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Top Websites for College Students

July 24, 2015 in Alive Campus, Tech

College students will always find ways to avoid studying for as long as possible and find others way to entertain themselves. With laptops and tablets becoming the dominant ways of taking notes, it’s impossible to not want to browse the Web during class or simply when you’re bored. There are certain websites that most college students have visited for entertainment or information at some point. Here are just a few that I think all college students should know about:

Reddit: This informational and entertaining website if perfect for those who enjoy keeping up to date on the latest news or interesting stories. There are always some exciting pieces of entertainment to click on, whether that’s someone taking a cool photo or simply an interesting story about their cat. Whatever it is, Reddit can certainly become addicting!

Buzzfeed: I personally enjoy taking the Buzzfeed quizzes because they’re scarily accurate sometimes! It’s a great source of entertainment to pass time late at night when you can’t fall asleep, or during class when your professor can’t stop talking about Shakespeare.

YouTube: It’s basically become the biggest site for college students to learn life skills. If you have no idea how to do laundry your first year of college, or if you simply do not know how to fry an egg, that’s what YouTube is for. If you ask almost anyone how he or she learned to do something on his or her own, at least 50 percent of the time, the answer is YouTube.

StudyBlue: This is an efficient and portable way to take notes and eventually use them down the road, either for a big midterm or final. With so many students utilizing computers and tablets during class, it’s probably the better option as opposed to keeping all notes on paper, which is also easy to lose sometimes.

Quizlet: I have used Quizlet multiple times, especially for online classes when the questions on the test were very specific to certain key terms. This site can be a lifesaver if you need to study last minute and have no time to make yourself a study guide. The best part? It’s free!

RateMyProfesor: It’s becoming more common for students to check in on the rating of their professors before signing up for a class. We’ve all experienced that one class where the professor simply did not want to assist the students in earning high grades. Checking in on RateMyProfessor is a great way to read firsthand reviews on the class as a whole and if the professor will be of your liking. Remember that just the instructor of the class can make or break your grade.

Alive Campus: This site is perfect for students who want to receive firsthand advice about college. It basically provides personal perspectives and real information about specific colleges, as well as college in general. The best part is that all of the articles all written by students who are currently in college, so all of the information provide is accurate to firsthand experiences as opposed to just a general outlook.

With all of these sites to keep in mind, it’s time to open up the tablet and start browsing once again.

Rate My Professor is ideal for students who want prior knowledge of their professors.

Rate My Professor is ideal for students who want prior knowledge of their professors.

“Essential” Websites in College

December 6, 2014 in Alive Campus, Reviews

You have three papers due and you have to be at work in a half hour. You think to yourself, “I’m going to just toss on some music while I get ready to leave.”  You’re probably going to blackout and all of a sudden be on StumbleUpon or Tumblr and most likely late for work. It’s the classic Internet Hypnosis that college students are known for. Being so used to jumping right into social media and our other favorite websites, we tend to ignore how distracting it can be, especially during crunch time for work, as we head into finals week. So while you’re looking for something to distract you from your landfill of assignments you need to complete, here are some of my top visited websites.

The very first site I visit every time I open my web browser, which is so funny because it’s actually my least favorite website. I really don’t need some kid I graduated from high school with telling me about his opinions on Ferguson, and I definitely don’t need to see who’s in a relationship, and who’s relationship is on the fritz.

I think Twitter is the best form of social media, so this is pretty biased. I visit Twitter countless times a day and sometimes will Tweet upwards of 4 times per day. Now that they added the mute feature, where you can essentially eliminate someone’s voice from your timeline, the site is even better.

Much like Facebook, I hate this website so much and I’m constantly conflicted as to why I visit it. It is the most overly-politically correct website out there, posting what I would consider “non-articles,” such as “12 Times Nick Jonas’ Arms Made you Question your Entire Life.” Its success comes from its shareable content that appeals to very broad masses, not from interesting content.

Barstool Sports
An ever-controversial website, I find this to be one of the funniest blogs out there. I typically only read the Boston branch because I’m incredibly biased, but their hyperbolic means of retelling stories is always so enjoyable. Their writing-style is essentially the opposite of Buzzfeed, which is refreshing. They’re not writing to gain followers or please anyone, but instead, for pure comedy purposes.

Is it sad that I even have to include this? Break up with your girlfriend/boyfriend, become an orphan, drop out of college, do whatever, because all you really end up needing in life is Netflix. It’s the most revolutionary thing to ever happen in our world’s history ever (not even an exaggeration). Most of the biggest cult shows are on Netflix in all their glory, ready for you to forget responsibility and binge watch the entire thing so you can discuss with your friends how amazing Jessica Lange is in every scene of American Horror Story

Is it ironic that I don’t have that many top websites because I spend all my free time watching Netflix? Whatever, I’m not going to read too much into it. Listen, no one likes doing homework, and no one likes being stressed. So forget everything, let yourself become distracted, and whatever happens, happens. What’s the worst that can happen? You fail out of school? You can always become a stripper – just so long as you make enough money to keep your Netflix account up and running.

The Best Websites For College Students To Visit

January 3, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Colleges, Reviews

Cute cat pictures are all over the Internet!

Cute cat pictures are all over the Internet!

There are a bunch of awesome websites that college students should visit. Since the Internet changes literally every second – there are so many new and exciting websites to look at! Below is a list of my top six all time favorite (at the moment) websites that I think everyone should check out and read on a regular basis!

1. BuzzFeed;

Most college students know about BuzzFeed. It’s that website with lists of the top things most college students want to read about – for example, 30 things that every twentysomething wants for Christmas or 20 of the cutest animals on the web today. BuzzFeed articles are often shared on all different social media platforms – they’re pretty hysterical and often involve cute animals so I definitely suggest reading them on a daily basis.

2. LinkedIn;

LinkedIn is a great website for college students to connect and “link” with professionals on the Internet (so yes, it’s an awesome way to find a job!) It’s basically a professional and classy Facebook profile. You upload a professional picture of yourself, write a mini-profile about yourself, share your work and volunteer experience with people that you’re connected with (so yes, like a little resume), and anything else you’re involved in to attract employers!

3. Twitter;

Yes, most people know what twitter is. But, if you don’t have a twitter account you should really get one. It’s a great way to connect with peers, future employers, news networks, and even celebrities. Your twitter feed can consist of meaningless comments from celebrities about their day or complete news stories about important things going on that day in the news. So if you don’t have a twitter, get one and stay connected!

4. Reddit;

Reddit is notorious for its ridiculously cute cat photos. Members of the reddit community (so anybody on the Internet who wants to view and post on reddit) can post anything that they want. There are also sub reddit pages about all different categories – including cats, cars, electronics, random pictures, etc. If you’re ever feeling down and want a good laugh or to look at an adorable picture of a puppy, just go to reddit and you’ll be sure to find something cute and new!

5. Facebook;

Yes, almost every single person has a Facebook profile. But, I’d just like to advocate about how great of a website it is. It can get a little addicting, but it’s an awesome way to connect with friends, coworkers, and family by sharing pictures, status updates, links to different websites, etc.

6. Alive Campus;

And last but certainly not least, Alive Campus! Alive Campus is a great website to learn and chat about all things college with other college students around the country! There are awesome forums where you can chat with all types of other students about admission to universities, college events, college life, etc. There are also a plethora of articles ranging from the top ten things to do in Boston when you’re in college to the best places to eat on your campus.