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April 24, 2015 in Alive Campus

AliveCampusI’ve been writing for AliveCampus since June of 2014 and have had the pleasure of reading many of the articles that the other writers have written. Since I go to a military college it is always fun to read about other experiences at civilian colleges and compare. Also, it’s somewhat living vicariously through them since military college is very strict. My four years of college is not the norm. So I would like to share five of the articles that I really liked. They range from a variety of different topics, but I really think they are honest and worth a few minutes of your time.

  1. “Is Online Dating Worth It?”

This article was fairly recent and actually perfect timing. I just gave a TED talk in my Rhetoric and Public Address class on dating and relationships for the millennial generation. Our generation is all about the now and focused on instant gratification and thus why so many people would rather have a dating app that allows them to hookup whenever rather than be in a committed relationship. However, there are a lot of people that do use dating websites and apps to meet people, but at the same time I agree with this article because the writer says that meeting people in person is just a lot more fun. Give this article a read if you are currently using a dating app.

2. “Cornell’s Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Major”

This was a very enlightening article. I had no idea there was such a major at any college, especially me being from a military college. I found this article to be very honest and open-minded. As a woman at a mostly-male military college, I consider myself to be somewhat of a feminist and after reading this article I would definitely consider taking one of these classes if my college offered them! This article definitely deserves a read!

3. “Maintaining Healthy Habits in College”

This article is great at giving ideas of what to do for workouts if you don’t feel like working out at your gym. It was also interesting to learn about what the gym was like at FSU. I wish I had a nice workout facility like they do, but sadly ours is very much outdated and limited to what you can do. However, you should give this article a read if you are lacking ideas when it comes to working out.

4. “The Dark Style of the Moon”

This article was all about fashion at Emerson College. I absolutely love fashion but sadly do not get to participate in it since I wear a uniform every day. I had no idea that there were so many different styles at a civilian college. I thought it was literally just yoga pants like the beginning of the article mentions. But this article is also another good read because it opens your eyes to all the different styles that college students are wearing at various colleges.

5. “Sayonara Senior Year”

Being a senior myself, I had to read this article to see what it was about. I really liked it because it started out with an anecdote about the writers’ experience on a religious retreat that she never thought she would go on since she isn’t religious. However, she learned a few different things from going on the retreat which correlate to things people should be doing in their everyday life. I recommend you read this article to see what they are.

Staying Stylish at FSU

March 10, 2015 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Colleges

There are a variety of styles that can be seen across the FSU campus, depending on a student’s major, age, year, and his or her participation in student organizations. Most students at FSU are very into fitness and exercising, so many will work out either before or after their classes throughout the week. Therefore, gym clothes are probably the most common outfits seen on campus. It can be argued that Nike shorts, sneakers, leggings, basketball shorts, and tanktops are the trendiest clothes for attending classes, which makes getting dressed in the morning that much easier. Walking up the steep hills of the FSU campus in the blazing sun can also be uncomfortable in the warmer months, so students prefer to wear sneakers and dress very casual in order to stay cool and comfortable.

FSU Nike Shorts

FSU Nike Shorts

Girls will also commonly wear sundresses, rompers, and maxi skirts with a pair of sandals when it’s hot in order to dress chic but also avoid heavy layers of clothing. This is probably the lightest and most convenient way of dressing for either class or even a presentation. Jack Rogers sandals have also been a fashionable item at FSU for the three years I have been attending. Girls commonly shop at stores like Forever 21, H&M, Express, Urban Outfitters, and local boutiques. There are several boutiques around the city of Tallahassee that sell trendy, southern clothing with bright colors, florals, and chunky jewelry; they’re perfect for dressing up for class or even a night out. Guys can usually be seen wearing Khaki shorts, a t-shirt, and a pair of sneakers or Sperry’s. Guy Harvey shirts are a trending item for guys at FSU, in addition to simply wearing an FSU t-shirt or fraternity attire if they are members of Greek life. The same goes for girls who are members of Greek life. The amount of clothing they receive from being in a Greek organization is endless.

The Business majors are frequently dressed in work apparel and suits for presentations or if it’s simply required by a teacher. This is also the case for some of the Education majors. Teachers will often want their students dressed professionally every day in order to prepare them for interviews and real world jobs after college. In this case, girls will wear dresses and guys will wear khakis and a polo shirt, in addition to the occasional suits and ties. It depends on the prompt for that specific day of class.

The Liberal Arts majors generally dress in more of what is considered a “hipster” style. On the end of campus with the English and Language majors, it’s common to see girls wearing tights, denim shorts, flats, and a unique shirt from a store like American Apparel to appeal to their exclusive style. It’s always interesting to pass the bus stop on the Westcott side of campus simply for this reason. You will always find unusual styles that you can’t help but appreciate; only certain people are able to pull them off so well.

Since several students at FSU are originally from south Florida, the cooler months excite them for the opportunity to wear warmer clothes. It can be 60 degrees out during the month of January, but the majority of girls can always be found in jeans, leg-warmers, boots/Uggs, oversized sweaters, and scarves. The guys will be in jeans and a sweatshirt, cringing as they stroll through the campus in the “cold” weather. But again, this is only a very short period of time from January to mid February. After this, the shorts and sundresses quickly come back into the picture.

Finally, any type of FSU attire is acceptable at all times, whether it’s for class or a sporting event. The students at this school have so much spirit that they proudly will drop hundreds of dollars at the bookstore for new FSU gear, myself included. Most students probably own at least ten different FSU retail items, if not more. Anything garnet or gold is extremely popular to wear all around the campus. This may be an FSU Seminoles tanktop or simply a garnet maxi skirt.

The best word of advice I can provide to freshmen, both males and females, is to toss any type of Hollister/Abercrombie attire before entering FSU. Unfortunately, it’s exceptionally easy to stand out as a freshman when walking around with an obnoxious bird or moose on your shirt, branding the stores that were considered trendy in high school. Everyone will automatically name you as a freshman, which is probably the case if you are advertising these clothes. Avoid these outfits and shop at stores like Forever 21 and local boutiques to fit in with the upperclassmen college trends. It’s time to start fresh!

FSU Campus Style

FSU Campus Style

The Dark Style of the Moon

October 24, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Style

There’s an equation that college + homework + lack of sleep = lazy wardrobe consisting of an abundance of yoga pants and oversized sweatshirts. Although this is a generalization, the equation would most likely be 99.9% accurate at many other public university’s where sports are the main attractions. Though being at a college where film, art, and writing are the backbones of the school, students embrace the chic, bohemian or “hipster” look non-consciously. I can testify for Emerson in saying that students’ styles contribute to their unique and individualized identities.

Being at Emerson for nearly two months, I’ve gained a somewhat clear representation of the student body and can safely say that no one has an exact style. Emerson is home to exploring passions, testing new fashion senses, and tasting the colors of multiple hair dyes. Creativity is prominent on and off campus, for it is seen in the anime lovers pinned hats, the rainbow-colored hair styles, the headphones blaring music that are rarely removed, and the band tee-shirts worn under jean jackets and heavy scarves. Because the words “budget” and “inexpensive” act as subtexts in most conversations, thrift shopping and embracing non-traditional styles are popular amongst students.

Garment District

This “alternative department store” is home to Cambridge and Boston students and locals, and houses over 40,000 vintage and contemporary garments. The Thrift Shop Club at Emerson occasionally sets foot in this store, spending hours and hours browsing through “quality work clothes at low prices.” There really is something for everyone, and because the clothing is recycled amps up the store’s environmentally friendly status.

The Garment District offers quirky clothing at inexpensive prices, perfect for college students on low-budgets.

An example “casual” outfit that caters to students: high-waisted blue jeans, patterned crop top, leather ankle boots, and a floral print jacket. And for guys: dark jeans, a black leather jacket or flannel shirt, and leather shoes or Converse. For a more hip look, vibrantly-colored dresses with black tights and combat boots is prominent, or a button-up shirt and ripped jacket for guys. Well-rounded styles don’t equate to high prices. Emerson students are conscious of their budget and still manage to pull quirky looks.

Non-Traditional Style

In high school, I was the “non-traditional” or daring student who sported oversized army jackets, lace skirts and black tights, and wrote “teen angst” poetry in my notebook (that’s partially an overstatement). I wore too much make-up and was told, at times, that my style was “artsy” or Urban Outfitters wannabe hipster. I hardly made a conscious effort when choosing my clothes in the morning. Now being at Emerson, I feel comfortable in saying that most students here would think similarly and approach fashion through their own personal lens.

The TV Show “GIRLS” is a close representation of the unique and peculiar styles of Boston students and locals.

The distinctive styles of red and purple lipsticks, band tee-shirts, and laid-back, “I don’t give a f***” attitudes are what lacked at my previous school. Emerson students follow non-traditional styles. They are inspired by music, paintings, film, poetry, and runway shows, and they also invent their own individuated, significant looks. Friends of mine buy items from H&M and Nordstrom’s Rack and recreate outfits, showcasing that invention and creation are more important than fitting in and conforming to society’s traditional clothing standards.

Boston Street Fashion

Fashion is found in almost every large, metropolitan area, being in the midst of eclectic clothing shops, costume stores, and inspiring streets of color and noise and liveliness. San Francisco is known for evolved personal styles and Valencia Street (the city’s Mission District) multicolored shops. New York City is known for Fifth Avenue designer brands and Brooklyn art scenes. What’s Boston known for? Embracing nuance. Students and locals take the casual or simple look and individualize it, adding their own special touches.

Cute student-look seen on the streets of Boston.

So what exactly is Emerson style? No definite label can be placed, though each and every student follows their own intimate look, which gives the school its quirky name and characteristic atmosphere. Embrace “The Dark Style of the Moon” every once in a while and let your uniqueness illuminate.* 

*(If you caught the reference without the help from your parents, congratulations. You’re already half-way there to being an Emersonian).

Chowan University: Dress to Impress

August 22, 2014 in Campus Life, Style

You are What you Wear


Every university consists of students with very distinct styles. From the jocks stereotypical Nike sportswear, to the punk rock black on black trend many students follow, students’ styles reflect not only them as people but their personalities overall. At almost every university style differs based on factors such as social group, major, and year. However, at Chowan University style is essentially based on social groups. Almost every student’s choice of attire is based off of the social groups they classify in. Stereotypically, the students that tend to dress in active wear tend to be athletes, while the students that dress to impress are usually students that have larger than life personalities. Overall, the students of Chowan University either dress to impress or dress to display their inner personality and style.

Dress to Impress

The way individuals dress allows the world to have a sense of who they are. The students that dress to impress are usually the outgoing type. The students that regularly attend parties can be caught at times overdressing for class. Bodycon skirts, blazers, and heels are what many female students where to class on hot summer days. Crop tops are another summer fashion students happen to follow. Unfortunately, even though dressing nicely can be a good thing, it can also be viewed as a bad thing. People do tend to overdress by wearing party attire or club wear to class. Stereotypically, the students that dress over-the-top care more for looks than books.


Cute and Casual

The group of students who dress nicely but in a casual manner at Chowan consists of a mixture of social circles. These students can be found excelling in school or doing the complete opposite. Students that dress nicely but casual, mostly fall into the social circle of individuals that are excellent students. These students usually blend in the crowd since most of the people at Chowan dress over-the-top. This group is derived of students from all disciplines and classes. The students that choose to dress casually but still make an attempt to appeal polished are a distinct group of students.

Athletic Attire

Despite the stereotypes, many students that dress in adidas sandals and Nike shorts are not only athletic individuals. The students that choose to wear athletic attire consist of mostly males overall. These students come from diverse backgrounds and various disciplines. The students that constantly dress in athletic attire or workout clothes generally prefer comfort over looks.  


What to Wear

At a college that consists of the majority of students dressing to impress or even overdressing, looks do matter. Even though a large portion of students do dress casual, the dress to impress crowd is the most noticeable group on campus. People can’t help to stare or have a double take at a well-dressed student confidently walking to class. Whether students choose to dress to impress or dress for comfort, the general style of the student body of Chowan University reflects individuals’ inner personality. In other words, you are what you wear!

What to Wear at Longwood University & Fun Fashion Tips For Every College Girl

July 31, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Style

What do students wear on Longwood University’s campus?

  • L.L. Bean Boots
  • Maxi Skirts
  • Leggings
  • Skinny Jeans
  • Sandals
  • Riding Boots
  • Organization-related T-shirts/Sweatshirts
  • Floral Prints
  • Satchels
  • Accessories
  • Sun Dresses

  • L.L. Bean Boots
  • “Jorts” (jean shorts)
  • Longwood University spirit wear
  • Organization-related T-shirts/sweatshirts
  • Button-up shirts and Polos
  • Khakis Pants
  • Sperry’s
  • Vineyard Vines
  • Croakies
  • Hats
college fashion various among students.

college fashion various among students.

How does Longwood University’s student style vary?

  • Students will wear different things depending weather, affiliation, and current campus events.
  • Students will wear clothes that relate to their respected organizations.
  • On game days, usually students will wear Longwood University spirit wear.
  • Sorority women will wear jumpers about twice a month.
  • Greeks wear letters A LOT.

Additional Style Advice for College Girls

Here are some style tips for every college girl:
  • Floral Prints-  No matter who you are, floral prints will never go out of style.  Floral prints can be found on almost any style of clothing and can be both subtle or over-the-top depending on the occasion or your personality.

  • Headbands-  Forget your typical baseball cap and wear a headband instead.  Rarely seen on campus, this is the perfect accessory for a hippie girl who wants to stand out.  Headbands are perfect because they come in all different shapes and sizes, as well as can be worn in different ways.

  • Maxi Skirts-  Want to look long, lean and super chill?  Then get yourself a maxi skirt.  Maxi skirts are great to pair with a nice crop top, sandal, headband, or sweater.

  • Loose Knitted Sweaters-  These are the best for the boho girl in the fall or winter.  Pair a loose knitted sweater with a pair of leggings and mid-calf boots and you’re good to go.

  • Ked-like Sneakers-  Sneakers like Keds make your legs look long and slim.  They can be worn with skirts, dresses, shorts, and pants if worn right.  Also, they are comfortable and a great investment when you are walking from class to class.

  • Nautical Wear-  There is never a time to not rock a timeless look (especially at Longwood).  Wearing something nautical, like red, white, and blue, a striped shirt, or Sperry shoes, is a great relaxed look that will make you look put-together and fun.

  • Rings-  Rings are subtle and often hidden.  Worn right, they can be the accessory that pulls your outfit together and adds sass.

  • Heart Shaped Sunglasses- This one varies, because if you are super girly, you are probably one of the only people who can get away with wearing some funky sunglasses.  The heart shape will show your girly personality, while also making you stand out amongst the typical Ray Bans and Aviators most college student wear.

  • Combat Boots-  Combat boots can be both edgy and girl.  Most are also durable and will last long because they look great worn and beat up.

  • Cropped Boyfriend Jeans-  Nothing is better than being comfortable while studying and hanging out around campus.  A cropped boyfriend jean will give you that comfort ability while also giving you a great in-style look.

  • Blazers-  Blazers just beam smart.  This is a great piece to double as business and casual depending on how you wear it.  It is also something great to have in your fashion arsenal for job interviews, banquets and formal presentations.

  • Nike Air Max’s-  Seriously, these are the hottest casual-sporty shoes around.  They come in an assortment of colors for the assortment of athletic college girls out there.  Show them off with a nice pair of athletic shorts to match, and no one will be able to stop you on and off the playing field.  At Longwood, you will see many of the athletes wearing these shoes.

  • Clutch-  This is one for a real fashionista, because they don’t carry around just the typical satchel or wristlet, they rock something different and often impractical for most college girls: the clutch.  The clutch is great because it is sophisticated, as well as an accessory that will make you stand out from the crowd.

College fashions for girls to wear on campus.

College fashions for girls to wear on campus.