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Technology at SU

July 4, 2014 in Campus Life, Tech

I suppose I am not the greatest person to ask when it comes to new and up and coming technology. You would think with an IT minor this would be my field of expertise, but it isn’t. In todays day in age it is uncommon to see someone on Syracuse campus without an iPhone, and if they don’t have an iPhone they almost always own a smartphone of some sort. Of course not EVERYONE has a smartphone, that would be an ignorant statement, but at a private school such as Syracuse they are EVERYWHERE.  Now all iPhone needs is to create a waterproof phone like Samsung recently has–once these phones are waterproof they’ll have a monopoly over the entire market.

It seems that Apple products have taken over college campuses…as well as the world? You always hear rumors how on their new computer Apple is planning on discontinuing a CD drive, or creating new headphones so their brand only fits into the headphone jack. We all complain about how annoying this is; yet we still comply and buy Apple products like a bunch of robots. Believe me, I am not one to talk since I am one of their robots. Its normal to be in a lecture hall and see almost every student with a small little apple lit up on the outside of his or her computer. On Syracuse campus it’s usually the business students that own PC’s because their programs are more compatible than a Mac. Throughout the school itself Syracuse is filled with PCs, which take a year and a half to turn on a log on, but are decent computers themselves.

Lecture filled with MacBooks

No one seems to have a camera anymore rather than the one on their cellphone. Which makes sense, why have two separate devices when you can have everything you need in the palm of your hand. Remember the days when everyone had their own digital Kodak camera that they would bring around with him or her to every party? No more. It’s the students who are passionate about photography that have their own nice camera.

That being said I have also noticed that the GoPro camera has become extremely popular within the past year or so. A GoPro is a camera that is waterproof and virtually almost unbreakable. This is a camera made for adventure lovers. I recently saw an amazing Youtube video of a young man who brought his GoPro around the world with him to 36 different countries and combined short videos into a four-minute summary of his worldly travels. I’d love to have my own GoPro, just need to save up some money first. A GoPro would be great for a college student since while it is a very nice camera, if you drop it in a bucked of beer or on the ground it won’t shatter into a million pieces—pretty ideal if you ask me.

Things NOT to do at College

June 27, 2014 in Campus Life

Don’t hook up with someone on the same floor as you. This will only cause awkwardness and problems, especially if you were friends beforehand. Hooking up with someone that lives a couple doors down from your dorm is dangerous waters. You will not be able to avoid this said person if you planned on this being a one time hook up, or perhaps if things ended abruptly or badly. You can count on running into this person at times you probably hoped you would never see them again…maybe when you’re getting out of the shower and you’re walking down the hallway in your towel, you’re drunk and stumbling to your room, or you are even hooking up with someone else and bringing this person back to your room. Believe me, things will be AWKWARD.

Don’t spend all of your money on take out. Yeah, I know the dining hall gets old and gets old fast. It will be VERY tempting to constantly order food for convenient delivery or go out to eat with friends. You’ll thank me later when you have a large sum of leftover cash in your pocket that you didn’t spend on those wings that you NEEDED when you were drunk.

That being said, don’t eat everything in the dining hall. It’s easy to get swept up into the experience of having so many different foods in front of you with no one to tell you what to eat, but don’t eat everything. If you pile pizza, stir fry, French fries, a burger, and soft serve ice cream on your plate for dinner you will gain not only the freshman 15, but instead the freshman 50. There are healthier options in dining halls; you just need to take the time to look a little harder and the time to create a healthier meal.

Don’t save all of your work to the last minute, no one that is sane likes pulling all nighters. I know this may sound hard to believe, but I have never pulled an all nighter. As a college student you are given a large amount of free time in addition to your courses. I prefer to go the library during the day and attempt to get a lot of my work out of the way so I can relax at night. Time management is extremely important as a college student, so if you manage your time well you should be able to avoid staying up all night. Sometimes staying awake is inevitable, but if you get work done ahead of time staying awake until 3 am doing work is better than 7 am in my opinion…or anyone else’s for that matter.

Don’t stay stuck in high school. PLEASE don’t video chat your boyfriend/girlfriend/friends from home every single second of every single day. Its annoying, it will inhibit your own personal process of making new friends, and you will only make yourself sad if you are constantly thinking of how much you miss your high school friends. College is a time to step out of your comfort zone and meet new people, if you are video chatting with your boyfriend every day, this will only make your transition harder.

Don’t forget to call home. College is fun, you know that and your parents know that. Its easy to get swept up in college life and when you are balancing so many different things on your plate and adjusting to a new environment its easy to forget to make a simple phone call. I called my family every Sunday and it’s a routine that I still keep up when I am away from home. Talking to your family is comforting, and its important to stay in touch with the ones you love.

Tips for Surviving College

June 19, 2014 in Campus Life

College is fun, but it’s not always a breeze. Of course I was that nerd whose mother bought her almost every single “surviving college” book on Amazon—and of course I read them all. That being said just because you read something in a book doesn’t mean college is going to be easy. The following are some tips I’ve learned along the way from friends and my own personal experience.

Find your own personal study spot…spoiler alert; it’s not usually the library. Its good to have your own spot where you can really buckle down and get your work done. For me at least, that isn’t the main library on Syracuse campus. Unless I am on a silent floor the library becomes more of a social scene and I’ll end up spending five hours on a short reading. Its good to have a quiet spot that you can frequent when you want to get your work done. During midterms and finals week the library becomes a congested, clustered, madhouse—something that if you are trying to get some serious studying done you are going to want to avoid at all costs…hint hint this is when you would hit up your personal study spot.

Go out of your comfort zone. I know, this may sound cheesy but college is a new stage in your life. It’s a time that you will look back on as hopefully some of the best years. Get out of your little bubble and explore. Its good to meet new people–especially people that are different from you. Being in college is a time where you are allowed to chose your own friends and surround yourself with all different types of people, take advantage of that.

Don’t expect to BFFs with your roommate. Everyone tells you this, and it might seem like a no brainer, but many people go into college with this false hope that their roommate is going to be their best friend and they will do absolutely everything together. I am telling you now that this is not true. That being said there are stories where roommate do get along swimmingly and are inseparable, but most of the time this is not the case. I was lucky enough to love my roommate but for every great roommate pair there are probably eight nightmare stories.

Following the whole roommate rant…buy earplugs, as well as an eye mask. You never know if your roommate is going to be a huge snorer, or will keep you up doing other…things.  For me, having an emergency pair of earplugs was a blessing. You and your roommate are most likely going to be on different schedules, maybe they stay up all night and you prefer to be in bed early. It’s nice to have an eye mask so you can still sleep. You’ll avoid unnecessary problems with your roommate and you can still get a solid night of sleep.

Last but not least, don’t eat everything in the dining hall or you will become a giant balloon, unless you have the metabolism of a 12 year old. If you have a slice of pizza, a hamburger, a bowl of pasta, and a piece of cake for dinner don’t be surprised when you gain 35 pounds. Obviously it is okay to indulge every once in a while, but its important to eat healthy—not only for your body but for your well being.


by Maura

The Best of Tech

June 14, 2014 in Campus Life, Colleges, Tech

Technology has permeated the education system and this has never been truer than in colleges. Most of us use our phones and laptops in every single class between taking notes, keeping assignments and homework organized, as well as our normal schedules. If you’re anything like me, you need gadgets just to get through the day. Syracuse University has a large campus and that means a lot of walking time. Carrying a heavy bag is sometime inevitable, especially when you can’t get back and forth from your house or dorm easily between classes. Anything I can do to keep my bag as light as possible, I try to do, but going without my laptop is not an option. That’s where the tablet has come in.

The most popular rise in technology around campus that I’ve seen in the past few years is the tablet. There are several different types of tablets but they are all basically a bigger version of a smart phone. They are lighter and more portable than a laptop and they have a bigger screen, more memory, and more computer-like typing skills than a smart phone. Now, you can even get those handy little attachable keyboards to basically turn it into a laptop. Teachers seem to prefer them in class to computers, though I’m not sure why since they have all the same capabilities of a computer to be distracting.

I got an iPad mini for my birthday this year and up until this summer, hadn’t used it for much more than games and my kindle app. However, when I moved to NYC for the summer, I started to need to bring a computer into work with me since there wasn’t always a desktop empty. Hauling my laptop around NYC was not something I wanted to do. I often go out after work, it’s cumbersome on a crowded subway, and it gets heavy carrying it around all day in the middle of the summer. Instead, I started to bring in my iPad. It slips easily into a little bag and I can do everything I need to do without a problem. Though I’ve never taken it to class, I’m beginning to think that it would be better than a laptop. I do know that I would need to make some improvements to it, such as getting a keyboard and Microsoft Office for it, in order for it to be used in class successfully.

I like my laptop and I always preferred using it over my tablet. Yet, a huge draw for me that is pulling me towards the tablet more and more is the convenience of size. Having something light and small when you have to walk around a large campus all day is a huge asset. Especially when you remember that you’re subtracting the weight of your laptop, charger, and extension cord (which I know most of us travel with). A tablet, with its tiny charger and thin design, is rapidly becoming the most popular device on college and university campuses.

Top 10 Quick Eats at SU

June 12, 2014 in Top 10 Lists

1. Chipotle is my number one quick place to grab food at Syracuse because, who doesn’t love Chipotle? Have you ever met someone who has stated and meant, “I hate chipotle?” Didn’t think so. Although I am one of those people who could eat Mexican food everyday for a month and still not get tired of rice and beans, I think most agree when I say that Chipotle rocks. Although there is usually a line, the line almost always moves quickly and the service is speedy so whether you want your food on the go, or you’d like to sit and enjoy your meal you know you’ll be getting it quickly. Chipotle is located on Marshall Street so it’s an easy walk from campus.

2. Jimmy Johns, perhaps the fastest sandwich place that I have ever encountered. I’m not a big sandwich person so this isn’t my forte but almost all of my friends absolutely love Jimmy Johns. They describe themselves as having freaky fast delivery—and they don’t lie. Rain, snow, or sunshine they’re zooming around on their bikes or in their cars making sure your sandwich gets to you quick and beautiful. They also are open until 3 am so when you have late night munchies or drunken cravings it’s the perfect snack to order, and its fairly priced.

3. A La Mode is one of my favorite places to grab a sandwich on a weekend morning. The only thing is that you need a car to get there, although its only 5 minutes from campus it would be a pretty long walk. They have delicious salads, breakfast sandwiches, Panini’s, specialty sandwiches, tasty soups, and chili. They will quickly make your sandwich or whatever you chose to order and you can either bring it on the go with you or eat at the café if you chose to stay. My personal favorites are the breakfast sandwiches, the buffalo chicken Panini, and the chicken bacon ranch Panini.

4. Sliders is a burger joint on Marshall Street with delicious hamburgers, Belgian fries, and a grilled cheese that once you taste you can never forget. You can order for delivery, which is usually fairly quick. If you order while in the restaurant the time it takes honestly depends on the amount of people that happen to be there when you are. I highly recommend the Parmesan fries—so delicious. Make sure you also try the special fry sauce. I have no idea what goes into it, but it sure tastes damn good.

5. Varsity has not only Pizza, but also sandwiches, wraps, burgers, wings and much more. Varsity is good food that’s served quick. Since they have such a variety Varsity is a great place to go for lunch or dinner because they usually will have something that you are in the mood for. I also recently found out that they have breakfast sandwiches, which is something that I am definitely going to seek out when I’m back on Syracuse campus after summer break. They have a large amount of seating as well as a large projector to watch sports games, which is always fun with a group of friends.

6. Acropolis Pizza is also on Marshall Street providing a large variety of food other than pizza, despite the name. Although in my opinion Acrop is not as good as Varsity, it is open late night and is always a tempting and delicious snack after a night out at the bars. Who doesn’t love a drunken slice of pizza? During the day the service is quick, but at night with a ton of drunk, hungry college students it can sometimes be awhile before you get your food.

7. Roly Poly is a sandwich shop behind Marshall Street with yummy options for whatever your mood or taste. I’m a big fan of their baked potato soup, always great on a cold winter day. They have delicious options of wraps, salads, and sandwiches of course. Their service is fast and their food is good—what more could you ask for?

8. Pita Pit is a chain on Marshall Street where you can build your own pita with whatever your heart desires. I prefer to keep things simple and light, but you can pile every single vegetable into a pita if that’s what your heart desires. They also have breakfast pitas, meat pitas, and veggie pitas. Their service is crazy quick and you’ll be planning your next trip to Pita Pit in no time.

9. Strong Hearts Café is new to Syracuse. I was abroad fall semester and it replaced on of my favorite restaurants called Syrajuice (rest in peace), so I was a bit skeptical at first. Strong Hearts is a café with 100% vegan food, something I didn’t think I would be into (since I am by no means a vegan). They serve breakfast, as well as delicious salads and sandwiches, but my favorite menu item is their smoothies. I absolutely love a smoothie they make with strawberries, bananas, and peanut butter. I really like Strong Hearts because you know all the food that you are consuming is healthy and comes from a genuine place.

10. Eggers Café is located on Syracuse Campus and cheers to you if you can find it! Eggers is attached to the Maxwell building and both of those buildings confuse me like crazy for some strange reason. I needed to meet someone at this particular café freshman year for a meeting and it took me forever to find I was incredibly embarrassed. The beauty of this café is yes, the food selection but also how hidden it is—it seems not many people know about this spot so its great to enjoy a sandwich and coffee while doing work or reading a book. Don’t expect to be disturbed!


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