What You Need to Know About Her Campus

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Her Campus

Her Campus

What is a collegiette? Well according to Her Campus, a collegiette is “a college woman who is on top of her game – strategically career-minded, distinctly fashionable, socially connected, academically driven, and smartly health-conscious, who endeavors to get the most out of her college experience on every level.” With over 6,000 contributing college journalists worldwide, Her Campus aims to develop digital articles related to topics of interest on

Starting out as just an idea, Her Campus was founded by three undergraduate Harvard students, Stephanie Kaplan Lewis, Windsor Hanger Western, and Annie Wang. Now, with over 270 campus chapters nationwide and in seven countries, develops original story ideas and features national style, beauty, health, career, LGBTQ+, love life, and real world content.

One very interesting feature offered at Her Campus is the Campus Correspondents. A Her Campus chapter is specific to your school and includes features, blogs, campus celebrities, campus cuties, snapshot, and events. This allows readers from your college or university to relate to the content produced, which in this case is specific to your school. Students wanting to start a campus chapter at their school must apply online in order to be considered. If you are selected to lead the Her Campus chapter at your school, you have the opportunity to attend the Her Conference each summer where you meet with members of over 270 chapters around the world.

Her Campus Blog Post

Her Campus Blog Post also offers other services including the “Study Break” E-Newsletter, College Fashion Week, and Her Conference: High School. Reaching the inboxes of over 118,000 subscribers three times a week, the content delivered through the newsletter connects readers to the collegiettes of Her Campus. For example, Contiki’s #NoRegrets philosophy was promoted through the newsletter inspiring readers to be bold and adventurous. The College Fashion Week program, now in its fourth year, is a series of fashion show events throughout the fall. The marketing opportunities available through this service allow Her Campus writers to introduce products such as bareMinerals and TRESEmmé to their target audience. The Her Conference: High School offers up and coming writers and collegiettes the opportunity to attend nationwide events and engage in panels, workshops, and networking receptions with other young women like themselves. Her Campus also has a blogger network online and Survival Kits Sampling Programs providing essential products to help students survive college.

Interested in writing for To be considered as a National Contributing Writer, students must fill out an application form online. Most national sections are filled by undergrads, but college alumni are eligible to apply for the Real World sectionIn order to be considered as a writer for a campus chapter, your schools correspondent must be contacted directly. Information on your schools Campus Correspondent can be found online through

Her Campus is currently hiring for full-time positions in New York City and Boston, Mass. Positions include Vice President of Sales in NYC or Boston, Sales & Business Development Manager in NYC or Boston, Business Development Assistant, Account Executive, Editor, and Web Developer in Boston.For more information about Her Campus, visit, or connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Wild Chronicles From Freshman Dorms

February 5, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Colleges

Barlow Hall

Barlow Hall

Ah, freshman year. A time filled with new experiences, new friends, and most importantly, no parents. Freshmen are found exploring their new life of freedom all over campus. Classrooms, the dining halls, parties, but mostly their dorms. Some of a college students craziest times occur in the midst of the freshman dorms. I asked around and found students wild tales of debauchery from their freshmen year dorm life at the University of Rhode Island.

“We had a mouse in Barlow last year!” – Roommates Danielle Leonardo and Lauren LoPresti, Sophomores, Barlow Hall

“This one time my roommate and her boyfriend had sex in the shower and every one heard.. including the kid I am interning with right now.” Christine Shworn, Senior, Barlow Hall

“Someone once tied a cooked pork chop to my door with a coat hanger.” – Marissa Joly, Sophomore, Gorham Hall

“Freshman year when I found out my roommates, they were best friends from high school and they told me first hand they didn’t want to room with me, I had to have top bunk and a black and white comforter. So I moved in, I took the single bed and brought my own comforter. We were civil the first two weeks then one day they texted me and said if I didn’t move out they would make my life a living hell, so they called me a fake bitch, they started hiding my stuff on me and dumped their trash and take-out on my bed. It was ridiculous, they were psychos.” – Elizabeth Lawler, Sophomore, Weldin Hall

“One time I came home to a piece of pizza stuck to the wall… And then I ate it.” – Jordan Hitchcock, Senior, Barlow Hall

“I had mice, cockroaches, and a lesbian roommate. Also someone smeared peanut butter all over my door and wrote curses in sharpie all over it” Stephanie Savage, Sophomore, Gorham Hall

“My suitemates were freaks! One of them was married to a black girl midget with dreadlocks but also hooked up with random guys all the time and the other one was engaged to her boyfriend and they were 17 and virgins it was bizarre!!!” – Anonymous, Senior, Fayreweather Hall

“The first weekend of freshman year I came into my dorm and there was a girl that was laying on the ground throwing up. I asked her if she wanted help and she told me to “fuck off”. I then asked her what room she lived in and she said she didn’t live there. My big black hall mate came out of her room and I told her what was going on. She proceeded to say “Oh nah this bitch don’t live in this building?” so she went up to her and said “girl get out or I’ll take you out” she said again “fuck off” so this big black girl threw this chick over her shoulder and carried her down four flights of stairs and put her in the lobby for the RA’s to find.” – Anna Costello, Junior, Weldin Hall

“One time I slept walked from Barlow to Butterfield in nothing but a bandeau and booty shorts to my friend’s room and was banging on their door screaming how could you do this to me then I woke up and jogged back to my room where a group of people were in Barlow circle welcoming me back.” – Brittany Ford, Senior, Barlow Hall

by Rachel

Waltzing Down Wildcat Memory Lane: Dorm Tales

May 11, 2013 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Colleges

No Flyer Was Safe, All Of Them Were Fair Game...

No Flyer Was Safe, All Of Them Were Fair Game…

The nights I spent drunk during my first quarter of college far out number the nights I spent sober. We were not alcoholics we were freshman. I don’t know what it was about drinking that quarter, but my friends and I just couldn’t get enough out it. Okay, maybe now we sound like addicts.  But, in reality we were young and drunk and weren’t wise enough to know there were other ways to have fun. But, wisdom and freshman year seldom go together and I’m a firm believer that, that is just the circle of life. Freshman will be dumb, sophomores with slump, juniors will act more mature than they should and seniors will spend an entire year trying to wish their way back to the past. So if you’re a freshman now… live it up, be more than just ridiculous, break something, make noise during quiet hours, be controversial, because when you’re a senior you’ll need those crazy moments to cherish when you’re old and boring.

The dorms are an amazing part of college; one reason is simply because of how awful they are. They really make you cherish all kinds of weird things like: personal space, being able to shower without shoes on, not having hours that involve the word: silent or having some awful rodent next door that rats you out for every late night cardio sesh you decide to have with your roommate (maybe that was just me, but still).  Other than the realizations you have while living in a jail type setting, you’ll never be able to live with so many of your closest friends again. And living so close your dearest pals means committing acts of chaos has never been so fun or so easy.

For me, one of the highlights of my freshman year was constantly messing with the message board in the lobby of my dorm. The message board was a place for people to post campus events and notify students of boring new policies.  The posters never stayed up for too long because my friends and I were always stealing the signs and hanging them up in our own room. Finally, one day the rodent next door caught on to us. The rodent as we called her actually filed a complaint against us and “claimed” we were disturbing the community atmosphere of the dorm by not allowing others to see the optional and planned events. We tried to explain to her that even if people had known about the events, they wouldn’t have attended. I believe the complaint also mentioned, “hoarding”… pure ridiculousness on that account, we were simple avid collectors. Since we knew everyone else on the floor, we deducted that the rodent was the cause of our woes. If she wanted notification of campus events, well we would notify her…. Of everything. That night my best friends and I may or may not have thrown a casual dorm party, proceeded to get belligerently drunk and cause a little mayhem. This was the kind of drunk that leads to faux-clever actions, ya know the kind of actions that only you and the others involved think are funny, yeah well it was that kind of night. Thus we went out and collected all the flyers from around campus… I’m talking hundreds. We then proceeded to decorate her door with all the flyers we had, we slipped a few (aka, around 70) under her door and led the RA to the real “flyer-hoarder and community atmosphere destroyer”. The rodent was speechless. Like literally… she couldn’t talk, she had just had surgery and got her tonsils removed. Oops.

The lesson:  have some fun, mess with your neighbors and don’t get caught. Like I said, when you’re old and boring, you’re going to need dumb stories to make you feel alive again.