Video: Studying in College

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Erika Rumbold on Studying in College

Videos: College Dining at Ithaca College

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College dining with Erika Rumbold at Ithaca College

YouTube Videos for College Students

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Several of us have no problem watching YouTube videos for hours on end rather than doing the 8-page paper our teacher assigned us weeks ago. In the growing world of technology, we can easily turn to YouTube to learn how to do any task, whether it’s doing laundry, learning how to cook a new dish, or simply just watching a video for humor and entertainment when we’re bored. With multiple links to choose from, it’s almost become addicting and nearly impossible to walk away from the computer after watching “just one” YouTube video. Here are some of the best videos that I feel every college student should watch:

“A Better Kind of Selfie Stick: Friend.” This video is one of my favorites because it uses sarcasm in regards to selfie sticks, which are becoming extremely popular for the college population. It’s hilarious and effectively highlights just how narcissist selfie sticks are making college students on their campuses.

“Funniest College Lecture Stereotypes” is completely accurate in defining the typical student stereotypes you are bound to come across at some point throughout your college career. If you thought these types of people only existed at your school, thvideo will make you think twice. They’re everywhere.

“10 Life Hacks Every College Student Should Know.” This video is extremely useful for those who are interested in utilizing some quick life hacks while away at school, which is definitely something we can all use when living on our own for the first time. Every lit bit of advice can go a long way in college.

“Exam Tips: How to Study for Finals.” College Info Geek provides some great tips on how to effectively study for finals without loads of stress. In just 6 minutes, you will be sure to gain motivation to study and pass your extremely difficult finals without any hesitation.

“25 Things I Wish I knew Before Freshman Year of College.” This video makes accurate points on what several college students will eventually experience throughout their first year.

“Loud Eating in the Library” will be sure to give you a good laugh. We all know of that one person who can’t stop munching on something in the library since most of us have had an unforgettable experience with it at some point.

“How to do your Laundry in College” provides the perfect example of the typical college student who has never done laundry before moving into the dorm. If this applies to you, watch this video for both humor and tips on how to do laundry while living in a dorm.

“College Freshmen Mistakes” is one of the funniest videos that I feel all new and old freshmen should watch. It’s certainly easy to relate to for almost anyone.

Finally, “Top Apps for Back to School” is super helpful in providing some useful advice on what apps may be helpful throughout the school year.

While these are my personal preferences for both college entertainment and advice, there are so many videos streaming across YouTube that can leave you distracted for long periods of time. Don’t know how to do laundry? YouTube certainly has you covered. With a variety of videos to choose from, help to make it through your college years is just a click away!

College Life: YouTube Style

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Every college student likes to waste time they don’t have and watch YouTube videos. We all like to put off that homework or studying we need to do and play around on the computer to see the next cat video or BuzzFeed story. We’ve all been there. But which YouTube videos are really worth your time? Here are a few that are worth a few minutes of your time and might actually describe your life.

1. If College Freshman Were Honest on Move-In Day

This video is a must see after your freshman year, maybe even before but it might worry the incoming freshman. This video is funny and somewhat realistic in my opinion because most people would never like to admit that they would like to say these things in real life but of course they don’t. It is a one minute video of college freshman saying what they would really like to say about their roommates, classes, getting girls, and other random college drama. Definitely worth a minute of your time, especially after your freshman year.

2. College Life: Expectations VS Reality

This video is fairly realistic. It shows a skit of your expectation of the action and then does a skit for the reality of what college students actually do. It starts off with your basic everyday routine like getting up in the morning, going to bed, dressing for class, studying with friends, and the typical “gettin’ a girl.” It then randomly goes to talking about butts. I really did not understand why they needed to put that in the video. Additionally, they put a random college moment in the video, which I thought was unnecessary because the video was about expectations versus reality. Overall, I still think it is humorous and worth a few minutes of your time.

3. College: Freshman Year Vs. Senior Year

This is another funny video that is worth a minute of your time. And I literally mean a minute because that is how long it is. This video sums up the basic events like dating, before class, diet, Friday night, bars, and then perspective. Being a senior myself, I understand exactly where they are coming from with every single one. Your perspective changes from when you were a freshman to when you become a senior. However, the last one on the perspective of college is a bit debatable, but I will let you decide.

4. The Six Girls You Will Date in College

This one is very entertaining. Since I am not a guy I cannot vouch on if it is realistic or not but I feel like maybe one or two of them might be. However, this is worth a watch, especially for guys. It is just like what the title says it is and it goes through the six girls you will date in college and from what I have heard from guys at my school I feel like they are somewhat accurate. The best part about it is in the end the guy still doesn’t have a girl even after he graduated college.


Funny and Helpful College YouTube Videos

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In the days of technology, there are so many great resources to get ideas and find awesome things about college online.  One really neat source to find videos is YouTube.  YouTube has many videos and video channels that talk about college and college life.  Here are just a few that I have found to be some of the best and some of the most helpful in surviving college.

YouTube Channels:

College Humor has some great videos that make fun of college and college life.  When needing a good laugh, you can always rely on this YouTube channel to take your actual, real life college experiences and spin them into a funny video that you can resonate with. also has a really helpful YouTube channel for college or incoming college students.  There videos ranges from various topics like, “Why Go to College?” and “What to do to Prepare for College?  I found these videos really interesting and helpful, since they come from individual people’s testimonies.

LifeAccordingtoJimmy, is another really fun YouTube channel.  His videos are satirical and funny and they also talk about multiple topics about being in college.  His videos are typically for the male crowd, and are sometimes explicit.  Yet, they are funny and it is one of the most popular YouTube channels amongst college students.

TYT University is another really awesome channel!  It mimics a newsroom and features young college students that make videos on various topics.  Some videos are “Girl’s Guide to Frat Parties!” and “What NOT to Wear to an interview for Girls.”

Awesome Videos:

There is also a great video called, “How to Do Laundry.”  This is probably a shout out to the many college students who go to college without knowing how to do one of the most important things…LAUNDRY.

Another awesome and funny video to check out is “The Freshman 15.”  This is comical Public Service Announcement, which is to warn college freshman about the Freshman 15.   The video has the song “The Freshman,” by The Verve Pipe featured in it.

“How to do A Keg Stand”- Let’s be real, college equals parties.  Therefore, this video proves its importance in teaching incoming (and sometime s already in) college students how to do the infamous keg stand.

Every college student needs s to know how to live on a budget.  Thankfully, a video such as “How to Live on a Budget” is a great way for college students to learn just this.  This video is cute and serious.  It gives really great tips on how to manage money.

Caitlin Bea made a really great video called, “What to Expect at College Parties.” In this YouTube video, she is talking to the camera about what to expect at parties in college, as well as gives her own advice on how to handle the unexpected.

“CollegeTalk #5: 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before College” by katizzzletalks is an informative and opinionated video, in which she talks about what she wishes she knew before college.  I enjoy this video because it is funny and gives some helpful advice to people who might need it.