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Stonehill Student Profile: Ryan DiFalco

August 29, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life

Ryan DiFalco

Ryan DiFalco, a girl and her bucket hat







Where are you from?

Burlington, Vermont

What is your spirit animal?

I’ve been told a seal because I’m playful and silly. I’ve also been told a sea turtle because I’m peaceful and conscious of not upsetting the balance of things.

One word that describe Stonehill:


Favorite movie?

Dead Poets Society

Why did you choose Stonehill?

I chose Stonehill because I had that weird magical moment where you walk on campus and fall in love. And the internship opportunities, like NY, DC, and LA sounded cool.

What advice would you give to a new student?

Join a lot of clubs in the beginning. If you feel like you’d be interested in something just try it! You’ll find your happiness in joining groups.

What are you involved in?

I’m the Captain of the ultimate Frisbee team, the music section editor of The Rolling Stonehill (Stonehill’s culture magazine), and the Secretary of PRIDE (providing a responsible, inclusive, and diverse environment).

How do you manage time?

I take it day by day and hope I don’t cry at the end of it.

How do you handle living four hours away?

It’s tough sometimes because I’m really close with my family, but I stay busy and see it as an adventure.

Favorite place on campus?

The bridge by New Hall. Super convenient, but a nice place to go to clear my head.

One thing you want to do before you graduate?

One academic thing I want to do is stay on the dean’s list, and one silly thing I want to do is climb Donahue.

What are you most looking forward to this year?

Aside from going abroad (in Ireland), I’m excited to live in the Colonial Courts with all of my friends.

Ryan is one of my best friends and she is a great example of a Stonehill student. She has a great heart and is very involved on campus. Just remember that college comes with many opportunities, and you should take advantage of each and every one. Whether that means joining clubs, going abroad, or doing an internship, it’s important to get yourself out there like Ryan does. Already in our junior year, we are confident and ready to take on anything, all thanks to the new things we tried and chances we took that got us to this stage.

Free Time and How I Spend it

August 16, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life

My friend Ryan and I knitting during our first year at Stonehill

My friend Ryan and I knitting during our first year at Stonehill

I consider free time to be a time in the day where I don’t have any obligations. No class, no work shift, no club meetings. It may be when I could probably be doing my homework, but where I have enough time to do something fun before I get down to business. Although sometimes it seems like I have no time at all, there’s always some, even if it’s on the weekend.

When I was a first year student, I didn’t have much going on, but I got a work study job and joined a club or two to do something with all of my spare time. I would suggest doing the something similar or join a sport. You want to keep a little busy so that you’re getting out of your room, and you’re not constantly sitting around being bored. It will take up some of your “free time,” but you’ll more likely cherish your extra time, because believe me, it can be hard to get.

Free time during my day could start with a break in between classes or a walk to the library. I’ll usually call my mom or text one of my friends just to see what’s going on or vent about how busy I feel. It’s great to have a sense of support even when they’re not physically with me. They help me see things differently and they usually know what to say. It definitely helps wash away worries and I leave the conversation feeling level-headed.

When I have more time, and I’m not doing homework, I’ll hang out in a friend’s room and talk or watch a movie. We tend to see each other more during the week than the weekend, ironically. We always procrastinate together, but I find that time with friends is never really wasted.

I’m not usually able to fit this into my day to day schedule, but I like to knit or crochet. Yes, it’s grandma, but it’s so relaxing, and the end result is a perfect gift for a birthday or Christmas. One of my best friends at school knits, so we spent a lot of time doing that during our first year. It’s a hobby that doesn’t take a lot of focus, especially if it’s a project you’ve done before, and that’s what taking a break is all about.

When they’re not watching movies or tv in their free time, my friends like to go to the gym or volunteer. A friend of mine is big on lifting weights. She has her leg day, arms, abs, etc. Hopefully she can train me this semester, but we’ll see how long that lasts (I don’t work out). Working out is awesome for relieving stress. It can boost your mood and make you feel good (supposedly).

Last year another friend was required to volunteer within a course, but she liked it so much that she continued it when the course was over. Volunteering is a productive way to serve others and do something good. Plus, getting off campus for a while can be refreshing. In my first year, I volunteered at an animal shelter. Unfortunately, I couldn’t continue with it because it conflicted with my schedule, but since then I’ve wanted to volunteer again. Hopefully I can fit something in this semester.

Free time doesn’t come often, so make it worthwhile. If you have time in between class or before work, use it. Because when you have to do hours of homework, you’re going to wish you had used that time to do something fun.

More Than Just An Old Dorm

August 1, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life

The Sem

The Sem

I could tell you about the weird or messy moments from my first year, but it wouldn’t be much different from other people’s crazy stories. Typical college. This week I want to tell you about an unforgettable experience from sophomore year, which is much more than any drunken night could amount to. It’s about living in Stonehill’s dorm, The Sem.

I’ll do my best to describe it to you, but many don’t fully understand the building until they’ve lived in it. The Sem is in the boonies of Stonehill, past the Sports Complex, near the fields and by the road. No one goes there unless they live there, they’re going to Sem mass, or they’re going to brunch on the weekend. Either way, I’m confident in saying that it’s the hidden gem of Stonehill.

It’s a first year student dorm, but I had the opportunity to live there sophomore year because my roommate is an RA. Before The Sem, her and I were friendly, but didn’t really hangout much besides getting breakfast between classes. When she asked me to live with her, I was hesitant especially because of the Sem’s location on campus. I had to give her an answer fairly quickly, so I just decided to go for it. I didn’t have a roommate for the following year at the time, and I figured I would make some new friends. It wouldn’t be so bad.

Little did I know, it was a great fit for me. The special thing about the Sem is that it’s more than a dorm, it’s a community of people, of friends. Because we’re far away from the center of campus, we’re lazy and are just stuck together a lot of the time. From RA programs, to floor meetings, to hanging out in the common room, there is so much pride and involvement. Everyone is proud to be a sem kid, old and new. There are always familiar faces whether it’s hanging out with an RA on duty or hanging out in your room. No one is afraid to talk or say “hello.” Yeah, I was a sophomore, but it’s just the kind of place you want to be as a first year, despite the distance.

I made friends just like I thought I would, and my new roommate became a best friend. Coincidentally a few girls on my floor knit and liked to craft. We’d hangout and watch tv or a movie. There were a lot of opportunities to bond, especially in little ways. People usually had their door opened, and it was common for someone to pop in and chat or just say “hey” while walking by. Since we had a small cafeteria in the building, a lot of us would eat there instead of walking all the way across campus if we were already in our rooms and didn’t have to go out again. Sem brunch every weekend was a tradition. A very delicious weekly tradition. During my first year I didn’t get out enough and wasn’t that involved. Living in The Sem, making new friends, and having to make more of an effort to see my other friends and attend meetings, truly pushed me to put myself out there. When I first agreed to The Sem, I didn’t realize what it would do for me or how much of an impact it would have. Although that chapter is passed and it’s summer now, I still text my roommate and keep in contact with a few girls from my floor. I’m grateful that I was given the opportunity to be a Sem kid and anyone who is chosen to live there is lucky.

College Dating: Stonehill Edition

July 11, 2014 in Alive Campus, Love

This week is all about college dating and relationships. Read on to hear my old fashioned thoughts on dating. Maybe our grandparents could teach us something in this department…

Couples and Relationships

Couples and Relationships

During my first year of college I had a boyfriend who went to a nearby community college and lived in a town pretty close to my school. I was transitioning into a new life and moving away from home. We were both going to school and working, so we were busy during the week. Just about every weekend he would pick me up. He stayed over a few times, but we either walked around campus or hung out in my room. I partly think this experience kept me from being at school when I should have been there. Weekends are perfect opportunities to go out and make friends, and I wasn’t really doing that. I had some friends and I had fun, but not nearly as much as Sophomore year when I was single. I had a lot more time to focus on myself, school, and friends. I gained confidence and became more sure of who I was. In the end, I learned a lot about myself, improved my grades (I even made Dean’s list for the first time), and became closer to my friends. The single life can be really great, and maybe something more students could learn to embrace instead of being bothered by it.

Relationships in college are hard, and they might not be for everyone at first, but they sure are for some people, although this couple might be an exception. My friend Sabrina at school has a boyfriend, John, who also attends Stonehill. He’s a senior and she’s a junior. They’ve been going out for a while, and are very cute and happy together. Although they can both get busy with school and work, they live on campus, so if they want to see each other it’s manageable. Sabrina said, “I like going to the same school as him. It makes it easy to be near each other and it’s nice to be within walking distance. For fun, we go hiking or on walks, out to dinner, or for drives around just to talk. Simple things like that.” Around Stonehill, there are places to eat like Bertucci’s in walking distance, or you could go to the Braintree Plaza for California Pizza Kitchen or The Cheesecake Factory. If nothing close by seems up to par, you could head into Boston for something new and fun. You can always find something to do.

I think one reason why Sabrina and John have such a successful relationship is because they became friends for a little while before they decided to go out, which not many people do anymore. Most people seem to be in a rush to make things happen, but what for? Whether it’s Stonehill, or college in general, I feel as though everything happens so fast. You meet someone at a party and you’re dating two weeks later. People rarely take the time to court anymore. What ever happened to just being someone’s friend for a little while, and bringing them into your friend group first to see if they’re not only compatible with you, but with your friends?

It seems like a lot of the romance died with most things from the 50s and 60s. I mean what ever happened to the sock hop and cute things like that? Why did grinding even start? The latter is probably what you can find at a courts party. If someone is looking for a hookup, I’m guessing they’d go there. Hooking up is fine, but just do what you’re comfortable with. There’s nothing wrong with it. I think the problem is that some people come to college expecting that or feeling like that’s what they should be doing. It’s not what everyone is doing, and if someone tell you it’s all they’re doing, they’re probably lying.

Remember that even though you’re getting older, you have your entire life ahead of you. Even if it seems like you should be hooking up, or you’re the only one without a partner, learn to be comfortable with yourself and know that sometimes that might be all you need. Just do what makes you happy and comfortable, and the rest will fall into place.

What is Stonehill Wearing?

July 4, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Colleges, Style

Looking professional for a networking event

Looking professional for a networking event

Let’s just say that if you’re wearing a suit, blazer, or any kind of professional clothes on campus, you kind of stick out like a sore thumb. We know that you’re not just going to class, but you might have an interview, a presentation, or work. If you wear a dress, skirt, or a button up shirt to class, you’ll look a little dressed up or put together. You’ll look like you actually tried that day, and hopefully you didn’t try too hard. But, with class buildings and dorms pretty close together, it’s hard not to wake up 10 minutes before class, throw something on, and run out the door (and by run, I mean grab coffee and moderately speed walk).

Stonehill is a pretty active campus in terms of sports and fitness, so a lot of people wear yoga pants, shorts, leggings, sweatpants, fitness tops, and the list goes on. There are a lot of work out clothes with brands ranging from Lulu Lemon to Marshall’s. But, don’t forget about the purple! Within the sporty category there is a lot of Stonehill pride. Sports teams often wear their respective apparel. It’s not uncommon for someone to represent a team, even if they don’t belong to one, or see someone represent Stonehill. Whether it’s shorts or a hat, the love and support is visible.

Don’t feel like you’re restricted to wearing athletic wear by any means. People wear what they want. It’s great because when you dress down, you don’t feel like a bum, and when you’re wearing a cute outfit, you feel really nice looking. Best of both worlds. This offers an opportunity to be free to express yourself, but some skyhawks choose to stick to trends or stick to what they know is fashionably safe. It’s somewhat of a running joke that everyone at Stonehill looks the same. A test to see if you really know your friends, try picking them out on a campus full of black Northfaces and Uggs. Sperrys are another Stonehill cliché as well. Personally, I’m not an athletic person, and don’t like wearing active wear unless I’m working out, but sometimes I’ll wear a Stonehill shirt or sweatshirt. Other than that, I love wearing leggings with a giant sweater or jeans and a band t-shirt. Nothing too fancy, but I like to stick to my own style that a few of my friends call soft-grunge. Take that for what you will.

No matter what you wear, it’s unlikely that you’ll have any difficulty fitting in or making friends. It really doesn’t matter. Nobody cares what you wear. I think the casual nature of our clothes and styles makes it that much easier to feel comfortable when you visit. We’re not a school where students wear button downs, ties, and jackets every day. (Is there such a thing?) It helps make Stonehill what it is: a place where some people wear their personalities, where some play it safe, and where others just don’t care. There’s something for everyone to relate to. We’re comfortable and we’re ourselves. We’re not intimidating in the least bit, I promise. COME AND SEE FOR YOURSELF.

Typical clothes for class or reading in the library

Typical clothes for class or reading in the library

Everyday outfits on the last day of class Spring 2014

Everyday outfits on the last day of class Spring 2014