How To Spend Your School Vacations Right!

August 28, 2015 in Campus Life, Travel

College Spring Break

College Spring Break

Like most college students, University of Rhode Island Rams are excited for spring break, Thanksgiving break, and just about any excuse to have off from school. Most students will travel home during breaks, but some will choose to travel with their friends. At URI, students usually travel to Mexico for spring break or even Florida (if they’re over 21). Whatever the destination may be, traveling during breaks seems to be a must. In addition to the destination, transportation is just as important. Please be reminded that URI is in the middle of nowhere and is sometimes a hassle to travel to and from. This is true for a lot of universities therefore planning ahead of time is really important. There’s nothing worse than getting stuck with a horrible seat or even traveling at an unreasonable time because you waited too long to book your traveling arrangements.

This spring break, students will be traveling to Mexico (most likely) with other college students. This includes students from URI, but also from 10-20 other colleges and universities. From personal experience, if you have not had the opportunity to go on one of these spring break trips…DO IT! You won’t ever get the chance to sit by the beach with hundreds of other college students, soak up the sun, and drink yourself into a week of unforgettable memories. It’s not always fun and games, but if you go with a good group of people and are there to enjoy yourself (be prepared to get five hours of sleep total), you’ll have a blast.

Habitat for Humanity Alternative Spring Break

Habitat for Humanity Alternative Spring Break

There is also an alternative spring break option for most students at colleges and universities, which I do not think is taken advantage of. Sometimes programs like Habitat for Humanity host alternative spring breaks where they bring groups of students to areas around the United States and build homes and/or schools for underprivileged families and communities. I think this traveling option is productive and a great way to get involved in and around the community. Besides, if you choose to travel somewhere else in the US, you won’t technically be going home. Isn’t that what school vacations are all about?

For other students who are just traveling home for breaks, make sure you purchase your plane, train, or bus tickets in advance. I’ve heard of people waiting until the last minute to purchase tickets and they’ve either missed out on going home or have had to pay a ridiculous amount of money just to get home. Know your exam/work schedule well in advanced in order to book your tickets. Luckily for us Rhody Rams, the Amtrak is a five minute drive from campus. These trains go to just about anywhere and are a convenient way to travel home. Public buses area also available on campus and travel to the city of Providence multiple times a day. The best piece of advice I have for students trying to travel home during breaks, is to book their tickets and reservations a few weeks or even months ahead!

Traveling while your in college is a great time to explore and learn about yourself and others. As much as I encourage people to study abroad, if some are unable to, traveling during school vacations is a great idea. We are lucky enough to have breaks that range from two weeks to five weeks during Christmas time, therefore we must take advantage of it all. Whether its going to Florida and having some fun at pool parties or going to Cancun with the rest of your university, traveling during breaks is a great idea and should be enjoyed by all college students!

What to do in College during/for Holidays

November 29, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life

While away at college, there are so many holidays and celebrations that get harder to celebrate.  Whether it is the lack of funds, creativity, or time, there are still so many easy ways for college students to enjoy the holidays and special days throughout the year, without taking too much time, money, or effort.

Labor Day:  For labor day, just relax.  Take a get away with your friends and go shopping or do something you love to do, that will not put a hole in your pocket.  This is a great way to relax, while also taking a break from school and work.  But if you do go shopping, remember no white after Labor Day!

Cinco de Mayo:  Cinco de Mayo is a holiday meant for fun!  Enjoy this holiday, by bringing it straight to your dorm room, apartment, or house at college, by making non-alcoholic margaritas.  These are very easy and simple, since margarita mix cost only around $15 at the grocery store.  Also, grab some friends and some cheap and fun decorations from the dollar store, and throw yourself a little get together party, that includes chips, salsa, queso, and tacos.  This is just the right atmosphere and mood to celebrate Cinco de Mayo!

Halloween:  Halloween gives people the ability to have fun and be creative.  If you are looking to be cheap this Halloween, check out Pinterest, for cute, fun, do it yourself ideas or awesome Halloween costumes.  Save cute ideas for costumes in your phone (or wherever) all throughout the year.  If you do this, it will make it easier for you to choose a costume (or multiple) when you are so busy with school work and extracurricular activities.  Once you have a costume, check out local stores with low prices, like Walmart of the Dollar Tree, and grab supplies from there to make it.

Thanksgiving:  Thanksgiving is super fun because it involves food.  If you would like to celebrate at college with you friends, throw a thanksgiving party. This party can involved everyone bringing a potluck dish to your residence hall lounge, or apartment/house living room, or it can just involve you and your friends going out to eat at a local restaurant or the dining hall, to spend time together.

Christmas:  Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, you can’t help but notice the the holiday season all around.  During this time, buy a small Christmas tree from Walmart (or a store similar), which run for under $25.  Then, grab some cute, cheap bows, stockings, or decorations from a dollar store or somewhere cheap, and get to decorating.  The same goes for people who do not celebrate Christmas.  If you want to celebrate, you can also do the same things, like go to a party store and fill you apartment or dorm room up with cute, cheap decorations to get you in the holiday spirit.  Also, if you like to throw holiday themed parties, you can grab yourself a cheap, ugly Christmas sweater from your local department store or thrift store.  If you are super crafty though, you can choose to make your own decorations and your own tacky (or cute!) holiday costume.  For the people who are into games, try doing an under 10 dollar gift exchange.

Cute Christmas door decoration idea!

Cute Christmas door decoration idea!

It’s Vacation! Now What?

August 9, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Events, Travel

In my past four years of school, I did not do a lot of travelling during my breaks. It’s not that I didn’t want to, but times are different from when your parent’s when to school. Now a days students have to spend their breaks working to get that little extra bit of money in their pockets. Since freshman year I think I’ve only been to Salem, Mass and Miami, Florida. Both trips were a blast but get that party movie scene out of your head because unfortunately you will very likely not be able to experience this.

Thanksgiving is the first vacation you have after school starts and it isn’t anything special really. It’s nice to be home for a couple of days and relax but you don’t get to relax too much because you have a mountain of homework that is due when you get back. The best way to have fun during Thanksgiving Break is to hang out with your friends during the day but then do your homework in the evening. Even get ahead of your work if you can because as soon as you get back first semester finals are just around the corner and your hair will be turning grey from all the studying. Yes, that can really happen and it did happen to me! Get ahead if you dare!

Winter Break is a bit different because you have a lot more time to enjoy yourself and no assignments due when you get back. But essentially it is all about working. You need to that cash to pay for next semesters books and Christmas presents for your family. It nice though because all of your friends will be home for most of the month and of course there are presents for you! 

As you would probably guess Spring Break is one of the biggest when it comes to college vacations. Not really sure why, I mean it really is only a week! Maybe its the stir craziness of having to stay in all winter, but regardless students go crazy for it! The top most  visited college break places are…

  1. Panama City Beach, FL
  2. Santa Monica Beach, CA
  3. South Beach, FL
  4. Gulf Shores Beach, AL
  5. Port Aransas, TX
  6. Main Beach (Santa Cruz), CA
  7. Venice Beach, CA
  8. Fort Myers Beach, FL
  9. Cocoa Beach, FL
  10. Mission Beach, CA
I was lucky enough to be in South Beach this past Spring Break and I was unbelievable! Got a burn that thankfully turned into a nice tan as well as plenty of good memories. 
Summer vacation is essentially the same as winter break but you see less of your friends. Summer time is crunch time to get things done! Work as much as possible, save your money, do an internship or two, build up your resume, anything you can think of. Summer time is the time to build your resume for after college it is the most free time you have possible during the year it is a time to use it to your advantage. 
No matter what vacation it is you always have to think about transport. Normally you won’t be going too far away from home but sometimes it still i a challenge but their are plenty of options to get to where you need to go. Parent’s, carpool, bus, train, plane, whatever works for you really their is no wrong way to get to your vacation.

Wheaton Students Get Around

April 25, 2014 in Travel

Vacations are a wonderful time to relax

Vacations are a wonderful time to relax

During vacations, including Winter, Spring, and Summer Break, Wheaton students get around.  Literally.  So many people travel off campus when we get at least a week off, and many even journey to different countries.  For the most part, students all vacate campus when a break rolls around; many of them simply drive or fly home: I have friends who live as close as 20 minutes to 2 hours away, and I have friends who fly home to California, New Mexico, and even Hawaii.  For me, I only live an hour away, so for each break we get, I get picked up my parents and drive home.

Although I personally have never gone away for a break, many of my fellow students have traveled either for pleasure with family or friends, or for an internship.  Most of my friends go home to celebrate the holidays over October, Thanksgiving, and Winter break, but many will go away over Spring break.  The main destination for people is Florida, as it’s close, safe, and a relatively cheap trip compared to more exotic locations.  Many of my friends save up money and fly down with other students.  However, some of my other friends are lucky enough to go on extravagant get-aways with their families to places like Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Aruba.  I am extremely jealous of all these people and refuse to talk to them for about a week after they come back, all tan and such (just kidding…sort of).

The summer is the main time for people to travel, as most people get out of school during the second week of May and don’t have to come back until late August.  Some students will get an internship or some type of opportunity that allows them to temporarily relocate to another city, state, or even country.  This summer, some of my friends will be in Africa and New Zealand while others will go to Indiana and Boston.  For me, because I haven’t been able to go on a vacation in a while, I am fortunate enough to be going on a two and a half week family get-away this summer in the Azores.  The Azores is an archipelago off the coast of Portugal where my dad’s family is from.  I will be flying out there with my family in late June and I’ll stay until mid-July.  Traveling provides an amazing opportunity for us to see the world, meet new people, and have incredible experiences.  I would recommend that every college student goes on a vacation or an internship trip at some point in their education career.

College Travel Guide

September 14, 2013 in Alive Campus, Campus Life

Cabo, Malibu, Austin, su casa. What could  these things possibly have in common? Well, they are just a few of the places you can go during your school breaks in college. Many students either go home, hang with friends, or go explore and try new things. Often times, you don’t even have to leave your campus at all during your breaks because your campus may make accommodations for you to stay. But if it’s a possibility that you won’t be on campus, here are some things to definitely think about:


You’ve heard the saying… there really is no place like home. Breaks provide a great time to just relax and clear your mind. After being around your friends all the time, you’ll appreciate the time to just be alone because in college a moment of solitude rarely happens. Outside of spending time with my family, what I enjoy most during breaks is being able to go home and sleep on my OWN bed, in my OWN room, in my OWN house, and eat in my OWN kitchen – it’s the greatest.

Get to know some other members of your family. Instead of going home on your break, spend it at another family member’s house. This way you can still be in a home environment, yet get new scenery. Since I am from Dallas, but go to school in California, I spend my Thanksgivings at my aunt’s house. This has been great because I’ve gotten to know my family from California so much better! Plus… my aunt can cook some pretty mean meals, which become essential when constantly living on a college budget.

Rent a place and travel with your friends. You’re in college. You’re over the age of 18. This is your time to explore! Get together with some friends and take a mini road trip or something. I haven’t exactly done this yet, but I would love to and plan on doing it this year. To me, the best time to do this would be spring break. It’s warm, nice, and may I mention the movie Spring Breakers?

Now that you know where you want to go over break. Let’s talk about the transportation it takes to get there and the many methods you can take where ever you may be:


Fly away. Flying may be expensive, but it’s definitely quick and efficient. It’s even sometimes the only way to get to places like Hawaii and other places far away.

It may not be the fastest, but public transportation will get you there. For breaks, you don’t always have to go all the way to another country; you can go to a neighboring city. By taking a bus or train, you not only save money, but gas as well.

Bike or Hike. Take the exercise route and be active! You can choose to walk to your next destination instead of driving. Okay, may be if you don’t want that drastic of a time difference, choose to bike! But on the bright side, if you hike, you can turn you walk into an adventure.

Nevertheless, breaks can be fun, so just take the opportunity to make whatever experience you have a positive one. The sky’s the limit!

College Break Exploration

College Break Exploration