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The CC Scene Told Through Disney Movies

April 17, 2015 in Academics, Alive Campus, Campus Life, Health, Love, Sports

I absolutely love watching movies about the college experience. So what better way than to tell you the ABSOLUTE truth about the CC social scene than through DISNEY MOVIES? Yes, you read right. #enjoy

Monsters University

1. STUDY, STUDY, STUDY. AND MORE STUDY. Monsters University is probably one of the best sequels in all of Disney movie history! (Sorry Disney, we only speak the truth.) What makes this movie even more fantastic? IT CANNOT BE MORE TRUE! Part of a community college social scene are people studying. If you have goals to reach, the library might just be your BFF! One-eyed Mike Wazowski has the dream of being a full-fledged scarer, and he knows that studying is one way to get there! So what are you all doing? Let’s get to studying! #hopontoit

The Rescuers

2. THE CLUB LIFE. We crown Bernard and Miss Bianca King and Queen of The Club Life! Community College is all about networking, and what better way to do that than to join clubs? Join clubs that you take interest in! Are you a woman with a voice? Feminist Club may be your calling. Do you have a knack for acting? The Theatre Club would love to have you! Of course if saving little children from villainous people if your thing, the Rescue Aid Society may be hiring in your area. #rescuersreference


3. ZERO TO HERO. The social scene is more than just joining clubs and studying. It’s also about staying fit and staying healthy! Many college students take part in after- school activities such as sports. Taking part in a sport gives you discipline and allows you to meet people with the same passion you do. In my opinion, if it worked for Hercules, it could work for you, too! Who doesn’t want killer abs and toned legs for beach season? #notme!

Lady and the Tramp

4. THE OCCASIONAL DATE. Yes, once in while you will get asked out and hopefully, he or she will sweep you off your feet! This is one of the most looked-forwarded to things when it comes to embracing the social scene in college. Have fun and enjoy the time you have meeting new girls or guys. BUT, don’t let your emotions cloud your head! This is still school, which means you need to keep your grades in check and at all times! So with that said; Stop day- dreaming and get back to studying!


5. LEAVE THE TOWER. Rapunzel knows what she’s doing; It’s time to leave the tower. Yes, of course you may take a break from studying so hard in the library! Explore the community surrounding your college! I go to school in Pasadena, California which is great because just five minutes away is an outdoor mall! Tons of college kids hang around the surrounding community after school to relax and enjoy the college life. You did more than just apply to go to school, you also applied to become part of the community. Take advantage of it. It could just end up being your #bestdayever.

Sleeping Beauty

6. FOR THE MOST PART. Aurora has the right idea. Sleeping is the one thing you will be doing for most of your college experience. Because let’s face it, after studying hard, joining clubs, working out, going on romantic dates, and exploring the surrounding community, we just become DEAD TIRED. Right, Aurora? #imakemyselflaughsometimes Luckily for us college kids, we don’t need a kiss from a prince or princess to wake us up. So after you get your beauty sleep, you better wake up and do it again. Like now. #onrepeat

Until Next Time!


Assumption College: Wild Party School or Boring Catholic Institution?

September 18, 2014 in Campus Life

Assumption College PupCup

Assumption College PupCup

When you hear the words “private, catholic college”, you might think that it entails a dead party scene and a social scene as interesting as watching paint dry, but that’s certainly not the case. Although Assumption is no UNH or UMASS, which are notorious party schools, it still stands strong when it comes to having fun and meeting cool people. Here’s the truth about Assumption’s social scene and all the best places to hangout.

Parties: At Assumption you can’t just walk around and find a party like you can at other large universities. Rather, you have to ask around and hear from friends to know where the party will be that night. Most of the parties will be in 5men or 6men, but mostly 6men because this is where all of the seniors live. As freshman it can be hard to get into these parties at the beginning of the year because of the strict RA’s and campus police, but as you move up and turn 21 it gets easier to have access. The parties are nothing special, just your usual loud music, sweaty people, booze, and chants. Once in a while a room will get adventurous and have a party with a theme like ABC parties or Ugly Sweater parties during Christmas. During the major holidays like Halloween it gets a lot crazier, and there are parties Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Once in a while the buildings will do “around the world” where each room is a country and has themed drinks, music, and other activities, which is always fun. So, it’s not that parties don’t exist at Assumption, you just have to find them!

People: Assumption’s girl to boy ratio is 70:30, which is great for guys but not so great for the ladies. As for diversity, there honestly isn’t a lot, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t cool people to meet. You have your typical jocks that are connected by sports, and then there’s everyone else. I wouldn’t necessarily say that there are any groups, but people tend to hangout with other people in their major or mutual friends they have just met randomly through clubs or other groups. Overall, by the time you’re a senior, you’re pretty much friends with your entire grade because the school is so small.

Bars: Assumption’s go to bar for Thursday nights is Leitrims. Literally the ENTIRE school shows up on Thursday nights and stay till 1 or 2 a.m. The bar isn’t anything special – it’s pretty dingy and a “dive bar”, but it’s always a great time and makes for good stories the next day. They have $6 pitchers and you get a card that gets you perks the more that you go. People also go to Mahoneys, the Perfect Game and the Loft for drinks, but nothing gets as crazy as Leits.

PupCup: At the end of the year most colleges have a “spree day”, but Assumption has an entire weekend devoted to the festivities. Basically, a theme is chosen for the weekend and events go on based off of the theme like a barbecue and carnival. There is also a weekend long competition for the freshman and the sophomores that can be fun for underclassmen. The entire weekend is full of parties and just complete chaos, which is a great way to celebrate the end of the year. You definitely don’t want to miss this weekend!

So, if you’re looking for a diehard party school that has 30 different parties every weekend, Assumption probably isn’t for you. But, if you’re looking for a school that has a little bit of everything when it comes to the social scene, Assumption sizes up.

The Big Red Social Scene (Rainbow Edition)

September 5, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Events

Former high school nerd transitions into a typical "college party bro."

Former high school nerd transitions into a typical “college party bro.”

*I would like to open this entry by explicitly stating that I am a gay-identifying male who actively avoids Greek parties and, therefore, cannot and will not provide any anecdotes or insert my personal biases pertaining to the Fraternity parties that occur on the Cornell campus and surrounding Collegetown community. Rather, I will discuss the LGBTQ+ community’s wide array of festivities and get-togethers.

As an institution with a student body that playfully boasts the motto, “Work hard, play harder,” Cornell University is plagued with a number of parties, “ragers,” social mixers, and get-togethers during the end of the school week—most well known and most tweeted about are the Thirsty Thursday open parties at various Co-Ops, Sloppy Saturday ragers hosted by the Greeks, and Sunday-to-Monday Collegetown apartment get-togethers.

The LGBTQ+ community has a set of its own parties (generally open to the non-homophobic public, though usually flocked by queer-identifying individuals ready to “grind like Beyoncé” and “party like Lindsay Lohan circa 2011”). On any given Saturday night, there is a member of Haven (Cornell’s LGBTQ+ umbrella organization) or a queer-identifying individual with a “rad pad” hosting a party that starts off with an organized array of alcoholic beverages sitting atop the living room table and that ends with an onslaught of inebriated Little Monsters who lost their voices from screaming “YAAAAASSS” to every Lady Gaga dubstep remix that played throughout the night.

The community, broken up into the political subgroups of the Haven organization, the social party groups such as The Gay Mafia and The Sass House, and the outsiders group comprised of nonaffiliated queer-identifying individuals, all converge into one, massive, hot mess during said parties. It’s a sight worth seeing. As of recent, the Cornell LGBTQ+ community has even established a new party group—the name of which I will not provide, as it is a closed group with the sole purpose of creating a safe and secure avenue through which non-out individuals can still have a great weekend.

For those of you who love huge ragers, there is the annual Filthy Gorgeous party—Think Project X meets Las Vegas Gentlemen’s Clubs, then add some glitter, add some grime, and tons of club music and a seemingly endless supply of “water and iced tea.” Do you still believe that the after-prom party was the “wildest rager ever?” Well, you’re wrong. You’re more wrong than the girl who answered “The limit is 1” at the Mean Girls decathlon.

For those of you who love the more intimate, small-group vibes, there are the occasional informal Collegetown apartment get-togethers hosted by facilitators of the Haven subgroups—Think dirty card games (i.e. Cards Against Humanity), tons of drinking (soda for you underaged kiddos), and lots of instagramming (because everyone must know what you’re drinking—HASHTAG COCA COLA, HASHTAG RED CUP).

Just one of the many types of parties held in Collegetown

Just one of the many types of parties held in Collegetown

As with most large universities, Cornell is a mecca of divergent party atmospheres. The immense quantity of parties hosted by a myriad of different groups and people means that the party scene cannot truly be defined or categorized. Such an ambiguity simply means that there’s fun for everyone; whether you are a lover of vodka pong and Nicki Minaj-level grinding, or you are a fan of Twister and soda, there is a place for you during the weekends.

So put on your best pair of dark jeans, get out your favorite short sleeve t-shirt, grab your iPhone (Instagram app downloaded and on your first page), and go have some wild fun (some nice, clean, fun. WINK WINK).

Alabama State University’s ‘Yo-Yo’ Party Scene

May 1, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Events

College is made up of school work, sports and the party scene. In most cases the latter is the most important. It’s a chance to attend those epic house parties you always heard about growing up, and a chance to re-enact the film Project X. There should be Solo cups everywhere, men broomstick jousting in fur coats and people taking shots off each other’s stomachs. Unfortunately at Alabama State University, in Alabama’s capital city of Montgomery, this isn’t always the case. The party scene of Montgomery, Ala. resembles that of a Yo-Yo; one week good and the next week bad.

There are plenty of parties to go to; one every weekend at least, but whether or not the party lasts longer than an hour is another story. With the hype of a weekend party comes Twitter postings, Facebook pages and leaflets around school. This causes a problem as the police also have Twitter and Facebook. As soon as the department gets wind of a party they come to shut it down, due to either noise complaints or underage drinkers. Most college students are aged 18-22, and with the drinking age being 21 this limits the number of people that can legally drink at these house parties. The Yo-Yo falls down.

Let’s say the party doesn’t get shut down, then this is one of those weekend’s you aren’t likely to forget. There are sure to be hundreds of people there, the liquor will be flowing and the music blaring. It’s a Yo-Yo party in a good sense. The best parties are usually ran by the school’s band or one of the sport’s teams in a rented house. There is usually a DJ set-up in the corner and the room adjacent to him is designated liquor room. Vodka gummy bears, Kool-Aid vodka shots and a fridge full of alcohol can be found in this room, and as long as you paid your entrance fee then you’re free to have at it. The Yo-Yo swings up.


Paint parties can spice up a school's social scene

Paint parties can spice up a school’s social scene


There is one way of guaranteeing yourself a consistent but average night every weekend: Going out to the clubs. Although they may not be the biggest, and they are never full, the club parties in Montgomery do at least last the whole night without being shut down. After getting over the pain of paying $20 to get in, whether you’re of age or not, you’re sure to have an OK night. Every once in a while the clubs will host an external party company to put on a paint party. This is a great time to walk right past the house parties Paint parties are only acceptable to attend during your college years, so make the most of your chances to experience paint parties, they will be better than your average club night. A club night may not always be the most exciting, but they are always a safe bet.

ASU is a large school, so meeting everybody isn’t physically possible. But after attending one of the ‘good’ parties you’ll find yourself handshaking, hugging and fist-bumping someone every five minutes on campus. The students love to have fun, and everyone is here to enjoy themselves with friends and new people. Attending an ASU party won’t just leave you with a pounding headache and the irremovable taste of vodka gummy bear, you’ll also have a bunch of new friends and a greater sense of unity within the school’s campus.

Frat-Free University

February 28, 2014 in Admissions, Alive Campus, Campus Life, Colleges

We’ve all seen the movies: Van Wilder, Animal House, Old School, even Monsters University. These movies revolve around images of fraternities and sororities filled with rushes, hazing, competitions, streaking, and tons of beer, bros and babes. But are these real depictions of what college life is actually like? For some, maybe.  There are certainly fraternities and sororities around the country that fulfill this lifestyle. There are also plenty of organizations that focus more on helping out the community and other leadership projects. Some schools, such as my school (Providence College), do not even offer a form of Greek Life.

How you experience your college years is entirely up to you. Whoever you decided to surround yourself with will have a massive impact on who you will become. This is why the decision to join a fraternity/sorority or not is so significant. In my case, even if my school had fraternities and sororities, I would not join one. Here’s why:


One of the biggest aspects of Greek life is undoubtably the house parties.  Many of these parties are themed and can be a total blast. Everyone who’s anyone attends these parties. However, in some cases, there is not always a guarantee that everybody will get an invite. Some fraternities are very picky about who they let in to their houses. At my school, on the other hand, plenty of house parties are held every weekend by the upperclassmen living right off campus. Simply bring five dollars and you will be provided with the essentials: a basement, keg, jungle juice, loud music, beer pong, and certainly some good looking lads and ladies.  It doesn’t matter which major, class or group you are in; you’re invited.

It’s true that once you become a member of a fraternity or sorority, you’re family. But the steps it takes to get there do not seem very family friendly. The rushing and hazing traditions of Greek life are designed to be degrading and humiliating and have even resulted in numerous injuries and deaths. A family is supposed to be warm and welcoming, a group that loves you no matter what. These activities force students to not be their true selves, forcing them well out of their comfort zone to do unthinkable things they would never do on their own.

Without the pressures of sorority and fraternity life at my school, joining different clubs and organizations is easy and stress-free.  I am a member of a few different groups on campus and each group truly does act as a family.  One can freely explore different groups on campus and come and go as they please, whereas in Greek life this is not so simple.  It is also preferable to pay twenty or so dollars for dues rather than the thousands of dollars it costs to join a fraternity or sorority.

Of course you will make long lasting friendships with your fraternity brothers or sorority sisters, but who’s stopping you from doing this on your own? Meeting friends through different activities and clubs that you enjoy seems more natural than being forced upon a group of friends who happened to get accepted to the same frat or sorority house.

Schools with a high Greek life presence seem to have a social scene dominated by fraternity and sorority groups. In my opinion, it is best to skip this popularity contest and just be yourself. College is filled with endless opportunities to explore yourself and your interests.  These years will be some of the greatest years of your life, no matter which route you decide to take. For me, I am very pleased with my decision to remain frat-free.