Freshmen Year Checklist: 10 Things You Should Do at URI

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Welcome to URI

Welcome to URI

You’re finally moved in to your dorm room, most of your stuff is unpacked…now what? Well, at the University of Rhode Island there are countless ways to get involved. From becoming involved through clubs or organizations, to taking trips off-campus and getting to know the surrounding area. Take a look at this freshmen year checklist: 10 most interesting activities you should do as a freshman once you have officially deemed yourself a Rhody Ram!

1. This will probably be one of the most hectic and chaotic nights of your freshmen year, but you’ll be happy you went. The first night all freshmen move in, URI hosts a ‘show and tell’ of all the clubs and organizations on-campus right at the memorial union known as First Night. Not only will you get a sense of how you can get involved, but it will make it easy for you to meet other freshmen. They’ll have some food, fun games, and even have booths set up to answer any of your questions. It’s definitely a night you won’t want to miss!

2. Have you got an interest for writing? Take a look at the student-run newspaper, The Good Five-Cent Cigar. Are you interested in video games? Well, URI has a club for you, too! Were you a part of your high schools student senate and would like to continue being part of a team designated to make decisions for the student body? URI’s Student Senate seems like the right place for you! No matter what your interests are, every university offers clubs and other organizations allowing all students to become involved. Don’t be shy and attend one of their meetings, clubs are always looking to expand their team.

Rhody Ram

Rhody Ram

3. We’ve always wanted to be those students filling up a basketball arena supporting our college basketball team. Man, did those kids on SportsCenter look like they were having the time of their lives. Truthfully, not every university is going to make it to the finals, but that’s okay! Part of the college experience, is attending sports events that may or may not end up how we ant them to. At the University of Rhode Island, the student body has begun supporting its evolving Men’s Basketball Team. In past years, games have begun to be sold out because of the school spirit. Get a group of your friends together, buy some Rhody gear and support your fellow Rhody Rams at any sporting event; could be baseball, hockey, football or soccer. Rhody Rhody Rhody!

4. Let’s face it, most of us didn’t come to college to join a Division 1 football team (that’s alright!).  Most universities offer a fun and competitive alternative known as intramural sports. From flag football to basketball and even indoor soccer, at URI you and your friends can start a team all your own. You’ll compete against other student teams and who knows, you may be good enough to be named champion!

Oozeball Tournament

Oozeball Tournament

5. A day dedicated to friendly competition, volleyball, and some dirt. Did I mention an entire field covered in mud? URI’s Annual Oozeball tournament welcomes all students looking to have some fun. Hosted at the beginning of the Spring semester, this tournament challenges you to bring out your inner kid. As a former player, I have a few suggestions for those brave enough to get a team together: Wear clothes you plan on disposing off, tape your shoes to your fee, bring your A-game and don’t be afraid to get down and dirty. The best part is getting to dive around in the mud!

 6. Maybe you came to school with no intention of joining Greek Life – most of those involved in sororities and fraternities probably said the same thing. It’s a difficult transition to make, but experiencing Greek Life may offer a lot more than you had ever expected. “Rush’ is a chance for you to meet each individual organization. The Greek community embodies strong leadership, personal growth and service. There’s a lot to learn from these leaders and what better way to stay involved then to become one. Besides who doesn’t want to make some friends and have a good time?

 7. I won’t lie, but there will be days that URI’s dining halls will no longer satisfy you’re cravings. You’ve had enough Butt Nuggets to last you the rest of your life and the wraps from Hope will have gotten to be boring. Have no fear! URI’s Emporium, located at the top of campus offers a variety of quick and easy foods. From burgers and pizzas to Chinese food and calzones; this place has it all. If there’s one recommendation I do have, it’s to encourage you to take a walk over to I-Zone. You’re going to have those weekend cravings at 2am when you get home from a party and you’ll thank me for this later, but give them a call and order a nice Chicken Parm Calzone for yourself. It’ll be the greatest yet messiest, but most delicious decision you’ll make at URI your freshmen year.

8. You’ve had a busy week and you’re just about ready to give up on everything (well don’t). URI has got this great little spot down in Narragansett that will offer your some down time. Whoever invented the Narragansett Seawall deserves a medal because it has offered students a place to just relax for years! There’s not much to say about it, unless you’ve taken a trip down there. Along the way you can pick up some ice cream or a smoothie and just go sit on the stone wall and get your thoughts back in order or even just enjoy the beautiful spring sky that Rhode Island is known for.

Iggy's Doughboys and Chowder House

Iggy’s Doughboys and Chowder House

9. Now that you’ve gone to the Seawall, it’s important to embark on another Rhode Island tradition! Iggy’s Doughboys and Chowder House offers fresh seafood and some sweet treats. Their Lobster Roll is absolutely to die for a long with their Fish & Chips. Have a sweet tooth? They’re Doughboy’s are perfectly fried and topped with sugar that will have you coming back for more. Whenever the weather gets warm, you’ll find a line of URI students waiting to get their teeth into some of Iggy’s fresh seafood.

10. It can’t be the best year of your life yet if you haven’t gotten the chance to have some Brickley’s Ice Cream. Rhode Island’s greatest creation has to have been this homemade ice cream. From fruity flavors to chocolate galore, you’ll find the perfect kind for you. Let’s not forget about the warm and toasty waffle cone. There’s more than one Brickley’s in Rhode Island so don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of chances to try some unforgettable homemade ice cream.

Now that I’ve shared with you the freshmen year checklist: 10 things you should do at URI, I hope you’d consider getting involved in some of these activities. You’ll never be a college freshman again in your life so why not make the best of it today. Make those mistakes and learn from them, meet some great people and remember (or forget) those long night’s!

Time To Get Creative At FPU

May 10, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Colleges, Top 10 Lists

At Franklin Pierce we are in the middle of no where, and it’s true, most the time there is nothing to do. What people forget is that its college! We have brains, really smart brains or else we wouldn’t have been able to get into school. So don’t call mom or dad constantly complaining and say you want to transfer because there is nothing to do because there is plenty to do! You just have to be creative at times. Being in the middle of no where my friends and I have gotten very creative over the years. Some of the things are going to be pretty generic but most will be specific to my own fun that I’ve created at Franklin Pierce.

Yeah it is not a very original idea, but it is something to do and its something you should do! Basketball, baseball, football, whatever your schools got! Go to it because there is nothing more relaxing on the weekend (or a week day) that screaming your head off as if it is going to make any change to the score board. It is also a great way to meet new friends. If you’re not comfortable with just walking up to a stranger and bonding, bring someone you just met but haven’t really bonded with yet. Going to a game is a great way to get to know someone in a relaxed setting

  • 2. Go To The Gym.

Another unoriginal thing, but it is defiantly something that you should do every now and then. It isn’t like the gyms you see in movies, or at least my gym isn’t but it isn’t as intimidating. From what I’ve experienced most the people at the gym are the campus athletes and they are so focused on their work outs that they don’t even notice you are there. So ignore that little voice in your head that is telling you that if you go to the gym people are staring at you, cause there not. On another note, you’ll be thankful if you make going to the gym a habit because the Freshman Fifteen is very real and your mom will point it out when you get home for Christmas.

  • 3. Go on a walk. 

Walking might not sound like a lot of fun, especially if you go to a city school but I am in Rindge, NH. There is nothing but miles and mile of trees surrounding the campus. Hiking or just a stroll is one of the top options for the students here. There are a lot of already made trails and if you know how to make your way safely through the woods make your own trail. Either way it is relaxing and a fun thing to do with your friends. Most students on my campus even make shelters out of the fallen branches. They are amazing almost house size structures and it’s always fun to make freshman believe that they are left over tents from the Indians.

  • 4. Go To The Lake.

Part of my schools charm is that there is a lake right on campus, Pearly Pond. FPU provides kayaks, paddle boards and boats to use when the weather is nice. The water is a gross color but it is perfectly fine to swim in but if water sports aren’t your thing you can join the guys on the dock that are fishing. If that still isn’t your thing than you can join who I like to call princesses that take up the dock space because they are using it as tanning space. Whatever your cup of tea is just go down! It is great to just be out in nature instead of being stuck in a classroom.

This is one of many beautiful lake shots students have taken of Pearly Pond over the years

  • 5. Watch The Night Sky. 

This might seem kind of dull but not if you pay attention to special things that happen in the constellation. This semester when the “Blood Moon” was visible in the sky I got up at one in the morning with a group of friends to watch it. We got all bundled up, grabbed pillows, blankets, and of course cookies. It was a blast! Unfortunately we didn’t get to see the eclipse because of how cloudy it was that night but we had so much fun just talking and laughing we didn’t even care. We even made a plan to do the same thing for the meteor shower that was supposed to happen a few weeks later.

  • 6. School Events.

You might have the idea that school events are silly once you’re out of high school but a lot of the time they are a lot of fun. FPU does a variety of things from big screen movie nights in the middle of the softball field or having a stand up comedian Bobby Lee come for an hour. What ever they provide it is normally worth heading over for a bit.

  • 7. Play In The Snow

Don’t think you are too grown up now to build a snowman because you’re not. In fact I think the maturity level drops severely when people get to college. Since my school is located in New Hampshire we have snow six months out of the year. I am talking Halloween to April Fool’s Day but it doesn’t stop anyone from having fun. People make snowmen and have snow ball fights. My freshman year a snowball fight of about thirty people strung up in the middle of the freshman courtyard, people passing by even just tossed a few on their way to class. It’s not even a bad time to make money if you have a small campus because hey, someone has to shovel the path.

  • 8. Day Trips

Eventually people do run out of idea but that’s just when is time to get off of campus. Keene is only about a half hour to forty-five minutes away from my campus. If a friend has a car fill it up and spend the day there! They’re plenty of things to do on Keene’s main street from restaurants, shops and even a movie theater. To have fun at college you don’t always have to be on campus. If you are feeling really adventurous the Fitchburg train station is forty-five in the other direction, you can even take a trip to Boston (if you got the money for it)

  • 9. Join a Club.

You don’t have to come up with everything you do on campus. There are plenty of clubs on campus that you can join that have on and off campus events that will keep you plenty entertained. Just make sure you know you can handle it in your scheduled. Nothing is worth it if your grades are slipping.

  • 10. Study/ Movie Night

It is simple but it what you will be doing often. People will just show up at your dorm room and a study group or movie night will just have formed on its own. Which is why that it is good to bring all your favorite movies with you to school, yes all of them because a time will come that you want to watch that one movie you didn’t bring and you will be out of luck.

These obviously aren’t the only options to do on campus, or on any campus for that matter. Do what ever you want because you have the freedom to do whatever you want! Mama is not here to tell you “no” so have at it and have fun.

10 Things to do as a Freshman at Syracuse University

February 27, 2014 in Campus Life, Top 10 Lists

1. Attend a SU basketball game

  • Put all your Syracuse gear into use, and wear it all to an SU basketball game. You won’t look like a complete idiot, because everyone is dressed like a crazy person. Make sure that you sit in the student section. These basketballs games are so much fun, the atmosphere is incredible, and it is essential as a freshman to attend one.
  • If you are a die hard ‘Cuse fan, you can camp out or arrive super early on game day in order to get prime seating.

2. Get into DJs bar and buy yourself a cuse juice

  • DJ’s on the hill (in the center of Marshall street) is a dinghy bar mostly populated by freshman and sophomores. A friend once said, and I quote, “All you need a is a pulse to get into DJs.” Well things have become a bit more strict since then, but if you can get into the bar, celebrate with your friends by buying yourself a Cuse Juice aka a giant bowl of orange alcohol that tastes like a delicious spiked orange.

3. Eat dinner at dinosaur BBQ

  • If you don’t have a friend with a car, call up a taxi and drive downtown to Dinosaur BBQ, one of my favorite restaurants. Many describe this as the best BBQ that they have ever eaten in their life. They don’t take reservations, and there is usually a long wait, but it is more than well worth the time. Try to avoid Dino on game days, it gets super crowded and you could be waiting for a table for up to three hours. The portions are hearty, and the meat is mouthwatering—you cannot miss this!

4. Go sledding at the water tower, or Hogwarts Castle

  • It is no secret that it snows in Syracuse. I cannot begin to tell you the amount of times that I have mentioned that I attend SU and the response is, “OH WOW must be freezing! So much snow!” We get it! It snows! Take advantage of the snow and go sledding with your friends. The water tower is a hidden area within Thornden Park that is a bit of a hike, but a great sledding hill. If you want to stay on campus, you are likely to find others sledding outside of Crouse College, which is also known as the Hogwarts building. Use a dining hall tray, cardboard—whatever works; you are bound to have fun.

5. Attend a tailgate at Castle court

  • Castle court is a large parking lot surrounded by apartments, where a large chunk of the student population congregates during game days, or beautiful sunny days, where people socialize and drink. The atmosphere is fun, it is a great way to see friends, as well as meet new people. Sometimes when sororities and fraternities have an event planned at Castle, money is pooled together to rent bouncy castles, dunk tanks, and even food trunks.

6. Explore Armory Square

  • Armory Square is small neighborhood on the Westside of downtown Syracuse. You can either take the bus or drive downtown to Armory Square, which can be described as a hip, urban, area with great restaurants, bars, and shopping. If you have a free afternoon, Armory Square is a great way to spend a relaxing day with friends.

7. Join a club

  • Joining a club on campus provides two benefits. It gives you a ready-made social group. Making friends as a freshman takes time and can be awkward—if you aren’t a natural social butterfly, these things don’t come easy. Just remember, don’t be picky—you don’t have to become lifelong friends with your fellow club members. From here, you can more easily branch out and meet other people.
  • Joining a club also provides a non-academic focus for your time and attention. By establishing in your early time at college that your whole life is not defined by your grades, this is a terrific way that you can reduce the stress of undertaking college-level courses.

8. Go to a concert at Westcott theater/SU concert

  • Westcott Theater is about one mile away from the main Syracuse campus. In 2008, the theater was transformed from a movie cinema into what ended up becoming a live music venue in Upstate NY. Practically every week the Westcott provides funky, fun bands and performers. Going to a show at Westcott is a great way to spend a night with friends in a new environment. SU also provides opportunities for concerts on campus. Each year SU hosts Juice Jam and Mayfest/Blockparty, as well as other smaller concerts throughout the year. This past week SU announced that Zedd and 2 Chainz would be preforming this year at Blockparty, and tickets sold out within hours.

9. Relax on the quad

  • One thing that I absolutely love about Syracuse is the beauty of the campus itself. My favorite time of year is when winter turns into spring, the sun graces us with its presence, and green grass finally begins to show. On a nice day, grab a few friends and post up on the quad, or any nice area of campus that you enjoy, and just relax. When the weather is really nice, sometimes water fights break out—which I try to avoid, but it is a great way to cool off.
  • If you have some downtime in between classes, you are looking for time to kill and you don’t want to go all the way back to your dorm, I always love doing homework outside on the quad or posted up under a tree.

10. Watch the sunrise on top of Slocum Hall

  • Slocum Hall is the architecture building on SU campus. If you are lucky enough to befriend an architecture student, and you can make it to sunrise, have an architecture student swipe you into the building. You may be tired, but the view will be well worth it!
Su bball

SU Basketball


Top 10 Things FROSH Cant Miss at UMD, College Park.

April 22, 2013 in Top 10 Lists


1) Without a doubt if you are a UMD freshman, your party life hasn’t started until you’ve been to Bentleys, the Barking Dog, or Cornerstone (the three most popular bars). If you really want to get in and you can’t find a fake ID, there are plenty of ways to sneak in if you’re into that kinda thing. Also, keep in mind you don’t have to look anything like your fake to get in.

2) Freshman year in college park isn’t exciting unless you’ve gone to a huge frat party on college. It’s extremely hard for freshman guys to get in, but for girls its simple, just make sure you go with a friend and look good. Also, if you go to pike probably cover your drink with your hand or your not gonna like how you feel when you leave… if you leave.

3) Makeout with an athlete. Trust me, its fun. But don’t become obsessed because the feeling most likely wont be reciprocated. Or it will, and then its almost awkward.

4) On the topic of athletes, try to sneak onto Capital One Field at Byrd Stadium at night.  Just be warned getting back out is more challenging then getting in (climb through the hole in the top of the metal fences).

5) Get a bubble tea at one of the 4 (maybe?) asian restaurants down by CVS. Doesn’t sound too exciting but they really are greeeeeat. Also, they kill it with the edamame every time.

6) Go to a party you feel uncomfortable at.  Trust me, it’ll change your perspective on things and people… and your a freshman in college so thats basically the point.

7) Go to a football game. Everyone tailgates for these things but it seems not a lot of people really make it to the actual game. If you’re a freshman you gotta go to at least one game to call yourself a true terp. After freshman year, except for a select group of diehard terps, no one wants to actually go to the game. (Lacrosse and soccer too)

8) Jump in the fountain on the mall , or… just do something you’re scared of getting in trouble for on the mall.

9) Before I give you one last piece of advice, I have to warn you about what NOT to do. DO NOT SMOKE WEED IN ANY DORM. It is not worth it and you will get in trouble, I promise. You will loose housing on campus and have to deal with student conduct, the police and a bunch of things that are just not worth it and reaaal annoying. So just don’t smoke in the dorms. If you have to smoke weed, go to the varsity or the view. Also night ride is the worst. Keep that in mind. If you need a taxi call ola. If you want a free ride, you can persuade him.. but he rocks so probably pay him and tip him. Also don’t walk anywhere alone.  I did it all the time but thinking about it makes me hate myself.

10) FINALLY!!! You aren’t a true University of Maryland freshman terrapin if you havn’t been kicked out of a party at the view.  Seriously, parties get busted in the view all the time and most of the time they are really fun. It’s the easiest place for freshman boys to party. And, if you get kicked out you can just walk around knocking on doors with loud music inside and there will be a party.

University of Maryland — basically.. if you explore the campus, fun things will happen.