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Freshmen Top Ten

April 14, 2015 in Alive Campus

Let’s get one thing straight: Being a Freshmen is FANTASTIC. It is the chance to start over, turn over a new leaf, and have TONS of fun! So exactly what IS fun? Here is a list I compiled for all you prospective freshies out there. #yowelcome

1. RUSH! RUSH! RUSH! Join a sister or brother hood! If you have been looking to gain and experience love, commitment, and new friendships, it might be time to Go Greek. And lucky for you, there is no better time to do this than your Freshman year.

2. The Breakfast Club. No, not the movie! As a Freshman, you will be able to experience a Club Rush! Yes I know, it already sounds geeky but trust me on this one! This is your chance to branch out and have fun! (Other than in your extracurricular classes! Yay for extra fun!) And hey, maybe you can even start your own Breakfast Club. #myidea #givemethecredit

3. Tryout Time! Missing your high school days? Don’t sweat! Being a new freshie gives you the chance to tryout for sports just like in the good ol’ days. Don’t forget to keep updated on the times and dates of when tryouts are; You don’t want to miss the chance to impress the coaches with your mad skills, now do you?

4. Extracurriculars. Yes, you are in school to succeed and get that degree, but don’t forget to have some fun, too! Pick an extracurricular class that is fun, but useful! If you’ve always wanted to learn how to play guitar, now is your chance! Is painting your thing? Take an art class! This is your chance to have fun while also earning credit for it! You cute, multi-tasker, you!

5. FOUR WORDS: Check Out Your Library. Geeky? Yes. Kidding? Heck no! Believe it or not, you will be using the library A LOT. Get to know it while you can! The library is a popular spot, especially during lunch time. #snaps

6. Find Good Eats. Lunch is the most important meal of the day, ESPECIALLY for any college freshie. Take time to scope out any good eats around the neighborhood. Lunch isn’t only brought, it’s bought.

7. Homecoming! Luckily for all you with high school nostalgia, college has a Homecoming, too! Cheer on your team on by getting into the school spirit! Bring your school colors, pom poms, and A game. #goteamgo

8. Add to the group! Picking and going to a college is a very personal decision and one you must do alone. So why not take this chance to add to your groupies? Socialize with your classmates and engage in the Five Foot Rule: Talk to someone within five feet of you! Trust me, it’s actually fun!

9. Find Your Destiny. Still don’t know who you are or who you want to be? Go visit your Career Center! I always took an interest in putting the pieces of who I was together and I think you will, too

10. Get Ahead Of The Game. It is never too early to apply for internships! My recommendation? The Disney College Program. As a college student, you automatically qualify to apply! For more information please follow the link: Disney College Program. And remember, this program isn’t for everyone.

I hope you enjoyed this Top Ten: Freshmen Edition! Until next time! #daphneoverandout

Top Ten Things You Should Take Advantage of in College

December 26, 2014 in Top 10 Lists

Assumption College

Assumption College

1. Free time: I know that it may seem like free time is nonexistent, but it’s there. Learn to love those couple of hours that you have to just hangout or watch your favorite TV show, because once you hit the real world they disappear. Even those couple of hours that you have to kill time in between classes are something that you will probably miss after you graduate. Take advantage of your free time and do the things that you love to do.

2. Making mistakes: We all hate to make mistakes, but college is probably the best time to make them. Being in college is all about discovery and change, and the only way to do this is by making mistakes and learning from them. So instead of being careful – take a risk and go through some mistakes along the way. In the real world, they might not be so easy to recover from.

3. 12AM – 3AM: Drunkenly ordering pizza in the middle of the night is something you should totally take advantage of in college. Not only because you’re a poor college kid and that’s all you can afford, but also because this is probably the best time in your life to binge on bad food. Once you get older 2AM Dominos calls will probably be a thing of the past.

4. Your friends: After you graduate college you will probably keep in touch with a few of your friends, but eventually everyone goes their separate ways. College is the best time to meet awesome people and create a bond, even if those bonds dwindle away after you graduate. The memories you create with your friends in college are probably the most unforgettable and amazing ones that you will have.

5. Traveling: Go on that spring break trip to Cancun, travel abroad to Spain – you may never get these chances again! Once you get a 9 to 5 job, you probably won’t have more than a week or two to travel a year, so take advantage of being a student and just GO! See everything before you get tied down for life.

6. Getting ridiculously drunk: After you graduate, sure you can still get drunk – but as you get older it becomes less socially acceptable to pound back beers at 11 am and to funnel. I’m not saying go crazy and be the drunkest person at the party, but just drink, relax, and have fun! As you get older your Funday Sundays will turn into “relax before the long work week Sundays.”

7. Sleeping in: Have you ever had a semester where your classes didn’t start until 12pm?! Yeah, it’s awesome. But in the real world, your job will most likely start between 7 and 9 am. Cherish those mornings that you get to sleep until 2pm, because they won’t be around for long…

8. Internships and connections: College is THE time to make connections and to get internships so that you are ahead of the game come graduation time. People who are already in the working world love to talk about themselves and give advice to students because they realize that you are in college and trying to create a future for yourself and they want to help. Take advantage of your status as a student and set up interviews with successful people to make useful connections.

9. Casual wear: Once you graduate you will probably have to ditch the sweatpants and say hello to the business casual world. There’s a certain joy in rolling out of bed, throwing on sweatpants and a sweatshirt and slumming into class at the last minute. This NEVER happens in the professional world so take advantage while you can.

10. No Bills: This depends on who you are, but most of the time people get more bills when they graduate from college because they move into an apartment, buy a house, or even start a family. Most people in college pay for a car, cell phone, or food at the most, and when they graduate they are introduced to a whole world of rent, mortgages, heating bills, taxes and tons of other expenses. Take advantage of this less “responsible” time of your life and either save your money or think of a plan for when you graduate.

10 Things You Need to do Before You Graduate College

November 21, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Top 10 Lists

Before graduating

Before graduating

Being a college student is another chapter in your life and you should make the best of it. College is four years long (give or take) and you should experience several different things before you move on to the next part of your life. These are a few things you should do before graduating and moving on to bigger and better things.

  1. Meet new people

This can be scary at times…I know. However, your freshman year you don’t know anyone, but you can make the best of it. Meeting new people is a good thing because it opens friendships you never thought you would have. And the friends you make in college will probably be with you for the rest of your life.

2. Try something you’ve never done before

Everyone needs to experience something they are uncomfortable doing because it gets you out of your shell and breaks the monotony of everyday life. This could be anything from trying a new sport to taking a random class that you aren’t sure you will like. It doesn’t matter what it is, just as long as you’ve never done it before.

3. Get a job

Being in college is the start of living on your own. You don’t want to solely rely on your parents anymore so getting a job allows that. It could be a job on campus or in the town your college is in. Maybe you’ll even be lucky and get a job in the career field you want to go in.

4. Tour the town your college is in

It’s important to explore the area where your college is located. You never know what you might find and it allows you to find the fun places to hang out. Also, the town may have some historical significance that may be interesting to learn about.

5. Study abroad

I’m sad to say I did not get to do this one even though I really wanted to. However, I still think it is important to at least try to study abroad. Studying abroad allows you to see the world and experience different cultures. It opens your eyes to realizing there is so much more than the small world it feels like you’re living in at your college.

6. Pull an all-nighter

Again, I have never done this one either, but I have stayed up really late writing papers. I feel like pulling an all-nighter is common for a lot of college students and it is one thing they feel like they have to do because it is the thing to do. Procrastination is common and then an all-nighter is necessary. Or sometimes you just have so much work and you just need to pull an all-nighter.

7. Change your look

College is the experimental years. Try a new hair color, get a piercing, get bangs, and figure out what your style is and then realize later that it isn’t for you. Either way, change things up a bit. For me, I had to change my look when I was a freshman because when you are a freshman at VMI (Virginia Military Institute) you have to get your hair cut really short. Now I know I never want short hair again.

8. Attend a sporting event

Even if you aren’t in to sports, show some school spirit and attend a sporting event. This can be going to a football game, basketball game, or any other sport your school has that you may be interested in attending. It allows you to socialize with your friends while still supporting your school.

9. Get a college ring

This may seem weird for a lot of people but I think college is more important than high school. I know it is for me and getting a college ring symbolizes the obstacles I have conquered and shows the accomplishments that I have made as well. At VMI, the ring represents so much more than just the school, but it represents the bond that we have with one another and the brotherhood we have joined.

10. Attend at least one party

College is about having fun along with figuring out what you want to do with your life. Going to a party is part of the process of experiencing what it is like to be a college student. Let loose and make mistakes but remember to learn from your mistakes as well.

Top 10 Signs You’re Still Doing College All Wrong

November 5, 2014 in Campus Life, Top 10 Lists

Top 10 Signs You're Still Doing College All Wrong

Top 10 Signs You’re Still Doing College All Wrong

I can’t pretend that I have all the answers when it comes to college life, but there are certain things that everyone should know. There’s simply no other way to put it. If you’re guilty of one or more things on this list, you’re doing this college thing all wrong.

1. You don’t even know your RA’s name. It’s on his or her door. There’s no excuse. They wear a name tag and they usually live in your building. You probably had to meet them, attend a floor meeting with them, get them to unlock your door, etc. If you need some type of assistance with your living situation, they are your go-to person. Know their name and know who they are.

2. You don’t have any friends in your classes. Study groups are super helpful and it helps to know at least a few people when group projects come up. Make the effort know at least one other person.

3. You don’t participate or ask questions in class. How do you expect to learn if you don’t seek clarification on things? Chances are, if you ask, your professors will at least attempt to help you.

4. You don’t even know where your professors’ offices are. It’s on the syllabus and they’ve probably mentioned it in class. If you don’t have it, find it. Your professors set aside office hours to help students out. If don’t know when and where these office hours are, you can’t benefit from them.

5. You’ve never eaten at the dining hall alone because it’s awkward. You may think people are judging you, but most people aren’t. You may think it’s uncool to sit alone, but it’s actually not. Sometimes class schedules don’t match up. It happens.

6. You make sure to let people know that your major is actually important. I don’t care if you know you’ll have a job lined up after college because people in your field are so in-demand right now. People will strongly dislike you if you talk down about their majors.

7. You’re not trying to make any new friends. Not everyone is a social butterfly and not everyone wants 20 million friends. But don’t decide to cut new people out of your life because you don’t think you need new friends. You never know who you’ll need.

8. You haven’t found you passion (and you’re not looking). It’s one think to not know what you want to do for the rest of your life; many other college students are in the same boat. But if you don’t care to find it, you might be wasting time and money in college.

9. You’re afraid to be yourself around your friends. This is all wrong. If you feel like you can’t be yourself in front of your friends, then you’ve found the wrong group of friends. Figure this out as soon as possible and move on it you have to.

10. You don’t know where the library is. Some people don’t like studying in the library, so they just don’t go. I study in my room because it’s convenient and not as busy as the library on campus. But if you don’t know where it is, a serious problem exists. The library has tons of resources and, even if you never end up needing them which is super unlikely, you should at least know where it is.

10 Things You MUST HAVE Your First Year In College

October 3, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Colleges, Top 10 Lists

a funny meme.

a funny meme.

1. Great Workout Clothes

WORK. WORK. WORK OUT.  Great work out clothes are awesome in so many ways.  First off, if you don’t work out, they make you look like you do, and second off, if you actually do workout, they’ll give you a little extra motivation and plus, you’ll look great doing it!

2. Desk Hutch

This probably might vary depending on schools, but if your college or university have these as part of the dorm room furniture already, ignore this one.  But if not, this is a must have.  With all of those hundred dollar books, photos of friends and family, and little mementos you hoard, a desk hutch offers more space for all of your special  gems. Also, you can paint, sticker, or glitter them.  So for all you Pinterest-crazed college kids, get yourself a nice, sturdy desk hutch and decorate away!

3. Costumes, Costumes, Costumes!

Sounds silly, but from themed parties, to holidays, or to just wanting to get a little wild with friends, you MUST always be prepared with a cool costume or two.  Whether you want to be the showstopper at a party, or just make people laugh, I promise you that a good costume never hurt nobody.

4. Full-on Rain Protection

Full-on rain protection requires many things, but the two most important are a rain coat and rain footwear.  First, a rain jacket.  These can be used in the rain or snow, and sometimes they even double as winter coats.  Yes, good ones are kind of expensive, but good rain jackets is a win-win for everyone.  Second, some type of rain shoe.  Whether they are Bean Boots (my shoe of choice), Hunter Boots, or just some traditional rain boots/shoes, everyone needs some rain protection for their feet.  Remember, that most of the time you will be walking, whether in rain, shine, or any other type of weather, so you best be prepared for a rainy day.

5. Stock Pile of Snacks!

OMG SNACKS. Who doesn’t love a nice snack or two?  The best strategy is to come already prepare with a decently sized bin full of your favorite snacks.  Because remember, your bonus dollars do run out and food places do close, so if you want to ensure you will never go hungry– Stock Up!

6. A Laundry Basket with…Wheels

To the lucky few who get the room right next to the laundry room, we all envy you. Trust me when I say that it totally sucks to carry your loads and loads of laundry down the hall or sometimes elevator, to the laundry room.  Get a nice rolling laundry basket and your “laundry-doing” motivation jumps about 75%.  Trust me.

7.  An iPhone

I’m so biased with this one, but having an iPhone literally might change your life.  You just get it all: group messages, read receipts, and iPod, free headphones with purchase, and applications you can’t get on any other phone.  But most importantly, it’s a great tool whenever you need to call home.

8. For Guys, A Wallet.  For Girls, A Wristlet.

In college, your college I.D. is your life.  Above I mentioned two great ways to protect your precious I.D. card (wallet and wristlet), but there are many other options depending on what you personally like.  Most guys have wallets and for girls a wristlet is nice because it’ small, portable, and can fit almost anywhere and in anything.  But other options (for both girls and guys) include a clutch, satchel bag, purse, anything handmade, or even a fanny pack!  Just remember, for the next four years your life is practically on that card and some are expensive to replace, so get/make something great protect it.

9.  Some Cool Piece of Technology

Laptops, iPads, Kindles; there are a lot of great technological options that will suit not only your studies, but also your hobbies.

10. A Signature Piece

College is a place to learn a lot about yourself, but also to share a lot about yourself.  Bring a signature piece/something that defines who you are to college.  Whether it’s a favorite picture, blanket, stuffed animal, bright colored backpack, or even 5 TV’s to show your love for gaming, this is a great way to start a new chapter in your life, but never forgetting who you were before.