The CC Scene Told Through Disney Movies

April 17, 2015 in Academics, Alive Campus, Campus Life, Health, Love, Sports

I absolutely love watching movies about the college experience. So what better way than to tell you the ABSOLUTE truth about the CC social scene than through DISNEY MOVIES? Yes, you read right. #enjoy

Monsters University

1. STUDY, STUDY, STUDY. AND MORE STUDY. Monsters University is probably one of the best sequels in all of Disney movie history! (Sorry Disney, we only speak the truth.) What makes this movie even more fantastic? IT CANNOT BE MORE TRUE! Part of a community college social scene are people studying. If you have goals to reach, the library might just be your BFF! One-eyed Mike Wazowski has the dream of being a full-fledged scarer, and he knows that studying is one way to get there! So what are you all doing? Let’s get to studying! #hopontoit

The Rescuers

2. THE CLUB LIFE. We crown Bernard and Miss Bianca King and Queen of The Club Life! Community College is all about networking, and what better way to do that than to join clubs? Join clubs that you take interest in! Are you a woman with a voice? Feminist Club may be your calling. Do you have a knack for acting? The Theatre Club would love to have you! Of course if saving little children from villainous people if your thing, the Rescue Aid Society may be hiring in your area. #rescuersreference


3. ZERO TO HERO. The social scene is more than just joining clubs and studying. It’s also about staying fit and staying healthy! Many college students take part in after- school activities such as sports. Taking part in a sport gives you discipline and allows you to meet people with the same passion you do. In my opinion, if it worked for Hercules, it could work for you, too! Who doesn’t want killer abs and toned legs for beach season? #notme!

Lady and the Tramp

4. THE OCCASIONAL DATE. Yes, once in while you will get asked out and hopefully, he or she will sweep you off your feet! This is one of the most looked-forwarded to things when it comes to embracing the social scene in college. Have fun and enjoy the time you have meeting new girls or guys. BUT, don’t let your emotions cloud your head! This is still school, which means you need to keep your grades in check and at all times! So with that said; Stop day- dreaming and get back to studying!


5. LEAVE THE TOWER. Rapunzel knows what she’s doing; It’s time to leave the tower. Yes, of course you may take a break from studying so hard in the library! Explore the community surrounding your college! I go to school in Pasadena, California which is great because just five minutes away is an outdoor mall! Tons of college kids hang around the surrounding community after school to relax and enjoy the college life. You did more than just apply to go to school, you also applied to become part of the community. Take advantage of it. It could just end up being your #bestdayever.

Sleeping Beauty

6. FOR THE MOST PART. Aurora has the right idea. Sleeping is the one thing you will be doing for most of your college experience. Because let’s face it, after studying hard, joining clubs, working out, going on romantic dates, and exploring the surrounding community, we just become DEAD TIRED. Right, Aurora? #imakemyselflaughsometimes Luckily for us college kids, we don’t need a kiss from a prince or princess to wake us up. So after you get your beauty sleep, you better wake up and do it again. Like now. #onrepeat

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Workout, Eat, Sleep, Repeat

April 3, 2014 in Health

Remaining physically healthy is a pretty easy task for me.  As a three-season athlete at Wheaton, I get plenty of exercise every day; plus, the coaches are great about educating us on the importance of nutrition.  I make sure to eat a variety of foods, including lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains like oatmeal, quinoa, pancakes, and bread, protein from eggs, veggies, beans, and peanut butter, and calcium from almond milk and Greek yogurt.  The importance is finding a balance, trying new foods, and making sure you’re consuming enough of everything.  Although I do have some complaints about the dining halls, they do always offer some healthy options, like a salad bar, apples, bananas, and oranges, eggs and chicken, wheat pasta and rice, and steamed vegetables.  I also try to achieve a normal sleep schedule, getting to bed at a reasonable hour, never after midnight.  I sometimes have trouble staying asleep, but for the most part I try to get 6-9 hours a night.

While exercising, sleeping a lot, and eating well are three things that come easily to me, some people struggle a little more, which is totally fine!  College is a busy time for all of us, and it’s hard to put physical health as a priority when there are classes, friends, sports, clubs, and social events to worry about.  But honestly, staying healthy will help you deal with all those stressors in the long run.  Wheaton makes it fairly easy to stay in shape.  We have a gym complete with treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, and weights; there is also an indoor track and a swimming pool with open hours.  If you prefer to exercise outside, there are lots of running trails nearby.

Eating healthy is also important.  While the “Freshman 15” may be a myth, it’s true that some college students, regardless of age, gain weight, and even more just don’t eat well even if it doesn’t show.  Yes, the dining halls here offer pizza, fries, chocolate chip waffles, sugary cereal, and dessert every day, and while it’s okay to indulge occasionally, if you find yourself constantly eating a sugary waffle for breakfast, pizza for lunch, and a cheeseburger with fries for dinner, along with a dessert, then you should try to make a change.  Healthy food is actually really good, and it will make your body look lean and help you feel less sluggish.  Like I said, there are plenty of yummy options in the dining halls that taste good and are good for you.

Adequate sleep is another component to a healthy lifestyle, one that many college students neglect.  Yes, it’s fun to stay up until 5 AM on weekends, but that dramatic shift really messes up your sleep schedule.  It’s also tempting to stay up late on school nights to do homework or just hang out with friends, and even with early classes the next day, some people don’t get to bed until well after midnight.  While it’s hard to devote 8-9 hours to sleep when you have so much work to get done, you have to remember that resting properly will do good for your body, and it actually makes concentrating in classes and on assignments easier, causing efficiency and therefore higher grades!  Even if you can only get 6-7 hours, it’s still better than 3 or 4!   If you do try to go to bed early but can’t sleep because of noisy dorms, try turning on a fan in your room to block out extraneous clatter from floormates.

Although it may seem impossible at first, staying physically healthy is fairly simple once you get into the habit of it.  Make exercise part of your daily routine, and soon you won’t want to go without it; start to love vegetables and fruits, and soon you won’t even crave that chocolate covered donut; devote more time to sleep, and you’ll notice a better mood and a higher level of concentration.  Starting is the hardest part, but it’s all downhill from there, and it will all be worth it, I promise!

A healthy body leads to a healthy mind too!

A healthy body leads to a healthy mind too!

Embracing Free Time

April 15, 2013 in Campus Life, Colleges

There are two types of Vanguard students in my opinion: ones who are involved in almost everything and those who are involved in nothing and doing the absolute minimum. That, of course, is an exaggeration, but you see most of the students falling into one of those two categories. Last semester, I was doing a little more than the minimum and this semester, I’m doing just about everything you can imagine.

Free time is a luxury, no matter which kind of student you are. This semester, free time has become an amazing gift from God because every week seems to be just as busy as the last if not more.

In the case of those who are exhausted and have reached their limits as far as school, work, and extra-curricular activities, laziness is the number one favorite activity. Whether it’s sleeping or just sitting and doing nothing on the computer, this has become a favorite pastime of mine, as well as many other students. If you’re always doing something, the second you don’t have anything to do, what better way to spend that time than to sleep? As college students we already countless lose hours of sleep every night, so any opportunity to catch up is heavenly.

If a student isn’t sleeping and doing nothing, activities in one’s free time range from hanging out with friends in their dorm rooms or having a spontaneous adventure around the city. If someone doesn’t have enough money to go off campus or doesn’t have a way to get off campus, most will just watch movies and tv shows, preferably on Netflix or Hulu. If you just freed up some time and have some extra cash, coffee shops, the gym, the beach, and Disneyland/California Adventures are other popular places to go. Everyone loves coffee dates and a quick trip to Disneyland to ride Indiana Jones before their next class or even worse–doing homework.

The ever-famous Paradise Pier at California Adventures.

If someone also has a free hour or two in their room, some might even use that free time to do homework for other classes due later in the week. It sounds pathetic, but like I said, free time is a luxury. If someone has the time to put more time and effort into an assignment and take off the stress of doing it later, they will do it.

One of the reasons why I feel like college students don’t have enough free time is because of our social networks. In between classes, homework, and work, we are constantly checking Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. We say we don’t have free time when we’re really wasting our time that should be productive checking our phones for the newest updates. I’m guilty of this too, but it’s a problem that everyone needs to work on.

Free time. No matter what school you go to and who you are, you never feel like you have enough. Whose fault is that? It could be ours, it could be our professors, or just the way our schedules worked out. Regardless, it’s important to take the time every now and then to just relax, whether at Disneyland or in your bed.