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Top Movies for the College Student

August 24, 2015 in Alive Campus

Watching movies is an ideal way to relax and pass time while in college. Sometimes, leaving the house simply seems like too difficult a task after a long week of classes. It’s also a very cost-effective way to enjoy time with friends instead of spending money going out to the bar every night. Here are just some of the movies I feel every college student should watch:

Animal House

Animal House

Animal House: While it may be an older movie, it’s still a college classic that everyone enjoys. If you don’t watch any other movies on this list, be sure to watch this one. The rebellious Delta fraternity brothers will be sure to provide you with a good laugh.

The Breakfast Club: This is another classic. While it’s essentially based on students in high school, the plot can certainly relate to college students as well. Five teenagers of completely different backgrounds and stereotypes all find a way to unite as friends while serving detention together.

The Social Network: Social media fanatics, which is a label that most college students have earned, should definitely look into seeing this movie about the beloved social media site commonly known as Facebook.

Pitch Perfect: This is a great movie to watch on a Saturday night with girlfriends when you want to stay in, wear sweatpants, and drink wine. The humor and songs in the movie performed by a group of female college students leaves for a great plot.

Adventureland: A college student’s dreams are crushed when his anticipated trip to Europe no longer takes effect due to his parent’s unfortunate financial situation. Instead, he is stuck working at an amusement park for the summer, but his dull mood quickly turns when he falls for a female co-worker.

The Internship: This is a great comedy based on two salesmen who land an internship at Google, but are challenged when they realize all of the technological skills they must develop to officially earn the position. Competing with a younger market, the two men must complete several obstacles that leaves room for several laughs.



Accepted: When a student is officially rejected from all the colleges he applied to, he decides to start up his own university so he doesn’t have to tell his friends. However, with all of his plans set in place and the popularity growing on the Internet, the fake university quickly spirals out of control. The South Harmon Institute of Technology becomes all too real.

Wolf of Wall Street: Who doesn’t love a good movie with Leonardo DiCaprio? It’s actually based on a true story involving corruption and fraud that happened on Wall Street. The film is ultimately ideal for those who enjoy intense films.

Insidious: I had to include a horror movie, and this one still stands to be my favorite. A family believes their home to be haunted with all of the paranormal situations occurring, especially when their son seems to be possessed by en evil entity. It’s not your typical corny scary movie, so I would highly recommend if you don’t mind a good scare.

The next time you’re twiddling your thumbs on a Saturday night, kick back and enjoy one of these entertaining movies. There’s an array of options to choose from, and your wallet will be thanking you! Wine night, anyone?

Memorable Movies

September 6, 2013 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Tech

Whatever your personal movie preference is, there’s a few movies every incoming college student has to see before coming to university, or else you’re overdue for a movie night. Check out my top suggestions for movies you have to see and why I picked them – hopefully you’ll find a new one, and give it a shot!

Probably not the smartest name to use.

Probably not the smartest name to use.

An instant classic even though it’s only six years old, Superbad stars Jonah Hill and Michael Cera at their height – before Hill lost weight and when Cera’s naive and awkward character was just developing. They play two high-school losers who try and plan a wild party, with a large amount of booze of course, in order to impress a couple of girls. The movie is hilarious for its adventures gone awry, and features well-known minor characters like Bill Hader and Chris Mintz-Plasse (aka McLovin) – and you may recognize Superbad as one of Emma Stone’s breakout films. A classic tale of partying, high school crushes, and nerdy underdogs, Superbad is a favorite amongst college students and will instantly bring you back to some good memories of your favorite high school times (or it may just get you in the mood to throw your first college rager!).

Another comedy, Pineapple Express focuses on a stoner (Seth Rogen) and his dealer (James Franco) who get caught in the middle of a murder and are forced on the run from a corrupt police officer and a dangerous drug lord. Featuring hilarious antics, comedic actors like Danny McBride and Craig Robinson, and an insane amount of pot-smoking, Pineapple Express is beloved amongst stoners and regular students alike. This drug-infused comedy will definitely resonate with some of you out there, or at least remind you of that weird kid down the hall, making it relatable and entertaining for anyone. Plus, the movie’s cast is extremely popular and has worked together in numerous successful films, so if you haven’t seen it that should only encourage you!

One of my favorite films, Good Will Hunting is the touching story of an MIT janitor who turns out to be a mathematical genius, and the psychiatrist who helps him reach his full potential. Although it sounds a bit cheesy, the movie is both moving and funny. It features a handful of the best actors, including (my favorite) Matt Damon and Robin Williams, and even has a younger Ben Affleck. This movie is a must for any incoming college student who’s nervous about what to expect, how to perform, or even just which major to select. It’s uplifting without being another boring “feel-good” movie and it’s gritty Boston setting makes it seem a bit more realistic. If you are a fan of this movie, a similar film also about MIT and a student trying to make it is “21″ with Jim Sturgess.

This last one is for the ladies, and I’m willing to bet most of you have seen it by the time you’re old enough to wear makeup, let alone entering college. Focused on a ditzy blonde who somehow manages to get into Harvard after her boyfriend breaks up with her, this comedy has everything college girls love: boy drama, revenge, and infamous tricks like the bend-and-snap! As an added bonus, the main character proves her intelligence and shows everyone that blondes can be brainy too, which may give you that added boost you need before your 8AM midterm tomorrow. A true classic, Legally Blonde also has its own sequel – so grab both, gather your roommates, and get ready for a college movie night full of brainiacs and the color pink!