essential. I know I have a difficult item with all of these steps.

Society puts a lot of attention on how women are expected to look and wear, so I feel that women have a more difficult time picking out clothing that makes them feel confortable while at the same time being classy. I do not want to say that women dress a certain way to please others, but women are over sexualize in our society that if a women wears a short skirt they are harassed by men or if they wear any “sexy looking” clothing they are classify as sluts.

Men Shopping/Picking Style: For men, shopping for clothing is not such a difficult task. Talking with me guy best friend about this topic a few weeks back when we were getting ready to travel to Miami for spring break with two other best friends of ours, he stated that it is easier for men to pick clothes because it is only a T-shirt and pants/shorts. Then shoes are also important, but they are just sneakers or sandals. The hair is easy to manage, no make up and no accessories.

This made me wonder why does society still put so much emphasis on the appearances of women? Women are still being over sexualized and it is enforced in our everyday lives, and women who do not like to wear “sexy clothing” are considered unattractive and ugly.

Shopping Malls in Boston

March 10, 2015 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Colleges, Travel

If a student gets accepted in a college located in Boston, MA then there are a lot of activities to do and a lot of restaurants to visit. Boston even has a lot of shopping malls that college students can enjoy. Some of these malls are Cambridge Galleria, Dedham Mall, Faneuil Hall/Downtown Boston, and Prudential Center.

Galleria Shopping Mall!!

Galleria Shopping Mall!!

Cambridge Galleria: This mall is located at Cambridge, MA and it has a lot of activities/stores to explore. From sears to Banana Republic, this is a place to visit and get your shopping done, even window shopping. There is a food court that has many fast food stands like Mc Donald’s, which I do not recommend for various reason, and Saku Japanese Food that I highly recommend because they have great chicken teriaki and sushi. Let’s talk about the stores at Galleria mall, as mention before, there is a Sears which has everything that you might be looking for such as clothes, shoes, house appliances, and much more at a great price. There is also an Old Navy, which has great tops, jeans, and dresses.

Dedham Mall: If you want a similar shopping experience as Galleria Mall in Cambridge, but want to change the location then go to Dedham Mall. It has similar stores, Sears, Old Navy, and it even has TJ Maxx. This mall is small, but it has all the necessary stores you would need to get your shopping done. There is even a DSW Warehouse located next to TJ Maxx that would get your shoe shopping needs fulfilled. Dedham Mall is closer if you live in Jamaica Plain, Roslindale, Hyde Park, and Roxbury of the City of Boston. As a college student, this is a great way to get to know Boston, especially if you are not from Boston.

Faneuil Hall/Downtown Boston: Downtown Boston, the place everyone goes to for eating, shopping, school, etc. Faneuil Hall is close to Downtown Boston, so both are busy areas. At the main center of Downtown Boston, there is another Tj Maxx, Marshall’s, and H&M. Popular places to go shopping, in the same street there is a DSW shoe Warehouse and Payless, which have lovely shoes at a affordable price. All malls are crowded, but Faneuil Hall/Downtown Boston are not malls, but shopping districts.

Prudential Center: Shopping at Copley Mall, the person would need to have a lot of money. The Gucci store is located at this mall and many other brand stores that are great, but really pricey. Unless you are a rich person or can afford to buy at least one item, then this is not a mall for you. Even though, the shopping experience would be disturbed by the tourist who are ALWAYS stopping every five seconds or are walking very slowly, they could even be doing both. A lot of students like to go to the food court to eat and spend some quality time with their friends.

There are many shopping malls in the City of Boston that should be explored by college students who have decided to attend college in Boston. All of these location can be accesses by using the MBTA.