Movies You Should Watch in College

April 10, 2015 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Reviews, Top 10 Lists

I’m gonna be bold and say that movies are THE best past time in college. Literally, nothing is better than sitting around with your roommates and watching a good movie when you’ve got nothing else to do. There is also nothing better than finding the perfect movie to fit the mood that you’re in at the moment. Here are some movies that ALL college kids should see before they graduate – no exceptions.



1. Animal House: This is one of those movies that will NEVER get old. It’s downright hilarious and has a great cast to match. I’m personally a fan of older movies myself, which is why I love this one so much. This is the original funny college movie that all college kids should see!

2. Old School: Luke Wilson, Vince Vaughn, and Will Ferrell, need I say more? This is another hilarious movie that will keep you laughing the entire time. The lengths that these men will go to to restore their youth is not only entertaining but also ridiculous! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

3. The Breakfast Club: If you’ve never seen this movie you’re missing out on a great classic. It’s one of those movies that you can watch over and over again and it will still be relevant. It’s also one of those movies that leaves you feeling pretty pleasant, which is always nice. It has some great actors and dialogue that you’ll love!

4. Good Will Hunting: This is such an amazing and inspiring movie. Matt Damon and Robin Williams are so good as always, and it’s a great story. My favorite part of this movie in particular is the bar scene where Matt Damon’s character shuts down this pretentious jerk – it’s one of those moments where you literally get up and root for the protagonist.

5. Crash: This one is kind of random, but I think that it’s a really powerful movie that teaches a lot about life and also makes you think about how you treat others. It’s a really cool concept and there are also a lot of great actors in it. It also has one of those endings where everything suddenly comes together.

6. 12 Years a Slave: I put this in here because I think that it’s really a movie that everyone should watch. It’s definitely a hard movie to watch because of it’s content and the history behind it, but it teaches you more about slavery than any book or class could. It really hits on your emotions and makes you think about your life and how much you have.

7. Dear Zachary: Alright, I had to throw a documentary into this because I love them. This is a documentary on Netflix that will literally leave you speechless. It’s a heartbreaking story that is almost unbelievable to fathom, but it’s true and it’s a beautifully made. You will shed some tears watching this.

8. Bridesmaids: This is a fairly new movie that has some great actors and dialogue in it. This is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen, and it has some great scenes that you’ll want to quote. You have to see it.

9. Billy Madison: Who isn’t a fan of Adam Sandler? I have to say that this is one of his best films besides “Big Daddy”. It’s obviously hilarious and will also leave you with so many quotes you’ll be laughing at forever!

10: The Goonies: This is such a classic if you haven’t seen it you’re doing it wrong. It’s such a great story and gives you such nostalgia as you watch it. “Goonies Never Say Die!”

There you have it – my top picks for great flicks for all you college kids. I promise, all of these movies are worth watching! Enjoy!

Top Shows on TV

October 4, 2014 in Campus Life

If you’re in college, that means you’re going to be watching plenty of TV. It’s not only a great way to unwind, it’s also fantastic when you want to get to know new people and make friends. If you watch the same shows as someone else, you can always invite them to watch with you every week. Not everyone has a TV in their dorm so that just means more bonding when the whole floor crowds into one room every week to watch together! Here are a few shows that I love watching at school.

1. The Walking Dead. This is a great show that I think anyone will love and the plus side is, if you haven’t caught up on the past four seasons you can still get into it because it’s people surviving a zombie apocalypse. Of course, it’s more fun if you understand the characters and more than just the basic plot, but if you get new friends hooked you might also convince them to marathon the past seasons with you.

2. American Horror Story. Maybe not one for those who don’t like scary stuff. There’s a new season starting up in October and it looks like it’s going to be great. The awesome thing about this show is how it changes every season so newcomers don’t need to get caught up. While the scariness as well as how good the show is changes every season, it’s always worth a shot. There’s a great cast, usually good writing, and it’ll probably give you a few nightmares. Great, right?

3. Once Upon a Time. Again, not for everyone. I myself have to admit that the show doesn’t have good writing. But something has driven me to continue watching and is making me watch this season as well. Maybe I’m buying into their new gimmick, putting Anna and Elsa from Frozen into the storyline. It kind of seems like every season they have no idea what they’re going to do with the show. But that’s also the fun of it because you can never tell what’s going to happen next, either. This is a fun show to watch with friends, like I plan on doing!

4. Supernatural. This is a show that’s on its tenth season and it’s still amazing. Why do I think that you should watch this season? Well, something amazing (or I suppose you could say terrible) happened to the main character on last season’s finale, which makes me super excited to see how they’re going to handle season 10. Especially because this might be the last season we ever get. If you’re into laughing at a show while simultaneously aching for the characters, this is one you should check out.

5. Sleepy Hollow. This is one that I gave a try last year and absolutely loved. It started up for season two last week and is going strong already. Last year’s season finale was a real shocker so I can only imagine what the show is going to bring to the table this year. If you’re looking for something spooky, filled with supernatural beings, and adorable moments where a guy from the 1700s tries to figure out modern technology, give this a watch.

ITube? YouTube? WeTube?

August 31, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Colleges, Reviews, Videos



The Internet is a bottomless pit of information and entertainment, and though some of what you find may be completely useless or ridiculous, there are a few websites that every college student cherishes. YouTube is one of those. There, you’ll find hundreds of thousands of videos ranging from educational, to hilarious, to straight up gruesome. Every student needs to know at least a few youtube channels that they can turn to in times of need – here are a few of my favorites.

1.    College Humor

College Humor is a comedy-based channel that includes both animated and real people acting out scenes or ranting about aspects of college life. Though some of the content in these videos is exaggerated, it still depicts some of the things you’ll experience at college. These videos are designed to make you laugh even if you’re upset at your roommate or frustrated with your dorm’s bathroom situation, so if you’re ever down in the dumps (no pun intended), don’t hesitate to turn to College Humor. It’ll turn your frown upside down in no time.

2.    Soul Pancake

Soul Pancake is a YouTube channel that creates thought provoking and philosophical videos that challenge and address what it means to live and be human. Soul Pancake has a variety of genres including love, science, faith, and others. The videos effectively combine humor and satire with honest, serious knowledge and research that make them enjoyable to watch (after all, we sit in class all day, so who would want to watch another dry lecture in their free time?). Recently, I watched a fascinating video about the power of compliments related to love. Though compliments can boost our self-esteem, we often have trouble accepting really sincere, powerful compliments because we either a) don’t believe the person, or b) don’t want to be seen as narcissistic. Learning to accept and validate the compliments to yourself improves your own self-worth and your relationships. If you’re interested in learning more about these kinds of topics, go check out Soul Pancake on YouTube!

3.    Food Network

Whether you love or hate cooking, Food Network is the best place to find recipes and tips! You can find a tutorial about virtually any dish or food, and you may even find something new to try. Food Network also promotes cooking competition shows, so even if you don’t have a kitchen, you can live vicariously through the contestants on the show.

4.    Jenna Marbles

If you’ve never heard of Jenna Marbles, then you’re missing out. There are tons of amazing online bloggers out there, but she’s by far my favorite. Her facial expressions, sarcasm, and jokes really hit home with my own sense of humor, which is why I love watching her videos so much. Although some of her videos are better than others, you definitely won’t be disappointed on whichever one you click on – just be aware that she does swear and/or address inappropriate topics so just check your speakers before you watch!

5.    Blogilates

It took me a little while to get used to/enjoy yoga, but I really enjoy the strengthening and stretching component of these practices. Cassey Ho balances exercise and relaxation perfectly – she knows how to challenge you without going too far. She is super motivating and even makes exercise fun. There are so many workout videos online nowadays; you can find one for virtually any type of workout, whether it be HIIT, yoga, Insanity, at home abs workouts, etc. Don’t be afraid to search YouTube for exercise routines, just make sure to be safe and responsible when doing any sort of activity.