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June 5, 2015 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Tech

With digital devices becoming progressively popular in our generation, it’s simply impossible to not keep up to date on the latest gadgets that are especially significant in the college tech world. Technology in itself has certainly become the dominant means through which we perform every little task, whether that’s recording notes in class as the professor speaks or sending out emails on the go with a few simple clicks of a button. Here are just a few things that I feel every college student should have in their possession. Sometimes, the extra money is worth spending, and luckily, students oftentimes receive discounts on certain devices.

Laptop: This is probably most the popular device for taking quick notes, doing research, keeping up to date on assignments, etc. Most students have Macbooks since they are generally lighter than PCs to carry back and forth from class. My recommendation is the Macbook Air for both the price and weight. It’s much lighter than the Pro, which is a huge plus when commuting to class.

Ipad/ Tablet: These are always good for carrying to class since they’re compact and can perform generally everything the same as a laptop. Open up a PDF on the tablet to follow along to notes in class and you’re good to go. Another beneficial item to have is the portable keyboard that enables you to quickly type up notes while in class.

Dr. Dre Beats: A solid pair of headphones is always a useful item to have, whether it’s for working out at the gym or drowning out your loud roommate while trying to do homework.

Portable Phone Charger: We tend to feel lost when we don’t have access to our phones. A student’s smartphone is undoubtedly their best friend for various reasons. So, naturally, owning a charger that’s easily accessible and small enough to carry around is a plus for those who simply need their phones every step they take. And let’s face it, that’s most of us.

GoPro: These are becoming extremely popular for taking high-quality pictures and videos, especially when traveling. If you’re good at photography, then this is a great investment, especially if you plan to study abroad at some point throughout your college career.

Microsoft Surface Pro: This is a popular device that has recently been a hit for college students. It essentially serves as a replacement for bringing a laptop to class. Like the tablet, it can perform everything that a laptop can but without the extra weight. It also has a keyboard which is useful for note-taking and following along in class.

Home Speakers: Every college student appreciates a good pair of home speakers to either blast music while working out or having a house party.

Selfie Stick: Who would have thought that a selfie stick would make its way onto this list? I have already seen multiple students using these around campus to make sure their selfies are nothing short of perfection before posting to Instagram. It’s obvious that social media has taken over at this point with these popular items.

So, while some of these items may be slightly expensive for the broke college student, they’re certainly worth it with the amount of uses that will come out of them. Try your best to convince your parents that the $1000 Macbook Air will be your key to success in college (as long as you’re not browsing social media all day.) It’s worth a shot.

Technology Takeover

Technology Takeover

The Most Useful Devices for College Students

November 7, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life

College today revolves around the digital age. No matter what college campus you are on, you will find laptops, smartphones, tablets and some other random devices. These devices have become a necessity for students in college and this would have been unheard of 20 years ago.

Today’s college students would not be able to get through college if they didn’t have the following or something similar to the following.

  1. Laptops: Laptops are essential to the college student. Pretty much every class requires you to have one in order to do your work. Everything is going digitalized and having a laptop is a lot easier than having a desktop computer. Laptops are portable and easy to use. Additionally, most students take them to class in order to take notes with instead of writing by hand. Typing is a lot quicker and you can record the teacher’s lecture if you want also. Ironically, some teachers want their students to bring their laptops in order to look up websites, articles, or their presentation in order to follow along. Laptops are probably the most useful and used device for college students.
  2. Smartphones: Everywhere you turn, you will most likely see people using their smartphones. Smartphones are like a smaller version of the laptop. They are useful to the college student because they allow you to look something up in an instant and they are easier to carry than the laptop. Teachers are also allowing students to use them in class in order to look up information. Smartphones have so many useful features like GPS, internet connection, and of course the obvious texting and calling that any college student would benefit from having one.
  3. Tablets: Tablets are a combination of the laptop and smartphone put together. They are slightly smaller than the laptop, therefore more portable and easier to carry. But they are also bigger than the smartphone which allows the ability to write and type (with a touch screen). Tablets are useful for taking notes in class without the bulk of the laptop and are also nice because you can watch movies on them without having the big keyboard in the way like the laptops. These features are what college students probably like the most because they have to take notes for class and they also like to watch movies in their dorms. It’s the best of both worlds.
  4. Google Glass: This is a new technology that clips on to your glasses. It is pretty much a smartphone on your glasses. It allows you to navigate, take pictures and video, and give you reminders. This would be a very useful device for college students because they are always on the go and it is a hands free device that has a lot of the features of the smartphone. A perfect combination for college students.

    Google Glass

    Google Glass

 Overall, these devices are, or are becoming, universal in colleges around the world. They are able to provide quick access to information with other features as well for entertainment. They are our present and future and college students would not know what to do without them.

Top 10 Tech Gadgets for College Students

October 23, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Tech, Top 10 Lists

Cool technology gadgets.

Cool technology gadgets.

1. Laptops- Some student decided to have MacBook’s or PC’s, but one thing is for sure, a laptop is very essential to success in college.  When the library closes (if yours does) your resources including computers are instantly limited.  So, having something portable to do you work on is very important.  You can take your laptop almost everywhere you go and I recommend getting one that you plan on having for a while.

2. IPhone- The iPhone is probably the most popular smartphone seen and used on college campuses.  The iPhone allows you to do group texts, have exclusive applications, and also be stylish.

3. Tablets- Tablets are the new thing.  This is because they are small, lightweight, and more portable than laptops.  They are also bigger than phones, so they still allow work to be done on them.  These are great for club and organization meetings, as well as for taking notes in class.  They also double as a planner to keep you organized.  Not to mention, they are fun to play games on when you are bored.

4. Kindles- Kindles or any type of e-reader, is very popular for college students.  Now, textbooks are available for purchase on these devices (as well as tablets), and it puts  those books all in one place, reduces the cost, and are also more portable when walking around campus.

5. Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones- Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones are the best headphones in the college game right now.  Although they are expensive, these are the best headphones to listen to music while studying, working out, or do projects with.  If you are a college student who is big into music, these are perfect for you.  Yes, they are a little bigger than typical headphones, but the audio quality is well worth the money and the little extra size.

6. Portable Phone Chargers- In college you are always on the go.  Seen all over campus, portable phone chargers have almost become a necessity for most college students.  These are great, because they avoid having to go home or beg to borrow a phone charger from a random person in the library or student center.

7. Bluetooth Speakers- Bluetooth speakers are great for studying outside or hanging out.  These are wireless, so all you have to do is sync your iPod or phone and the music just plays without needing wire hookups or Wi-Fi.  They are also great if you like to throw parties and need something portable.  These speakers can be small or big, depending on your preference and budget.

8. Digital Camera- This is for those students who LOVE to capture those important moments.  Phones can crash, but a digital camera is a great way to take and store college memories.

9. USB/Flash Drives- Flash drives are amazing to have and always come in handy. They are perfect to have on you at all times in order to be able to save projects, get notes from other students, and work in groups with. They are also great for pictures and for portfolios.

10.Cordless Computer Mouse- A cordless mouse is a great way to bring a desktop feel to your laptop. A computer mouse like this is small and relatively cheap. They make it easier to navigate on your computer and get projects and homework done.

What kind of Tech I see around Campus

October 3, 2014 in Campus Life

Technology is a very evident portion of our generation. In fact, most of the advantages and disadvantages from this generation center around technology. When you walk around most campuses, you’re bound to see the same thing over and over again. iPhones, tablets, laptops, iPods, and other assorted technology is in everyone’s pockets. This is the kind of stuff I see around campus. With this kind of technology spread out around campus, everyone is bound to take old ways and make them “new school”.

Facebook Groups

I’m sure you’ve all seen them everywhere for different dorm rooms and such, but facebook groups have had such an impact on how clubs/student organizations run. This may not necessarily be technology on it’s own, but the amount of technology that everyone uses to run facebook is insane. We have those on their phones looking up the latest on their specific groups as well as their laptops or desktop computers from their dorm rooms. This puts a fluid form of communication to a mass amount of people without having to try and figure out who is going to receive a group text or not. This works with a lot of people’s schedules and doesn’t clutter up phones with unwanted messages. Also it’s a little more immediate than an email.

Tablets + 2 in Ones

Tablets aren’t new, but the 2 in One Laptop computer/tablet. The 2 in One really brings the versatility to the laptop that wasn’t used before. You can enable the touch screen in a much better way than before. Windows 8 allowed for the windows phone technology to go fluidly onto the laptop, so touch screen technology is advancing in the positive way, unlike the first few iphones and their cracked screens. Not to say that Apple won’t do this type of technology in the future, it just seems that Microsoft got a head start. I’m skeptical about the whole thing, but after my girlfriend picked up a Lenovo with this technology, I could see how it would be much more useful on a laptop. Tablets in general seem like the way to go, considering our need in society for making everything portable.


Pretty general, but it’s true that phones have an integral impact on today’s society as well as college life. They also have many apps and other widgets that allow for easier access in every day life. There are apps that show you who will be in your upcoming classes, how to prioritize your schedule, and to connect with all of those people in your organizations/social group. It’s versatile enough for everyone to need one 24/7 and to have immediate access to email and other contacts around school. It’s no wonder everyone has one. Of course, all of the above is unfortunate when nobody is talking face to face and sticking close to their phones for interaction. That could be a whole nother article though.

Technology is good and technology is bad. Mainly it helps with the college life process. I won’t even go into the dating applications that could be on campus, again another story. There’s so much to say on all of these topics, but all lead to one central location of technology.

Top 3 Electronics for College Students

August 24, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Tech, Top 10 Lists

Though computers are still regarded as the most reliable and handy piece of equipment both for students and adults, they are being overshadowed by new inventions. Smartphones have become nearly a staple in our societies. They allow us to check our email, search the web, call, text, play games, and set reminders – they are virtually mini computers. Nevertheless, because of the small screen size and limited storage capacity, phones cannot save huge amounts of information, data, or documents. Though texting may seem easy, imagine writing a college essay using that touchscreen…. Devices are continually created to satisfy our desire for ease and convenience; as a result, we have a massive amount of technology for work and for play.

1.    Tablets

Tablets are thinner, sleeker, more portable versions of laptops. Though Apple has created laptops thinner than my pinky finger, there’s no denying that tablets like the Ipad and Android are much easier to carry in your backpack. You can even buy attachable keyboards that make typing easier! Tablets are especially useful for college students, because you can now purchase e-books or digital versions of textbooks and have them all in one place. Though I wouldn’t recommend typing an entire essay on these devices, they’re very useful for starting assignments, writing emails, reading, and searching the web.

Tablets and E readers

Tablets and E readers

2.    TV & Gaming Consoles

Surprisingly, TV’s have been increasingly popular in college dorms. I may be alone on this point, but you shouldn’t have that much time to watch TV shows during the semester. There are so many other things you could be doing during the time spent sitting on your bed immersed in an episode: spend time with friends, eat in the dining hall (not while watching the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars), exercise, do homework, get involved with a club, or read! However, TV’s are a good way to get people to your room – you can invite people in your hallway to watch the Grammy’s with you, or if you have a gaming console like an X-box or PlayStation, you can have friends over to play Mario Kart (just kidding, everybody knows Call of Duty is where it’s at).

TV and Game Consoles

TV and Game Consoles

3.    Noise Canceling Headphones

It seems that the days of earbuds and small headphones have passed. More and more college students are investing in larger (and sometimes more ostentatious) headphones. The larger headphones are not only better for your eardrums, but they are also more comfortable, durable, and can look pretty cool! There are tons of great models and types out there, but the most notable ones area Bose, Sony, AKG, and audio-technica. These brands also sell noise-canceling types that can block out sound and help you concentrate.

Noise Canceling Headphones

Noise Canceling Headphones

Though there are many more popular electronics being used and created, these three are the staples to for most college students.