A Cornellian’s Go-To Websites

March 28, 2015 in Alive Campus, Campus Life

"We live in an age of modernity and technological innovations."

“We live in an age of modernity and technological innovations.”

We live in an age of modernity and technological innovations.

With that being said, college students are on their laptops and smartphones nearly every waking minute—more specifically, during the times when they should be doing work. I, myself, am guilty of being a brainwashed child of the technological revolution. In fact, I will even go so far as to state that my laptop is probably one of my dearest possessions. As such, here is a comprehensive (most definitely not exhaustive) list of websites that I tend to use during my weekdays/schooldays at Cornell:

The Cornell Daily Sun is an independent daily newspaper published in Ithaca by Cornellians. The Sun operates both from a physical newspaper format, as well as the more popular online publication format. The newspaper’s website features daily (Monday-Friday) coverage of the goings-on of the university, including opinion columns and blog pieces submitted by students from all walks of life. As someone who tries to stay “in the know,” the website is my go-to website for all of the 30-minutes breaks I may have in between classes or meetings. It’s usually how I know when there’s a protest going on against yet another terrible institution-wide decision (cough cough HEALTH FEE), or when a concert is coming our way (crossing my fingers for a spectacular Slope Day lineup this coming May).

Tumblr is a micro blogging platform and social networking website which allows users to post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog. Most bloggers re-blog or post pictures, photosets, or videos. I, on the other hand, follow a myriad of Feminist, Social Activism, and Political blogs. When I’m not reading a news article on the Cornell Daily Sun’s website—or simply when the Sun does not report on something important—I’m reading about the hard hitting issue(s) on Tumblr. The website gets a bad rep for being a picture version of Twitter and Facebook, combined, but the website is actually an amazing tool for college students to stay connected to the outside world. It’s also a wonderful community of advocates who post thought-provoking articles or think pieces on social issues that affect people from all over the world.


Before leaving for college, my mother said, “Remember to focus on your studies. College is expensive and important, and it’s imperative that you stay focused.” Granted, college is about one’s education. However, Cornell—and all schools, really—can become quite toxic, especially if you only focus on your studies. Every now and then, you need a “breather.” Parties are fun and all, but sometimes you need some time off to be by yourself. I like to partake in binge watching entire series or genres of movies. The idea of putting on my PJs, hiding underneath my comfy comforter, and binge watching Modern Family or Dance Moms while eating a tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream is, literally, the ideal in life. Such websites are also incredibly for your in-between times (in-between classes and meetings, I mean), as well as during study breaks (just make sure to stop at one episode).

Alive Campus:

Kind of like the blog version of College Confidential, Alive Campus is a wonderful avenue in which real students write think pieces and articles about their college experiences. If you’re in need of information about a specific university, or simply want a story about any college in general, AC is a great website to peruse. You get the uncensored, unabridged, unabashed version that college tour guides are told never to tell you about specific colleges.

Top Websites for College Students

March 13, 2015 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Career, Colleges, Reviews

Lets face it; us college kids spend A LOT of time on the Internet. Whether it be Googling like crazy when it comes to homework or binge watching Netflix, we’re probably using it at least a couple hours per day. Here are the tops sites I visit on a daily basis just to give you a rough idea of what websites are most popular for college students:

1. Buzzfeed: We all know that Buzzfeed is definitely NOT a reliable or trustworthy place to get our news, but it has this charm about it that keeps us coming back for more. There is content ranging from real news story articles to the “28 Ways Your Life Has Failed You.” I think the main draw to this website is the relaxed nature of it and range and relate-ability of the articles. Where else are you going to find spot on articles about “the top 10 things you’ll miss about your college roommates” that you can post on your friends walls while wiping your watering eyes? I also think that the specific articles you can find on this site make it personal and funny. For example, you know I’m going to post the article, “16 Struggles all people with big hair know to be true” on my friends Facebook wall who happens to have crazy, wonderfully curly locks. If you’re bored surfing the web, Buzzfeed most definitely has an article that you will read and relate to instantly.



2. Netflix: “All Hail the Holy Grail!” Wait – but seriously, Netflix is HUGE for college students and if you don’t have your own account that you pay for every month you most likely have someone’s account information so that you can mooch off of them and get your binge watching in from time to time. Netflix has a huge selection of movies and TV shows that are perfect for when you just want to lounge around and relax. They’ve also come up with their own TV shows that have been really popular such as “Orange is the New Black.” It’s only $7.99 per month, and I think it’s totally worth it if you’re an avid movie/TV watcher. Streaming is always pretty fast and you don’t have to deal with viruses from other sites that claim you can watch for “free”.

3. Google: For me personally, Google is the number one search engine that I live by. As a writer, I am constantly looking up words to understand their exact meaning so that I am using them properly. I think that this is probably the most visited website/search engine for college students today, and for most people it is actually saved as their homepage. If Google didn’t exist college kids would have a very hard time getting through the day!

4. Social Media Sites: If you’re behind someone in class and they have their laptop out, their most likely on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or any other social network sites. This is the main means of communication for our generation, so it’s no surprise that we are typically always on these networks. People get their news, talk with friends, and check out their favorite topics/interests on these sites.

Social Media

Social Media

5. This is more for seniors, but in my experience has been a really great website for job searching and even internship searching. If you’re a student in college and you’re seriously trying to search for a job or an internship, I would highly suggest making an account on the website and plugging in what you’re searching for. You can even upload your resume which makes applying easier, and you can save jobs that you’re interested in to a certain section so that you will remember to apply to them in the future.

6. Alive Campus: Alive Campus is the go-to site for college students to get information and insight on college topics today. The great thing about Alive Campus is that REAL students write these articles so you’re getting real advice and real life experiences. The website also has a sidebar of certain topics so that you can search for any articles that you want to see. The topics are always college related and insightful so it’s a great place for students to get information.

If you’re already visiting these sites, good for you! And if you haven’t yet, check them out – they might make your days in college a little bit better!

Websites for the College Student

December 26, 2014 in Alive Campus, Reviews

Websites for college students

Websites for college students

Now I’m not much of a technology wiz nor do I like being on the computer all that much. However, when I am on the computer these are the websites I like to visit on a daily basis.

My school e-mail: This is probably the website I am on the most. At my school it is a requirement to check your e-mail AT LEAST twice a day. Our e-mail is vital because we get important information in e-mails with regards to things going on at school. Also, e-mail is the way we communicate with our professors as well. This is the top website I visit because it is so important.

Facebook: This is probably the website I visit the most besides my e-mail. I check Facebook probably ten times a day or more. I like to see what my friends are up to and look at pictures. I also use Facebook messenger to talk to people a lot also. Facebook is a must for any college student because you can keep up with your friends and share anything you want with them.

Google: I absolutely love Google. I use Google all the time if ever I can’t think of something that I’m trying to remember. Google is a great resource for any college student because it allows you to have access to information with the simple press of a button. Use it wisely.

YouTube: Every college student loves YouTube. It’s the website we go to to waste time and watch cat videos and anything else funny. I use YouTube mostly to watch music videos because I’m not so much a fan of the cat videos. But YouTube is a great website for any college student to waste time on.

Pinterest: Pinterest is probably my YouTube, because I think I am on it more than I am on YouTube. This is also another website for college students to waste their time on (I know I have) but also find some really cool DIY projects. I love browsing this website and reading the quotes and looking at the pictures. You never know what you might find.

AliveCampus: And most importantly, AliveCampus. This website is a great place for information about college from college students around the U.S. It is chalked full of advice and stories from students who are actually experiencing it right now. I know I have read some great stories and had interesting conversations on the forum page as well. You never know what you might learn or if help someone.

Overall, these are the websites that I visit the most and even though there are not a lot, they are probably the most popular ones that college students use, and people in general for that matter. But despite the fact that I might not be up on pop culture like other students and have a long list of websites that I visit, nor spend a lot of time on the computer either, I know that these websites are great resources for college students and are all worth a visit (which I’m sure every college student already has).

The Websites One College Man Uses Daily

November 21, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life

The Websites One College Boy Uses Daily

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You want me to list websites on hot babes, pornography, or any of the above that you would think most guys would be visiting on a constant basis. Needless to say, I’m not going to be doing that. Whatever men do in their personal life is up to them. Nobody needs to make that public unless it’s through willing consent. However, what I will be writing about is the websites I use on a constant basis and how they are a key portion of my day. Let’s get started.

1)      Youtube

Youtube is my most visited website. There are many video producers that I follow on a daily basis, so seeing them post their upcoming video in a series I’m watching is part of my downtime in general. This also gives me the chance to follow multiple different types of channels with their unique personal flares/topics they like to discuss. For example, some channels I watch cover the daily news while others are video game walk throughs on games I like to play. Overall, it’s a website that’s extremely a part of my life and gives me the opportunity to look for new ways of creating content.

2)      Facebook

Well, who is a college student that doesn’t have a facebook? I do know some, but a very high majority of college students have facebook. From facebook messaging to statuses to group conversations, it’s a very key website to spread the word out about new events coming up on campus, when club meetings are going to be, and asking people to dinner who may have dropped their phone in the toilet. It’s a good way to pick up on communication around campus and an excellent way to keep everyone updated on the upcoming happenings.

3)      Email(s)

I have two different emails, one that I use for personal/professional usages and one that the school has provided for me. The personal one includes all the deals that I may receive from my favorite stores/food places and potential job opportunities while the other sits there to take in emails from professors/school administrators. The most important emails I receive on my school account are safety, senior status updates, and my professors asking me to meet up with them about my senior portfolio. Boy, being a senior is hard.

4)      My Bank Account

Yes, constantly checking my bank account is important. I don’t want to be using my credit card to the point of no return. Checking this has become a constant daily routine as to how much money I have to spend on potential food runs/any other money type purchases.

5)      Netflix

For the same reasons as youtube, it’s nice to be able to fulfill my creative juices with new content. In Netflix’s case, it allows me to view shows I may/may not have heard about and continue binge watching over a weekend that I may or may not have procrastinated. Although it does not feel useful, it does help in the long run as far as my sanity goes.

Also, I’m on a lot. Each week posting in our forums and also posting an article like this one! Of course, these websites are only the most frequented ones that I use, because each day is always changing itself up on me. I’d suggest thinking about what websites you frequent and how they become helpful to you. You’d be surprised how much information you’ve gained simply from being on youtube all day.

Look No Further…Top 10 Visited Websites

October 17, 2014 in Academics, Alive Campus, Campus Life, Colleges, Top 10 Lists

Check. Your. Email.

Check. Your. Email.

  1. Email

As a college student, you get tons of emails regarding class, assignments, and events. It’s crucial to check your email to keep up with updates and news from professors and/or employers.

2. Portal (or whatever site your school uses to link your classes)

Boston College uses Portal, a site that contains each student’s information – demographics, classes, work-study information, health services, etc. It also has a site specifically aimed at classes; professors can post readings, create links where students can submit assignments online, change syllabus due dates, and more.

Google has all the answers

Google has all the answers

3.    Google

It’s called the number one search engine for a reason. No matter what site you use (Bing, Yahoo,, AOL, etc.), these search engines can be used to look up anything. Every student should learn how to effectively type in keywords and look through pertinent links – practicing this for trivial, every day things will make doing research for papers that much easier.

4.    YouTube

YouTube lets you find music, tutorials, videos, movies – you name it. I often listen to classical music on YouTube because there are countless recordings, but you need to find a playlist that includes all the movements, otherwise you may end up listening to the Adagio and completely miss the Allegro…. I’ve also learned how to deadlift with proper form from workout videos.

5.    Hulu

Hulu never lets me down with free episodes posted 8 days after the original episode airs. I don’t have a TV in my apartment, so it’s comforting to know I can always find a missed episode online.

6.    Facebook

Unfortunately, I check my Facebook at least once everyday (usually not more than once though). It’s a good way to publicize events, parties or look through friends’ pictures, but I often get caught up in the numerous articles, new stories, and quizzes people share. Which leads me to my next website….

7.    Buzzfeed

I’ve never actually typed “” into my browser, but people constantly share quizzes and articles from this site on Facebook, and I inevitably end up clicking on them because they look interesting. If you’re looking for a good way to waste time, look no farther. (But there are many better ways to waste time – for example, have an actual human encounter rather than text or “chat” someone).

Priceless resource

Priceless resource


I miss having a huge old dictionary sitting (with a layer of dust) on my bookshelf, but the online version is incredibly fast and convenient. The Oxford English Dictionary is especially helpful for defining terms in English essays, because it gives you numerous definitions and textual examples. Don’t overlook this useful resource!

9.    Bloglovin’

This site has compiled every single blog you have heard of, and even recommends categories/specific blogs you may like based on others you follow. It’s an easy way to keep all the sites you enjoy reading in one place, and you get notified of top weekly posts and sites you may want to check out.

10. Alive Campus

I couldn’t forget Alive Campus! I always love reading the different forums and having a virtual conversation with other writers across the nation – it’s amazing to see/hear the differences on campuses and what people think about in different parts of the US.