A Stylist’s Guide to the University of Rhode Island

July 17, 2015 in Campus Life, Colleges

Students at URI

Students at URI

Ever wanted to wear leather leggings but felt like they didn’t reflect your style? How about that pair of pastel colored pants you saw, but thought they were too bright for you? Luckily for college students, going to school is a freeing experience for a couple of different reasons. People aren’t worried about your style anymore and whether or not you choose to dress up or down every day is your decision. The University of Rhode Island is home to 15,000 undergraduates who all have different styles ranging from preppy and chic to comfortable and cozy.

From the freshmen boy who can’t seem to get out of bed early enough to take his pajamas off to the sophomore girl that matches her shirt perfectly to the stitching on her shoes. Not to mention the junior boy who has the same Ralph Lauren collared shirt in every color imaginable and the senior girl who’s head is spinning so fast from the night before that she’s forgotten she’s still carrying her heels and walking barefoot out of her house. URI has it all.

Don’t sweat it! Students at the University of Rhode Island are not classified according to their look or fashion sense. Although, there are a few fashion trends you’ll see among certain groups of students. From example athletes generally dress the same because of their daily schedule. If these players aren’t out on the field or in a swimming pool training, they’re probably on their way to the gym. Most athletes will dress in URI gear or their teams practice uniforms. Definitely a comfortable yet athletic look.

Another group of students that have fairly the same taste are members of Greek life. A lot of fraternity brothers can be seen in pastel colored clothes, boat shoes, and ray band sunglasses. Nothing against their fashion sense, but they all generally look the same. For some of the more athletic fraternities, they get away with sweat pants, basketball shorts, and work out t-shirt. Guys will be guys so whatever they choose to dress in, they’ll make sure to be comfortable in as well.

Ladies are not an exception to Greek life fashion trends at URI. Most sorority sisters have a Tobi dress, a pair of converse, and some sort of backless shirt in their closet. Tobi is a popular website where a lot of girls get clothing from at a reasonable price. They offer crop tops, jean shorts, dresses, and even accessories on their site. A pair of converse because let’s just face it, no girl could go through Greek week and socials without them and a backless shirt for those bar nights.

Whatever your fashion sense may be, the University of Rhode Island welcomes and encourages them all. Other students involved in organizations such as theater may use more dramatic costume designs in their style. Foreign exchanged students may come to URI and wear a traditional outfit from their culture. If there is one piece of advice I have for students trying to figure out what to wear, it’s to always check your weather app before stepping outside. Let that be your stylist guide to the University of Rhode Island!

by Devin

What is Everyone Wearing at Assumption College?

April 4, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Style

The style at Assumption College is pretty basic.  Most girls on campus dress like they do at every other New England college; yoga pants, Ugg boots, and North Face jackets.  There is of course some variety but overall everyone here dresses pretty similarly.

The typical college student, myself included, is not really trying to get dressed just to go to. On any given day you are likely to find girls in yoga pants or leggings, guys in sweats, and athletes usually wearing athletic apparel.

Of course there are some kids that dress up nicely for class.  Some groups of students are much more into fashion and they try to look presentable everyday.  I figure I have the rest of my life to dress up for work so I would rather dress comfortably for class, while I still can.

New England Girl Fashion

New England Girl Fashion

The weekends however are a different story.  Most girls get really dressed up for the weekends.  Although, you can always spot the freshman at a party because they are always dressed over the top.  They are usually in really tight skirts or dresses and heals, no matter the weather.  If you see a girl in a mini skirt and no tights while it is snowing it is safe to assume she is an underclassman.  Generally everyone else wears jeans and a cute top, unless there is a special occasion or the weather is warmer.  If I plan on staying in my building I’ll wear a cute skirt, otherwise I’m staying warm and wearing jeans.  Assumption College is pretty small, so buy the time you’re a senior there isn’t really anyone left to impress.

That is one thing I am looking forward to now that spring is finally here.  As much as I love being able to wear leggings to class everyday it will be nice to finally be able to wear shorts and sundresses.  Once the weather gets warmer students generally tend to look a little nicer for class.  It can just be so gloomy in New England during the winter, especially this winter, so no one really wants to put in the effort to look nice- we have been too busy trying to stay warm.

But now that we can go outside without having to layer up attitudes are improving and everyone is beginning to put in a little more thought and effort into getting ready.

Overall though I would say everyone dresses pretty similarly on campus.  There are not really any groups of people that dress drastically different.  Like I mentioned before the athletes tend to dress in athletic clothing, but that is pretty much as different as it gets.  Kids here are kind of cookie cutter; they are all very similar to one another, especially when it comes to fashion.  I would say there are basically two groups on campus when it comes to fashion.  There are the kids that are really laidback and chill and therefore dress super casual and there are the kids that dress to impress.


Campus Style

March 21, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Style

As a liberal arts school, Wheaton College is home to many different types of people and therefore many different styles of clothing.  Unlike in my high school, current trends are a little less prevalent, and for the most part, people just wear whatever fits their personality; it’s also rare to see people sporting super expensive clothing, and there’s no pressure to wear certain brands, which is nice.  Although styles vary among cliques of friends, majors, class years, clubs, and so on, I’ve narrowed it down to about four main groups on campus:

1)      The Athletes

There are nineteen varsity sports offered at Wheaton, and almost one-fourth of us Lyons are athletes; therefore, it’s not uncommon to see students sporting their team gear.  In fact, it’s nearly impossible to walk around campus and not see someone wearing a Wheaton Tennis jacket, Wheaton Lacrosse sweatpants, or a Wheaton Baseball cap.  As varsity sports are sponsored by Nike, athletes receive a lot of otherwise expensive gear on their teams, so it makes sense that they get use out of it while at the same time representing their team.  I myself usually fall under this category; I love to wear around my Cross Country T-shirts and Track and Field jackets, as they are comfortable and fit my identity.

2)      Ready For The Runway

Some people take class very seriously…that is, in terms of style.  I’ve seen several girls walking around in high heels, skirts or dress pants, a perfectly pressed blouse, fancy sunglasses, and a fashionable bag; similarly, I’ve spotted guys dressed in khakis, a collared shirt, leather loafers, and even a tie.  This isn’t just for a presentation or an interview either; these people simply dress to impress.  I have to commend them for their effort, as I myself am simply too tired to throw on an amazing outfit every single day.  If you have the time, the effort, and the clothes in your closet, then, hey, by all means, flaunt it.

3)      Scrubbin’ It

One minute you see someone in a dress or a blazer, the next, you see another person in sweat pants and a hoodie.  This is the more typical college look.  On a cold day between the hours of 7:00 AM to 12 noon, many students are too tired, rushed, or frigid to focus too much on their appearance.  It’s 30 degrees, it’s early, and there’s no point in looking fabulous just for class, right?  These people are commonly found in baggy sweatpants or yoga pants, an oversized sweatshirt or a crewneck, a T-shirt, and any type of practical shoes, from sneakers to Ugg boots. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with having a lazy day, especially in the winter.   My only rule is, never try to rock a gray sweatshirt on gray pants, also known as “The Groutfit.”

4)      Classic Jeans

Last but certainly not least, there are the in-betweens: the people who want to look nice, but don’t over-do it.  These are the people you see in plain jeans, boots, sneakers, or flats, and any type of shirt – from a T-shirt to a button-down.  They keep it casual while still maintaining a stylish appearance.

These styles are found throughout the year, though obviously pants and jackets are traded for shorts and T-shirts once the warm weather hits.  For the most part, style really isn’t that big a deal at Wheaton.  People wear what they want to wear, following their own trends rather than mimicking what everyone else is doing.  Because the cliques are so loose at Wheaton, there aren’t many stereotypes, which is a relief.  College and young adulthood can be stressful enough, so it’s nice to be at a school where maintaining certain styles isn’t an added pressure.

Classic jeans are the most popular style at Wheaton.

Classic jeans are the most popular style at Wheaton.

Are they satanic symbols or simply a fashion trend?

March 16, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Colleges, Style

A sea of students flood the University of New Hampshire’s campus decorated in the latest trends. One dark symbol catches the eye; an upside down cross. The upside down cross is paired with scandalous cut off jean shorts, dark makeup, and dyed hair.


In the past year upside down crosses have become a fashion icon in the United States. The symbols are imprinted on clothing and worn as jewelry by young adults, fashionistas, celebrities and Satanists. UNH students who wear this symbol believe it is “fashionable”.  For some students, to be “fashionable” is to wear an article of clothing that receives attention, regardless of whether it is negative or positive. 


Rihanna wearing an upside down cross on her jacket

Elizabeth Pape, a junior at UNH, wears a black sweatshirt around campus with a white upside down cross imprinted on the back. Pape was hesitant to answer what she believed the symbol meant.

“I just liked how it looked,” said Pape. “I had seen some girls wearing this symbol designed on clothing and thought it looked cool.”

This symbol is not just a fashion icon, but has its own history going back to the time before Christ when St. Peter was crucified. When Peter was sentenced to death by the Emperor, he requested to be hung upside down on the cross. He believed that he could not die upright on the cross because Jesus did. He felt he was not worthy to die the same way.

Designing Eden, a fashion blog, said that later in the Christian religion the upside down cross was adopted as a symbol of the church. The blog said in recent years, Satanists use the symbol as a way to show their anti-Christian beliefs. Today, the upside down cross is highly unaccepted by Christian organizations and considered to be satanic.


Amy Croteau, fashion designer at Bay State College in Boston, M.A, said that the upside down cross illustrates that religion is deteriorating in society. She expressed that religion is not as popular as it was a decade ago, so people are seeking moral code in other ways now.

“I’m not going to fight against someone wearing an upside down cross, I’m not personally offended because I don’t go to church,” said Croteau. “But I would never wear an upside down cross because it’s not the kind of image that I want. The symbol disrespects an entire culture and system of beliefs.”

Croteau explained that with the emergence of online shopping, independent artists don’t have to respond to the same amount of pressure to maintain a healthy image. She said artists are designing clothing that doesn’t have the same restrictions that exist in retail stores. A product is being produced that doesn’t have as much thought put into it, so a new age is born of people who don’t represent anything.

Croteau said that the trend caught on in the first place because people are attracted to something that gets attention. She said that mainstream retail stores like Forever 21 sell the upside down cross on clothing. She said that this particular store caters to a young audience who are less inclined to question the upside down cross. She expressed that this inexpensive clothing is accessible to any mall shopper which makes it widely available.

“The upside down cross drips with disrespect,” said Croteau. “There are so many symbols that are positive that could replace this symbol. The general public strives for verification from celebrities on fashion because they are role models. Since the media is wearing and using this symbol it makes it seem okay.”

Daniel Karambelas, a Christian at UNH, has noticed students on campus wearing the upside down cross. He expressed that most people that wear the upside down cross don’t know what it means. Karambelas said that the wearers aren’t aware of the stigma that comes with the symbol, and that stigma is that the person doesn’t respect religion.

“I don’t think it’s a light hearted logo on clothing,” said Karambelas. “I’m all about the freedom of self-expression, but I think it’s ignorant if you’re going to go through the trouble of wearing something offensive. At least have an opinion about it. I think people that wear this symbol that don’t hate religion are stupid.”

Nicole Costa, a senior at UNH, said that religion should be separate from fashion just like it is in politics and education. She described that clothing should be worn for utilitarian purposes and for stylistic opinion. Clothing shouldn’t be worn to discriminate against anything.

“A lot of people wear clothing to solidify their identity, but why would you want your identity a prejudice against something?” asked Costa.

Costa said she had asked her friend who was wearing a shirt with an upside down cross on it what she thought about religion. Costa said she didn’t know.

“It frustrates me because it reflects poorly on her to decorate herself without considering the implications of the symbol,” said Costa.  

Friar Fashion: Classic College Looks at Providence College

March 7, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Colleges, Style

As a freshman I remember searching the internet for information on college style trends. Was it any different than high school? What does everyone wear to class? Do I have to dress up or does everyone just wear sweatpants? While there’s certainly no need to go changing your entire wardrobe, there are definitely some trends to look out for.

Here are a few of the most common looks you will encounter on a typical day on the Providence College campus, as well as many typical college campuses.


The Lax Bro Look

Especially during the Spring and warmer months, you will be overwhelmed with the number of guys walking around campus in pastel shorts, backwards caps and Nike mid calves. If they’re not wearing a pinny, they’re unquestionably wearing a polo.  Oh, and they probably don’t actually play lacrosse.


The “I’m going to the gym after class, I swear” Look

This is a classic girl move. Many girls love rocking this look around campus: sneakers, T-shirt, hair tied back and of course, yoga pants. This gives off the impression that they will be heading to the gym to get in a good workout at some point during the day. Whether or not they actually make it to the gym is another story. The important thing here is comfort. And hey, who can blame them? I certainly don’t think any of the boys are complaining.


The Colder Weather Look

In the winter months (and probably even most of the fall months) it is almost impossible to tell one girl apart from another on campus. Providence College is already well known for having students that look the same, but when they’re all wearing matching outfits, forget about it! Cold weather for many of the Friar females means a North Face and pair of tall boots. This look is super effective, unless of course, you’re trying to stand out.

casualcollegestyle  casualcollegestyle2

Personally, I’ve always been a T-shirt, jeans and baseball cap kind of girl. Depending on the type of day I have, I like to plan my outfit accordingly.

On a real busy day, my main priority is comfort. I certainly won’t have time to pick out an outfit, do my hair and makeup AND get to class on time. I’m no superhero. On a day like this I head directly towards my T-shirt drawer and throw on my Red Sox cap as I rush out the door.

On a slower day, when I don’t have much of anything going on, well, I probably won’t see many people anyway… so I won’t take too much time getting dressed up for nothing. What’s the point? Might as well be comfortable, right? A T-shirt and jeans will suffice.

Overall, like anywhere you go, styles will vary on a typical college campus. So just go with what you’ve got. And don’t be afraid to express yourself a bit. You may even start a new trend.